😱🚗WHAT did I just RUN OVER?

😱🚗WHAT did I just RUN OVER?

– So I’m pulling out of the driveway, and I feel a big thud. And I’m like, oh my goodness,
what did I just run over? Whoa! You are fast. (upbeat electronic music) – Well I’m heading in to court today. I have a hearing. I’m still trying to get
back into the groove. (piano music) – Alright, good morning. We are trying to get back
into a routine this morning. I am headed to the gym. I’m dropping off the big
kids at piano before that, and I’m actually trying
a new class at the gym that I’ve never tried before. It’s called Body Combat. I’m like, that sounds fun. Anyway, we tried to get
chores and beds made, and stuff done this morning, and I’ll be honest, there
was a little bit of whining and dragging their feet. Probably from the kids and me. But we got it done, and I’m feeling ready for summertime. So I’m pulling out of the driveway, and I feel a big thud, and I’m like, oh my goodness,
what did I just run over, and I get outta the car, and it was this. I ran over our basketball,
which apparently I didn’t know was under my van. So scary, like one of my
biggest fears as a mom is running over my kids,
or running over anything, so whew! Got my heart beating this morning. What are you working on? – I’m getting my trap set up. – [Kendra] You’re making a trap? So you don’t want anybody
to use your balloons? And so you locked that door? – [Caleb] Yep. – [Kendra] How are you gonna get in? – Oh, I. – [Kendra] Oh, you’ll undo it? – Yeah, I know how. – [Kendra] Oooh. What’s that part of the trap? – Oh, this is just so
people can’t pull it. – [Kendra] Ooh. There we go. – K, now nobody can get in my treasure. – Well the Body Combat class was awesome. I really enjoyed it,
and I did accidentally hit myself, when I was
doing one of the moves. I’m sure it was pretty
funny for other people to watch, like you know,
you feel like you’re being so tough, punching and jabbing, and cutting and kicking, and, anyway. It was fun though, so
now we are eating a quick lunch, and then we’re gonna go swimming. Here’s lunch. Just some broiled veggies. Well, we’re at the pool again and I think we’re just going to live here all summer. It is so nice to be here, and the kids are so happy, and they’re
with their cousins, and just swimming around
and I’m getting to visit with Michelle, and it’s just lovely. Like you’re so hot and
muggy, and then you get in the water and it feels better. (splashing and laughing) How’s the water feel? – Good. (splashing and laughing) – Yeah, you may. Alright, well the kids and
I are going shoe shopping today because they
desperately need new shoes. Check this out. Is that a hole? – [Elise] Mmhmm. – [Kendra] Okay, so those
are pretty worn out. Let’s see your shoes, Isaac. – [Isaac] I have this. – [Kendra] That’s a good size hole. Is that your sock we’re looking at? – Yeah, and I have this. And since this is broken, it’s so loose, that in soccer, whenever I kick, or goalie kick, it’s hittin
people in soccer twice. – [Kendra] Like your shoe has flown off? – Yeah. – [Kendra] Cause it won’t attach anymore? – [Isaac] Yeah. – I want to get new shoes. – [Kendra] But your shoes are not broken. – [Caleb] Yeah they are. – [Kendra] They look just fine. – [Caleb] No they don’t. – [Kendra] Let’s go shop
for the other kids, okay. You’ll get new shoes sometime
when you need them, okay? – So I honestly haven’t bought
many shoes for our kids. We’ve been very blessed
with hand me downs, and garage sale finds,
and so, even then I often just end up buying a
five dollar pair of shoes from Walmart. – Girls sections. – [Kendra] K, it looks
like we’re gonna need a size 12 for you. – I’m hoping to get up to one at least. – [Kendra] Ooh. – I bet I’ll get like 13 or one. – [Kendra] Ooh, you
come all the way to 13, so we’re gonna go ahead and get you a one. You excited? – Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. Those were what I was hoping for. – [Kendra] How’s that feel? – Good. But it’s kinda tight on the edges. – [Isaac] This is the stuff I like. – [Kendra] And this is
the stuff Mom likes. Clearance means cheaper. So let’s look in this section. That one a little too big? – Oh yeah. – [Kendra] So Isaac, the way it works, is then you find all the sizes over here. So you find that one in your size. – Here, Isaac, look. (yelping excitedly) – Yeah! I like it. (upbeat music) – I knew I’d find it. – It is perfectly perfect. – Let’s get you jumpy shoes. – I want these. A hundred. – [Kendra] What do you
think of those ones? – Hmm, it’s okay. If there’s nothing else
that I can get then I’ll take this, but I
would mostly want those. – [Kendra] Why do you prefer those ones? – I think they look cooler. – [Caleb] These fit me good. – [Kendra] Yeah, you like ’em? – [Caleb] And they’re light ups. – [Kendra] Ooh, show me the light up. – Can I get them? – [Kendra] No, remember, you don’t get new shoes today. – I like them. – [Kendra] But they’re really cool! (upbeat music) Whoa, you are fast. – [Caleb] Can I keep these? – No, buddy, remember,
you don’t need new shoes. Well we found some good
options, but honestly, the price tags kinda
scared me off a little bit, so we’re gonna check
another couple places, and see if we can find any other things that we like, if not we can always go back and pick those ones up. – [Isaac] I found this
or those green ones. I would actually rather have this. – [Kendra] Why would you
rather have those ones? – It’s cheaper, and I like it more. Well, about just the same. – [Kendra] That’s awesome. Let’s see ’em. Those look great. – Could we get them? – [Kendra] Yes. So Isaac, this is half the
cost of the other ones. – Wow. – I think these ones I want. They look adorable. – [Kendra] Let’s try em on! – Those do look adorable, Elise. I want that string off. – [Kendra] Yeah, you just
try em on with the string on. So Elise has four good options right here. She wanted slip ons. – This is a hard decision. – You can do it, big girl. Alright, so for the same
price as one pair of shoes for Isaac at the other store, we are getting his shoes, Elise’s shoes, and I’m getting a popcorn popper, because I’ve been wanting one,
and I got some money for my birthday from my
grandma, and so yeah, that’s what I’m gonna do. _ I like your shoes. – Thanks. – [Jeremy] They are super cute. – Thanks. – I bet I can jump like three
inches higher in these shoes. – Three feet higher. (rock music) So the kids were a little rambunctious as we were trying to get ready for dinner, and Kendra asked them to sit at the table as though they were
eating with the President of the United States. And they became very
different little children. Even this little one. (giggling) She doesn’t understand yet. – [Kendra] Alright,
this is dinner tonight. We’ve got baked chicken tomatillo with rice and a southwest salad, and some strawberries. – Kendra’s been rockin it, like, well done, I’m proud of you. And I love that our kids
like this kind of stuff because you make this kind of stuff, so, good job mom. – I feel like I’ve been
having so much fun cooking. – [Jeremy] Our cousins
are comin’ over tonight! – Oh, I love your shirt. (excited chatter) (upbeat music) – Bye! Love you! – Well, we haven’t been getting much rain in Kansas City, so the grass is starting to die in some places, and we’re watering the lawn. Poll question of the day. Do you have a sprinkler system? I would like to get on here at some point. (squealing) Is that the sprinklers? – Can I touch it? – [Jeremy] Uh, maybe
tomorrow we’ll play in it. Say goodnight, J house out. – Goodnight, J house out. – Our goal for today is to try to do 33 acts of kindness. ♫ Happy birthday to you

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