그만둔 이유 | 파리 출장 준비 2편 ✨

그만둔 이유 |  파리 출장 준비 2편 ✨

Hey guys~ It’s Mina Myung. I’m going on a business trip to Paris tomorrow, so I am going to pack my suitcase with you guys! If you didn’t watch part one of this series, please click on the link above and go watch it! As it is in Korea, it is also winter in Paris. And because winter clothes are so hard to pack, I bought some compression packs to help. I bought these specific ones called ‘pack mate’ because it says that I don’t need to use a vacuum to compress it. I don’t know if it’s a good product yet, but I am planning to review it after this trip. This is how big it is. I bought the large size. It says to put the clothes in, zip the zipper, and roll it. I fitted three jackets in this large size. I think it’s going to pop!? It kinda worked? But I think it’s going to make my jackets crease. It’s so heavy and large like a rock. It says that the compression will last about 3-4 days. I think I should accept the fact that it’s going to crease anyway. I may have to just wear it as it is.. The most commonly asked question in the comments is ‘Why did you leave one million?’ Well, the first reason is because I felt like I was in one place for such a long time, to put it lightly. I was wondering when and how I should tell you guys. Of course, so many of you guys are here because you just like me for me, but some comments were saying ‘why are you leaving?’. Sometimes leaving angry emojis too. I tried my best to ignore those comments, but because I am also human, it was hard to do that. I didn’t know I was going to talk about this subject today, but one million is a place that has a lot of meaning to myself, and also a place I devoted my 20s to. I thought about if it was the right decision to leave; hundreds, no thousands of times, but because I was at one place for so long, it felt like my thoughts and visions were becoming very short-sighted. I felt like I was trapped in a bubble. I wanted to communicate with people outside of my bubble, but because of my existing image, it was hard for me to do so, and to be honest I didn’t really try my best. But I thought ‘Yeah, I should go out there even if it’s going to be tough and become independent.’ Because I am a naturally independent person, maybe I was longing for independence. Anyways, I am happy. I’m sorry for not telling you guys sooner, but I felt like I needed some time for myself. I was very busy as soon as I left too, starting all over again required me to do so much work. I really didn’t think it was going to be a big deal, but because I not only do dance lessons, I am modeling these days, and despite the fact that I haven’t been doing entertainment training for a long time, a lot of people contacted me when I left, I was pretty caught up with work. I am taking these multi-use bags that I’ve been using a lot these days. These are my foundation and go-to essence skincare, packed in a zipper bag, and these are my perfumes. I got this at a Jo Malone event. It’s called ‘Rose and Magnolia’. Even though it’s 100 ml (a big size), I’m still taking it with me, along with my two 30 ml of Jo Malone perfumes because I love it so much, I use it every day. And these are accessories from my friend’s company ‘From Anne’. I had to ask here to bring some of her jewelry for me because I was so busy. I selected some that would match my outfits. There are so many pretty accessories here, you guys should check it out. ‘From Anne’ Anyways, to add to what I was talking about earlier… So one thing I have realized from working independently, is that I worked on only one thing for such a long time, and that there isn’t much I really know besides dancing… and that made me kind of… sad. It was frustrating. Even when I was starting Youtube, of course I wouldn’t know how to upload because I was new to everything, but things like that made me think ‘why am I so bad at doing things?’. And I think I began to think that more often when I started to work alone. I felt that needed to study about thing more deeply and meet more people. Because I enjoy being alone, I really don’t meet anyone besides my closest friends. But these days, I miss being around people, and I crave for closer relationships. I’ve been hurt by so many relationships, and I’ve been betrayed by people I thought were special. And relationships like those really disappointed me. So from now on, even though I want to meet a lot of people, I want to keep my distance. But I know that even though I say this I’ll end up doing the opposite. Anyway, I’m almost done with packing. I’m going to clean up this mess because I need to leave soon. I have two phones, this one is for online banking, and this is my new phone. ‘Casetify’ sent me these two phone cases, and I’m enjoying them. This one is a recent collaboration with “DHL’, and this one this an older model of it..? I think? anyways.. They custom made this case with my name on it. I think I should end this video here, all that talking made me tired. Lets’ go to Paris! Are you ready? I will be creating more serious contents over on my new dance channel, besides ‘Mina’s TV’, I’ll see you guys there where I’ll be more tidied up than this mess. Thank you for watching! Please subscribe, like, comment, and turn on the notification bell! I’m good at this now. Bye!

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  1. Mina Eonnie, I really thankful of you. You're my inspiration. I have a reason why I really love dancing. I always watch ur choreography and learn it. I learn dance when I was 12, and now I'm 16. And I remember the first choreography I learn is 'SORRY – JUSTIN BIEBER / MINA MYOUNG CHOREOGRAPHY' . When I learn the choreography, I can do it and I continue to learn from your choreography. I even participated in some dance competitions in my city and I got 1st place. Where I performed '7 RINGS, 16 SHOTS, GANGSTA and ABUSADAMENTE MINA MYOUNG CHOREOGRAPHY'. I will always pray for your success eonni, fighting never give up. I really hope that one day I can meet you eonni💓

  2. This is your life and your choices, you don't have to apologize 🙏 I wish you all the best and I hope you will feel better ♥️ You are an amazing woman don't forget that ♥️

  3. I think some of your viewers might leave angry emoji because they are young and don't understand yet that this kind of change is normal in life. I hope you don't let these comments bugs you 🙂
    Also I recognised myself so much in what you said about independance and friendship. It's hard to find a good balance sometimes

  4. 선생님 🙂 화이팅화이팅이에요 !! 제가 이런 말씀을 드리기에는 쪼끔 뭐하지만 저두 한 공간에서 얽매이면서 절대 그러지 않을거라고 믿었던 사람들이 '절대'라는건 이세상에 없다는걸 알려주는 일이 생기게 되었고, 그 이후로 수천번 생각해도 이게 맞겠다라는 선택을 내려서 그 공간에서 벗어나게 된 경험이 있었어요. 그 선택 덕분에 미나쌤 수업도 자유롭게 들을 수 있는 상황이 되었죠 ㅎㅎ 제가 어디선가 읽은 글인데요, '이 나라는 버팀의 미학을 너무 찬양한다. 목적없는 버팀은 미덕이 아니다. 끈기도 아니다. 맹목적으로 버티는 일이 우리의 앞에 있는 기회를 놓치게 만들 수 있다는 사실, 무언가를 잃음으로써 무언가가 들어올 공간이 생긴다는 사실.' 이 글이 저에게는 너무 와닿더라구요. 제가 그 때 벗어나겠다는 선택을 하지않았으면 선생님의 수업을 듣고, 선생님 수업 속에서 좋은 감명도 많이 받고 더 발전할 수 있는 기회는 없었을거에요 아마. 그리고 제일 중요한건 제가 그 선택을 함으로써 제 자신, 진정한 저를 발견한 기분이었달까요 ?! 선생님두 분명히 !! 앞으로 더 더 좋은 일만 생길거에요 🙂 저는 앞에 어떠한 수식어도 붙지 않은, 그저 명미나 선생님을 좋아하고 응원해요 !! 이렇게 댓글로라도 힘을 드리고 싶었어요 🙂 그럼 안녕히계세용♥

  5. I dont remember seeing you sad before Mina, it is never easy moving on but to grow you must. Be caretul in Paris, remember the movie Taken. Hahaha just kidding. God be with you. Peace!!

  6. Even though I'm a little sad to know that you're leaving 1M I'm glad that you are doing what makes you happy and working on yourself…You are my favorite choreographer! I just finished watching your video and I think you are very inspiring and it takes lots of courage and strength to step out of our comfort zone but you are still doing it and everything that you said is understandable and very inspiring.

    Good luck for you journey! You are a QUEEN. We love you and we are with you ♥️

  7. Mina was the only reason I ever cared about 1M, now I'm just here to only watch her and hope that she finds worthy friends. So much of what she said resonated so much with me. You inspire me. Thank you, Mina. Always.

  8. 미나쌤 예전에 get like me 영상 본 이후부터 쭉 선생님을 응원해왔어요 춤 뿐만 아니라 안무 능력치도 뛰어나셔서 처음엔 안무가로서 좋아하다가 명며들었던 것 같아요ㅋㅋ그러다 쌤 허리 안 좋다는 소식 듣고서 넘 슬펐고ㅠㅠ허리 나았다고 라방하는 꿈 꾸기도 했고ㅋㅋㅋㅋ떨리는 마음으로 비기너 클래스 들으러 가기도 했었구요 거기서 인상깊었던 건 선생님 유명세가 장난이 아닌데도 모두에게 친절하신 모습이였어요 저처럼 못하는 수강생도 스텝 하나하나 알려주시더라구요 차분하게ㅠㅠ그 성품과 실력이면 어딜가서 뭘 하셔도 지지받고 사랑받을거예요 저도 응원합니다! 나중에 또 뵈러갈게요ㅎㅎ 사랑해요❤

  9. We should respect minas choice☺️
    But to be honest this video make me sad
    Because its been 1 year since i didnt see May J Lee and the rest choreographer😓

  10. We still love you eonnie thank you for doing your best and never forget that we are still here and support you don't feel sorry just do what ever you want and live your life because you only live once 사랑히 ♥♥♥

  11. Oh. What a pity. I had guessed it before but I didn't ask u. But no matter what, I will be with u and supporting u. Hope u will settle back. 사랑해❤️❤️❤️!

  12. No need to apologize! You should so what you think is right for your career and yourself. Looking forward to seeing new videos here and to hearing more about what you are doing!

  13. Wishing you many blessings 🙏 as you start a new chapter of your life❣ Looking forward to your next vlog!!! Much ❤~from Guam U.S.A 🌴🌺 Fighting❣😘

  14. Honestly, I miss the old vibes of 1MDS with the orig choreoghrapers. The feelings watching the new 1MDS is not the same anymore. But then again, I agree with you. We all need to grow outside our comfort zone to discover more about ourself. Don't worry Mina, we are still here to support you all the way. 😊😊

    Ps. I hope u will also post more dance vids here in ur channel. Thank u. Love lots.

  15. thank you for being independent, from leaving your family for a living to leaving your 2nd family (1M) to meet another family. 💞 Enjoy your life Mina!! You are a successful person without a doubt.

  16. You're going through a hard time but still manage to upload video just to make us happy. Im so proud of you. You deserve all the happiness, have a safe trip and breathe positive vibes💕 We will support you forever

  17. I had no clue, but just know the people who comment things like that don't understand that its simply okay to be a human who had goals and want change and growth and development. I'm proud that you wanted something different for yourself, you are extremely talented and I know you will succeed in whatever path you choose💕🤗

  18. It was my dream to meet you and learn from you, and last summer I got that chance to attend a few of your classes. Thank you so much! I'm glad I got to meet you. I wish all the best with this new exciting path you're taking ❤️🙏❤️

  19. Firstly I was surprised to know you left 1 Million but after everything you said I could understand your point of view. I wish you all the best and I will keep looking for your videos, and support you as well, and one more thing while you were packing, your clothes are really stylish you have a beautiful style. Hahaha
    All my support to you. Fighting 💪🏻

  20. 안그래두 언니 영상마지막이언젠가 찾아보고 혼자 코난질 ㅎㅎㅎ…. 홀로서기도 멋있다구요~💜 응원힌다구용~~~💜♥️🧡💛💙💚

  21. 언제봐도 너무 멋진 미나쌤💗 그 고민이 느껴져서 춤을 출 때는 물론이고 진심으로 이야기 하실 때 더 멋지다, 닮고 싶다 그렇게 느끼는 것 같아요 ㅎㅎ "명미나" 그 자체로 너무 신뢰가 가는 브랜드니까 앞으로도 오래 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠어요 늘 정말 항상!! 응원하고 사랑해용❣️❣️❣️

  22. So she’s actually leaving? This makes me really sad because she was my favorite choreographer and favorite dancer but I’m glad she is doing what she wants to do. I understand she is also human and wants to do different things in her life, not just dancing. I hope it will still be a part of her though. I wish you the best of luck Mina! We love and support you!! 💜💜💜

  23. Oww, it's sad cause you're one of my fave choreograper in 1MDS, but yaaaaa i will support you whenever and wherever you are. And what you'll doin as long as it'll makes you happy😌 and enjoying your live😌

  24. What happen with mina and coco i havent seen you guys together much its sad cuz you guys had this beautiful friendship and hopefully you guys still do

  25. I like the way you think and i hope the best for you in future as independent.Please Mina Myoung hear me.You dont owe any random ppl on internet any reasons for what you do.Ignore haters and everyone saying do this or that.The only ppl you can think of and level with before do stuff is family and nearest friends.I dont care that you left 1M its no mystery to me if u felt like to keep creative u need a bit change.If you are pleased with life im happy and i hope at times you post in your vlog when you feel for it because its nice see what your up to😄

  26. Dear Mina
    I will not be watching your videos for 1month because my high school exams are on now😅 I need to focus on my studies but please always add one more to your total viewers because when my exams will be over i will watch all your videos.
    Plus I will always support you in your every choreo 'cz I am your most updated follower😘 You did good to leave 1M and establish your own identity outside 1M dance studio
    Love you Unnie😘🥰 Your die hard fan

  27. I admit that I am disappointed to know that I will no longer see you in the 1M videos, but I am quite happy that you will make a decision that makes you happy, life is so short that we prefer to stay in our comfort zone before looking for new adventures. I hope you have a lot of fun in Paris, I send you a big hug from Mexico❤

  28. feels like there is some drama going on with 1m. the betrayed part makes me think something happened, plus shes not following lia kim anymore.. mmh

  29. 군대에 있을 때 미나명님의 영상 진짜 많이 보면서 힘냈어요!!! 분야는 다르지만 저도 음악이 항상 직업이 되기를 꿈꾸는 학생이거든요!!! 어디서든지 미나명님이 많이 행복하고 덜 슬퍼하길 기원합니다!!!

  30. if it means choosing yourself and striving for growth then you have my total support. Cheers to independence and to become better! <3

  31. Maybe you'll not see my comment but i wanna thank you, mina eonni! your 7/11 dance video was the first 1million video that i watched before i became their subscriber and watch it until now. You've worked hard and let's keep doing things that make you happy. Luv ya from Indonesia ❤

  32. I'm sad that you aren't in 1MDS anymore because that's how I discovered you but I'm happy that you're doing what you like and learning new things.
    Whatever happens we'll always support you 💛

  33. Mina don't feel bad about leaving! you have to choose yourself and what you want to and like to do. just wanted to let you know that seeing you dance 3 years ago made me dance too thank you

  34. Miss. Myoung 😮💁you must not take those random comments so seriously .
    Just ignore them .
    Even if they are negative just take them as people investing their time( which is precious) for you .
    Be Happy 💑👼
    Don't be sad 💃💃
    Lot more people love you dear 💜✌

  35. Even though you're leaving the old Mina of 1 Million behind, you're going to grow into an even better independent woman and I can't wait to see what the new Mina will be like!! Best wishes to you!!

  36. All the best to you, Mina! I know dancing is your passion but hey, it's 2020! The world is your oyster, as long as you work hard and not be greedy. I will always be rooting for you! ✌️😊🎉

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