10 TIPS for January SALES + MY SECRET!! What I bought in SALES 2020

10 TIPS for January SALES + MY SECRET!! What I bought in SALES 2020

Hi guys and welcome back on my channel!
Today I have a really interesting and useful fashion video, I might say… I will
talk to you all about the January Sales. These sales are my favorite Sales of the
year. I like them more even than the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday or…
what else is left? Boxing Day maybe. For obvious reasons: you can definitely feel
the reduction of the prices in stores and online. But if you really know what
you want, this is the best period to buy what you’ve got on your wish list throughout
the last year. But these sales can get really dangerous for your pocket if you
don’t follow some obvious rules. I know it’s a big temptation but you are just
impulse buying things. That’s why today I will share with you some of my
experience as a shopper and what I’ve learned after doing the January Sales
the wrong way, the last years. So I’m gonna talk to you about what you should
consider when buying in January Sales, how to invest in ,,smart clothing” and how
to keep under control your clothing Sales purchases. First of, I would say
try to save some money in advance for the Sales period. Don’t buy everything on
Christmas and buy only what’s absolutely necessary because, exactly after the
Christmas period, all the prices will go down… so it can get really frustrating.
On the other hand, try not to wait for too long for a
certain product because, for example, when it’s in sales it might be too late for it,
especially if you wear the most common sizes. So if you wear like, for example,
the size 8-10-ish UK for clothing and 4 or 5 for shoes, it may be really hard for
you to find these sizes in Sales because these are the first sizes that are gone.
That’s why I recommend you to be there exactly when the price drops. And when I
say to be there I don’t mean that I recommend you to go and sleep in front
of the store, of course. We are in 2020, thanks God! You just have to think
smart and to be one of the first ones that is buying the certain piece in
Sales. I have a secret weapon! What I’m saying you have to be
virtually there. So my secret is to do a lot of lists, in advance. But not the
regular type of wishlist. It will be a wishlist that lets you know all about the
price tag, when the Sales are starting, when the store is restocking some sizes
on a certain model that wasn’t available anymore… A wishlist is that simply helps you to be more organized and helps you to see everything in a mix-and-match way.
So this wishlist is basically an app, it’s an extension of your browser.
It’s called Shoptagr. It’s like a smart virtual assistant. By the way, this is
not sponsored, this is just me sharing this app with you because I absolutely
love it, I find it really useful and I’m sure you will love it, as well, so I
thought I will just share it here with you. Usually when I’m browsing on the
Internet and I see something I like and I want to buy, I am just adding that
certain item on my wishlist. I’m using categories, I can compare one item with
other items I already added, so I will know when I have something similar and
is not necessary to be bought. With this app I actually never miss the price drop
because Shoptagr will notify me when there is a better price on the item.
This app is also offering you coupon codes. So this is how I can handle my
impulse buying, I can organize a budget and everything goes smooth. In 2020 I’m
trying to be more conscious about what I’m purchasing and honestly this
extension is a lifesaver for me. And a money-saver, really important! With this
being said, I would say that online shopping is much, much easier and less
stressful than the shopping in-store, especially when the sales are going on. It can be really frustrating when all the shops are rammed and the clothes are strewn all
over the place. When I’m shopping in stores in the sales period, usually, I can’t
find really easy my size, cuz’ it’s the most common size and everyone is trying it. I
tend to impulse buying in-store and, more than that, there’s a big chance to
buy a faulty item because I always feel like I’m losing a really good
deal. On the other hand, when I’m shopping from the comfort of my home, everything
is more balanced. I can enjoy a coffee while scrolling or browsing and it’s
just a really, really relaxing activity for me. Honestly, I prefer online shopping
any time more than I prefer the physical shopping because I feel like I’m not
wasting too much time of my life and I can get many better deals online. When it
comes to what you should buy in the January Sales, I would say this is the
best time to invest in designer pieces or timeless premium pieces. Most of the time
I’m trying to look to the permanent collections because even if the sales
are not really good, those are, for sure, timeless pieces. If not, I’m trying to
look for simple or classic models, that I know I will wear for a long time from
now on. For example, in January I’ve bought an Alexander McQueen pair of
trainers and I feel like it’s a good investment because these shoes are
pretty classic. It’s not the latest collection but they do have a special
touch. Alexander McQueen is doing really special pairs of shoes usually but
I feel like the ones that are really trendy right now are not going to pass
the test of the time. So these are pretty classic and I know they are going to
resist in my personal preferences. Another really good designer deal is
this bag, from All Saints, that I absolutely love. It’s a simple black bag
but I feel like I can wear it every single day
and, for me, these are the best purchases: the things that you can wear, and wear,
and wear. So the designer pieces are the first thing I am following when the
prices are dropping down at the beginning of the month because with
these items you will save a lot more than you would save with any high-street Sale. If you wanna be sure you have the best designer deal a good tip would be to go
and visit the outlets this period of time, as well. For example, I do recommend you Bicester Village. For anyone living in London or for anyone visiting London.
Here, the designer items are cheaper anyway but they do have Sales, as well. So
you will get to buy the designer pieces at a much lower price than you would buy
from anywhere else. All the bags I have here, in the back, are from Bicester Village and I feel like this trip was really successful, so I have decided to do this
trip an annual thing because I feel like the January in Bicester Village is a
really, really good deal, for anything clothing-wise. I want to get rid of the
January blues and a weekend getaway at the Bicester Village is just the
perfect idea for January. My tip number four is to try to invest
only in the fashion essentials. Go and buy neutrals, blacks, whites. No matter where you’re buying from, when it comes to basics, you have to choose the ones that
are timeless. if you’re buying t-shirts or tops, I would suggest you to try to
buy the plain ones because those are really easy to wear, are not popping in…
So try to avoid the really strong colors as, if it’s in Sales, if there for a reason.
The color is not going to be trendy anymore, for the next season. So, I’m sure
you don’t want to be stuck with something that you will not wear. Okay
and here comes the point number five, where I’m talking to you about the
trends. This is a big NO and the golden rule of Sales shopping: don’t buy
anything that was a major trend the last year because the stores, for sure, will
try to push those certain items that were really trendy. Most likely those
items are not going to be trendy anymore. For example, if you finally found a piece
that you’ve been dreaming about the last year and now with like 90 percent off…
just leave it. The best decision for you to make is just to step away and to
look for something else that’s in Sales. I got to this conclusion after so many
years of buying trendy things that I thought are a good deal because they are
in Sales and it took me a while to finally realize that the best thing to
do is to stick to your list, buy exactly what’s necessary for you and what’s
missing from your wardrobe. Honestly, I’m not gonna be tempted anymore to buy a
certain things only for the price sake and I totally recommend you to start
having this mindset, as well, because on the long term, you will be really
grateful for trying it. You will only end up cluttering your room, anyway, really
soon. Last years I’ve been there, I’ve done that… and I can definitely say that
I ended up selling or donating most of my purchases I made. But now I can
proudly say that I’ve been more aware about how I’m spending my money and I
bought only what I’m sure I will keep and wear throughout the entire year
that is coming. I know it might be hard and tempting but believe me, YOU CAN DO IT! I will repeat myself maybe but for number six is to try to buy classic
pieces that are perfectly matching your style. if you already have a really well-defined style that’s very well but if you are still experimenting, there are
big chances for you to try to follow the trends. If you’re trying to follow the
trends, at least, I would suggest you to try and do your research. Try to see
what’s gonna be IN for the next season and try to find some sales that are
accordingly with what you’ve found. For example, for 2020, the color of the year
will be blue. So any shade of blue can be a really good investment, even if it’s in
sales right now. I would suggest you, again, to try to look for coats, suits,
shoes, because with these things the trends are not really harsh and these
pieces are usually more expensive at the full price, so the sales are perfect
moment to try to invest in any of these. For example, I bought a simple green
military coat and an elegant black suit both from River Island because I found
them at a really good price. Both are pretty classic and really easy to wear…
and I feel like these are a good investment for the next year, and the
next year, and so on. Also, I do have a combo-style boot, that is from the
previous winter from Aldo, and I got to use these like daily, for this year…
because I was good at speculating things and I realized that those types of boots
will be trendy this year. So.. yay for me! So if you are buying more winter
clothing now, try and think about what would you like to wear in the next year
well, if that is possible, of course. Another big yes when it comes to Sales
is to try and buy sporty pieces. Activewear or sportswear never goes
totally out of style so you can basically buy anything in this section,
especially if you’re planning to start going to the Gym, like most of us. So when
the new year is starting everyone’s goal is start going and the Gym so yeah… If
you’re thinking to start exercising now, at the beginning of 2020, for sure,
it’s a good idea to buy some new activewear pieces. A nice new activewear piece can
motivate you to go at the gym only because you know it’s a new thing that
looks good on you maybe… And the good part is that: leggings are just leggings –
they never go out of style. The sports brands only have different cool
collections that are trending for the moment but the idea is the same: you will
keep wearing those leggings for a long time, for sure, so you can definitely try
and invest in this period of time in more sportswear. So if you will ever see
some nice trainers, leggings, tracksuits, you can definitely spend your
money on those final reductions because, for sure, you will get the use per wear on
those particular items. I can guarantee you! Especially if you’re going at the
gym. In my case, I never regretted buying any sportswear and that’s why I have
decided to invest in these two pairs of PUMA trainers for my day to day life
and for the gym, as well. Also, I found this new cap from Tommy
Hilfiger that I really loved and an ADIDAS bag, at a half of the price,
which looks really nice and it’s good for the festival season, for example. And
now my favorite type of investment when it comes to Sales is the makeup and the
skincare. If you know you have like a certain skin routine I think now is the
best time to buy more of your favorite makeup and skincare products because
this way you will never run out. And this one is the best time to try some new
products, if you always wanted to try them. Every drugstore and every makeup
website has special offers, price drops or reductions for the Christmas stock.
So Christmas boxes, for example, are now really, really cheap and always a
good deal. And you can get the same quality of the products at a really good
price. I was telling you, in my Christmas gift guide, all about that Estee Lauder
box, full of goodies, that is kind of my annual purchase. All my essentials are in
there and the price is really really good so… yeah! It’s a really nice deal
that I wouldn’t want to miss. If you want to see what else contain is that box
from Estee Lauder, I will link here somewhere the gift guide that I posted
on my channel and there I’m talking more about that box. More than that, in this
period of time I also bought my hair essentials and I will also link another
video where I’m showing you what exactly am I using for my hair. More than that,
I’m planning to buy them once again now at the end of the January Sales, so I
will have plenty of products for the following months, for sure. So I know I
will have my favorites products nearby, anytime. And another section that I
really, really like to visit this period of time, especially, is the home section
of some of the high street stores like Zara, H&M.
They always offer in this period of time you really nice deals for home
accessories and I always enjoy buying some new cozy things
for my house. Now it’s the best time to invest in some sort of household gadgets.
If you know you need anything. For example, my coffee machine was broken and I just bought a new one and today we are going for a vacuum cleaner shopping, if
this does make any sense for this channel. But that’s the only truth! We are
going to take advantage of Sales for a vacuum cleaner as well. So yeah! You
might want to check out the end of the January Deals because you might be
surprised about the good prices you will find. So these are all the things that
are coming in my mind when it comes to what you should consider when buying in
January Sales. I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you will know better
how to invest smart in your clothing pieces and how to keep under control the
clothing sales purchases because I know it might be hard. This is how much I was
able to learn so far while shopping in Sales but if you have any other tips or
any other ideas for me, everything is welcome! You can just leave them in the
comments section of this video and I would love to chat to you more
about your personal experience. But if we are speaking about chatting let’s
see who is the comment winner of the previous video now! Ta-dam! Also, here is the Instagram account that I would recommend you to follow. Let me take my phone. So the Instagram account that I’m recommending
today is Kira’s account. Clastic and elegant! Many
of the pieces she’s wearing are still timeless and really, really nice. If you
need some January Sales inspo for the designer outfits you can go and follow
Kira because I’m sure you will get a lot of inspo. Personally, I’ve always admired
her style and I think she really looks really nice put together all the time. If
you think that your style can be a good example for this section of my video, all
you have to do is to tag me in your post on Instagram and to use the hashtag
#popinitscristina in the description of your photo and this way I will get to
see your account. Okay, this was it! Until the next week, I will
see you in the comments! Bye, guys!

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