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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 84 Your Highness. You have been kneeling all night. If you continue kneeling, your body won’t bear. At least drink some water. I will go make some porridge for you. Consort Yu, His Majesty already said. If you’re here to speak on behalf of Yikun Palace, you can’t spare it. Rongpei. I’m here. What’s wrong? Help me up. Yes. Slower. Let’s go to the closet. Yes. Open the closet. You’re intending to do what? You’re still not back? I have a plea. We’re here already and you will want to beg for Ruyi? Madam Na is Sister’s only family. Now she’s left the world and no one is there to conduct the after. I beg you. To allow me to see Sister at Yikun Palace. Consider it as asking Sister about Madam Na’s funeral. I already approved for Madam Na’s generous burial. Your Majesty, since you already buried Madam Na generously, it means you have regarded her as family too. I beg you to make allowance. After you see her, go to Yuanming Garden immediately. I thank you. Sister. His Majesty told me to go to Yuanming Garden immediately. To carry out Yongqi’s memorial prayer. You help me burn an incense daily for Yongqi for me too. I will. Your Highness, your medicine. Later. 12th prince. You needn’t worry too much either. His Majesty is keeping him at Xiefang Hall. And Concubine Rong will look after him extra for me too. Did you find out anything about Hu Yunjiao? Since your instruction, I have had someone ask around from Yongqi’s manor. It’s strange actually. Hu Yunjiao, since she went to Yongqi’s manor, she never went back to her maiden home to see family. And she had not much contact with the outside either. Only occasionally coming to me to pay respect, she was always with Yongqi. And I can’t tell who was her mastermind. When she came to pay respect to you, was she strange at all? She did not say much. She would only stay briefly and leave. But I heard from the servants, that she usually stays half a day when she’s in the palace. Could it be that she went to the imperial garden to stroll around? Or did she do something? Sister. How are you coughing so much? Take your medicine. It’s alright. But how was she when she was with Yongqi. She and Yongqi were great together. But there is one thing that makes me mad. When she is with the main wife, he always bathed in hot water. But when he was with Hu Yunjiao, Hu Yunjiao always let Yongqi be stubborn, and let him bathe in cold water and dressed in slight. Even at times, she would eat food that are chilly to the body together. Yongqi’s body can’t be chilled. Fatigue. The way she served Yongqi. It was to ask for his life. I had someone look into Hu Yunjiao’s things. And we found this in her room. What is this prescription? So detailed. There’s no name on it either. It seems to be quite old. I find it to be strange so I brought it for you to see. Usually a prescription would have a name on it. This is indeed strange. Before you go to Yuanming Gardnen, ask Jiang Yubin to look into it thoroughly. Hu Yunjiao’s item. Don’t touch them. Look into them in detail to see if any other clues. Be assured, sister. I will get it done thoroughly. Other than investigating Hu Yunjiao, there are a few things. That i need you to do. Give me the instructions and I will get them done. She’s always coughing like this? Lingusticum, Peach Kernel, Spatholobus, Deer Antler. Mistress, based on your orders, I’ve already delivered the summer items to Twelfth Prince. Consort Yu has sent words from Her Highness in Yikun Palace. Immediately go to Qifu Temple and look for our clan member. Tell them to tell father to follow the ones written on the letter and find this person that got exiled to the borderlands. Yes. Greetings, mother. – Quickly rise.
– Thank you, mother. Mother, these are the items left by Lady Hu. Take good care of yourself. Quickly go back. I will take my leave. Li Yu, you must meticulously check the items left by Hu Yingjiao. Yes. Also, the matter about the exchanging of information between the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City, I will leave it all to you to handle. Even though I am in the Summer Palace, my disciples are all here in the Forbidden City. I surely will do this task well. Your Majesty, Consort Yu went to the Summer Palace and sent words. She went to Yikun Palace and visited Her Highness. Her Highness is currently sick from excessive grief. She wants to earnestly ask you to allow the Imperial Physician to check on her. What illness does she have? Her Highness successively lost her son and mother. She surely must be grieving a lot. We will know it once the Imperial Physician sees her. Your Majesty, you are not banning the imperial physicians to see her too, right? Why would I? I have already ordered that her mother be given an elaborate funeral. Letting the Imperial Physician see her is fine with me. We should send a trustworthy one. Don’t let anyone mix in and harm her. Okay. I will arrange for Imperial Physician Jiang to Yikun Palace then. Okay. How is your investigation on the prescription that Consort Yu handed going? I’ve checked it. The handwriting is indeed by Imperial Physician Bao. Imperial Physician Bao. I fear that I might be wrong, so I especially took the previous texts on pulses written by Imperial Physician to compare. I have confirmed it. But Imperial Physician Bao has never went to the the manor of Prince Rong to treat him. I used the prescription to test him, be he denies not knowing anything. Imperial Physician Bao has always been treating Wei Yanwan. Hu Yunjiao and Wei Yanwan being connected is not surprising to me. What is the prescription for? It’s for a very rare blood disorder. Anyone who contracted this kind of illness is hard to cure. The child will also be unable to live beyond the prime of his life. This prescription are all precious ingredients that commoners can’t afford. Most will just die. Could it be Hu Yunjiao has such an illness? Wei Yanwan used this prescription to instruct Hu Yunjiao to point her finger at me. I still have one thing to report. Consort Yu brought me some of Princess Consort Hu’s leftover things. There is one thing that seems inappropriate. I brought it to show you. This was found by the wife of Prince Rong at the drawer beside his bed. It is a possession of Princess Consort Hu, previously a container of a fragrant powder. I’ve tested the powder. It is a colorless and tasteless poison. If you use it on a superficial wound, just a little is fatal. Superficial wound? Superficial wound… That time, Yongqi’s bones are already decaying because of his bone cellulitis. Could Hu Yunjiao have applied this on Yongqi? Yongqi didn’t die simply from an illness? But when Prince Rong died, I was by his side. Prince Rong, didn’t show any signs of being poisoned. Who would place such things by the bed of Yongqi for nothing? Recalling the events carefully, the more frequent Hu Yunjiao was around Yongqi, seems to have worsened his symptoms. I’ve checked it. This item is only found in the Internal Palace. Internal Palace? Hu Yunjiao frequently comes to the palace to visit Hai Lan. But she usually leaves after sitting for a short while. However, she would stay here in the palace for half a day. So, she indeed has some communications with someone here in the palace. Their target is not only me, but also Yongqi. Maybe, even Yongji— How come Her Highness is coughing this bad? Your Highness, let me examine you. Come. What? Just be frank. Your Highness, your cough illness is quite grave. It has already become a chronic disease. This illness is very dangerous. You must have it treated well. How dangerous? Just tell me, how long can I still live? Your Highness, you need to peacefully nurse your health in illnesses like this. You must not tire yourself anymore. Don’t worry. I surely will use all my knowledge to cure you. How long am I going to live? Probably… Probably just 3 to 4 months. That’s enough. Jiang Yubin, you know that I have things that I must do. If you really cares about me, then do as I have instructed. Your Highness, don’t worry. I surely will do my best to use drugs in maintaining your spirit up. Okay. You two must not tell anyone about my illness. You only need to tell them that I am ill because of grieving. Yes. [Yongshou Palace] Quickly look. This child looks very blessed.
[Seventeenth Prince, Yonglin] Congratulations, Sister, for bearing a prince as His Majesty wished. I heard that His Majesty allowed Imperial Noble Consort to personally raise Seventeenth Prince and even will visit every day. The favor that Imperial Noble Consort enjoys cannot be surpassed by anyone. Indeed. Oh, my, look at that small mouth. Going back to it. The conferment treasures has been removed from Yikun Palace for a long time. How come His Majesty is still not deposing the Empress? Could it be because of Twelfth Prince? Twelfth Prince is nothing. His Majesty has already decided to depose the Empress. He is just waiting for the right time to issue the decree. The succeeding empress throne will surely be sister’s. – Sister, you are right.
– Of course. Greetings, Your Majesty. Greetings, Royal Father. Greetings, Twelfth Prince. Greetings, Mother Ling. Hello, little brothers. Twelfth Prince is drawing? Royal Father, I want to draw too. Good. When you’re older, I will teach you naturally. Yongyan, it’s no rush. When you’re older, you can learn it slowly. Your Majesty, Yongyan is already five years old now. But he can’t concentrate enough to sit and write some words. He will need your teaching more. They are all my children and I will nurture them, of course. Thank you, Royal Father.
– Good. 12th prince is by your side. He’s pampered and taught by you and showing great progress. Look at how greatly he paints. But Your Majesty, no matter how devoted you are. And 12th prince has the nannies watching him. But in the end, a kid can’t part from a mother. Yongji is with me and he’s fine. No need. Yes. Your Majesty. In a few days, it’s Prince Rong’s 100th day memorial. Yikun Palace mistress is Prince Rong’s legitimate mother. Should we have her return to oversee it? Legitimate mother? Yongqi’s death is linked to her. What do you mean she oversee? Yes. But Consort Yu is Prince Rong’s birth mother. Though you are mad that she spoke up for Yikun Palace. Your anger should be dissipated by now. Perhaps she should oversee the ceremony? Consort Yu is the birth mother. She can just return to attend. No need to oversee it. You’re the imperial noble consort. Matters of the harem, are under your care. Yes. I overspoke. Forgive me. Never mind. Chunchan, you saw earlier His Majesty’s attitude towards Yongji. It seems our arrangement wasn’t wrong. So Yongji’s food. We need to keep an eye.
– I’ve got it under control. Imperial Kitchen is feeding it to 12th prince daily. Mistress. What is it? There’s something somewhat strange. I had someone send money to Sir Zholuo yesterday per usual. But I found out after that starting from last month, Sir Zholuo never got the silvers. I looked into it more and he’s been long gone since the border. That rascal. Where did he go? I don’t know either. Perhaps he couldn’t bear the suffering and ran back? He dares? Send someone to find him. Don’t let him cause wreck. Yes. After your medicine, your pulse is more stable. How is Yongji. I looked at his pulse and it’s not unsual. Just that he’s yearning for you too much and he’s showing some depression. But Mistress already said, since the death of Prince Rong, she will definitely do something to 12th prince next. Pulse is fine, but maybe — She might be doing something in the dark. Jiang Yubin. You must watch Yongji closely for me at all times. Be assured. I will do my best. When I was coming in, Concort Rong and Consort Ying, both asked me to bid wellness to you. Thanks to them. How are they? Consort Rong said all things are well with her. And she will look after 12th prince more too so you shouldn’t worry. Consort Ying and the other mistresses. They do not get along with Imperial Noble Consort. Now they are just all evading her. At Yanwan’s disposition, with her might now, her biggest thorn must be Consort Ying who is raising 7th princess. Go tell Consort Yu. Have her pay special attention to Consort Ying and 7th princess. Yes. Then I take my leave. Your Highness. Physician Jiang is seasoned and capable. If he says 12th prince is fine, I’m sure he is fine. He and Consort Rong will also do their best to look after 12th prince. And now 12th prince is often by His Majesty’s side. For now, you can put your worries to bed. My son and I have a connection and I feel uneasy. And Wei Yanwan is hard to read and she’s hard to guard. Rongpei. In a few days, it’s Yongqi’s 100th day memorial. Find a way to deliver words to Yangxin Hall. Saying I will go to Anhua Hall. To burn incense and pray for Yongqi. Yes. These are Yongji’s writing. They are shapely but weak in stroke power. He needs to put more strength into his hands. Yongyan just started to learn writing and this is quite good. He just needs to continue practicing. Yes. Yongyan is learning characters often in my palace as well. Everyday, after he learns writing, he will play with Yongling and Jingyun. Your Majesty. There’s a plea I have. I am thinking all the kids are by my side now. The only one is Jingyuan, who’s being raised by Consort Ying since she was little. She’s never spent time with her siblings. Now Jingyuan is grown. Her relation with her siblings are faint. Perhaps we can allow Jingyuan to come live with me for a bit. It will allow them to foster closeness. Consort Ying regards Jingyuan as her own. She won’t allow it. Your Majesty. But I gave birth to Jingyuan. I miss her so much. And Yongling is just born. If he could be close to his sister, how great is that? Alright. If Jingyuan wishes to live with you for a bit, it’s fine. But don’t force her. I thank Your Majesty. Go now. Don’t bother me more. I take my leave. What are you doing? You lame servants! 7th princess, Imperial Noble Consort is your mother. No, my mother is Consort Ying, not Imperial Noble Consort. Let go. No. 7th princess. No, my mother is Consort Ying. Ack. Child, what nonsense are you saying? You’re a bad woman! You caused Royal Mother to be locked up in Yikun Palace. You — Shut up. Jingyuan. Mother. Jingyuan. You’re fine, Jingyuan. You’re fine. Jingyuan is right. Yikun Palace Mistress was framed by you. Mother.
– Don’t be scared. Mother is here. She’s my daughter. Not yours. Consort Ying, you must have taught my daughter badly. Jingyuan can decipher good and bad. She really dislikes you. Even though she is a child. Even if you gave birth to her. And a scheming evil woman like you is unsightly to us. I don’t like you. I hate you. You did so many bad things. So 14th brother and 6th brother died. Nonsense! You’re my daughter. How can you defame your own mother? Consort Ying. I knew you’d be grudgeful. Now I will show you what surrender is. Come. Yes.
– Consort Ying is offensive. Drag her down and slap her.
– You dare? I am the imperial noble consort. I manage the six palaces. How do I not dare? His Majesty holds Mongolia to esteem. Do you dare to touch me? Don’t wait around. Slap this insubordinate woman for me. Dissipate your anger, Imperial Noble Consort. Dissipate. Empress Dowager arrives. Greetings to Empress Dowager. What is this? I just went to deliver sutra to Yongqi in Anhua Hall for his resurrection. On my way I heard your ruckus. I know my wrong.
– Get on up. You’ve been an imperial noble consort for some time. You still can’t get the consorts to obey? Consort Ying. You’re less ranked. You should know to respect your senior. Forgive me, Empress Dowager. I heard Jingyuan sobbing and my heart ached. Under emotional panic, I committed the misdeed. Royal Grandmother. Imperial Noble Consort pinched me. It hurts so much. Jingyuan. Imperial Noble Consort is your mother still. Though you grew up under care of Consort Ying. You won’t call her mother, but at least Mother Ling. Royal Grandmother. But Consort Ying is my mother. You are an unruly child. But I can see Consort Ying adores you. Since that’s the case, Jingyuan, still should be raised by Consort Ying. Empress Dowager. Jingyuan has a wild temper. You can’t let others teach her. Let me do it. Jingyuan is perfectly fine. She’s not unsightly like Imperial Noble Consort says. Or else His Majesty wouldn’t be so fond of her. Imperial Noble Consort, you don’t feel easy I’m raising her? Jingyuan is not your real child afterall. Birth mother is closer. Foster mother can’t cherish a child. Is that so? Empress Dowager, I misspoke. I know I wronged. I meant, foster mom is better than birth mom. But the kindness of raising a child is higher than sky. What is this rubbish? I am not calculating as you. The child wants to go with whoever raised her. Then that’s her mother. Jingyuan, who do you wish to be with? Say it yourself. Royal Grandmother, I want to be with Mother. I didn’t love you for nothing. Royal Grandmother, when I’m sick, it’s Mother looking after me. When it’s cold, it’s Mother that adds to my clothing. She adores me the most. Jingyuan is thoughtful. Look at your acts and words. Do you suit to be her mother? I know my wrong. Consort Ying, look after Jingyuan well. Remember. Whoever the child is closest to, that’s the child’s real mother. Thank you, Empress Dowager. She indeed caused such ruckus? Imperial Noble Consort suddenly took away 7th princess. The Mongolian consorts were never satisfied with Imperial Noble Consort. And it became a huge ruckus. But we can’t blame the Mongolian consorts for being discourteous. Imperial Noble Consort’s actions and words are truly offensive. She caused the consorts to be adrift. The princess is unhappy. And even the Empress Dowager was offended. It’s my fault that I was too rushed. I thought of Ula-Nara cutting her hair. And I couldn’t have no one managing the six palaces. So I made the Wei clanswoman the imperial noble consort by quite a stretch. Who knows that she couldn’t get settle the harem or her kids. Even the way she talks to Royal Mother is so flippant. Yuhu. Don’t let her manage Yongqi’s 100th day memorial. Have Consort Yu manage it. Yes. Your Majesty. What about Yikun Palace asking for praying for Prince Rong’s 100th day memorial. Her request to burn incense and hold vigilance by his soul. Do you approve? If she wants to go pray by Yongqi, then let her. Just tell her to go later. Don’t let her run into other consorts. I will arrange it. Prince Rongchun. Princess Hejing. Mother Ying. If it’s not for Prince Rong’s 100th day ceremony, it’s hard to see you. How are you lately? I’m well. Thank you for your concern. I hear last time, Mother Ling tried to take away your 7th princess. And she received a complaint from you and Mongolian consorts. And now your greetings to her are spared. Mother Ling got herself such a shame. A person like her only knows to wag her seduction at His Majesty for favor. She’s offensive to empress dowager. And she can’t teach her kids well. How can the six palaces respect her? I know about the first two. But as for not teaching her kids well. What do you mean? A person who only thinks of climbing up to the empress seat. How will she teach her kids? If you don’t believe me, you should send someone to see. 10th prince. Your Highness. It’s about time. We should move about. Get my medicine. Yes. Your Highness. Prince Rongchun’s memorial Yongqi. You must watch over us to see all is smooth. So we can avenge for your injustice and return your royal mother’s innocence. Empress Dowager. Poison heart Yongqi is a good child. That year, when Yongqi was in Cining Palace. He always accompanied me to transcribe sutra. Last time I saw you we were still in Hangzhou traveling palace. It’s been a long while since we parted after the hair cutting. Now when I see you, it’s actually here. It’s quite sentimental. You Ula-Nara aunt and you. Both became empress. And in the end, you were both confined to your palaces, hearts apart from the husbands. It seems the daughter of Ula-Nara aren’t suited to be empress. That year, when emperor insisted to choose you as his main wife, I had told him then. You and his tempers don’t suit. You will just torment. You had a forethought. Even if I did, now I still don’t understand. Your two characters of “poison heart” … what it means. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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