10 beauty secrets of French women | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte

10 beauty secrets of French women | “Parisian chic” | Justine Leconte

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  1. i dunno what products to apply on my face.. its super dry (genetics). and most brands influencers use here arent available in my country.. i turned to mashing grocery cucumbers for masks and planting aloe vera myself for masks too (alternate lol) and virgin coconut oil for lotion and hair.. cuz i cant afford lotions.. so i make.. cuz the trees are just in my backyard lol xD but so far.. its still dry.. my hair is still fine as ever.. easily snappable.. and my skin.. tho smooth, is not evenly colored.

  2. Oh dear, here in Brazil people are heavily influenced by American celebrities. Tio much skin showing, too much make up, leggings everywhere, much vulgarity. I don't like it.

  3. M’y husband is French and he doesn’t like the French women’s aesthetic of not brushing their hair – to him it looks bedraggled and unattractive. After spending a lot of time in the country I’d have to agree with him. He said one of the things that attracted me to him was that I was ‘coquette’ my hair, makeup and nails were always done (simply) and I take really good care of my skin. Also it’s not true that French women don’t get botox or injections they just never talk about it lol ?

  4. I love the beauty brand Sisley. Hugely expensive but lasts for ages. Their cleansing milk with sage cleanser is so gentle and leaves skin so soft, their cucumber moisturizer is equally as wonderful, great for combination skin. Products are very expensive but I use a tiny amount and so lasts me ages. I don't ever wear foundation and allow my skin to breathe.

    A clean diet, lots of healthy fats- oils, seeds and nuts, avocado. Drink lots of water, don't smoke.

  5. The idea that "most people in the world are chronically dehydrated" is not true. It was a fad belief in the 90's that somehow hasn't died off. You need water to live, but much of what you need comes from food, the rest from what you're naturally inclined to drink. You don't have to water constantly throughout the day.

  6. I do not understand how people don't get the "Drink lots of water" one. It's an easy thing to do and once you get into the habit, it becomes second nature!!

  7. Interesting. I’m from Los Angeles and have always loved France. I, too, don’t like when people notice a change. That’s why I always dye my hair the same color and use almost the same makeup, with slight variations here and there. Sometimes people notice and I simply deny it. I want looks to be te icing on the cake, but not the heart and soul of my existence.

  8. I’m super curious if you learned English in England- the north of England to be precise. Because when you say “beauty”, it definitely sounds English. You also tend to drop your t’s off the end of your words. So it sounds like you have a mix of a northern English and French accent.

  9. I never wear foundation and inherited good skin from my mum. I tried foundation once and hated how it made me feel like my skin couldn't breathe.

  10. I noticed french women have often a longer face like yours. I am not french but my great grandmother was. I have it too. A long oval face. Similar features.

  11. Red-under-the-neck, is NOT appealing, so decolletes in the evening. But a face that don't reflect the struggle with the "dirt" my body and soul lives in is not right.

  12. I pared down my essential oils to Frankincense. If my face breaks out, I put it directly on my skin and it stops the breakouts immediately. Otherwise, I mix about 20 drops into my coconut oil/castor oil blend. It is the best moisturizer on the planet. Natural and inexpensive. I recently added the castor oil when I found out it sinks 4 inches into the body, literally into your organs and there have been many studies on it's effects on our skin and organs.

  13. I’m Chinese, skin care and hair care are extremely important in my culture. Routine visit to hair salon for a hair mask, blow dry styling, coloring are very common. We also try our best to protect skin from the sun. However, minor cosmetic surgeries are also more popular, micro bladed eyebrow, grow fake eyelashes on the real eyelashes are common

  14. Thank you so much I love your video you are very good in everything you talk about it you're very informative educational and fun thank you so much

  15. I must secretly be French! Lol! Totally agree with the tips, all about your natural beauty and not looking “made up” all the time! I just don’t understand the secretive part, is looking beautiful competitive?

  16. Natural doesn't mean it isn't chemical. Everything is a chemical, even water (H2O). Also artificial ingredients are often gentler on the skin because they were MADE for that purpose. Most natural ingredients have higher rates of irritation. No hate on natural skin care, if it works for you great, but natural=good and artificial= bad is a big misconception.

  17. You dont actually need to drink that much water because you get a lot from your diet already (if u dont eat garbage all the time)

  18. Interesting insight into the French look, I do a lot of this already but a few things are surprising. That last bit is very foreign to me. I like a subdued look and hate foundation and the unnatural same toned look it produces, but I'd far rather go with a look that takes 5 minutes and it's obvious I'm wearing eyeliner/eyeshadow and lip than something that meticulously blends perfectly, takes too long to make it look completely natural imo, I never spend more time on makeup than when I want a "natural" look. Also never sharing beauty tips is very strange for me, I'd share anything to literally anyone at a whim if they seem like they'd be interested? even better if they have something to share back!

  19. I was born and raised in New Mexico, U.S but have been doing all of these things you spoke about since I developed my own autonomy as a pre-teen. I know that my distant Russian family migrated to France and then to the U.S but my mother and grandfather were both born in the U.S. Maybe its just intuitive way of living and taking care of ones self?

  20. Hi! Justin, can you please tell me how often do we have to use face masks? Like hydration or cleaner masks. It would help us a lot i think, thank you for sharing this video. I grew up with my father and never learned how to act or do like a lady and for a long time i wasnt cared at all. But now im 22 and i love make ups and do a relaxing ME time when i have a good bath skincare etc. 😀 You helped me a lot with your videos im still more a boyish comfy girl and always hated womanly things but i think theres a difference between lady and womanly things nowadays! You bring quality with every videos you make!
    Thank you again for you and have a beautiful day!
    (And excuse my english 😀 im not the best but trying.)

  21. Please tell me how to be a good tourist in France? Because especially in Paris, people seem very aloof and indifferent. I know that you are supposed to say “Bonjour” to everybody before any other sentence, but anything else? Even for my Swiss friend from Zürich, she said that she found it hard sometimes to travel to Paris because people aren’t generally helpful. She studied French at school but obviously after years of not really practicing her French is a bit rusty. So she said to me that when she goes to France and she speaks French, people just don’t care. And she said maybe because she speaks with an accent. So, tell me, how to be a tourist in France. Thank you.

  22. Usas mascarillas para la irritación y treinta segundos despues tu piel nunca se irrita xq no usas maquillaje. No dices más estupidesfes porque no se te ocurren.

  23. Thank you for #5! I live in the US and everyone is obsessed with plastic surgery, injections, veneers, etc… I wish we could be more like the French and accept ourselves the way we are.

  24. Oh my god. I've been watching several of her videos and I'm really annoyed by the whole "French women do this, French women do that". The generalisation is so irritating. Many French women use chemical products on their skin, don't use spf every day, eat junk food, never used essential oils in their life, don't wash their hands every 5 minutes, touch their face/pimples, spend hours getting ready to look effortless… everyone is different! I feel like she's pushing stereotypes or thinking that what she does applies to every French woman. Ridiculous.

  25. Me too I do not use foundation. Only if needed like for occasions. Because it tends to clogged pores and pimples

  26. I really adore french beauty. It’s basically about working with what you’ve got and not hiding it. American beauty is all about hiding what you naturally have to get one look. English beauty is hard to define, it used to be that an ‘English Rose’ was desirable, red hair, pale skin, pale eyes but now our beauty industry has gone towards America.

  27. I enjoyed your video. I am amazed that women in France do not get plastic surgery or fillers. Here in America it seems it is a must do – part of self-care. I am opting to not get Botox or fillers so I am glad to know somewhere on the planet there are others who are not getting Botox or fillers.


  29. Ok, it is not polite to ask French women for their beauty secrets, but how about you – can your subscribers ask you beauty questions? My question is, does the hairbrush that I use matter? How to choose the right one?

  30. Do you think in a way this strict adherence to simplicity takes a little fun out of playing with colors and textures that makeup can offer? I generally adhere to your approach but I think that bold makeup can be form of art that is not necessarily lesser than an “effortless” look.

  31. One thing from my culture is hair care. In India and Pakistan, hair is considered a beauty. We oil our hair regularly with olive or sesame oil. Keeps it shiny and thick! Sometimes I wonder if it really works ?

  32. One poet and philosopher from my country ( Serbia) used to say that the French woman is the ideal woman : awesome in beauty, smart and is able to be the best lover and friend – it is true

  33. I love your vids so much. they're comforting because I want to live more sustainably but I still want to enjoy luxury… it just makes me feel fabulous. I have had a bad habit of following fashion trends (or trying to …) but purchasing constantly then falling short because there is always a new trend. there is always a new makeup or beauty look… it's exhausting. thank you so much for your vids. wow!

  34. I wish they did really wash their hands as often as she said. I was shocked seeing people go out of the toilet without even considering to wash their hands.
    N° 10 sounds unreal.

  35. You need to work on the pronunciation of certain words in English “chore”, “citric”, “chamomile” etc etc. Not hating, just a tip so you can improve your English speaking. Otherwise, cool videos. 🙂

  36. I love your videos, thank you! Question: How does one politely decline to share the perfume scent? Again, love your videos and topics 🙂

  37. When she says French, she means white, ethnic French, Europeans. She's an identitarian, yet will never say it. Too bad. She's very striking.

  38. Yes I think it’s clear that you do not use foundation and you may need to use more under eye concealer. I also love the look of not always wearing foundation and that works great when younger but when you get older the skin looks dull

  39. I think your coment about your big smile was great and that you talked against plastic surgery. Natural is always prettier.

  40. so elegant…then there is me sleeping at 11 waking up at 4:45, first thing in the day is working out, going to school and classes until 9, doing homework and watching Justine while brushing my teeth…

  41. Sorry, it might be good advises but seriously, most Frenchwomen don’t do these kind of thing… so maybe it is the case in the high elite fashion society but that’s pretty much it.

  42. Хотелось бы посмотреть все ваши видео, но я не знаю английского языка. А можно сделать русские субтитры ко всем вашим видео? Думаю, что число просмотров в России резко бы выросло ?

  43. Funny when you mentioned the bath. I was just telling my mom yesterday that the last time I had a really nice relaxing shower is when we were in France, this past Summer. Boy, I used to have the best "me time" when I shower during my time in Paris. But now, back home, life is so busy, we are always in a rush. So showers are always so quick, or just to refresh.

  44. Great video! I’d love to see a video on what a normal day of eating looks like for you and /or other French women. Examples of meals, meal times etc.

  45. Some of the tips are meaningful, some not… 50/50, I would say. Like the water thing is not really (at list this quantity), but the spf is of course

  46. From a mans perspective, you could put all of this advise together, and it doesn't even come close to adding up to taking care of your body by regular exercise and very healthy eating and keeping hydrated. Lead a low stress life and love what you do for a living.

    And then of course, stay young forever.

  47. No.1 don't brush hair too often… Yes! Totally agree… I only use a brush on my hair before I wash it and while drying…

  48. Yei!, no foundantion is the best way to have my make up always on point and my skin perfect. And im a pro make up artist. People always ask me how I do my make up. As you said the secret is your skincare routine, never the foundation.

  49. As an American male, I am curious to know your reaction to criticism. I am of The 60's. The American Women were and are so at ease with themselves, compared to The French Women I knew in Paris, La Rochelle, Toulouse.

  50. Hi Justine, I’m a new subscriber from Huntsville,AL USA. I’ve become obsessed with your channel. Thank you for all the advice and for sharing.

  51. I know i'm late to the party, but i wanted to add something. While I to a degree agree that natural ingredients are beneficial, using "chemical ingredients" as the counterpart to that, is technically incorrect. ALL ingredients are chemical, the question is whether a chemical is naturally or synthetically produced. And i am by no means saying that there is anything wrong with naturally produced ingredients, however, as many of them are extracted from plants and the like, it can be difficult to get a precise concentration, whereas with synthetic ingredients, you always know EXACTLY what is in there, and how much.

  52. As a hair stylist, who wants to give the best experience to my guest, down to the smells/perfume I give off and apply in the morning (or through the day) You have given me a bit of an epiphany! I definitely want my guest to be relaxed and comfortable during their experience, so I’m going to research such essential oils for it! I never really thought about it! I definitely aim just to smell good and have a soft pleasant perfume, but I’m going to try an actual calming essential oil instead! Thank you!

  53. Salut
    Je suis allemande et mon copain est français, allrs je suis très content de avoir tes tuyaux pour comprendre tout la culture du france ?? merci ❤️

  54. How silly to think French women know more than, for example, researchers and trained scientists who work in labs and formulate the products we use. There are no "secrets" in this day and age. It's all either based on research or it's based on hype. There are many good things from France, but the French are famous for putting huge amounts of perfume (which can be natural or artificial, both are bad for the skin) in their products. Clarins, Chanel, Caudalie, L'Occitane – they're all laden with scents and irritating extracts. The best skincare brands right now are actually coming from the United States, and are free of perfumes. I love visiting France and buy many of its products, but all my skincare is currently American – Paula's Choice and Drunk Elephant are my two favorites. They also don't test on animals.

  55. I do like the "messy" hair look that is very French. I also like that it doesn't take too much time or require applying lots of product that must be washed out or your hair feels gunky. Some French people take this to an extreme – but overall I do appreciate this aspect of the French aesthetic.

  56. So nice to watch you!
    I'm from Montreal, (so, French Canadian, Québécoise) , and a lot of women here actually do follow most of these tips!! I NEVER wear foundation, and I always try to look nice and natural… Overdoing it is never a good idea!

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