07 October 2016 Japan News: ninja/samurai/sumo, Kitchen Town, business…

07 October 2016 Japan News: ninja/samurai/sumo, Kitchen Town, business…

Good morning, fans of Japan! I’m Sébastien Duval and today we get “ninja news”! Get Japan – Get the News Last month, a new bakery Elle Café opened in Tokyo near Shibuya station in Hikarie tower. You can get gluten-free sweets, raw vegan cakes, and freshly baked sandwiches with organic vegetables! Elle Café – Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs
http://ellecafe.jp If you’re a restaurant owner, cook or gourmet, you should enjoy the Kappabashi-dogu Matsuri (festival until 10 October 2016)! You can probably get some really special products and special prices. It’s in Kappabashi Kitchen Town, which is a district in the north-east of Tokyo, near Asakusa area. Kappabashi-dogu Matsuri (kitchen tools festival)
http://www.kappabashi.or.jp/en/ If you go to Kappabashi, please visit Hashitou Honten; there are really cool chopsticks in this speciality store. As you can see, Monday 10 is a red day;
a red day means “Japanese national holiday”! For this “Health & Sports Day”, you can see many events everywhere in Japan… but be careful: many shops will be closed too. As it’s a long week-end, some places may be very very crowded! Plan accordingly. Health and Sports Day {Ninja News}
You have the spirit of the ninja or of the samurai? You can go enjoy several events at the Nippon-budokan (Tokyo city) in the coming days. On Saturday, there will be an aikido big gathering with many demonstrations. On Monday, we’ll have a karate championship. And on Thursday, we’ll have a judo & kendo tournament.
Go have fun! 1. All Japan Student Aikido Demonstration Mass Meeting
2. Kanto University Karate Championship
3. Yayoi Memorial Service Commemorative
Judo & Kendo Contest
http://www.nipponbudokan.or.jp November is coming quickly… From the 13 to the 27, we’ll have a sumo tournament in the west of Japan at Fukuoka city’s convention centre. You can buy tickets from tomorrow! Sumo Grand Tournament
http://www.marinemesse.or.jp/eng/kokusai/ {Ninja News}
If you come to Japan to see the sumo, you can also enjoy on 19-20 November 2016 the World Samurai Summit! It will be in Ai-Chikyuhaku-kinen-koen near Nagoya City, which has an international airport. You can see big fights with many samurais, big armies… You can see ninja shows… You can see fireworks… And you can even wear a samurai armor! And the entrance is free 🙂 World Samurai Summit
http://www.samurai.aichi.jp/en/ If you’re an entrepreneur, food specialist or Muslim,
you can go enjoy the Halal Food Expo. It will take place on 22-23 November 2016
(the 23 will be a Japanese national holiday) and it will be in Tokyo near Asakusa station at Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Centre Taito-kan. That’s a difficult name to remember… Anyway… If you go there, you can go to booths with lots of food & drinks (halal of course), you can see a fashion show, and you can also attend seminars. For the seminars, you need to pay so think about it and register online before going. Halal Food Expo
http://expo2016e.halalmedia.jp I’m so happy we get a very long week-end so next week will be a bit short (we have only 4 days) but you will get our news on the 14 as usual. See you soon! Enjoy the week-end! Bye bye!

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