14 Awesome Businesses For Sale You Should Consider (2019)

14 Awesome Businesses For Sale You Should Consider (2019)

Year after year I see some incredible small businesses for sale. While these businesses might well be diamonds in the rough so to speak, at the time of the sale, for a buyer willing to roll their sleeves up and work hard, these businesses can offer incredible opportunities. In this video I’m going to discuss more than 14 different types of business opportunity and for each i’m going to offer my thoughts on why they can be such a great business to buy. My hope is that by discussing these different types of business ideas it’ll help you narrow down your search for that perfect business opportunity. Let’s get started… If you love food, I think a fantastic business opportunity is owning a mobile food truck – for two really big reasons. 1. You’re not tied to a costly real estate lease agreement and 2. You’re mobile! Utilize social media channels, offer some delicious freshly prepared and cooked food and start building your reputation! If you’re looking to buy an existing mobile food truck be sure the purchase is Conditional to the thorough inspection of the vehicle and the kitchen, by an expert. If you love cars, and you’re good with your hands, a mobile automotive service based business can be a fantastic business opportunity. One key consideration when buying this type of business are the tools. You need to ensure the business comes with all the tools for the job, they are reliable, they are of high quality and they are all operating within manufacturer’s specifications. Another business worth mentioning under this category is an automotive detailing business – interior and or exterior. While your first reaction to this suggestion might be that there are hundreds of people doing this, you need to understand that there are many established medium-sized businesses that turned down a lot of small jobs; and it’s simply because they cannot afford to allocate their expensive resources to such small jobs. From painting businesses to deck building businesses, for an individual great with their hands this is where the opportunity lies. Most businesses for sale in this area include a vehicle, specialized tools, marketing materials and even a client database. If you find a business that has a great reputation for doing quality work you might have found a diamond of a business to buy. Some other businesses worth mentioning under this category are carpet cleaning businesses, window cleaning businesses (if you don’t mind heights) and even chimney sweeping businesses. If you love the outdoors, landscaping, trees and plants, buying an established gardening based business can be a very lucrative business to buy. Furthermore, for many people they’re attracted to the seasonality of the business. Other businesses worth mentioning under this category would be a fencing business or a landscape business, particularly if you live in an area where there’s new developments. People love their dogs and if you love animals too, perhaps buying something like a doggy daycare, would be a perfect fit for you. When considering a doggy daycare that is for sale pay particular attention to location, reputation and visual appeal of the facility. Safety of the animals, simulated home and creature comforts and overall cleanliness of the facility are just a few obvious considerations, when buying such a business. It is important to note that over the last few years I’ve seen an increased number of small business owners, buying their product direct from Asia – China, Vietnam, South Korea etc.. These businesses are starting to come up for sale and the beauty of buying such a business is the relationship with the supplier / manufacturer of the product over in Asia, has already been established. Be it a product for wholesale or retail sale, if you don’t mind a bit of travel maybe once or twice a year over to Asia, this might be a perfect business opportunity for you. From time to time I see some really nice little health and wellness type businesses come up for sale. Some might focus just on massage, others waxing, even tattoo removal. These businesses and the equipment, can usually be purchased at a far lower cost than it would to start the business up from scratch. Furthermore, if you want to be more than just a business owner and you want to perform some of the treatments, local educational institutions offer an array of courses that you can take and complete in a relatively short period of time. It’s worth mentioning there are people out there who poured a small fortune into creating an online business; only to be stopped dead in their tracks at the prospect and cost of now marketing their brand new online business. Marketing and online business is not for the faint of heart but if you have what it takes, if you have the tools, the knowledge and contacts, you will find online businesses being sold for a fraction of what it costs to design and set up. Home based businesses can be very lucrative so let’s take a moment to discuss a couple of business ideas, that a home-based. Gone are the days when people judge you negatively for having a home-based business. After all customers and clients want convenience and it can be inconvenient for them to drive across the city to see you at your office when you can simply drive over, to see them. Technology and tools have all played a part in creating a swath of very successful business owners, who work from home. Here are just a few examples of home-based businesses, that you might find for sale. This is certainly a business that can be operated from home. Some businesses might specialize in arranging individual tours, whereas others might specialize in a corporate client component to their business. If you love traveling and you have a real passion for experiencing true adventure for yourself, this might be a great business opportunity for you. If you’ve been fortunate enough to rent a fully furnished home for your vacation you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to the attraction of renting a home, instead of a hotel. From time to time this type of business does come for sale, but as with any other business for sale, you need to understand the real reason why the business is for sale. There are many different types of marketing business that come up for sale; from businesses that specialize in websites, through to businesses that specialize in designing and creating brands. Of these businesses you might find the business is simply comprised of an owner-operator, through to businesses that are comprised of a team of contractors, that are called apart on a project-by-project basis. Depending upon what aspect of marketing you might be passionate about, I personally believe there’s a big opportunity to buy and build a very successful marketing business. Again a very large category but it’s worth mentioning because there’s certainly a lot of professional service based businesses, that can be purchased and operated entirely, or in part, from home. Some businesses were mentioning under this category would be consulting based businesses, photography based businesses, even bookkeeping based businesses. For some, there might be a real appeal to buy a franchise or franchised location. Some popular juice, sandwich and food franchisee locations, are often for sale. On that note, do take a moment after this video to watch my video on “Buying A Franchise In Canada”, if that’s something you’re interested in. The link is provided in the description below. In that video I talked about a few important things you need to know and advice I need to provide you, that is specific to buying a franchise. Keep in mind that small businesses can be as successful, even more profitable than businesses with lots of employees and that are committed to paying hefty real estate least payments, each month, for their facility. I hope that some of the aforementioned has sparked some business ideas for you. If so, give me a call, I want to help you make your dream of owning a business – become reality! Do also check out my “Buying A Business” course, only available via my website. Don’t forget if you have a great small business idea, do post your thoughts in the comments below. 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