【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 85 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 85 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 85 You two characters, poison heart. What do they mean? The year my aunt was about to pass away, she sighed. In this palace, one should act not with a poisoned body but with a poisoned heart. I didn’t understand and I never achieved it. Hence I befall to the same ending plight as my aunt. And watching Yonqi with my own eyes, dying before me. I know Yongqi left. And you can’t feel at ease. Royal Mother. I am an useless person. As Empress, I couldn’t preserve Jingsi and Yongjing. Now Yongqi is gone. Only Yongji is left. But I am confined to Yikun Palace and my empress scroll and treasure were taken away too. I really don’t know how to protect my own son. May Royal Mother grant my plea, to preserve Yongji. Preserve the only bloodline between Asin-Gioro and Ula-Nara. Preserve? What do you mean by that? Chunchan. Go. How are you so dumb-handed? Where’s Chunchan? Get her to come. Mistress, Aunt Chunchan isn’t back yet. Where did that Chunchan go? Mistress. Mistress. What is it? So flighty. Mistress, someone saw earlier, Rongpei and Yexin took away Chunchan and we don’t know where. What? That person couldn’t have seen wrong? I asked in detail and it can’t be wrong. Then go find her.
– I will bring men with me to go now. Wait. Keep it quiet. Don’t let others know. Yes. Go. Chunchan, you better tell the truth. Did Imperial Noble Consort do all these? Will you say or not? They weren’t my mistress’s doing. And I know nothing. Those who worked for Imperial Noble Consort. Lancui, Jin Zhong and Yunjiao all died. Chunchan. You know so much about her. Who do you suppose she will kill next to get rid of witness? Don’t bother wasting your time trying to drive us apart. I know nothing. Rongpei, let’s go. Yes. Release her after it’s dark.
– Yes. Jiashe Gate Stop. Your Highness. Let’s go. Those who worked for Imperial Noble Consort. Lancui, Jin Zhong and Yunjiao all died. Chunchan. You know so much about her. Who do you suppose she will kill next to get rid of witness? Mistress, I’m incompetent. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find Chunchan. Other than Anhua Hall, where Prince Rong’s 100 day memorial is. I can’t just barge in there. Useless thing. Get lost. Yes. Chunchan. You’re back. Mistress was looking for you all day. I worried you. Get on up. You look like you lost your soul. Thank you. Where did you go? I don’t know why, but Rongpei and Yexin took me to Anhua Hall and detained me there for half a day. Yikun Palace Mistress was there too. They kept asking me forcibly but I said nothing. What did they ask you? Yikun Palace Mistress’s inquiry, was none other than what she most suspects. Mistress, I really said nothing. If I did, I’d lose my life too. Alright. I believe you naturally. It’s getting late. You go back and rest too. Yes. Your Highness, your medicine. Your Highness, you toiled all day today. It’s too hard on you. Go and rest early, perhaps. I am not tired. When we were by Yikun Palace gate today, His Majesty was just behind us. You already knew actually. But you just wouldn’t turn around. Not seeing is better than seeing. Royal Grandmother. Mother Yu is back already. Why should I still move to Cining Palace to live with you? You just settle peaceful to live with me or a while. The grandmother and grandson. Can be together. Alright? What? Yongji got taken to Cining Palace by Empress Dowager. Yes. As soon as I heard the news, I ran back to report to you. They can’t have found something? I don’t think so. I always do my work with caution. But it’s all fine and why did Empress Dowager suddenly bring Yongji out from Xiefang Hall? This, I’m not sure either. Maybe it’s because Empress Dowager pities 12th prince? Then, what about the imperial kitchen? Cining Palace has its own onsite kitchen. The imperial kitchen’s meals, I fear, can’t be delivered to 12th prince ever again. We made the arrangement difficultly after quite some time. But suddenly we can’t touch his food? Thtat’s putting all the old legwork to naught. This item is only affective after taking it for a long period. But it got interrupted to stop suddenly so it’s ruining your plan. But Empress Dowager is elderly. She can’t watch over 12th prince too long anyway. We will have another chance. Get my nail armors. Yes. Such a rare occasion for the three generations to eat together but each has no appetite. Yongji. Royal Grandmother’s house kitchen’s not fragrant for you. But we’re here at your royal father’s and it’s still not to your liking? Royal Grandmother. I want to eat Imperial Kitchen’s food. This is Imperial Kitchen’s food. How does it not suit to you? It doesn’t taste as good as when I was at the academy. Your Majesty, when 12th prince was at the academy, he did enjoy his food more. Cining Palace’s house kitchen is one thing. But this and that are all from the imperial kitchen. How is it that Yongji only misses the one from academy? I can’t eat anymore. Imprudent. Look at how unruly you speak. I know my wrong. Forget it. Other than scolding Yongji, why not find out about the chef that made his food in the imperial kitchen. If it’s truly more suitable to his appetite, have him continue. You’re right. Fujia. Go find out. Yes. Why does empress dowager want to investigate the imperial kitchen and disturbing His Majesty into this? I don’t know either. Just that I heard it was 12th prince that insisted on eating imperial kitchen’s food. He’s not happy with current Cining Palace food so it made Empress Dowager suspicious. And that day, it was a coincidence that 12th prince was brought to Yangxin Hall by Empress Dowager to eat with His Majesty. So His Majesty found out as well. You said that item, once put in the food, a lot of it will cause hallucination. But a bit of it and it will slowly damage the intestines. Why is it that 12th prince is addicted to it? I never tried this personally and I didn’t know this was addictive. Fool! You are intentionally trying to kill me. How could I dare? Empress Dowager wouldn’t be able to find anything even if she tried. That wild mushroom was always used as an accompaniment. You can be assured. Assured? I seem to think it’s not Empress Dowager being suspicous. Maybe you said something at Anhua Hall. So Empress Dowager took away Yongji and she’s so vigilant. I swear to God. I am loyal to you fully. I never said a thing. May you be sage. I really said nothing. And I have no idea why His Majesty and Empress Dowager are suddenly looking into this. Mistress. 15th prince is about done with school. Did you want to go pick him up? You go and watch the chef who’s in charge of 12th prince’s food at the imperial kitchen. After this time passes, send him out of the palace and end it cleanly. If there’s another issue, I won’t let you go so easily. Yes. Yes. Yongyan. What all did you learn at the high learning academy? His Majesty told the master to teach me the filial doctrines and I learned it diligently. His Majesty said, the imperial children, other than filial, they need to be loyal. King and subject first, before father and son. Good child. Your father is right. But you must remember, don’t obey your royal father in everything. You and I are mother and son. Our blood is thicker than water. In your heart, you have to be devoted to me only. No matter what happens in the future, you have to protect me and be one of mind with me. Did you remember? Let’s go. Really? Certainly true. Per your instruction, Xiao Dezi has been keeping an eye on Imperial Noble Consort always lately. He heard it with his own ears. A woman like her, even if Yikun Palace befalls, her foot isn’t suited to touch upon any of that soil in central palace. It seems Consort Ying and them were right. Imperial Noble Consort is truly teaching Yongyan that way? I don’t dare to deceive you. Yongyan is still young. To be left with that kind of a birth mother will be too much effect on him. It’s nice to be around positive influence, but in this case, I fear he will only be darkened by her. Jingse. There are some things that I can only chat with you on. Since Yongqi died, among the princes that can ascend, only Yongji and Yongyan are it. As for Yongji, though he’s more elder, after all the trauma, he’s developed a strange temperament. I’m not sure if being raised by your royal grandmother, can fix that personality of his. As for Yongyan, though he’s clever, he’s still very young and it’s hard to say what he’ll be like. It’s because Yongyan is young and just like a white paper, that he’s so easily influenced. But he’s being taught by his birth mother not to be in one mind with his father and emperor. It’s truly worrisome. Asin-Gioro’s princes can’t be taught by a mother like her. Yuhu.
– I’m here. You and Jinbao go to Yongshuo Palace. Bring Yongling to be raised by Consort Ying. And Jingyun, give her to Concubine Ke. As for Yongyan, send him to Shuokang Palace to be watched over diligently by the dowagers. Yes. Royal Father. Royal Father, is your health unwell? I’m fine. Royal Father. Mother, I am really tired. Royal Father had me transcribe this book but I don’t want to anymore. Forget it. Rest a bit and then do it. But any homework designed by your father must be completed. Yes. Aunt Yuhu. Aunt Yuhu. My mistress is resting. You — Greetings to Imperial Noble Consort. Aunt Yuhu, what brings you here? Imperial Noble Consort, by the order of His Majesty, starting today, 17th prince will be raised by Consort Ying. 9th princess will be raised by Concubine Ke. And 15th prince will reside at Shuokang Palace, watched by the dowagers. How did His Majesty come about making this order? His Majesty also said, all the Mongolian consorts are no longer under your management. They don’t need to greet to you and you shouldn’t be offended. But what imperial noble consort am I? You’re still the personally promoted imperial noble consort by His Majesty. Then Yongyan. Can he stay? He’s raised by me since he was little. Imperial Noble Consort. I can only say this. What all did you teach 15th prince? His Majesty found out. How can he still let you keep him? Then I will take the young master and leave. Pompous. Who dares to touch him. Mistress.
– Mother. Mother.
– 15th prince. Mother. Mother. Mother. Yongyan. Mistress. Empress Dowager protects Ula-Nara’s child. But my child gets taken away. Ula-Nara. She’s bound to Yikun Palace. But she still won’t leave me alone. Mistress. She’s already cut her hair and she’s confined. And she’s had her scroll and treasure taken away. She’s already nothing. You whore. You ingrate. Who did you tell I didn’t. I said nothing. I am devoted to you. Why would I go behind you? Look at me. Say it again. Huh? These incidents. They all started after you went to Anhua Hall. When you saw Ula-Nara. Betrayed me. You dare to betray me! Yikun Palace kidnapped me there. But I said nothing. I am devoted to you fully. I said nothing. Mistress, let your anger be dissipated. Mistress, Chunchan is most loyal. She would never betray you. Mistress. His Majesty’s order can’t be defied. You must not be angry. If His Majesty finds out, and casts blame, we won’t be able to shoulder it. Mistress, dissipate your anger. Dissipate.
– My Yongyan. My Yongyan. Mistress. Mistress. Mistress. Mistress’s heart palpitation is acting up. Get the physician. Mistress. Mistress, wake up. Yongshuo Palace Gate Mistress, how are you up? You drank the medicine by Royal Physician and slept a few hours. Maybe you should rest more. Brush my hair for me. Yes. Chunchan, I was confused yesterday. I was heavy-handed. Is it hurting still? No. I’m fine now. I troubled you to worry. But I never hit you before. I know. Seeing how pale your lips are. Come, I’ll put some lip tint on you. It will show how posh it is to work for me. It’s so pretty. Thank you, Mistress. By the way, I haven’t burnt any incense by my mother in a long time. Go out first and pick off the weeds off of the tomb first. Yes. I understand. Go now. Chunchan seems to be leaving the palace. Notify Physician Jiang to follow. Yes. Aunt Rongpei was right. You want to harm me indeed. Chunchan. Eat this and it will preserve your life. Go. Eunuch Wang. Consort Yu. Get on up. You ought to watch out for the road. I came to tell you. Chunchan died. How did you know? Consort Yu, a live person has a body and a dead person a corpse. You can’t just say that now. You are with a murderer all day long. I’m sure you know better than me. If Chunchan died or not. And also why she died. I remember all the ones that served Imperial Noble Consort up until now. Lancui died. Chunchan died also. And Jin Zhong too. Now, only you’re left. I came to remind you. Treasure your life. Your Majesty, you’re tired from all the scrolls you had to authorize lately. Maybe you should rest. Royal Physician said you can’t fatigue. I am fine. Fine. Your Majesty, your ginseng soup is done. Have some at least. Your Majesty. Your Majesty/ Come. Get the royal physician.
– Shut up. Don’t make a ruckus. Get Physician Jiang. Yes. Physician Jiang, His Majesty ate so much mediine. How come he’s still not better? His Majesty is an old ailment that’s returning. But it’s more severe than last time. Greetings to Imperial Noble Consort. How is His Majesty’s health? His Majesty’s over exhausted. The illness left from when Prince Rong died is back. If it’s the old illness that’s returned, is it serious? His Majesty’s illness is coming on fierce and rushed. The blood and qi are attacked straight into Hundred Convergences (acupuncture). Most precarious. I need to head over to the royal medicine court to summon other physicians to read his pulse together. It’s so serious. Yes. His Majesty is still unconscious. He needs peaceful rest. Aunt Yuhu. His Majesty’s condition. Report it to Empress Dowager. We will await her directions. Do not alert others. Yes. Then I take my leave too. Physician Jiang, you are always the one to treat His Majesty. Now, His Majesty’s pulse shape seems extremely precarious. All will depend on your analysis.
– If it weren’t for the illness coming on so fierce, I would not trouble you all to treat together. I think we need fierce medicine for the fierce symptoms. And we need to make sure to prepare amply on many counts. Because if something should go wrong with the royal health, our royal physician court can’t handle that kind of crime. It’s true. Physician Bao, you take a look too. Let us diagnose and treat together. Greetings to Imperial Noble Consort. Imperial Noble Consort, you’ve served all night. You should go back and rest some. If His Majesty wakes up, I will report to you right away. Fine then. Physician Bao. Imperial Noble Consort. How is His Majesty really? I saw his pulse report and it’s not good. Truly? I don’t dare to deceive you. His Majesty’s old illness is back. And the illness is in his brain. The physicians are all without measure. Go now.
– Yes. Mistress. If His Majesty’s illness is truly as bad as Physician Bao says — But His Majesty is in his prime still. Mistress. You forgot? Back then the late emperor, he was at His Majesty’s age when his sudden acute illness killed him. Since this is the current situation, should we make some preparations in advance? So if something should really happen, we have some measures at hand. Late Emperor died and he didn’t depose the empress in Jingren Palace. So the title of Royal Mother Empress Dowager fight was so strong. If it weren’t for Jingren Empress not having a child, the current empress wouldn’t have been able to secure the empress dowager seat so stable-handed. But Yikun Palace mistress isn’t the same. She has a son. And her son is more elderly than our 15th prince. You can’t not prepare. Fine, I got it. Eunuch Bao. No. You can’t.
– Physycian Jiang, I saw the medicine was done so I was helping. Eunuch Bao, His Majesty’s medicine. It’s very finicky on how much water and how much medicine. It can’t be wrong half bit. If something should go wrong, you and I both can’t handle.
– I understand. How about this? Eunuch Bao, may I trouble you to get some charcoal? Yes. Empress. The medicine I prescribed you, you must take it on time and not miss once even. I know you’ve increase the potency. I will endure. Don’t worry. How about His Majesty’s condition? His Majesty’s been taken care of by me since he fell ill. From pulse to prescribing and brewing the medicine, it’s all me. There is no one else involved. Imperial Noble Consort is already starting to worry His Majesty’s illness. And she’s checking with Physician Bao often on the condition. But what Physician Bao and them see are only the pulse analysis I prepared. Now the harem is managed by Empress Dowager. You can be assured. His Majesty’s side. Do you have confidence? Empress, you know about my medical skill. All things are in my grasp. Nothing will go awry. I will trouble you then. This is all just my duty. Greetings to Imperial Noble Consort. Empress Dowager is inside with His Majesty. May you wait. I have chores to tend to. I take my leave first. I am so elderly. Do you mean for me to bid farewell to another with black hair when I have white hair? Empress Dowager, His Majesty has been unconscious. How are we to manage? Emperor is so ill. We must keep it a secret. So we don’t let the court go in turmoil. With you here, there is no turmoil. After Yongqi died, the crown prince seat candidate has been empty. The secret boxes in Yangxin Hall and behind the justice sign. I don’t know which prince’s name is written on them. I fear there will be incidents if a new emperor comes to seat. What incident? By legitimacy and by seniority, 12th prince is in your palace. As long as the secret box, doesn’t have Yongyan’s name on it. Or if it’s no name at all, that’s easy. Greetings to Empress Dowager. Serve well. Go on in. Yes. Hu Greetings to Imperial Noble Consort. It’s Concubine Wan’s turn to serve His Majesty tonight. How are you here? Concubine Wan is tired. Have her return to rest. I will serve His Majesty. Yes. Your subject — ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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