15 Things You Didn’t Know About ROLEX

15 Things You Didn’t Know About ROLEX

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  1. Hey Aluxers, we had to re-upload our famous Rolex video! Now it's back on youtube!
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  2. I haven't worn a watch in over 30 years. Not into jewelry or self adornment. I use my cell phone as a time piece. And both my cars have clocks. My cable tv box has a clock. My laptop I'm using to type this has a clock on top. I only tuned in for the education as I knew nothing about Rolex other than they're expensive watches. And if worse comes to worse, I can always ask someone for the time. Guess I make an inadequate ALUX'er.

  3. No, wrong info. There were quartz rolexes made before where it "tic tocks" and skips seconds, and there are also rolexes without cyclops(the date magnifier).

    Those don't tell that a rolex is fake

  4. The Chinese have been able to duplicate the smooth movement of the second hand. And its fooling Rolex dealers. But the weight of the watch is lighter than the real deal

  5. Those who wear rolex are trying to impress others and no one cares, those who wear omega are trying to impress themselves and you always care

  6. So rolex changed from 316 stainless to 914 because the backs wouldnt come away from the cases , blancpain forever

  7. I would have had more respect for Rolex had they not refused to service my 1950s watch -"no spare parts". If they are all hand made they could have made them!! I use everyday solar powered quartz watches. More accurate and very much cheaper. I'm not much into these expensive status symbols anyway.

  8. Bigger Fool business model. I do it all the time. I get more jobs when I raise my prices and claim I'm the best. LOL

  9. “If youre a true alux-er, your sports interests go beyond football, cricket and the NBA” – the most pretentious thing I’ve heard in a while

  10. i dont have 1 favourite, i want an 1807, an 18039, an 6265, an 116619 LB and a few others
    should i go on ?

  11. Many watch lovers pay "Big" monies for Rolex as they're paying for the "Brand's name"
    I have chosen & bought an Omega because of the "intrinsic" value of this watch as how they're manufactured!

  12. Whenever I have to travel to a shady destination and I choose not to take my Rolex I always end up missing her.

  13. Nowaday if you want buy an hot reference as gmt2 or sub or daytona, is impossible to purchase as they keep you in waiting list even for years…. rolex give priority to delivery only to resellers , while to the official dealer delivery only references that nobody want at all….

  14. There are so many much higher end watch manufacturers. Rolex watches look good then there are those that are expensive but gross because of encrusting in precious gems. Patek Philippe are more than just timepieces they are works of art and precision engineering to an extreme

  15. So much misinformation… the also moved to switzerland because Wilsdorf was afraid that him being a german in england would be a problem during ww2. The most expensive rolex (sold for the most money) is paul newmans daytona. The cheapest rolex is the oyster perpetual and not the air king and there are fake rolexes now with mechanical movements so a lack of tick doesnt mean it is real. Plus there is a rolex with a quartz movement that ticks: the oysterquartz

  16. LOL at a Rolex Air King being $2200 new in July 2017. Its more like $6k. Also some real Rolex's have ticking seconds such as the Oyster Quartz. Plus pretty much all fake Rolex watches these days will have an automatic movement and sweeping seconds hand. The high end fakes these days are extremely accurate and often a watch with have to be inspected with a loupe or by a professional to verify authenticity. High end replicas can cost as much as $1500.

  17. Another fact. Rolex, in the U.K., don't allow credit deals, especially zero percent. If you want one its cash or credit card only. Also it's rumoured that boutiques are audited to ensure they don't discount current models. In the U.K. it looks like Rolex are moving to single brand boutiques. Another way to preserve the brand identity. And great places to discover the facts and best models to buy.

  18. These watches started off as working watches, but this is making it sound like a luxury brand from day one lol

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