🔎How To Use KEYWORDS To RESEARCH VIDEO TOPICS 🔍 | Here’s How You Get Found On YouTube!

🔎How To Use KEYWORDS To RESEARCH VIDEO TOPICS 🔍 | Here’s How You Get Found On YouTube!

There is no surefire way of making sure
your videos get found and seen on YouTube! But there is a way to make sure
that your video has the best chance of being successful. I’m talking about
keyword research but don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds
and by the end of this video you’re going to know how to make your videos
have the best chance of being discovered. K eywords on YouTube work in much the
same way as they do on Google. S o they are used to tell the search engine what
your video is actually about. You need to include your keywords in your title, your
description and your tags to make it crystal clear to YouTube the subject of
your video. So first, you need a long list of video topics. If you’re struggling
with coming up with ideas for your videos
then check out this video right here where I give you five ways to
generate video ideas for your business! Now we’re going to take that list and do
some keyword research on them to find out which ones are going to be more
likely to be successful. I use a free tool called TubeBuddy to do all of my
keyword research and it’s an easy to install plugin for the Chrome browser. If
you’re going to take your business YouTube channel seriously they do offer
a paid premium version which has a lot of great extra features but for what
we’re doing today I’m just going to cover the tools in the free version. Here
we have the TubeBuddy keyword explorer and my first topic is going to be the
benefits of using video. So I’m going to type in ‘benefits’ I don’t know why I said it
like that ‘of video’ and let’s see what we’re looking at. I’m gonna work through it
from top to bottom. So here you’ve got an overall score, you can see a quick glance
whether this is a set of keywords that you should use or not. Next we have
a more detailed score analysis, breaking down what goes into that main top score.
Then we have related keywords that you can, if this keyword is not good you
could try clicking some of these and see what they come up with but they’re a bit of a
mixed bag and then, of these keywords here the most used tags
in videos that also feature these keywords. So if we look at the score analysis a
little bit more, the search volume is fair so there are few people searching
for these terms but it’s not great. So next we go down to competition and what
we’re looking at here is how many other videos are there that are using these
keywords. So this is poor so there were a lot of other videos that are using these
keywords to be found in search results. The one redeeming factor for these
keywords is the optimization strength and this is how well other videos have
optimized the keywords on their YouTube video. So have they put it in their title,
their description and their tags in the right way. So according to this score the
other videos that are using these keywords and not very well optimized.
Still, I wouldn’t recommend using these keywords, we can do better than this. So
let’s try changing them, you can add more specific keywords or you can change the
whole, all the keywords all together. So I’m going to just add a few words on, so
‘benefits of video for business’ and let’s see what this brings up. It’s getting a
little bit better. So we’re up to fair now. Search volume is a slightly better,
the competition is definitely better, so there’s not as many people using these
keywords and the optimization strength is still excellent. So those videos that are
using the keywords aren’t very well optimized. This may be a video topic for
a later time when my channel has grown a bit and it doesn’t matter so much about
the keyword research. So let’s move on to another topic so that I can give you another
example. Our second video subject is ‘what makes a good channel trailer’ so let’s
try typing that in. And click explore. Straightaway that’s
much better. We’re up to good now and what we’re trying to do here is, we are
actually trying to find a hole in YouTube search results that, say you’ve
got a fair amount of search volume, there aren’t many videos serving those results
and of those videos they’re not very well optimized. So you know if you post a
video you’re going to be more likely to be seen. So the overall score is good, the
search volume is still fair but the competition is a lot better we’re up to
good with the competition and the optimization strength is still excellent.
So that means there’s not as much competition and they are not well
optimized. I would probably make this my next video but again if you want to try
and focus your keywords a bit more you can add in a few more descriptive words
like ‘business’. So let me show you an example of a paid feature just so you
can see the difference in what you get. You can see here we’ve got weighted and
unweighted, only unweighted is available in the free version. The difference with
weighted is it changes our scores to take the size of your channel into
consideration. So if I click on weighted it’s actually gone down a bit but what
you can see is down here, average videos, average views on my videos are 55 and this
is the lowest video view count found in the top ranking videos which is 13. So it
stands to reason that my video will appear higher in the search results than this
other video. So to wrap up, before you make any videos you should do a bit of
keyword research on your video topics to find out which ones are going to be more
likely to get views. Once you have your keywords you want to include them in
your title, your description and your tags. I’m gonna go into this in a bit
more detail in a future video but if you’re watching in the future, you
can check out right here. Do you now know how to do keyword research to find the
best topics for your videos? Then look down there, give this video a like. If you
look across you can subscribe and ring the bell to make sure you catch my
weekly videos all about boosting your video marketing for your business!

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