2013 intern John Leverso talks about how ICPSR helped his career

2013 intern John Leverso talks about how ICPSR helped his career

[instrumental music] [John Leverso] ICPSR really gave me the opportunity to succeed, in many cases where others did not. Without the opportunities that I was given… it kind of, spring-boarded my academic journey, for sure. My research interests are in criminology, where I focus on gang involvement. And currently I’m working on what impacts solidarity among gang members. My academic pursuits stem from my personal experiences, I would say. My life was kind of going in the opposite direction it is now, and it took a lot for me to get my life on a positive path. But then I did, and I earned my GED and later earned an Associate’s Degree. And I just kept going to school, and then I met the folks at ICPSR and they helped me along the path. My connection to ICPSR began in 2013 when I was a junior. I applied to the ICPSR internship and spent the summer in Ann Arbor. The first conference I presented at was my research project as an intern. My first published paper used ICPSR data. It was the first project I completed, it was the first research project I presented at a national conference. Winning the National Medal is a well-deserved achievement, I would say. I think the ICPSR community should be proud of its achievement, to be recognized nationally for such a prestigious award… …and it will show to others outside the community the good work they do. ICPSR has really helped me become the scholar I am today. My last step here is finishing my dissertation and then going on the academic job market. They were really instrumental in my life’s journey, and being a part of an ICPSR career really spring-boarded my academic journey, and helped me get to where I am now.

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