2016 Excellence in Diversity Awards: Urban Immersion Fellowship Program

2016 Excellence in Diversity Awards: Urban Immersion Fellowship Program

(gentle music) – This is a long-standing partnership between a K-12 district, of course, us in higher ed, and community partners who have been invested
and engaged in this work because we have a shared vision. And so to have that recognized
was absolutely fabulous. We’re going into our 12th year. We started in 2004. So when I say “long-standing” there have been changes in all
aspects of this partnership here at Michigan State, Detroit public schools, community partners and so forth, but throughout all of this time, we have all stayed at the table. So for us, this is an
opportunity to not only recognize that students need to read about, think about, talk about what it means to be an
effective urban educator, but students need to experience that. Students need to see that, observe that, process that for themselves. We need to help dispel myths. We need to help prepare
them for realities. And that only happens by
immersing them in the context. Diversity is part of the true fiber of not only Michigan State University, but schools, the society, and the global world in which we live. Having that understanding, having that awareness, we want to move past
diversity being something that you have to think about. And as I said, being something that you think about, you have to attend to. We want to think about
diversity as the essence, as in the DNA of who are and everything that we do. This is sort of those undercover efforts that go on in urban
communities all the time that people simply don’t
get recognized for. It’s just not sexy to talk about good people doing good work for the right reasons. And so I am very appreciative of the fact that we can seize this
opportunity and seize this moment for recognizing the fact that there are as I said, good people doing good things. And so that’s what excited me the most. (gentle music)

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