【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 79 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 79 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 79 Mother. Xiao Lingzi. They wouldn’t. Your Majesty. Would you like to summon Empress to ask? Or summon Rongpei and ask. But — Rongpei is Empress’s confidant and stubbornly loyal. She wouldn’t say anything disadvantageous about Empress no matter what. And I heard Xiao Lingzi, while serving at Yikun Palace, Rongpei was especially considerate of him already. Your Majesty, 12th prince is startled. There are so many people here so it’s inconvenient. I will take 12th prince to settle in Yongshuo Palace first. Alright. Take him with you first.
– Yes. Yes. 12th Prince. I will protect you. You go find out if Ling Yunche is in the imperial garden and why. Afterwards, come and report to me. Yes. Hurry. Come. Mother. Let’s go back. Mother. Let’s go back. Good prince. Drink some water and rest. No trails left, right? Don’t worry. I gave him restorative tonic. 12th prince, once awaken, the poison effect would have been gone with no trail. And about Xiao Lizi, I’ve made the arrangement. Don’t worry. Good then. Care after 12th prince well while I go see His Majesty. Yes. No such thing! Why is Yongji involved in this? Where is he? Jin Zhong just returned him to me. His condition isn’t well. Sister, I think it’s best you don’t let him see you. I find this incident strange too. I’ve already had Physician Jiang take Yongji’s pulse and nothing was found. Yongji’s lunch today. I already had someone look into it and there was nothing wrong either. My son and I have fallen into someone’s scheme. This is a vicious attack. This matter has Yongji rolled into it. His Majesty would believe it more so. And it will distance you and your son. What is your plan? His Majesty already had Ling Yunche sent into the punishment bureau? Yes. Ling Yunche confessed to nothing, of course. But His Majesty has them torturing him. It must be because His Majesty already deems it true. Once His Majesty deems it to be true, it will be difficult for Ling Yunche to walk out alive. Sister. Instead of waiting for His Majesty to cast the order to have Ling Yunche killed. Why don’t you make the move first? It may allow His Majesty to believe you and Ling Yunche are innocent. Hailan, what are you saying? Ling Yunche and I are truly innocent. Of course I believe you and Ling Yunche are innocent. But the priority now is what His Majesty thinks. His Majesty is ferocious towards Ling Yunche now. I fear your position will only get more dangerous. Don’t say these for now. Ling Yunche, I will figure something out but right now the priority is Yongji. Sanbao.
– Here. Go find out what went wrong with the people serving Yongji. Empress, after this incident, His Majesty has already dismissed all the servants who served 12th prince. Find out about them, precisely! Even if you have to chase after them outside the palace. Yes. Your Majesty. Where’s Yongji? 12th prince took some restorative tonic and slept all afternoon. After he woke up, I had someone take him to Consort Yu. That child was startled and confused. I think he might not remember much. It’s best if he doesn’t remember. Your Majesty. This isn’t something we can let spread. Once spread, it will be a grand ugly news. And you have to regard Empress’s reputation too. She’s not suitable to be empress. Yongji. Did you really see Royal Mother and Guard Ling. 12th brother, you really saw it? 5th brother. Did I really say that? I really don’t remember. Mother Yu, did I ruin Mother? It’s all my fault. Yongji, be good. Don’t cry. Of course it’s not your fault. This isn’t your fault. Go back to your room and rest for now. Zizhi. Mistress. Take 12th prince to the room and look after him well. Yes. 12th prince.
– Go. What’s the situation with your royal father? By his temperament, Ling Yunche will not be spared. Before that, he will be tortured to a fate worse than death. And royal mother. If he is moved to dispose her as empress, it will get difficult. Mistress, don’t stress. I’m sure the two princes are fine. Those two children were weak since birth. If one’s got the chills, the other will contract it too. The high fever won’t dissipate. What am I to do? This — but His Majesty is allowing you to come visit. But why won’t he let me take Yonglu and Yongquan back? His Majesty sent them to Shuokang Palace because of Empress. He won’t let me raise them and won’t let me see them. But now, doesn’t he already hate Empress? Empress is already hopeless. Once the two princes are better, His Majesty will surely allow you to bring them back to Yongshuo Palace. Hurry. Hurry. Jin Zhong, what’s the situation with Empress now? I hear Empress is still investigating it fiercely. It seems Empress still wants to rescue Xiao Lingzi. Empress wants Ling Yunche to live that badly? I don’t understand it either. Is a petty Xiao Lingzi so urgent? And 12th prince is still sick. Wangchan, you stay and look after the princes. I will be back soon. Yes. Chunchan, what did Jin Zhong say exactly? His Majesty seems likely to have Ling Yunche killed. Xiao Lizi is suspicious for sure but it’s useless if you tell His Majesty that. Xiao Lizi was rid of to get rid of witness. And Xiao Lizi served Yongji at lunch. The issue was likely in the lunch. This is Yongji’s menu that day. Fragrant mushroom with sliced meat. Fragrant mushroom? Wild mushroom? When I was young and in the south, I heard this once. That someone ate some poisonous wild mushroom and died. And the mushroom was fragrant. Could that be the issue? Sister. 12th prince’s meal that day was tested . Even if there’s poison, Physician Jiang would’ve discovered it. But the food tester only eats three chopsticks full. Perhaps, it’s fine if you eat a little. But if you eat a lot, it can be dangerous? Rongpei, go to the imperial kitchen and look into it in detail. And go tell Jiang Yubin. Let him go check on wild mushrooms and the fragrant mushrooms used by the imperial kitchen. What the symptoms might be. Yes. You think this will help? There will be some minute clues if I look into it. Perhaps, I can save Ling Yunche. There’s no time. Sister, why don’t you understand? What His Majesty resents is Ling Yunche. Unless Ling Yunche is rid of, no matter how you investigate, His Majesty will only regard it as you working hard to rescue Ling Yunche. The more you investigate, the more unhappy His Majesty. And Ling Yunche will be more likely to be punished and you, endangered. What do you wish to say? If you want to remove His Majesty’s suspicion, you have to remove Ling Yunche. You think everything can be resolved once Ling Yunche is rid of? And if Ling Yunche dies because of me, I will never rest in peace. Yongji would regard it as his fault that caused Ling Yunche dead. Then his knot in his heart will never come undone. I will investigate the matter diligently. Don’t do anything brash. I will listen to you. Punishment Bureau Punishement Bureau pass Aunt, this way. But hurry. Thank you, Eunuch. I will stand guard outside. Mistress, you be careful. Brother Yunche, it’s me. Punishment bureau is a bitter place. Consort Ling is so noble. How can you step here? I know you were tortured heavily. So I brought medicine to ease the pain of bleeding. And you will feel better. Consort Ling’s kind gesture. I shall — I shall receive in mind only. Also, I cooked myself to make a few dishes. All the things you used to love to eat the most. Try them. What I loved in the past. I may not like them now. Consort Ling. You are dressed like a palace maid today. To come visit here. And you brought so many delicious food and great medicine. Are you sending me to the road? You sure aren’t scare of taboo. Actually — You committed the biggest taboo for a man. So you must die. That year. When I came to Forbidden City, it was always you accompanying me. Now, you’re about to go on your ending road. So I came to send you off. Your servant doesn’t dare to covet an old fondness. You’re about to die. But you still hate me so much? Why should I hate Consort Ling? Can’t be that I’m not human nor ghost today. Thanks to you? Brother Yunche. Can’t be that in your heart, I am so unsightly? The old Yanwan. I never forgot. Never forgot. Regrettably. That Yanwan of that year. She’s already gone. There’s something I once gifted to that old dazzling Yanwan. Though she’s already gone. May you return that item to me. Vicissitudes of decades. Only this item didn’t change. How can one not cherish it? And cherish it more? This is the darkest among the rubies. It’s not worth much but it’s from my heart. Perhaps you will let me take that ring with me. Accompany me on my way to netherworld. This cloud is me, from my name Ling Yunche. And this swallow is you, from your name Wei Yanwan. This cloud is from Yunche. This swallow is from Yanwan. This love. I thank you. Thank you, Consort Ling for the grand mercy. Mistress, don’t think about it anymore. It seems to be Consort Ling. It seems she just came out from the punishment bureau. Let’s go. Mistress Yu, I will speak out of bound again. Your intention was opposed by Empress all along. Sanbao. No matter what I do, I do so for Sister’s best interest. I understand. You’re?
– This is Consort Yu. Greetings to Consort Yu. Get on up. Your Consortship, why do your noble feet bring you here? I suppose you don’t want your tongue anymore? Consort Yu’s business. You dare to ask? I — I don’t dare. Ling Yunche is in here? Yes. Yongshuo Palace’s palace maids just came to see him too. You all remember this. I come here by the order of Empress. Yes. Consort Yu, this way. Open the door. Consort Yu. You’re finally here. Spared. Don’t get up. Greetings to Consort Yu. Earlier, I saw Consort Ling came. I didn’t think she would want to come to this filthy place for you. She’s considerate of you. Yes. It was clearly me and Consort Ling that had a thing. But it tainted Empress’s reputation instead. That’s why I came. Sister has been suspecting Xiao Lizi and investigates nonstop. Now Xiao Lizi is dead. Sister, in order to undo 12th prince’s knot in the heart, and to prove you and her are innocent, she’s continuing the investigation. You’re a man too. You know that, to His Majesty, what her investigation represents? I understand. His Majesty will deem it, as Empress doing so in order to preserve my life. His Majesty will resent Empress more. And Empress’s future. They wil get more dangerous. So then. If only I — If I die immediately, this matter can come to and end. I’m glad you understand. You are concerned about Sister the same way I am. Though you must die, but you can’t kill yourself. Yes. Consort Yu’s words are very true. If I killed myself, it would only prove that I killed myself over the crime. And Empress’s wrongful accusation. It will not wash clear. Hence, only if by the order of Empress that I am granted death, then His Majesty’s hate can dissipate. And it can exchange for a bit of His Majesty’s trust for Empress. You’re indeed someone who served before His Majesty for long. His Majesty’s mindset. You do truly understand thoroughly. Consort Yu. I am — I thank you for your allowance. I should thank you instead, Sir Ling, for your allowance. Did you looked into it in detail? Your Highness. I did look into it in detail. Xiao Lizi’s family is dirty poor. Other than chores at the palace, no one saw him frequenting with anyone else. It’s truly nothing suspicious to be found. As for Physician Jiang, he’s still digging up on wild mushrooms, but wild mushrooms are complicated. It’s akin to finding a needle in the ocean. For now, he found nothing. Continue to look into it, and we will find something. Your Highness, will you really continue? Or it may be like Consort Yu’s words. If continued — It may infuriate His Majesty. Li Yu. No matter how complicated the wild mushroom types are. Even if it’s finding a needle in the ocean, have Jiang Yubin look into it until the end. Yes. I’ve always wanted to ask you this, Sir Ling. How do you truly feel about Sister? Consort Yu, I don’t know if you believe this. But there’s a sentiment. That’s beyond woman and man. Yes, many people won’t believe it. But Empress comprehends. And that’s enough for me. No matter how distant apart. Even if it’s only a brief chance meeting. If only I can see her smile sincerely once. Then I feel peaceful. If I can’t — Then I will use my life, to exchange for her wellness. I didn’t believe before that such sentiment exists in this world. But through you, I believe it. Thank you, Your Highness. Sir Ling, is there anything else left for you to arrange? I will get it done no matter what so do instruct. This is a token of Yanwan and my love confirmation. This item, I’ve seen her wear it. I had thought at the time why she would care about such an inexpensive item. I know many things have Yanwan as a suspect. This ring may come to use one day. You have this item. But why didn’t you bring it out then? To prove you and Consort Ling’s rumors were true. It can prove that Consort Ling and my rumors are true. But it can’t explain my rumors with empress are false. Actually I feel that Consort Ling’s character. It isn’t like that. It’s just that her mother and her brother and her birth forced her. In this world, there are lots of people with harsh background. With family in poverty. But I don’t see them turning so vicious like her. This is her issue and unrelated to others. You don’t need to find some excuse for her to escape the blame. Is there anything else you’d like to tell Sister? I will deliver it to her truefully. May Empress, cherish herself. Then I grant you, promotion and nobility to come. And a smooth voyage. I have waited for this day for a long time already. Ling Yunche, thanking Empress and Consort Yu for the grand mercy. Sanbao. Take Sir Ling. Mistress Yu, should we think of some other way? Ling — Xiao Lingzi and Empress are innocent. Sir Ling. I’m sorry to you. Later, I will burn incense and bow to you annually. So fragrant. Is it the plum blooms that have bloomed? It is. When I came in, I saw the wintersweet blooming. So regrettable. When it’s snowing and windy, I can never again pick a plum blossom to offer to Empress. In the next years, if you come to see me, please bring just one plum blossom. Yes. Consort Yu. Sir Ling — is gone. Tell Yongqi to report it to His Majesty. Yes. And Empress? I’m tired. Empress, we’ll do tomorrow. Yangxin Hall Royal Father, Royal Mother ordered someone to kill Ling Yunche yesterday. How did he die? Promotion and nobility (cruel torture name). Empress went with a heavy one. But it was still too easy on him. What do you plan to do? The palace lost a cheap servant. Per rule, drag him out and cremate. Royal Father. Royal Mother’s reputation was tainted by him. Royal Mother is very furious too but let me say this. Imperial Garden’s incident really can’t be deemed true. Later, even 12th brother didn’t remember what happened. Yongji is sickly. When he saw Empress, he must have felt very guilty. If possible, have him go to Yikun Palace less. So Empress can keep some pride too. I understand. Royal Father, you don’t blame Royal Mother anymore then? I know I’m not supposed to involve myself in harem affairs. But I hope Royal Father and Royal Mother can be one in mind. Do not let others outside to create suspicions causing a rift. I’m not the one who is aloof. Royal Mother’s whole life’s dependence is solely you. Forget it. Empress didn’t let me dirty my own hands and that’s thoughtful. I don’t want to create more awkwardness. Throw him into the mass grave. This matter stops here for now and you go back. Yes. I take my leave. I did it. His Majesty already orderd Yongqi to throw Ling Yunche into the mass grave. His anger is dissipated. This matter can be counted as done and it will not harm you again. I know you told me not to act brash. But I did it for your sake. I ask myself and I have done no wrong for your sake. If you are angry, you can beat me and curse me. But do you really regard me as having done wrong? Actually Ling Yunche knew the situation. He was willing to die for you. He didn’t want your clean reputation tainted by him. He wanted to die, to release you from your trouble. To exchange for your peace and wellness. He also gave me a ring. It’s his and Wei Yanwan’s love confirmation token. On the back there’s an image of cloud and swallow and the twos’ names. He hoped. That one day this ring could come to assist you. I already found out the fragrant mushroom Yongqi ate could be troublesome. I could have investigated this to the end. When I finished with the investigation, I could prove Ling Yunche was innocent. Ling Yunche, before his death, I asked him how he really felt about you. He said this. There’s a type of sentiment. That is beyond man and woman. He said you comprehended it. Within these red walls, when I was chilled to my bones, the one who gave me warmth was you and Ling Yunche. You and I have accompanied each other for years, and Ling Yunche and I also lent each other hands. No regard to love, but only understanding. Hailan. I know you did it for me. But you should not have done so. You go. Ling Yunche. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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