100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

100 Ways to Market Yourself and Your Business with No Money

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  1. Facebook ads really don't render any results from my experience. It really depends on the type of business, but if you want people to give your picture or business post a lot of likes, go the FB ad route, lol.

  2. ROBERTO!!! I I save your stuff ages ago and lost you…so glad to have found you again. Best of this kind of stuff on the web!! Cheers mate.

  3. Thank you very much for the tip about Adobe Spark, used it for the first time today because of your video and posted and my Insta is already getting hits (@ExpatJA). I also checked out Wordswag, sadly I require £4.99. I may try that. I also checked out Mail Chimp! Wow! I've also told my father about it as he runs his own business and this would be great for him also. Because of all the great advice you gave in under 7 minutes. I'm going to like and share and subscribe! Keep up the great work! Now to check out your article and subscribe to your newsletter

  4. Congratulations Roberto! Almost tripled your subscribers in one year from about 90k to 224k. Another good video by the way

  5. cool video, it's inspired me to create a couple of ideas to boost my small business. Thanks for the inspiration Roberto.

  6. In reality there are expenses attached to marketing, but you have given so many great free or low cost ideas in one article. My neglected YouTube channel is being energized in the very near future! Thanks!

  7. Huge value! Thank you Roberto! Got a lot of motivation from this video to help me market my youtube channel!

  8. A great sight I also use for free advertisement is AMAfeed which is free and allows you to do Q&A with interested traffic on the site. Here's the link https://AMAfeed.com/?=1862

  9. Hi brother ur video is awesome , and well guided about free marketing , so glad and happy to get connected with uuu , i am very much keen in writing a book , i need ur help to how to get started in writing and publishing it will be highly appreciated with ur help

  10. Awesome list of tips! I am writing notes fervently! Say, have you done a tutorial for Mail Chimp? There's one I'd find valuable! Thanks Roberto!

  11. Thank you man! Currently I’m actually doing this discount travel VIP card give away business!)) goodlifeusa.com. There are YouTube videos that shows about it too)) I’m currently NOT in the States, in Australia so it can be hard to get leads…Your advice sounds great! I’m NOT too much of a social media fan but am willing to do the free marketing in a local community

  12. great video. business cards are awesome too! while sparking up a conversation, you'd be surprised who is doing the same thing.. or similar.

  13. thank you for this video. I'm just beginning to market my work, myself and your input was really helpful and easy to utilize. It's been rough starting and you made it just that much easier.

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  16. My problem isn't knowing what tools/platforms to use, I know what I can use, my issues is knowing what to post to make people want to grab. What content, good ideas. That's my issue. Plus efficient ways because it takes me so long to make graphic design posts, and even longer to come up with an idea.

  17. Dude you're the first person i can not only stand, but actually get useful info from about marketing a business. you're genuine and know how to explain stuff! You earned yourself a subscriber sir 🙂

  18. I found that you can cut your email budget to a single payment with the new platforms that has come out. This day my goal is to fix my email platform

  19. Always be creating,
    market yourself in experiments only!!,
    people wants experiments and verification and validation for (not who you are) but what you got for them (product or services testing and exemplifying)

  20. Thank you so much for this information. Didn’t realize how important marketing was. Now I see it’s a key point to your business.

  21. What are the free apps for Android? I have been paying people on Fiverr to make videos for me. I would rather learn to do things for myself.

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  23. Thank you my brother as usual you bring value and I thank you for all of your knowledge may YAHUAH CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

  24. I sell kratom. Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook will not allow me to promote my kratom business…I've been thinking about the library thing…what else could I do? I don't have an email list … 🙁

  25. Great video! I agree. There is sooo much free marketing and advertising available, even outside social media like networking for example.

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