17th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium

17th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium

From its beginning in 1908, the
University of Nebraska at Omaha has placed community engagement at its core. UN-O is pleased to welcome you to the
2016 Engagement Scholarship Consortium in Omaha, October 9th through 12th, 2016, to explore the future of engagement. As a symbol of our global leadership in
the scholarship of community engagement, UN-O opened the Barbara White’s community engagement center in April 2014. This unique building, in the heart of our
campus, provides a place for organizations to meet and work with
campus groups, classes, and students on projects that create benefits for the
community and the university. Scholarship caring faculty with undergraduate and
graduate students is a vital component of UN-O’s engagement projects.
Research collaboration has looked into how volunteer programs can better
recruit and retain volunteers and has created assessment tools for programs
that work with children of poverty. Other projects serve children on the autism
spectrum, explore the rapidly expanding fields of spirituality and wellness,
religion in public health, and create programs and statistical information
that impact Nebraska’s Latino population. UN-O’s Social Media Lab provides
social media consulting and research for the community. In a single four-hour
period, it raised money for more than 800 gallons of milk for needy children utilizing a massive social media push,
researched and executed by students. And the Center for Urban Sustainability
partners with industry, the community, and schools at all levels to address
real-world issues facing not just Omaha, but the region and the planet as well. UN-O’s community engagement is
not just urban-based however, our biology department manages two preserves,
outdoor classrooms where students and faculty from UN-O and across the region
to explore restoration and preservation of Nebraska’s natural prairie and
woodland heritage. On the nearby Elkhorn River, UN-O’s Aquatic Toxicology
Lab provides a secure, controlled research environment for students, faculty, and the
community-at-large. This collaborative gathering will facilitate the sharing
and the consideration of engagement that has demonstrated positive
outcomes, as well as a time to explore innovative ideas for moving forward. When you come to Omaha, you’ll be in
what Kiplinger calls one of the most affordable cities to live in and it’s
home to five Fortune 500 companies. TripAdvisor rates Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo the best zoo in the world. The city makes the top 10 list in a number of
categories for life and for work. You will be treated to a reception in the
Art Deco Splendor of the Durham Museum housed in the old Union Pacific Depot
and at TD Ameritrade Park, home of the College World Series. We are genuinely
excited about the Consortium coming to Omaha and look forward to discussing how we may all serve our
respective communities and beyond at the highest possible level. Join us
next October and Welcome to our campus!

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