【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 82 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 82 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 82 Consort Yu, you should go back. Consort Yu. Rongpei. Her Highness asks you to take good care of 12th prince. So he’s not worried with anxiety. And also 5th prince. He’s got the old ailment of bone disease. Though it is a minor ailment it needs care. Have Physician Jiang go and look at him when time permits. I will remember. This. Her Highness asks me. To give it to you. Every needle and every thread in here represents my heart. You embroidered so elegantly. I will certainly cherish it well. The blue plum flower is me. The pink is you. Did Sister say anything? Mistress. We waited here so long. But why won’t Empress descend from the carriage? Why won’t she see you? And she gave you the scented pouch back. Does she mean —
– She is doing it for my sake. She doesn’t want me affected negatively. But I know. She is still thinking of me no matter what. Your Highness, I’ve delivered your message to Consort Yu. Though the decoration in the palace is shabby, I believe Consort Yu has done her utmost already. His Majesty’s intention to depose me still remains. The interior bureau will go along with him. And this will have to make do. Earlier you were so cold to Consort Yu. Your doing so is due to not wanting His Majesty to extend his anger at her? Consort Yu will understand your thought. She will. Your Highness, the travel back was tiring. I will help you get settled for bed early. I want to sit here for a bit. You go tidy up. Yes. Mother. Royal Mother’s situation. Does 12th brother know? Naturally I don’t dare to let him know. For now, let’s keep it from him. Since last time, the incident with Ling Yunche, your 12th prince has been anxious. If we add more, and he gets ill or something. How can I make up to your royal mother? Your concern is apt. But what about royal mother’s situation? Your royal mother, last night, was escorted back by Fulongan and Yuhu already. Though Rongpei let someone alert me overnight, the interior bureau received royal order. So they removed the decoration of Yikun Palace. Even Li Yu, due to being close to your royal mother, was given the pretext of being incompetent, and sent to Yuanming Garden Palace. Sister’s confinement to her palace will be a suffering. Going where power is has always been the way the palace runs. And Royal Mother has lost her power so gravely. Judging from news from the traveling palace. I fear His Majesty is truly motivated to depose the empress. What are we to do then? I must think of a way.
– Don’t panic, Mother. When Royal Father’s back, I will try to persuade him. This is about Royal Father’s legacy and the imperial family’s reputation. We can’t allow the deposing to occur.
– 5th brother. It’s Yongji. Mother Yu. 5th prince. Royal father. Royal father doesn’t want my mother anymore? Yongji, come. Your Mother Yu is here. I won’t let that happen. Don’t cry. 12th prince, Royal Father won’t abandon Royal Mother. We are all here. Xiao Lezi.
– Here. Instruct the royal physician to prescribe some tonic for 12th prince. Yes. 5th prince, is your bone disease acting up again? Let’s summon a carriage for you. It’s a small thing. Don’t let my mother know. Yes. Mother is already stressed. Such a minor ailment of mine is nothing. 5th prince, you are so tough. You have to carry out all the chores from His Majesty and you have to worry about the harem too. Why don’t you let Physician Jiang take a good look when he’s back. Forget it. Physician Jiang works for Royal Mother. Better to have one less thing to trouble. Your Majesty, ten thousand lives. Empress has really gone mad. To contradict His Majesty like that. And even daring to cut her hair. If she hadn’t asked for death, how will Imperial Noble Consort’s prudence be shown? I heard Empress’s aunt was confined to her palace til her death by the late emperor too. Empress wants to walk her aunt’s old path then? Lady Kui. Though Empress has been confined to her palace to repent by His Majesty’s order, you can’t just talk so wildly like that. My words might be improper but it’s the truth. It’s that Ula-Nara’s fate. Yongshuo Palace is so bustling. Indeed. Now that she’s newly promoted to Imperial Noble Consort and managing the six palaces. That used to be Yikun Palace Mistress’s providence. Just one step away from being the empress for her. No wonder everyone’s paying tribute to Yongshuo Palace. Many don’t consent to Imperial Noble Consort though. Of course though. Imperial Noble Consort’s background and doing is only to court my father’s liking. Not many respect her. Just those two. Starting today, they don’t need to serve in Yikun Palace anymore. Take them. What are you doing?
– Get out of the way. I have served Empress since the old prince manor. What are you? I, Sanbao, will not go anywhere. You won’t go? What am I? I am nothing. But Imperial Noble Consort’s will. Who dares to defy? Imperial Noble Consort is still not the empress. Her words count? What is this ruckus? I came to take away Sanbao and Yunzhi. Yikun Palace can’t be without even one eunuch. And I am elderly. Yunzhi and Lingzhi need to serve here. By Yikun Palace’s present predicament. Leaving you and Lingzhi is enough. The eunuch? Many eunuch’s by the mistresses don’t stay put well. Ling Yunche was one. It’s better to leave. Nonsense! I will beat your nonsense. You dare to hit me?
– I sure dare. Let me tell you. This beating here? I’m reprimanding you for Imperial Noble Consort. His Majesty said so. No one is to mention the words Ling Yunche but you defied? Let me see then. Let me see how the imperial noble consort can save you now. I won’t say that but I must take the people. I will tell you this. If you offend Imperial Noble Consort, Yikun Palace’s stipend won’t be so thorough.
– You dare? There’s nothing I won’t dare about it. His Majesty’s already disregarding Yikun Palace. Our Imperial Noble Consort is the boss of the harem now. You wait and see. Aunt Rong, for Mistress’s sake. I am willing to leave. I won’t let Her Highness be in trouble. Aunt Rong. I will go first and we can find another way. Yes. If you were so smart sooner it would’ve been nice. Mistress, you are diligently repenting so I won’t disturb you. Take them. What is this? Why just the two of us left? Even an attendant has an eunuch to serve her. Her Highness doesn’t even have this much austerity. Fine though. Sanbao and Yunzhi going out. We at least have someone to help us deliver words. It’s not so bad. It’s enough. Go prepare some food. Hurry and go. Minister of Works, Xia Cheng blackmailing Han tribe incident. I have looked into it in detail already. Xia Cheng has been removed from his post and we can say the people’s anger is pacified. Good then. I govern the world with desire for each area to flourish and all to get along. Though the incident of blackmail by Xia Cheng to the commoner is a small matter, the effect is grand. If we don’t kill him, we can’t pacify the anger amply. We must warn all the district officials that I treat all tribes the same. Royal Father is very caring of Mother Rong. And it’s a peace to Han tribe’s people. Alright. You’ve been busy investigating Xia Cheng’s case. You must be tired so go and rest now. Royal Father. I would like to beg you for mercy. For what? I saw Eunuch Sanbao in the storage room. He’s not serving in Yikun Palace anymore? I believe a trivial manner such as personnel transfer is certainly not for your awareness. These matters are arranged by Imperial Noble Consort. Royal Father, I don’t dare to say otherwise. But may you make allowance to treat Royal Mother for 12th prince’s sake. You are making plea for her? I can’t bear to see my mother worried and 12th prince crying. And I don’t dare to forget Royal Mother’s grace of raising me. How is Yongji? The mother is not well, so how can the son be well? No matter how well my mother looks after 12th prince, the mother and the son are connected in the heart and 12th prince is always yearning for her. Such a pitiful young age to be so worried all the time. I understand. Yongqi. You are the eldest among my princes. When you’re outside, do your chores well and don’t ask about the harem. Yes. Sister. How did you enter? Yongji and Yongqi made pleas with His Majesty. Concubine Rong also chimed in to assist and I got to come in. Get on up. Are both Yongji and Yongqi well? They are both fine. Yongji really misses you. In my predicament, don’t allow him to come. Or he will feel worse seeing me. 12th prince has me outside so you needn’t worry at all. Lately Empress Dowager sees the 12th prince often too. She treats him so well. Empress Dowager can pity Yongji and I am assured some. How about Yongqi? How is his injury now? Yongqi has been taking care of state affairs for His Majesty lately. He’s toiling day and night and I asked about his old bone disease. But he always says it’s a small matter and complains I am too worried. That’s a given. Yongqi is old now and he’s married with kids. But when it comes to his health, you can’t relax. Yes. Sister. I told Yexin to prepare a few more blankets. And some clothing. Suoxin made some under garments too personally. I gave them all to Lingzhi. Thank you. Our food and provisions here are plenty. In the future, you needn’t put in the trouble. Sister. I know because of that incident, you are aloof to me. But that day, you had Rongpei return that scented pouch to me. I knew you weren’t uncaring of me altogether. You were afraid I would be instigated. Since you understand, you still insisted on coming in? Now you’re in this situation. If I don’t come in and see you once, how can I be assured? I am not afraid of being linked. I just fear that we have a drift. Ling Yunche’s incident. You — You and I have been sisters for so many years. How can I really be adrift from you? Let’s just not mention this again. From now on, let us both not mention it. I am in this predicament now and it’s best you keep distance from me. We saw each other today. But next time don’t trouble yourself to come again. Sister. Don’t cry. You’re here. Greetings to Consort Ling. Sit. How is 5th prince’s health? His Lordship’s health is much inferior than before. The bone disease has acted up many times. I have to change his medicine every night. The royal physician said if we just nurture it, and not let chill get to it, there’s 30% chance of treatment. The physician said only 30%? Then it’s quite a stretch. 5th prince is in this situation thanks to your good work. Your mother’s revenge. It’s almost time to get it done. Yes. I am about to avenge for my mother. But I often can’t control myself to think. If 5th prince wasn’t the son of my enemy. How great is that? What’s wrong? You love 5th prince for real? It’s that 5th prince treats me just too nicely. Any woman in the world, if she can have this true love from him, then she’s lucky for three lives. But I have no way to repay his kindness to me. I know. Every woman wishes to meet a loving man in life. And two together in love until old age. But this luck. Not everyone can have it. Yunjiao. Your time is limited. You once told me. Your mother was the best mother on earth. You will revenge for her and be filial to her. I only ask you this. Do you still think so? You don’t answer and I will regard it as yes. If you still do, then will you continue? In your limited time, complete the final step in avenging for your mother. Of course I want to avenge for my mother. I have endured myself until today. It’s all for that petty wish. But why must I take his life in order to avenge? I know your pain. In this world, especially in the palace, everyone pains to the end, losing their beloved. In order to complete any small wish. If you don’t want to ache, you have to just let go of your wish. And you can do nothing then. Chunchan got this for you. Just a bit, spread on 5th prince’s injury and in a few days, he will die from the poisoning. This powder can’t be deciphered by anyone. It’s all up to you. This item, whether you want it and if you will use it. It’s all up to you too. All I can hope for, is really for a next life with Prince? Maybe Yongqi won’t be in pain anymore. And in your life, you can reunite sooner. To continue your fate from this life. Where’s your empress phoenix crown? Do you remember I said this to you Ula-Nara clan can never have a second abandoned wife. Aunt. I have always wanted to ask you. When you were in the palace, did you have any days of peace and happiness? I indeed was never happy even for a day. But here, happiness, was never anything important. What was important —
– If you’re not happy, why force yourself? His Majesty and I are no longer the person in each other’s hearts. Isn’t it better to let go? But you’re a Ula-Nara woman. You must die as an empress. Continue your clan’s honor. Clan’s honor? Ula-Nara’s women, seem to have been bound by these words for generations. Aunt, I don’t want to be like you. Bound myself with never a release. I hope also that Ula-Nara’s women, will never enter the deep palace again. Since Emperor bound Empress to her palace, it’s been half a year. The court has many subjects making persuasion. Saying they want the empress deposed. And those were denounced by His Majesty. Saying Empress should be released from ban and those were also demoted. Now the court is so quiet. Not even a word of utterance. Then you’re still worried? No sound means no opinions. His Majesty should make his thoughts clear. To release Empress soon. Creating it to this is so awkward. Emperor is waiting for Empress to lower her head to admit wrong first. You’re looking at the green plum flower again. It’s getting late. I will serve you to settle. I can’t sleep. I have wanted to ask you. Why do you like this withered pot of green plum blossoms so much I hear you brought this all the way from Yanxi Palace to Yikun Palace. It’s been withered for so many years but you can’t spare to throw it away. You didn’t see how it looked when it bloomed. That year His Majesty gave this to me. And it was full of green and it was so pretty. The person isn’t even in Jiangnan yet and the green plum blossoms arrived first. His Majesty remembered I am fond of Suhang’s green plum blossoms. I nurtured it carefully. After some time, it still died. The green plum blossoms of the south, once in the north, they can’t adapt. 5th prince is so thoughtful. Though he can’t come, he knows Her Highness is devoted to Buddha. So every three days, there is always fresh flowers and sandalwood incense delivered. But Her Highenss — What she really lacks isn’t this. Give them to me. This sandalwood scent is so pure. It must be from Yongqi. It is. But — What do you want to say? Your Highness. I am thinking. 5th prince has been sending in flowers and sandalwood. It clearly means he can look after our daily lives. But he only sends fresh flowers and sandalwood. Is it for you to be a devout? And to let His Majesty also know his attitude? Such a compromising measure. It’s perfect on both sides. It is perfect on both sides. It fulfills his filial duty. But it also lets His Majesty know he supports your repenting. Rongpei you are a fool. Yongqi was smart and hardworking since birth and earned His Majesty’s cherishing. If he is affected by me because of this, that is never to allowed. I understand. I was lacking in thought. May you forgive. Take the flowers. Yes. Among my princes, 5th prince Yongqi is most virtuous. Today I promote him as Prince of First Ranking with title of Rong. I thank Royal Father. Congratulations to Your Majesty, to Prince Rong. The northeast sent in some fur. You are easily cold. Pick a few to make your winter clothes. You are thoughtful. Fujia. Come with me. Emperor, it’s getting cold. Yikun Palace’s provision. Is it enough? It shouldn’t lack. You have been husband and wife no matter what. I will take charge on this matter for you. And send some items to pass the winter to Yikun Palace. It is up to you. Yongji is birthed by the central palace regardless of what. You promoted Yongqi as Prince of First Ranking. You showed nothing to Yongji and that’s not right. Royal Mother. Yongji is still young. He doesn’t care about such gestures. And Yongqi promoted to Prince of First Ranking. It is truly due to his hard work. Emperor, do you have the intention of making him king? Among my many princes, only Yongqi is the most outstanding. I have no other choice. 5th prince. As Crown Prince. 5th prince. Yongqi as Crown Prince. 5th Prince Yongqi as Crown Prince. Transparency and Justice I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting old. But this pregnancy is always giving me a sore back. It is hard work having children. But by the blessings of having both daughter and son, no one can compete with you in the palace. I am over 40 in age but can still get pregnant. I am lucky. But so what if I can birth them? Still can’t compete with Consort Yu’s one and only. The only Prince of First Ranking among all princes. When the late emperor was alive, he didn’t set a crown prince either. He only promoted the current king as Prince of First Ranking, Prince Bao. Yikun Palace is 5th prince’s foster mother. So if she can bear until 5th prince ascends, that one, if she’s not deposed as empress yet, she will just instantly become Royal Mother Empress Dowager. Then — you will only still be an Imperial Noble Consort Dowager. You really think she has that foster son of 5th prince, and she can surely become empress dowager? His Majesty promoted 5th prince as what? His Majesty titled him Prince Rong. Prince Rong. Emperor Shunzhi pampered his 4th prince from Empress Xiaoxian of Donggo Clan. Emperor Shunzi wanted to make him the crown prince. He gave him the title of none other than Prince Rong. I remember. That child, soon after he was promoted to Prince Rong, he died. Spread it on 5th prince’s injury and in a few days, he will die from the poisoning. Yunjiao. Prince. What aren’t you asleep? Why are you so feverish? I will go get Princess Consort. No. You stay with me. Then I will get some water for you. That’s fine. More? No. I will get some food for you. No need. Just stay with me. Is your leg hurting again? Not important. Come. Sleep sound. I will be with you. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut of ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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