💡HOW TO Come Up With VIDEO IDEAS For Your BUSINESS | 5 Ways To Generate Video Topics

💡HOW TO Come Up With VIDEO IDEAS For Your BUSINESS  | 5 Ways To Generate Video Topics

One of the biggest hurdles when starting
with video marketing or on YouTube is knowing what topics to make videos about.
That’s why today I’m giving you my five ways of generating ideas for your
business videos. Before we get started I just need to say
after you’ve got your big list of video ideas you will want to do a bit of
keyword research on them to find out which videos are going to be more likely
to be successful. I’m going to be doing a video next week all about keyword
research but if you’re watching in the future then you should be I just click
this link up here. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked
Questions and these are the questions that your customers are asking all the
time and quite frankly you’re sick of answering them. These questions make for
perfect videos for two reasons so the first one is you already know that your
customers are searching for this information. Secondly, when you get asked this same question again in the future, rather than
have to go through it all over and over again you can just point them in the
direction of this video. Are you not sure what questions you get asked all the
time? Well then ask your team to keep their ears open over the next couple of
weeks and just make a note of any questions they’re asked. You will soon
see there are a few questions that get asked over and over again. So you have a product based business. It
doesn’t matter how easy your product is to use there is always going to be
someone who is confused. So why not make a video series covering every feature of
your product? Let’s say you manufacture underfloor heating, your video topics
could include. How to program your thermostat. How to lay the underfloor heating
mats. How to sync the thermostat to your phone. How to set the time on the
thermostat and how to set the thermostat to holiday mode. There are a number of
benefits to these types of videos so firstly you can do away with paper
manuals. Instead you can create a playlist all based around one product
with the complete guide on how to use it and then you can put a QR code or a link
on your packaging to that playlist so they know if they click it they’re going to
get all the information they need on how to use their new product. Number two,
watching videos is a much better way for your customer to learn how to use your
product because it’s a lot easier to replicate something if you can actually
see how it’s done. Number three, your customer can see how your product works
before they even buy it and this really helps build their excitement. Lastly your
videos may actually be found when customers are looking at how to use a
competitor’s product. So they’re going to see your branding, they can see how easy
your products are to use it might make them switch over. This is similar to the last idea but
more focused on service based businesses. Videos are a great way to teach your
customers how to do the little jobs that are just not worth your time or to look
after the work that you’ve already done to keep it looking better for longer.
Let’s use a car detailing company as an example. The video ideas could include:
How to safely wash your car to avoid damaging your paintwork. What to do if
you find a chip in your paintwork. How to apply polish. How to keep your alloys
looking in great condition. How often should you clean your car? Don’t worry if
you feel like you’re giving too much information away! If you’re helping
people with their problems they’re now going to remember you when they need
your full, more expensive services. They will also think ‘if this is the
information I’m getting for free what will I get if I pay them?’. You should already have focused keywords
that you use on your website to be found in Google search results. Well why not
take these keywords and type them into YouTube and see what comes up? Look at
all the different video ideas that come up from these keywords and use them to
spark your creativity. Let me start by saying I’m not telling
you to copy your competition but what I will say that all art is imitation. You
are only improving on what has come before. So have a look at what your
competitors are doing. They don’t have to be local, it could be an overseas company
that will never take any of your business. Look at what they’re doing with
a critical eye. Could you do it better? Could you have better visual quality?
Could you give better information? Could you put your own spin on it? Do you think
what they’re saying is wrong and you could make a video providing the correct
information? While you’re there have a look at what topics have done well in
views and which haven’t, that way you know which topics to avoid when you’re
starting out. To wrap up, my 5 ways to generate video ideas are, look at your
frequently asked questions.

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