【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 80 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 80 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 80 Mistress. It’s Empress. It’s Empress’s doing. It is. I heard His Majesty ordered for Ling Yunche’s corpse to be dumped in the mass grave. Mistress. Mistress, it’s bad. What’s wrong? 14th prince and 16th prince. Last night, their fever kept going up, without stopping. Before they could even get the physician summoned. They already died. How could that be? To lose two princes at once? Mistress. Both died. Both died! My kids. My kids. Your Highness, Consort Yu is waiting outside. You still won’t see her? Consort Yu. It’s raining with spring chills. My mistress is tired and went to rest. You should return soon too. Your Highness. These days, you’re not in good spirit. And you don’t sleep at ease at night either. Royal Physician Jiang said your blood and qi supplies are lacking so you must be cautious. Perhaps we should go in. So you don’t get the wet chills. Lately I keep dreaming of Ling Yunche. I dream he and I are walking on Chang Street. He’s still dressed in guard attire. Trying so hard to protect me. When I tried to look back to see him, he’s gone. Rongpei. Ling Yunche was ruined wretchedly by me. Tell me, do you think he’s at peace now? Your Highness, you had 5th prince select an auspicious site to be buried. And you had Physician Jiang and Suoxin carry out his memorial. He will be at peace. What I owe him in this life. I will not be able to repay him. Your Highness, your sentiment, Guard Ling would understand it. Two Years Later His Majesty didn’t flip any tag again? Eunuch Li, may I talk to yo in private? It’s been over a year. His Majesty just won’t enter the harem. Even the Treasured Moon Pavilion. He’s not going often. This — Even the central palace has been given the cold treatment so there isn’t much to say about other mistresses. Forget it. Soon after the first month, His Majesty will be making his southern campaign. There will be many beauties from Jiangnan serving him left and right then. Yes.
– Go then. Is it good? I haven’t seen drank your hidden scent soup in a long while. Whenever you wish to drink it, tell me and I shall make it for you to drink. Mother. When you go with Royal Father to the southern patrol? How about if I stay in the palace with you? I hope you can go with Royal Father. Mother. You and Royal Father haven’t seen each other in such a long time. It’s all my fault. I don’t want you and Royal Father to be adrift because of me.
[ 12th prince – Yongji ] I hope you and him can be like before, together a lot. Yongji, all these are unrelated to you. As for me, I only wish for you to be like before, happy. Yes. Sister. You should go on the southern patrol with His Majesty. That way Yongji can be assured. Everything in the palace, I will manage. You can be at ease. Yongji. You really wish for me to go? Yes. Alright. Then I will go. Good. 12th prince, I made some new desserts. Please come with you to taste them. Go on. Sister. I know you blame me over Ling Yunche. These days, you don’t often wish to see me. Lately Yongji is suffering in the heart. May you look after him more. As for the southern trip, I will trouble you to look after the palace. It’s getting late. You and Yongji should go back. Yes. Then you rest early too. I will go first. In the capital, it’s dry but Jiangnan is more moist. And by the time we get to Jiangnan, it will be February. There will be colors of early spring making great scenery. You should enjoy. At first I didn’t want to go so far. But I am motivated when I hear about Jiangnan. You hold a peaceful and successful reign. All things are flourishing. So I will go along with you. Good. On this trip to the south, we will get to see how the people are. And we can enjoy the beauties there. You regard the people and that is a good thing. Of course, you are going with Empress this time. You two can work on your harmony. These years, I know you have felt anger. So I couldn’t press on it too much. But Emperor. You and the central palace are too aloof. You are right, Royal Mother. Just as long as Empress won’t go overboard too much, I will pay heed to the reputation. You’re the emperor. You must be magnanimous. The way I see the last year and so, you didn’t even pay attention to Noble Consort Ling or Concubine Rong much either. I know it’s been frustrating for you. Now, you’re going to Jiangnan, so you can free your mind. Yes. [ Qianlong 30th year in reign. February. Imperial Expedition to Hangzhou ] Such green color in the water of this canal, and softness of sky and land. It’s similar to our first time coming to Hangzhou. Indeed it is similar. The traveling palace is by Lake Xi and Mount Gu. Mount Gu has lots of plum flowers. It’s also known as the plum flower islet. You will like it. Thank you for remembering. [ Jade Rain Pavilion ] Our trip southbound all the way. It seems to me you love Hangzhou the most, nevertheless. Since my youth, I yearned for Hangzhou, so naturally I am fond of it. Hangzhou is good nice but this place is called Mount Gu (Mount Solitary). Not the most pretty sounding. Concubine Rong is unaware. There is a saying in Hangzhou, that Mount Solitary is not solitary, and Broken Bridge is not broken. Broken Bridge isn’t broken, but my liver is broken. Mount Solitary isn’t solitary but my gentleman’s heart is solitary. Your Highness, don’t say such ominous words. When I think about it, it was when I first became Empress. I came to Hangzhou with His Majesty for southern patrol. We were idle like a commoner husband and wife. When I think about it, it was such a long time ago. I remember you once told me this. That His Majesty is your lover in youth. But now, how is it changed? Love will change. Just that some people’s love changes more deeply. While other’s love change to faintness. Greetings to Your Majesty. Concubine Rong, I told Li Yu to summon you and what took so long? I was spectating the plum blossoms with Empress on Mount Gu. You already know that. Empress’s mood is alright? Since you care so much about Empress, why don’t you go ask her yourself instead of bothering with this detour to ask me? Concubine Rong, can you act more like a concubine when talking with me? If that’s what you like, you could just summon Noble Consort Ling. I hear Your Majesty and Empress came to Jiangnan together in the past. You went out dressed like commoners. Such a love. How did it change? Empress told you this? But Empress, she — You want to mention Ling Yunche? You really believe it? Also, Ling Yunche ruined Empress’s reputation. And he’s already cast to death. But you must ask me about Empress. While you play stubborn with Empress. Concubine Rong, don’t think I pamper you, so you can act so unrestrained. You have three palaces and six gardens. Everywhere you go, some official local with offer some dance and musical entertainers to you. If you really think I am unruly, someone will aptly come and pacify you with their flatters. I take my leave. Your Majesty, these women were carefully selected by local officers. Noble Consort Ling personally saw a few and thought they were good as well. You are not fond of any? A woman in the palace too long, she becomes too stiff and uninteresting by all the rules. Even those consorts I like are the same. His Majesty is truly interested? What men wouldn’t have that interest? His Majesty isn’t flipping the consorts’ tags. And he’s not interested in the women sent in by the officials. It’s time to find a big joy for him. This matter — If Empress and Empress Dowager find out. His Majesty will understand your thoughtful consideration. And a matter like this. Even His Majesty needs to keep hum about it. How will the news leak out? No one would think it was your arrangement. Women like them are lowly backgrounds. His Majesty might like them for a moment but he may not bring them to the palace. Even if they return home with a different status, they won’t threaten my position. Mistress Ling is so smart. Who can receive His Majesty’s favor forever? It’s just all temporary. You will have to select the person personally yourself. First. Someone who’s never served another. Second, His Majesty needs to know it’s my well intention. Understand?
– I comprehend. Slower, Your Majesty. Watch the steps. Your Majesty, watch out for the water. It’s slippery. The moonlight on Lake Xi is truly beautiful. But despite the beautiful scenery, it does not arouse me. Yes. It’s not that enticing. Your Majesty, please wait. So mysterious. Your Majesty, if it’s just some mediocre rouge and powder, it wouldn’t be worth such mystery. Mistress Ling’s arrangement is so shrewd. The water bell maiden I selected performed quite well. Is she very pretty? She is pretty but more importantly, she’s fun-inclined. But no one can compare to you, Mistress Ling. You’re a fairy. She’s at most a pretty witch. An item from Qinlou Brothel. What is she at most? Look at your hand. So white. Such a pretty hand. Such a delicate person. His Majesty doesn’t pity you. Act like a servant now. Yes, yes. I am just saying — A common girl from the entertainment industry can’t stand on some big stage. But the key is that she’s fresh. His Majesty never saw that. Or else His Majesty couldn’t not ignore you. Can one water bell maiden make His Majesty happy? Arrange for a few more to go in. Yes. ♫ Husband and wife were supposed to be one body. ♫ How is there servant and master? ♫ How is there any mercy between husband and wife? If you’re tired from listening, Your Majesty, why not rest up? Perhaps you would like to stroll around to the mistresses? Empress and I are awkward. Concubine Rong is cold to me. The others just all try to flatter me and they seem boneless. I don’t want to see any. Then Miss Water will come at night. Great. I am tired of her singing. Reward her and send her off. Yes. Does Empress know about your arrangement of Water Bell? May you be assured. Even I don’t know about this. And I don’t dare to steal someone’s merit. This was all Noble Consort Ling’s hard work. She did it. Very good. ♫ Sister. ♫ My humble self is not to be found. ♫ I am just here. ♫ My humble self. ♫ In the flower garden. ♫ Picking half ♫ a willow ♫ stick ♫ Sister ♫ Why not you ♫ who likes poetry ♫ write one ♫ one poetry ♫ And reward ♫ Liu Zhi ♫ Hu Emperor. Emperor? Royal Mother. Emperor. Why are you so tired even when we’re out? Maybe you will go back and rest? You don’t need to accompany me watching performance. – Royal —
– Empress Dowager, His Majesty was digging through local records of Suzhou and Hangzhou last night. To understand local customs, so he’s feeling fatigue. Yes, Royal Mother. Since I’m here, I want to understand better the locals. Emperor works hard. Your Majesty, allow me to escort you back to rest. Fine then. Royal Mother, then I will take my leave first. Go. Rest up, Your Majesty when you go back so you can enjoy the excitement at night. So you won’t put my arrangement to vain. You know how to please me. I only care about you. So everything circles around your happiness. Eunuch Li, you serve His Majesty all day and you’re unaware? I thought it was strange too. At night, His Majesty only allows Jin Zhong to serve him. And he only returns after in the morning. I did hear some ruffling. But I don’t dare to ask. Sir Fu Heng, you serve His Majesty. I can only adhere by the shore. I cannot go in the boat. But everyday, so many women getting delivered by the small boats. I saw them and I feel panic. We just need to cover this. We can’t let this spread. It cannot be spread. Once the commoners talk about it, it will really harm the imperial reputation. Huh? This is bad. Empress got His Majesty’s approval today. To go out to the commoners in disguise. I hope she doesn’t hear anything. Come. Come. What’s the trendy accessory now? Why is everyone putting on flowers? I suppose it’s because winter is ending and spring is coming, so the daffodils are blooming. Indeed people here are so romantic. You are so noble and it’s really unfitting for you to come here. Let’s go back. What’s unfitting? It’s not as though I’ve never done this. This is like before, so bustling. Sweet and fragrant rolled cake. Come try. Sweet and fragrant rolled cake. Old timer. Hello, the two. What would you like? Rolled cake? Try it first. If it’s not sweet, I won’t take your money. Here you go. It’s not clean to eat it. How is it? Sweet? It’s pretty sweet. Then take two. But not the same taste as before. Madam, don’t say that. This is my father. The two of us have made rolled cakes here for decades. This taste never changed. Yes, it’s the same old taste. I mean, your rolled cake hasn’t change its flavor. It’s that I can’t taste the old taste. Give me two. Alright. We’ll wrap it up. Green mountain outside the mountain. Pavilion outside the pavilion. The dance and song of Lake Xi never rests. They all say Emperor Zhengde. Coming on his boat. He admired the same current Lake Xi’s – Merry affair at night. Indeed merry affair at night. Sanbao, go find out what’s going on. Yes. Good. Another. Good. Indeed this exists? His Majesty’s southern patrol is to learn the commoner’s morale. How can such sensational incident occur, courting the laughter of the subjects and the people. Your Highness, this matter. Even if people talk about it. As long as the officials don’t submit any scrolls or bring them about to the open, then it can all only be regarded as rumors and deemed untrue. It’s already so disturbing. Why aren’t the subjects coming to court to stop His Majesty? Empress. His Majesty’s mighty. These matters. I fear the officials don’t dare to easily talk. Or else they might incite His Majesty’s anger and they will lose their heads. Your Highness. The emperor now. He’s not the same newly ascended emperor. It’s true. These years, His Majesty has governed the world with martial arts and all the barbarians have surrendered. His Majesty is that much more ambitious and self-satisfied. Who dares to admonish? Who is serving the boat affairs? Empress, I know my wrong. Lately it’s Jin Zhong serving the boat affairs. I am not allowed to. Night after night, it’s after His Majesty is drunk and descends from the boat, that I am only allowed to go. How can you not go in? This — Your Highness. Li Yu isn’t a petty man like Jin Zhong. And Jin Zhong is always in close acquaintance with Noble Consort Ling. I don’t think Jin Zhong would have that kind of nerves to do this alone. No wonder. The day of the opera. It was Noble Consort Ling. She hid the truth for His Majesty with an excuse before Empress Dowager. And as you said last time, I fear not only Noble Consort Ling knows about this incident, she probably arranged it. Noble Consort Ling, in order to gain His Majesty’s bliss, she’s even disregarding His Majesty’s royal reputation? It is such an underhand.
– His character is not upright that he fell to seduction. These years, how has His Majesty turned into this? Your Highness. What is it now? Your Majesty, the singing and the dancing entertainers are all on board. Since it’s so serene here with no one to disturb you, even more so that you can be free. Great thought. I will have Fu Heng take some men to be on standby by the shore. I have made the proper arrangements already. Greetings to Empress. Empress, ten thousand peace. His Majesty hasn’t come, when it’s so late? His Majesty should eat first before we start. But His Majesty said, we don’t need to go with the rules while we are out. It’s more lively to gather and eat together and look how we’re all waiting for His Majesty now. His Majesty isn’t usually so late. Empress, His Majesty never called upon any of us. If it’s not for this grace of eating together, we don’t even get to see His Majesty once. Empress, why do you stare at me? I don’t know either. Noble Consort Ling, you don’t know? I suppose you are so used to lying you can just say it so easily. Your Majesty, slower. Careful of the steps. I got it. Jin Zhong, help me up. Yes. I have been busy with court affairs for decades. I don’t get to come out and rejuvenate. But I’m so tired. Your Majesty, after breakfast. You still need to greet Empress Dowager. I sense your spirit isn’t well. Empress Dowager will ask about if she saw you. Then I won’t go so she wont’ ask. You two keep your mouths prudent. Alright? Yes. His Majesty is here. Peace to Your Majesty. Get on up. Let’s eat. Your Majesty, you have an appetite for food? What’s wrong? Your eyes are red and purple under your eyes. No shine in your face and with such a fatigue gaze. It seems you never slept all night. Forcing yourself to stay awake to eat. It’s hard to have an appetite. No trouble. I just didn’t sleep well. We have newly boiled nine-thread-soup. It’s Yangzhou dish you love. Great. Good. This isn’t inferior to the one we had in Yangzhou. Everyone try some. Traveling palace is close to Lake Xi. The water sound clipping the sounds of the instruments. I fear they have disturbed your sound sleep. I will go investigate with Noble Consort Ling. To see whose musical sounds are disturbing you so we can clear them all. Empress, why are you mentiong —
– Concubine Rong. Last time your Huxuan Dance was great. When we return to the palace, it will be nice if you give the palace dancers some pointers. No matter how great the palace dancers do, they are still less lovely than the wild roadies from outside. I won’t waste my time. I have not been to Hangzhou for long and I was tired while touring Lake Xi at night. There was dance and singing on the boat to cheer me. Empress, you needn’t pay attention to it. Such great dance and singing. Sisters and I would like to spectate as well. May Your Majesty not spare the mercy. Empress makes great suggestion. On the day when the moon is bright and the wind is still, I will definitely have them perform. You all help yourselves. I have no appetite. Noble Consort Ling. That was a rushed meal. Let’s eat more at Tourmaline Pavilion later. Yes. Your Majesty, don’t be upset. Empress meant well. She is the central palace so her speaking can be strong. She didn’t mean to embarrass you in the crowd. Your Majesty, Her Highness is just concerned about your health. Li Yu. Go and get some cakes from the kitchen. And deliver them to Empress’s hall and deliver my words. Yes. Greetings to Empress. Empress, His Majesty had me deliver some snacks. She just ate. Why the snacks already? It’s all famous snacks of Jiangnan region. Double sesame rice cakes. Thousand layer oil cake. Steamed crab dumplings. His Majesty said, you have worked hard. So he sent some regional specialties for you to try. As consolation of your hard work. These snacks are delicate and delicious. But they are sticky to the tooth. She just ate and delivering so much here. How can she eat them? This means for me to have my teeth stuck and mouth stuffed. Speak less. Is that it? Empress. Noble Consort Ling is here. Tell her to come in. Greetings to Empress. Ten thousand peace to you. You’re air is different indeed now that you’ve noble consort. A scholar who has been away for three days should be seen with different eyes. I have endured so many years under you. It’s time I showed some progress too. No wonder Ling Yunche wouldn’t let you stay at the wash room or the floral room back then. So he already knew you were bigger than any pond. I don’t know what instruction you wanted to give me for telling me to come? I want to ask you instead. Empress, what do you mean? I don’t understand. His Majesty is entertained by the women of brothels. Is that your arrangement? Empress, you’re talking about that? All men under the sky wants a merry time. As his wife, it’s my duty to court my husband’s bliss. And His Majesty, when he’s patrolling. There is always someone arranging for service to him at each traveling palace. The people gifted by the officials must go through a selection. They would never allow His Majesty to be mixed with brothel women. But you used brothel women to seduce His Majesty. You provoked criticism by the people and damaged His Majesty’s reputation. And you damaged the palace women’s discipline. Where is your duty in assisting the management of the harem? I am assisting in management of the harem only with hope to find someone most suitable to serve His Majesty. So His Majesty is spared from frustration and dissatisfaction while on tour. Empress can’t help ease His Majesty’s worries. And you won’t allow me to make him happy either? In order to make His Majesty happy, you can do as wildly as you please? Noble Consort Ling, you disregarded decorum and caused damage to the harem with enticement. You have shown derelict of your duty as assistant manager of the harem. And you lured His Majesty to indulge in lust. Sanbao, detain Noble Consort Ling immediately, await His Majesty’s handling. Yes. You dare! I am His Majesty’s personally promoted Noble Consort. I am His Majesty’s personally promoted Empress! ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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