2016 UAlbany Research Report: Building a Better Model

2016 UAlbany Research Report: Building a Better Model

One of the really exciting things about
PIRE is that it really brings together atmospheric scientist with social
scientists. My name is Everett Joseph. I’m the director of Atmospheric Sciences
Research Center at the State University of New York at Albany. PIRE is the
partnership in international research and education . In our case we are
partnering with Taiwan and our focus is on building resiliency against extreme
weather events PIRE is really preparing our students to be effective
in the 21st century we’re developing courses jointly with
College of Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity and so our
atmospheric sciences students will be able to take a course in emergency
management that will help them make better decisions you’re in terms of risk
and how to respond to these extreme events. So it’s not only focused on research,
on weather prediction, and climate prediction, it’s also focus on research, what
we call societal impacts. How in the wake of these events societies respond to
become more resilient so its research in social sciences research in
psychology research and emergency management. We want to embody those
students not only those skills of designing weather models, delivering
forecast, but an understanding of the impact of that information on the
general public not necessarily be experts in that but understand how to
deliver that information and design those models in a way that produce
information that can be used by say emergency managers or the general public
in making decisions how to respond to those events. So it’s marrying those two

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