【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 81 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 81 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 81 Noble Consort Ling, you disregarded proper etiquette and messed up the imperial harem. That’s against your duty as a member of the harem. You also caused His Majesty to lust for women, tiring himself, and tainted his reputation. Sanbao, immediately lock up Noble Consort Ling and wait for His Majesty’s final decision. Yes. You dare to? I am a Noble Consort that His Majesty personally conferred the title to! I am an empress that His Majesty personally conferred the title to! Greetings, Your Highness Empress. Say it. Your Highness Empress, His Majesty slept in Shouqing Hall for half a day then went to the boat again. Is it still Shui Linglong from a few days ago? Shui Linglong is in the boat. Also…her six sisters. I really couldn’t endure the sight. I can’t dare to hide this from you, hence, I came to report it. Six sisters. Who are in the boat serving him? It’s Jinzhong who is accompanying him. Your Highness Empress, Shui Linglong came from the brothel. Although she only sells her talent and not her body, she still is from indecent background. The women around him are surely the same. This is so unheard of. This is the good thing you’ve caused. Looks like there’s no need to lock you up anymore. Immediately execute her. How could you casually execute an imperial consort?! I am the noble consort of His Majesty, the mother of Fourth Princess! A person who messes the order in the palace should be executed, the more a person who corrupts the laws and discipline of the imperial court. Jingbao, go and inform His Majesty. Tell him that I’m going to implement palace rules and execute Noble Consort Ling to preserve his good reputation. Your Highness Empress, you’re being too despotic. – Servant!
– Kneel! – Mistress…
– Who dares arrest me? Who dares to touch me?! Your Highness Empress, you clearly hates me for being favored, that’s why, you’re framing me and wants me to get executed! I frame you? You schemed me and forced Ling Yunche to die and caused Yongji to be the victim of an incident which led to his illness. This is a family affair. Now, you became so bold to disturb state affairs. Which among those did I falsely accuse you of? You are using state affairs as an excuse to slander me. This is using one’s official power to seek personal revenge! Noble Consort Ling, don’t you lose the proper manner of talking to Her Highness Empress. Your Highness Empress, have mercy. Mistress is wrong. She won’t dare do it again! Please spare her life! You say she won’t dare? Are you admitting her crimes in her behalf? Chunchan, no need to beg her! Your Highness Empress, what’s important now is His Majesty. It’s more important to make His Majesty distance himself from those brothel ladies. As for Noble Consort Ling, I think it’s more appropriate to just lock her up and punish her once His Majesty and Empress Dowager are both informed. Wei Yanwan, remember this. Even if you have nine lives, it can’t compare to the good name of His Majesty. Mistress… Hurry. Hurry and tell Wangchan to go see Princess Hejing. Yes. Princess Heqing… Princess Heqing, please save my Mistress. Noble Consort Ling has always been very capable. What did she do now? Her Highness Empress wants to execute my Mistress. Right now, she went to His Majesty’s boat to cause trouble. I beg you to save my Mistress. Why? Empress says my mistress is colluding with exterior relations to endanger the imperial family. Hence, she can’t tolerate my Mistress. She also is going to see His Majesty about this. Her Highness Empress left in a threatening manner. I fear that something grave will happen. Noble Consort Ling indeed deserves to die. She… But if Mistress dies, won’t Her Highness Empress indeed become unrivaled? Our Mistress knows that you have always wanted to seek vengeance for Empress Xiaoxian. This is the best chance. Is Noble Consort Ling still breathing? I’m going there for the sake of Royal Father. – Your Highness Empress.
– Get lost. Lord, Her Highness Empress boarded the boat to seek His Majesty. I fear that problems might arise. Her Highness Empress seeking His Majesty is just right and proper. What problem can happen? Don’t mind it. Yes. Your Highness Empress, if you go there like this. His Majesty will surely get mad. Your Highness Empress. Who dares to block Her Highness Empress? His Majesty is currently busy. Another one. Okay. Okay. All of you, guard outside. Don’t come in. Greetings, Your Majesty. Which imperial consort is this? You have such unusual bearing. Did you come to have fun with all of us? Unruly! In front of Her Highness Empress, how could you speak so casually? Empress, how come you are in the mood to come here? I heard Jin Zhong led Your Majesty to indulge here. The night is deep. I came to fetch Your Majesty to return to your chambers and rest. Empress, don’t misunderstand. I just called for them to sing some folk songs, to try to understand the local cultures. No such thing as reluctant to stop enjoying the pleasures of life. Don’t worry. Really? – Rongpei, take the ladies away.
– Yes. Also, Jinzhong has lapses in his duty. I’ll leave him to you and Sanbao to punish. Yes. Your Majesty. If Empress tells you to leave, just leave. Ladies, let’s go. Let go of me! Let go of me. I know how to walk. Quickly escort them back to the shore! Yes. Quickly! Keep up! Alright. She’s gone. You can go back now. You still won’t return to the traveling palace? I will go myself in a bit. You are angry with me. I am thinking, I had those cakes delivered to you. But it was still useless. I know what you want to say. I’ve spent all my life in the palace. Not a day goes by when I’m not strictly adhering by the rules and honoring decorum. Now, when I see a girl who’s outside of the palace. So lively and interesting. So it aroused my interest but you had to come and mess it up. Mess it up to make it awkward for everyone and disregarding my pride altogether. I came to mess? It’s precisely for the sake of your reputation and pride that led me here. That woman that went out just now. She has dragon embroidery on her clothing and daffodil on her hand. It was all approved by you? So what if it is? That woman is advertising it all over the capital so everyone knows. Everyone is discussing why His Majesty is playing with women of the brothel and the talks are ugly. She doesn’t care about your reputation but you yourself won’t either? Even if that’s the case, I am the emperor. My nation is flourishing and I can’t relax one bit? You did not indulge in such avarice and that’s how you gained the stable nation. And your many campaigns are designed with goal of preserving a sage and well-reputed legacy akin to Late Emperor. For a momentary relaxation, you will ruin your decades of prominence. Is that worthwhile? As your central palace, I make my plea. Do not be stubborn. Cherish your health and spare your reputation. You are willing to beg me in the name of central palace. Then I will tell you in the name of emperor. Do not admonish me and do not slander me. You pressure me in all ways. You lack the merits of Empress Xiaoxian. You can’t even compare to Noble Consort Ling’s amenable gentleness. You have compared me multiple times to Empress Xiaoxian and I shall not air any complaint. As for Noble Consort Ling. She is reckless and unruly. Colluding with Jin Zhong to seduce you to indulge in lust. With no regard to your good reputation whatsoever. You find her amenable and gentle?
– Yes! And you compare her to me? Noble Consort Ling understands my feelings and she wants to make me happy! What about you?! You only know to ruin my happy mood. I want to reward her and encourage her! So what? What are you doing staring at me? The person before me is no longer the same person. We only disappoint each other. This way, girls. Miss Water Bell, I will escort the girls back to the inn. No need. These day they were lucky to serve His Majesty. Send them to the nearby Nian Temple. From now on, to be nuns to pray for His Majesty’s blessings. I don’t want to go. Shut up! You cannot enter the palace and you cannot serve anyone else either. So you must become nuns or you will die. Those who sent you here already thought of this. Though we sell our art, we are not brothel women who sell our bodies. Why must you be so forceful? You believe what you say? You damaged the royal health and harmed the royal reputation. Sparing your lives is already the mercy of Empress. What are you doing? Dragon image of the imperial family. You cannot use that on yourself. Take it off. Also, once you’re in the Nian Temple, this daffodil flower on your hand shouldn’t be kept either. You get rid of it yourself. Take them away. Jin Zhong. Where are you going? Where else could I go? Someone should send them to Nian. Stop there. By Empress’s order, Jin Zhong with demonic motive of causing delusion to His Majesty is to be cast death immediately. You dare to?! Take him down. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, save me. Mistress Ling. Mistress Ling, save me. Empress wants to kill me. Who dares to touch Jin Zhong? Empress’s order. We can’t have Jin Zhong’s life on that? Jin Zhong’s life or death isn’t up to Empress. What’s the ruckus? Since Noble Consort Ling wishes to preserve the person, then let’s settle this after a postponement. Yes. Save his servant’s life so we can ask him clearly later. Yes. Find a place to lock him up first. Mistress Ling. Princess. There are more important matters. Wangchan.
– Here. Take Jin Zhong down.
– Yes. These years, you have not lived in happiness. You have been disobedient to me. Now the way you look at me is full of despair too. I really want to know. Do you treat me so coldly, from the time you had Ling Yunche in your heart or was it after his death? Your Majesty. All my life, I’ve only been true and devoted to one man, and that is you. Regrettably you are no longer the 4th prince, Hongli of then. Hongli and I had the most beautiful past. I also felt that based on us having accompanied each other since youth, we could overcome all dangers and trials of the palace. But I see it clearly now. No matter how deep our love, they are exhausted by your suspicion and our frustration for each other. Then are you the same Qingying from before? My Qingying wouldn’t be like you now. My Qingying was my soulmate who understood me and considered me. Look at you now. No image of Qingying whatsoever. I even think you’re not even the same person. Yes. Qingying is long gone. Now the empress sitting at the empress seat is truly too tired and worn out. Empress, based on what do you claim to be tired and worn out? You are my personally promoted empress and I allow you to be the mother of the nation. What more do you want? So many things, you could just close one eye on. But you must make it a big deal. You said I claim you to be less than Empress Xiaoxian. It’s true. You are inferior to her. If Empress Xiaoxian were here, she would certainly not be like you now! Did I want to be this empress? If you want to mention Empress Xiaoxian, then I want to say this. Empress Xiaoxian while alive as central palace, there was nothing to complain about her. She went along with you on all matters and never disobeyed. But you still found her dissatisfatory. So she could never feel assured. It was only after she died, that you suddenly yearned for her with full devotion. How much of that is really actually true? Or you want others to feel that you’re a devoted and loyal man? You!
– Not just Empress Xiaoxian. In this palace, which woman can truly be at ease by you? Even if it’s Concubine Rong. You once were so infatuated with her. Do you really cherish her with sincerity? You just want to see your own image through your daffodil you love. You only love yourself! Pompous! I am always standing in the high place alone. I have to govern the nation toiling day and night. The entire harem. If I don’t cherish myself who will? Everyone only schemed and calculates from me. Who is truly true to me? Indeed the indefinite calculations and schemes of the palace tires a person out. But can’t be that you don’t know all were caused by you? You played no schemes among these? Consort Shu truly loved you. But starting from the beginning you gave her fake conception potions to prevent her from pregnancy. Until 10th prince suffered in health and died early. Consort Shu followed suit and killed herself out of despair. Noble Consort Chun. She truly sincerely devoted herself to preserve your child. But only over one bead flower, you never stopped your suspicions on Noble Consort Chun. And it was due to your obsession for Concubine Rong later, that Yongzhang and Noble Consort Chun’s lives were halted. And me. I have accompanied you all the way until now. I never schemed or calculated against you. But you always suspected of me and Ling Yunche. You thought we had an affair. You tormented Ling Yunche nonstop and you shamed me nonstop as well. Do you even have an ounce of trust for me left? But all these were results of your own suspicion. Innocence. I am tired of saying that. You dare to mention him? Yongji is your son and he himself saw you hugging Ling Yunche so what more do you want me to do? I didn’t kill him and preserved your empress seat. That is already paying enough respect to your reputation. You kept respect to my reputation? You were keeping respect to your own reputation. You have so many excuses. But you’re the tyrant who lacks devotion to others and self-devoted only with an inferiority complex. You’re the one with too much suspicion. Pompous! You… You belittle your emperor and lost your place as subject and wife. Seeing how wild you are, I should depose you instead. I don’t need you to depose me. I am sick and tired of being this empress of yours. I don’t want to endure it anymore. What are you doing? Ruyi. You and I once knotted our hairs together as husband and wife. Now I cut my hair to end it. For Qingying and Hongli who are gone. Ruyi. You’ve gone mad. Princess. Noble Consort. What’s going on? I fear something big has happened. Royal Father. What’s wrong with Royal Mother. Empress has gone mad. Right in front of me, she committed such defying act as cutting her hair. Cutting hair? Your Majesty, our Manchu people can only cut hair for mournings. You are still alive. How can Empress commit such grave defiant act? Jinbao. Your servant is here. Send my words. Empress cannot meet the heavy duty of central palace. First thing tomorrow, order Fulongan to escort her back to the palace for treatment. She is not to leave Yikun Palace half a step without my permission. Noble Consort Ling is to promoted to Imperial Noble Consort, managing the harem. Yes. Thank you for your grace. You all leave now. I want to have quietness. I take my leave. I take my leave. Hurry. Hurry. Wait. Wait. Greetings to Concubine Ying and Rong from Fulongan. Allow me and Concubine Rong to speak a few words to Empress. This — You are the husband of Princess Hejia. You are son-in-law of Imperial Noble Consort Chun. Who went to save Imperial Noble Consort Chun despite the rain? Empress. How is this happening? In the end, it is this? You must take care of yourselves. Don’t let me affect you. Empress, you’re returning to the palace. I have dispatched someone to tell 5th prince and Consort Yu at the palace. So they can be on the watch out. Thank you. Your Highnesses, it’s getting late. We must go. Empress held a breakfast banquet in the morning but by night time she contracted mad disease? You think everyone in the palace is a fool? Empress has never lost any merits but you send her back to her palace suddenly. What will others think? I have already given her face. I said she went back to the palace to treat her ailment. I have escorted you to Jiangzhe for patrol of nation as well as for rejuvenation. I did not expect Empress to display such madness. To cut her own hair before me. I could only send her back to the palace. If Empress’s actions should become crooked again, I will depose her from Empress seat. Empress must have done so for a reason. Your nightly leisure on the lake. I don’t mention it. But you really think I am not aware? They have been sent away already. I hear they all became nuns. Must she force all these feeble women, to that extent? She is too much. Empress is merciful that she spared their lives. If it were me, I would kill them and hang their corpses on the fortress wall. To stop the people’s mouths! Mother. Royal Mother. You call me that daily. But to call me just mother. I have not heard it in so long. To me, you are always my mother. With these words of yours, I dare to speak then. Emperor, you really wish to depose the empress? Deposing the empress is a act against virtues and a gesture to court the ominous omen of a nation. Like Emperor Shunzhi’s life. What people loved to talk about isn’t his sole pampering of Donggo Empress. But his deposing of the first empress from Borjigit clan. Great Qing’s hundred year in founding. That was the only deposing of empress incident. Emperor, you must not repeat the same as Emperor Shunzhi. It was Empress who lost virtue. It is not me. Empress was defiant and in discord with me. And she committed a grave national taboo. Of cutting her own hair. This is beyond what I can endure. Manchurians cut their hair for national mourning or husband mourning. Empress is from a big family. She did indeed act beyond measure. But why did she? Have you thought of it? Emperor. You forced Empress too far. Empress is so wild. How can I endure it? Husband and wife should be one body. If you depose the empress, the people would feel unstable. And now with your gossips of leisure on the lake. To depose the empress now? What will the world — I was lured by Jin Zhong on the lake leisure incident. I was reckless. I acknowledge my wrong. I already told Imperial Noble Consort to handle Jin Zhong. Since Jin Zhong’s wrong is punished, it means Empress is crimeless. When a commoner divorces his wife, he needs seven reasons. How will you report to the world your reason for deposing the empress? Deposing the empress is an act against virtue. The subjects and the people are talking. You’re the emperor, so you must shun from that. Since before you disliked Ruyi. When I wanted to make her the empress, you disagreed. But now I want to depose her and you won’t approve? I did indeed dislike Ruyi before. But it was because of her aunt, Empress in Jingren Palace. That year, I disagreed with naming Ruyi as empress. Because of you. Now, I disagree with deposing her as empress. It’s also for your sake. That year you insisted on making Ruyi your empress. But now, why won’t you cherish it? You don’t care about others gossiping. Saying you depose her because of your lust? It was Ruyi who changed. Not me. Even so, your fondness for accompanying each other. You disregard that as well? It’s not that I disregard. It’s that Empress’s words and actions are improper. She does not speak or act like a national mother. Emperor. You and Empress each won’t make allowance for each other. It is because you care about each other too much. Because you care, you want to depose her. Emperor, do you think that’s so worth it? And even if you depose Ula-Nara, who can be the step empress? Can’t be the imperial noble consort. Emperor. If you want the best empress and the best wife. No one is like Empress Xiaoxian. But if you want someone like a servant, you have lots in your palace. I fear if you really depose Ruyi, you will regret it. You will discover your care of her. That will be too late though. It will be irrevocable. Mistress Ling, you’re finally here. You must save me. Of course. By the way, you were locked up a night so you must be hungry. Do you want to eat something? No, no. Getting out is more urgent. What’s the status? Eunuch Jin Zhong, His Majesty already chased Empress back to the palace. Now our mistress is already Imperial Noble Consort who manages the harem. Imperial Noble Consort? Imperial Noble Consort is great. His Majesty intends to depose the empress then. I will escort your hand to the treasured seat of the central palace. I will become empress naturally. Let’s go. Imperial Noble Consort. Let’s go. Imperial Noble Consort. Imperial Noble Consort. Mistres Ling, you’re so good. I’ll — Wangchan. What are you doing? Mistress Ling. Mistress Ling. We don’t dare to do anything. His Majesty wants you dead. I am just carrying out his order. Mistress Ling, you have to beg His Majesty to save me. Why should I do that? I want you dead more than anyone else. You ingrate. I will come after you as a ghost. Then be a successful ghost. Let go of me. You all won’t have a good ending. You will all die wretchedly. You’re the one who will die. I will live well. You will die wretchedly. Wangchan, spread the word. His Majesty got closed to the parlor women all due to Jin Zhong’s doing. I am only carrying out the order to remove this harmful being that lured the emperor. Yes. Mistress, don’t panic. Empress should be here soon. Greetings to Empress. Rongpei.
– I’m here. Go straight into the palace. Yes. Sister. Sister. Consort Yu. Empress has been confined to her palace. You better not go in. How is Yikun Palace so desolate? How can the interior bureau treat you this way? His Majesty hasn’t deposed you but they are in such a rush? Light the lanterns. Yes.
– Yes. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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