– [Jeremy] So the kids are
working on their Lego movie. And you wanna just barely move her hands. So it’s not a big movement. Go! (upbeat electronic music) – Alright, this morning
is Jeremy and I’s turn to host Lego Summer Camp
and I’m really excited. We planned some fun stuff and
it’s gonna be an awesome day. Grow bananas, grow, grow bananas. Grow bananas, grow, grow bananas. Peel bananas, peel, peel bananas. Be bananas, be, be bananas! (screaming excitedly) – This is my car and I was gonna follow instructions but the instructions
were too hard for me. – It has one of my
favorite colors, indigo. – It has a high chair. – This is my car, that’s
a choo-choo train. – It’s a choo-choo train! Can Lego cars drive? – [Kids] Yes. – Can your Lego cars move? – [Kids] Yes. – Do you think we should
race our Lego cars? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Kendra] Alright, I want
everybody to line them up. (upbeat rock music) – [Jeremy] Almost all the way! What a throw! Uh-oh, uh-oh! He made it! Get set, go! Issac is going through
the obstacle course. He made it! – So your team is gonna
come up with two ways that that toy is similar to Legos and two ways that they’re different. – [Jeremy] So, Caleb, how is
that toy similar to Legos? – Because it can stick together. (playful bluegrass music) It’s a large wheel thing
and a dangerous slide. And you go under lava. – [Kendra] What? This is a slide you go under lava? That’s intense! Alright, you ready? So you’re gonna take your
motorcycle and you’re gonna drive right through the track, okay? And then you can make
whatever design you want. (upbeat orchestral music) – [Jeremy] Is that fun? She decided to put her hands in it. – That was fun. – [Jeremy] Clean those hands off. – Skim off the part that wouldn’t
be pretty for the gummies. You see that? Okay, you can do it all by yourself. You’re doing great, buddy. Good job! You did it! – Now I can get them out! – Not yet, they gotta dry. – Okay. – They gotta cool down. – I need to taste them. – You need to taste them? Okay, we can taste these
ones in just a minute. And look, there it is. So what you do is you push from the bottom and you peel it out. – How long does it take? – Five hours. That’s why we made some last
night, so we can eat it. And then tomorrow you
guys can eat the rest. They’re kinda sticky, huh? Oh, you’re goin’ for the big one? – [Caleb] Because this one I’m gonna eat! – Alright, the next
activity that we’re going to do is build penny boats, okay? Have you guys ever made
penny boats before? – Yes.
– No. – [Kendra] Alright, so listen here. Alright, so here’s the idea. Yesterday you guys built
bridges to try to see how strong they could be
and support pennies, right? Well, today you’re
gonna try to build boats that can hold pennies without sinking. And we’re gonna see who’s boat
can hold the most pennies. – Actually, I think
we’ve done this before. – [Kendra] We did it
before, but not with Legos. (playful music) – [Jeremy] Look at the penny boats! – My penny boat! – [Jeremy] Is that your penny boat? Did it float? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] Do you wanna
see if 50 can go in? It held 50, see if it’ll hold more. Oh! This one’s pretty. You made a pretty boat! Oh! Okay, Laura, stick it on. Good job! Okay, let’s see if it’ll hold 100! Oh! Okay, we’re gonna try to get one more. She’s gonna get a hundred! Oh! Is it good? Go ahead and grab one. What do you think? – It’s good! – So the pink ones are watermelon flavor, they taste just like a
watermelon Jolly Rancher. They’re really good. – Alright, you guys ready
for your first challenge? – [Kids] Yeah! – Okay. – [Jeremy] Wait, what are the team names? – What are your team names? – Dominators. – [Jeremy And Kendra] The Dominators! – Legos! – Legos, alright! The challenge is the
first team, it’s a race, to build a tower out of your Legos. – [Jeremy] All of the Legos. – You have to use all of the Legos to build your tower. – Ready? Go! So we took an equal amount of Legos, we froze them at different
layers within a big block and whoever can build a tower first after getting the Legos wins. (upbeat electronic music) – Melt the ice on the floor! We got all our Legos! We got all of them. – Hurry, we gotta do it fast. (upbeat electronic music) – [Jeremy] You only have two
more legos! Two’s gonna win! – You guys get more water to put on this! It’ll help. – They’re not done yet! Who’s gonna win? Oh, it’s frozen! Oh, they just finished! You guys barely took second. Dominators have won one
event, the Legos not any yet but you have your chance
to redeem yourself! – Victory shall be ours! – Here’s the next game,
I will give each of your teams a bag of Legos,
you have the same amount. – Go Legos! – Then whichever team can get
the Legos, all of the Legos through the noodle to
other side first wins! Ready? Go! She’s blowing! – Don’t put too many in! – [Jeremy] Alright, if you put too many in at a time it’ll jammed so
you gotta do one at a time. – Hurry! We’re almost done! – They only have one more left! Hooray, guys! They win! Alright, the score is now 1-1. Who’s ready for our next game? – [Kids] Me! – Alright, they’re all getting into their swimsuits for this next one! Go! If you drop it, you
have to go and get them! – Don’t waste it! – Slow and steady wins. (excited screaming) Guys, slow and steady. – Come on! Hurry up! – Did you drop all of them? – [Jeremy] Everyone’s
getting really close! Who’s gonna be the champion? Only one more left! Oh, they all came back! The Legos win it! (cheering) But it’s not in, they’re
all out of the bucket. And the ceremonial dump on the coach. (upbeat rock music) – Lunchbox! – Look at mine! – Old lunchbox! – Well, we survived the
morning of summer camp. I’m exhausted but the
kids had an awesome time. So now this afternoon they’re working on their challenge for summer camp tomorrow. Which is to make a Lego stop-motion video, which my kids have never
done before so I just sat down and showed them
the app on my phone and kind of explained the concept and now I’m just letting them loose. So we will just see what they create. Do you guys have any ideas about what you’re gonna do for your video? – I’m trying to find Olaf. – [Kendra] Olaf will be fun. – I already found Elsa. – [Kendra] So, Issac, what do you think should be in the movie? – I think it should be funny and just like a normal Lego life. – [Kendra] Normal Lego life. Caleb, what do you wanna see in the movie? – I wanna have me come in and I’m like “oh no, my underpants.” – [Kendra] You think you should say “underpants” in the movie? – Yeah! So I’m like “oh, my underpants.” – So the kids are working
on their Lego movie and they’ve made a couple Lego movies but there were some basic
principles I wanted to show them to help them with improving on them. Like just keeping the camera
still or having a story. Now move Anna’s hand again. And you wanna just barely move her hand so it’s not a big movement. Caleb you are good at your job. – I got good at it. – [Jeremy] You’re doing awesome. – Alright, well I got
an app and apparently the kids made some fun movies. – Yeah and then we’re
gonna make another one. I’m gonna make the
speed slower so you guys can actually see what’s happening. – [Elise] That’s actually pictures. – [Kendra] How does it make a movie? – It just goes fast. – [Issac] So I’ll show
you guys what I have and then I’ll be telling you this. So Batman comes up and Anna
didn’t know that he was bad so she hit him and then Olaf fell down and he was like “what?” He looked back and forth, then he was like “oh, I wanna do that too.” And then his butt started
running around them. And they bowed. – [Kendra] And then they bowed! Guys that’s really good! – So Elise just made
one of the most creative pieces of art out of Legos I’ve ever seen. – [Kendra] I would’ve
never thought of that. – [Jeremy] Yeah. – [Caleb] Goodnight, J House out. (upbeat electronic music)

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