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  1. Price differentiation is very important. Also, spend money to get back time. Money is literally like having a time machine. Be time obsessed.

  2. I actually used to find you very irritating and unrelatable. I’ve come around because it’s hard to deny the value your channel provides. Good work! 🙂

  3. Hey Sarah! I'm a newbie and pretty lost.. I really think highly of you and trust your opinion, so if you could ever find the time to review my new store and just tell me if there are things missing there — I'd be extremely thankful. Thanks anyways, I love your videos!

  4. Thank you Sarah for your very wise words. As a budding entrepreneur, those were the words I needed to hear. My dear, you've shifted my perspective and recalibrated my thought patterns.

  5. Your last words stuck me so hard. Im currently at work watching your videos and i always work on my designs for my future online shop at work too.. i was always scared that i should not be splitting my concentration between work and passion but… i agree TIME is precious and if you think u r wasting time move on to something more productive♥️ Thank you

  6. Could you give advice on people who want to start an online store but not drop ship? Like how to manage the finances and orders ;n; im currently in a bad position because im an artist with no business skills and i really want to accommodate for my overseas audience.

  7. Love your videos and how you presenting you ideas. The animated short clips are kinda cute and really getting my attention to your words 😊

  8. Took me years to understand patience is the key to success !!! Trial n error…so many youngsters now literally create something sit n wait for a week and say "why am I not making money or rich yet" lmao put in the work !!

  9. It took 2 years before my second business was profitable. But then the product was in development for 2 years. Then the first week end netted US$26k

  10. Sarah, do you use a script or teleprompter to record your videos? Please share with us how you do it. Your on camera delivery is impeccable. Thanks.

  11. Hey Sarah,
    Thank you for all the tips that you provided, I've learned so much about it. Truthfully, I haven't started anything yet. I just kept on browsing on YT to learn the nature of 'dropshipping'. I even have a notebook to write down all do's and dont's when doing the dropshipping and I am so thankful that I found your channel, it gave me a lot of ideas. I am really planning to have mine too but I need to be prepared, which means, I need to burn my eyebrows if what product that I need to add if I finally decided to have my own eMarket store. While I was watching this, there is one AREA that makes me confused, THE TAX THINGY. If I would pay a tax for my sales, how would I do that? Do I have to register first my eMarket Store. Sorry, I know that my question sounds dumb but I am new to this kind of stuff.


  12. Holy cow that last bit on time is exactly what ive been realizing lately. Like you, i don't think about the money as much as ive found ways that work for me in my business, however after a few years of business im starting to really appreciate the little free time i have for family and myself. Mistakes eat up time, although i learn and persevere through those mistakes, its still something i can never get back.

    Love the animations, vids are really more fun to watch now.

  13. I love your channel Sarah! Such great advice and content. I just want to add to your last point. I completely agree with you in how valuable our time is. But for many, myself included it is not easy to think of losing money when you hac a family and children to provide for. It can be scary. I know when I was younger, still living at home with my folks and not nearly as many responsibilities. I was a lot more courageous to take risks and chances in starting new things. Now with a family, I have to think of them as well. I have every intentions in starting my own online store. But I am taking my time, getting educated with all the info I need to do it right and have less risks.

  14. "In a video that almost no one watched…" Pauses video and checks his history to see if he watched it. noticed he did in-fact watch it Nice 😀

  15. HI there Sarah I love your content and all your vlogs, however do you have a video version of your ebook rather than a downloadable readable version or planning to have one available?, as I suffer from severe dyslexia and find it very difficult to read from downloadables, also my learning style is visual, auditory not reading/writing and I find the animations very enlightening and informative and helps me to understand the contents of how to be a successful entrepreneur any suggestions would be awesome and again thank you for all your amazing content and guidance, as I am focusing on opening my own POD/Dropshipping store within the next 2 weeks once I get it live I will send you a link to get your honest opinion and guidance to make it successful.

  16. thank you very much for this video it was inspiring. You are a person deserved to be respected

    Than you again

    Friend from Egypt

  17. This is so great! And this is why, in 3 easy steps. From a filmmaker to you who wants to make YT videos that work: 1. super-powerful interesting and useful "straight to the point" content…no fluff, interresting even for people outside the films target group, the wiever gets value from the first sentence and you are not forced to buy to many books, courses and other products related to the chnnel. 2. Wery well produced, looks like "lets just tape you in the office with my phone" editing and sound is taken good care of but its not "over produced" its down to the ground doable. 3. Delivered by a believable, trustful, onest, sweet person with true knowledge that i feel wants to help me….the recipe for sucsess people. Well done and good luck to all you viewers!

  18. I love love,love Sarah's sarcastic attitude. (I hope that's how you spell your name! I've seen others spell it sera so I apologise if I'm wrong).It's refreshing and unique on YouTube. I've began research into dropshipping as I am coming in to some money and want my own business, I always have wanted, but never have been able to afford to risk any money. So far I have this channel, oberlo and one other… Can anyone recommend any other fantastic and trustworthy channels where I can find solid info about dropshipping please?

    I am soooo excited. I wish I could start now, I have so many ideas but I have to wait ha.

    Blessings and love from the UK.

  19. You're pretty salty in this video… and I like it, because you're totally right. It was fun to see that you don't like it when people don't follow your advice and then say they did 🙂

  20. I really enjoyed this video as it really speaks to the part of you that are afraid to make committed decisions, take chances and just swim upstream for a bit. People are so afraid to try new things for the fear of failure. therefor I will just stick to me dead end 9 to 6 job because…ummmm….well…. it's security and comfort I seek…Ya know….? Weldone! Love it!

  21. i personally not afraid of spending money on hiring people im afraid of how to manage employees how to communicate what i need and overall be their boss being boss is not easy for me

  22. We all innately understand that our lifetimes are limited, but as aging accumulates, the reality of the passing of years becomes apparent in so many ways! Smart folks respond to the urgency by doing. Now.
    Thanks again Sarah! 👍

  23. I am so glad some who also agrees with me, that time is more precious than money. No doubt the most wisest thing I heard today.

  24. 17:44 "Remember, you can always make back your money…but you can NEVER make back your time". This hit me on many levels. So true! Today I was actually under a decision to go to a 9-5 interview for a remote job (i'm currently 9-5 local), or not to go. I couldn't make up my mind, but deep down i felt that this isn't what I want. What i want is scalability, freedom to set my time, freedom to work less (eventually) and explore the new world of being a business owner. This message made me change my mind and cancel the interview, so I can focus on working on myself rather than working for someone else's company. Thank you!

  25. I'm gonna save this video and rewatch it whenever I need a boost. I especially appreciated the unexpected mistake of not eating well. This is something I do daily and as a consequence my health stops me from getting things done. As well as being worried about losing money and in my case, getting into more debt, which to me is the same thing. I have a lot of mental and physical changes to make, but at least now I know where to start. Thank you! This is honestly the YouTube channel I value the most. Thank you for your hard work.

  26. Look you're great, I'm amazed how you can do all this coz I'm computer backwards and retarded, How can i work with you where i give you a ton of designs that will sell and you make me rich? I'm an idea generating machine, i should work for a fucking government think tank but i do not want to fuck around playing computer. If i can't email some ideas that you can make work and split the profit from what advice do you have for someone who can come up with hundreds of winning ideas but blacks out when a computer is in front of him. I can come up with loads of shit that will sell but I'm too thick to even use teespring, I want to say bang there's a load of designs, there's who to market it to, gis a shout at the end of the month with a big fat cheque. Plus i don't wanna deal with contracts etc. If i give you a design that will sell and suggest who to market it to i want be able to allow you to wiggle ya wand and make the magic work where you say this month this shirt has made 2 grand, bang there's your cut. I trust i won't need contracts and all that crap with you, i just wanna say there ya go, and if you say it's made 1000 i'll believe ya, if it's made 2000, okey dokey..?

  27. Hi Sarah, Time IS our most impt asset. Can you state the thesis quickly at video start with supporting bullets. Then re-state it at the end. Love your videos, packed with fluff too, but the cheerleader ones, like this one, are so LONG (time…). I keep saying, "Get to the point!" Btw, you're a stunning genius.

  28. I learn that from many failures attempts. Now, I'm working on a store with my family and I'm investing like anytime before. Please, I would like your advice if I'm on the right track. Thanks!

  29. You really know your stuff, I have been in corporate sales all my life and I am literally sucked into your world.
    If only I had marketing people half as good as you working in the companies I worked throughout my life for I could have added a zero to my full revenue, maybe 2.
    I am literally mesmerized by what you say and how you communicate it.
    I wonder if I am not going to start something just to test some of your recipes.

  30. oh this chic loves flexin' …my next comment will be a link to my new online store, yall like rubber bats?

  31. Number one is completely untrue. When I first started cell phone repair and resell I made profits on my first sale. Total startup capital- $50, I profited $100

  32. Hi Wholesale Ted, I watched the video. It's encouraging. I'm not afraid to start but just haven't made time to start the business. Been busy…still working on designs. I have five designs but not ready to put on t-shirts yet. I have a degree in Graphic Arts and thought it would be a great way to use it, designing something.

  33. "most people are obsessed with money, im obsessed with time" This hit me HARD Sarah. I
    recently started working a job that paid me twice as much as my old one but required way more commitment and time, i hated it so much and thats when i decided to fully commit to becoming financially free and peaced out after a month. I ended up back at my old job for close to minimum wage and way less hours, but i like it there. im not miserable there so its more valuable to me.
    I think thats why this is the only drop shipping/business channel that i binge watch so much, all the others are just about making as much money as fast as possible and they dont feel sustainable and they just dont resonate with me. im still on my free trial and have a lot of work to do and way more products to add, but feel free to roast me ;D

  34. You should let the sunlight light you're eyes when you record. You, I agree with you. Risk + experience/know how = success. Time is precious, I can't think of anything more valuable. However the stigma of failure might be do to conditioning. A term "institutionalized" used in a movie called The Green Mile come to mind.

  35. Hello you're one of my favorite youtubers I didn't make any of these mistakes on my one product store prove me wrong.

  36. I'd love to just sit down with you and get mentored hey. Can you organise a live training event anytime soon? I'd happily fy over to NZ

  37. After investing in several online programs over the course of years always with a degree of disappointment I find myself circling back to you Sarah and your refreshing, honest, clear take of becoming an online entrepreneur. I have finally subscribed to your channel and hope to binge watch everything you have published as I pursue POD. I have been approved as a Merch by Amz seller and look forward to taking the plunge with the positive mindset you exude.

  38. Hi again Sarah
    Another fantastic and also an informative video. I've watched a lot of your videos and there was a lot of pausing, taking notes and I'm so excited to start. I've subscribed to your channel and now a member. Before I became a member I've already created my online store but hasn't gone LIVE yet. I'm excited and nervous at the same time but surely I am not giving up😊.Thank you Sarah

  39. This is crazy, but I’m trying to start an Amazon and sell what you couldn’t sell on amazon on eBay business, but what intimidates me is posting it in the mail or ups on time! I am a night owl….

  40. Hello Sarah, I just discovered your Youtube channel yesterday and have watched about half a dozen of your videos. I like what you have to say. Congratulations on your success, with your clarity of mind I have no doubt that you will continue to succeed in any venture you choose.

  41. I've posed this question to several dropshipping, Amazon "guru's" yet none were able to answer it, none replied, however I did get one reply, but my follow up comments to her didn't get me anymore replies. So here it is: "
    So far I haven't seen one video where the competition from ebay is addressed. Amazon is fair competition, but not eBay. So far every single item I research on Alibaba is being sold on eBay for the same price and free shipping. In some cases the price is cheaper. I think it's the suppliers themselves competing with their buyer's."

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