🌸Vlog 02 – Comida e jardim [Eng Sub]

🌸Vlog 02 – Comida e jardim [Eng Sub]

Good morning! Another full day ahead. Living in a small town makes you feel time runs slower, sometimes. But living in a house with lots of pets and gardens can make you feel there’s not enough hours a day. And other times it feels like half of the day is spent preparing meals. After opening the house windows and changining the cats water bowls finally we can take our breakfast. With iced chocolate. Much yummier than the store bought, if you ask me. If you want us to show you the recipe for this, comment bellow so we can make another ConFefectionery episode. This knife is dull but ok. Fefê preferes her toasts to be thicker, crunchy outside and soft inside In the other hand mom preferes hers to be thinner and all crunchy. These toasts are good the eat and to listen to. “A symphony of crackle”, who said that, do you know? And when you notice, the morning went by. And it’s time to make lunch. The culinary ‘divine trinity’: onion, garlic and tomato. Old pans sometimes means good food. A quick and delicious lunch. An then the afternoon passed in a heart bit. And in this Brazilian summer the best thing to do is to hang out in the cool green garden. The more plants it has, the more fresh becomes the day. And prettier. And here we have limes. Figs. Acerolas, just in flowers right now. And the most popular of all the bananas, but they still have much to grow yet. Also pomegranate. We have Royal Jasmine, which does not give us fruit but the perfume is amazing! A Golden Trumpet tree that give no fruit or perfume but the yellow flowers gives us all that beauty. One day. Frangipani tree is beautiful and smells good too. And the sweetest Papaya of the whole country. And of course, there’s these two precious flowers: Mel and Maroca. Annnd, she’s peeing. Our little wolf. She’s feeling nostalgic today. Even after 6 years, my mom still feels a tiny bit scared. This camellia bush only blooms in the winter, which makes us so happy. What about this lime sprout that appeared out of nothing? It smells good though. And the day has passed already. At night the one who shines is: The Night Blooming Jasmine. It only perfumes at night. Sweet and strong. It looks like the garden is even prettier at night time. Even simple flowers like these these New Guinea Impatiens get a special glow to them. I think is time to go home. When the chat is good we keep loosing the track of time. Thanks for the company! Come for a cup of coffee next week, ok?

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