$1000 a month selling candles as a side business

$1000 a month selling candles as a side business

I messed up some numbers in this video but the overall message is still here. The goal is to highlight about how many candles you would need to sell to make around $1000 in a month All of these numbers are approximates and will change depending on many factors suich as shipping, area, gas to markets, wages, etc. The profit should be $7.40, Iput $7.20 🙂 The 16oz candle should be $12.80, you would need to sell five more canldes to make that difference

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  1. I have watched so many "how to make candles" videos I can't even count how many. Yours is by far the BEST! Sticking with you on all your support and helping others achieve greatness! I created my very first ones and had you propped up on my counter while I did it! Thank you so easy to follow you!

  2. I believe I just saw his candles on Amazon handmade. I work for Amazon and used to seek my body care products I made in my nail shop years ago so decided to start up again now that the kids are basically grown and thought why not sell at Amazon while I work for them too. Checked out the handmade section and this guy's products were on the site. Awesome

  3. Question ? How do you keep the candles from melting when selling them at the market in HOT summer months outdoors. This is my first video and thought what a great way to supplement my finances as a stay at home mom..but i live in Texas and its been 95 to 102 degrees.
    NEW SUBBIE AND THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE, BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I make candles as a hobby. Just for fun and relaxation. But I am definitely going to incorporate this into a full business. Thanks for sharing.

  5. im thinking of starting a small candle company, really in this day in age its all social media marketing. I just so happen to own a media/marketing business. ; )

  6. I have been wanting to start candle making for profit as a business for quite some time. This video actually was very educational and I appreciate you being candid and realistic about the hard work and effort which gives a true expectation. Thank you !!!

  7. Hello, my name is Neeraj Sharma, I am from India, I want to talk to you, I also make a candle char, which is available in your country at a very high price, I will give it to you at least so that you too Earn something I can earn, both can work together that I will wait for your reply.my watsup and calling number is 8630694282

  8. hi i have a question for bigginners do you suggeste to take courses or video on youtube will help me i would like to start a bussines also. thank you

  9. Thanks for your very informative videos. They are very helpful. I have my Natural Hair & Skin Care Business For Over 4 years now and I’m just now starting on Candles. So many of my customers have asked me to make make and sell them. Made my first two tonight. I bought a $35 Candle Course Online from a well known and respectable Handmade Cosmetic Biz Maker but still viewing and researching to widen my Candle Making Knowledge! Yours is the best so far. I made 2 x 8 oz Candles with the 464 Wax, fragranced with EO, poured at 155°F (On your referral! someone else told me to pour lower, but your video was on 464 Wax) And they came out nicely and very smooth at the top. We’ll see if there’s any frosting in the morning. Thanks so much for sharing these helpful information! I’m subscribing! ???????????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. for someone just starting and in the testing phase what are some suggestions that mean the world of difference for finding the perfect formula on how to get a soy candle right? also do you have any supplier suggestions that you can share without giving up your secrets lol

  11. Thank you! Caught your video in the middle of the night. Great moral boost.❤❤❤Off to making my $1000.00 now.

  12. The problem is that it’s extremely easy to do. Anyone can make candles/wax melts and the market is already inundated. Everyone and their mother is doing it.

  13. I tried to sell candles a while ago and its is almost impossible. Your profits are only in theory, in practice almost nobody will buy your candles. Why would they when it is cheaper in the local store.

  14. If you vote for Andrew Yang for 2020 election he will give you $1000 a month every month under UBI and you won’t need to do all this shit

  15. Your math is wrong. If the candle total is $18.00 and your cost is $5.20 you will make a profit of $12.80. On the 8 oz. your total was $10 and your cost was $2.60 so your profit is $7.40. The profit is correct on the 8 oz. jar. but on the 16 oz. jar it should be $512.00.

  16. I am sorry to say but your math is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY WRONG!!! If you are doing business, and especially if you are going to mentor people into the same business, then you MUST BE ACCURATE 100% of the time!!! I am sorry for you and especially your followers.

  17. A 16 oz candle sells for $20. This translate to 50 candles per month. Assuming 10 candles/day, that 5 days or 40 hours of labor. Assuming cost of goods of $200 (ie 5x mark up), that’s $800 for 40 hours which is $20/hour. This is slightly above minimum wage.

  18. Too late you made it sound too easy and obviously there's not candle vendors in front of stores everywhere in America

  19. Theres a lot of work involved . A lot of hauling , loading unloading ,set up,unloading again ,. Wrapping is real important too.Tappers unwrapped pick up a lot of grit at a dusty market.. Testing is way important as well …and time consuming but very important .so many different kinds of wax and then each one may have it's melting point it's own temp . Not to mention it's own type of wick depending on size .Believe it or not ,most people are ignorant about candle safety so for the sake of ethics you should put warning labels on them and always remind them not to go to sleep with a candle burning never leave them unattended especially if they have pets as one swipe by a dog tail and it can wind up on the floor etc . tell them to keep the wick trimmed and never set a candle on a shelf to burn it ..give it plenty of overhead like 6 to 8 8 feet over head etc.

  20. Thank you for sharing This is a great time of year for selling scented candles and i do wish you the best of continued luck!

  21. This has really inspired me to start making candles – I'm currently 18 in college (UK College) and am not enjoying my part time job and this will definitely make a great hobby. Great video!!

  22. I believe it would really help everyone involved; if you would create a neat candle,and start from the beginning to the end.
    So Sir if you would please; show us how you actually make money by selling handmade candles! Could show us all how it's done; as you actually sell your candle. That way we truly know that it's not because of our ignorance…,but perhaps it's your's

  23. How many hours does it take you to make 100 candles? To make, start to finished with labels (not including cooling hours of course)

  24. I don't want to be negative but you need a crow bar to wrench money out of people's pockets these days. You could spend all day at the farmers market and sell zero candles because folks would rather support China by buying at Walmart for a quarter of the price.

  25. the REAL thing about ANY side business is how much do you end up making per hour????and the real challenge is to transition to higher volume beyond what you can actually produce to make real money..good luck.

  26. Thanks for the information! My question is do you design and print your own labels that you use on your candle jars? The labels were clear with pretty print on it. Do you have someone else do that for you?

  27. Making them yourself can make you tons on holidays
    I had 2 young kids that sold them for to door after school. I went to local shops on weekends and sold some to employees. It grew and will for you to

  28. Valentine's day, Walmart sold heart shaped candy dishes…I bought 3 and made 3 wick strawberry cheesecake candles..sold for 20.00 and loved them.

  29. Ok candle makers. A few orders I made my first batch with a candle kit ( made 12 sold 2 for 6.50 so far.
    Got soy wax and scent and jars 8 oz from loanstar and made a case of 8oz cotton candy candles today.

    I have a local businesses appointment with a vape shop that I shop at on Wednesday. My goal is to get a few stores to carry my candles. 😉

  30. Hahah u take idea from Brandon bechtel , he have lisense and he star bussines from 13 years ? https://youtu.be/XA5znLc2Kco

  31. where I live taxes are 40-50%. apparently you don't have to pay any taxes at all if for $10 and a cost of $2.6 the profit it 10-2.6

  32. Thanks for the info. I do see that your candles have gift boxes (another cost) labels (cost of printing and design?) wicks?, etc. Then you have the booth or vendor fees plus your time and gas. I think the profit would be a bit lower if every cent was counted, including the shipping costs you paid to get your materials, if any. It's still pretty good, though – perfect for a hobbyist .

  33. This is great for a person who thrives under the pressure of meeting sales on top of the labor that goes into marking the product

  34. Stanley I sold a few of my soy candles and people are complaining the scent isn't thrown after a day of having them
    What's wrong?

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