【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 67 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 67 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 67 I, Ling Yunche, greetings Your Highness the Empress. Get on up. Empress, I’ve continued the investigation and found out Zhaqi once went to the Wei manor. And he drank and gambled with Consort Ling’s younger brother, Zoulu. Consort Ling’s sibling? But I’ve only seen it once and I don’t have strong proof. May you be assured. I will continue the investigation and found out Zhaqi and Zoulu’s relationship. You don’t need to. You’ve already found out enough for me. You have your work by His Majesty. This matter, I will send someone else to look into it. Thank you, Empress. I shall take my leave. Your Highness, Sir Ling is so capable. Why won’t you let him continue? Ling Yunche is the suitable perosn indeed. But this matter involves Wei Yanwan and her brother. Ling Yunche grew up with them. I don’t want to trouble him. I understand. You are thorough. Go get Li Yu and Jiang Yubin for me. Mother, slow down. Yanwan, your brother Zoulu is already old enough for marriage. You got to find a match for him from a rich family with an official title. Mother. You should have Zoulu learn some skills too. Don’t just let him leisure around with the title of being my brother. Before, he used to gamble and drink with that loser nephew Zhaqi of Consort Yu. Your brother did that for you. It was you — Mother. Alright. I won’t speak of it. Now, the one in your belly is the priority. I can’t wait. Your stomach is pointy. It’s the same as when I was pregnant with Zoulu. It is a prince indeed. Mother. Do you only care for sons? At home, you were like that with my brothers. But now, you want that from me too. Mother is only thinking for your sake. To have a prince will allow you to stand steady. To birth a princess is useless. Even if I birth a princess now, I can still birth a prince later. This child is kicking me. My mistress, you best be careful. Your unlimited glory. It all depends on this one. My little precious grandson. When you come out, your mother might become empress. Mother. Don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t talk nonsense. I had the most famous fortune teller in the eastgate read the fortune for you. He said you’re fated to be empress. What else did he say? I’m sure he costed you quite many silvers. He said, you are blessed but not fated. But empress is fated but no luck. That empress, whether she can finish till the end, who knows. Mother. That is not a good saying. Are you senile? How? As long as you can become empress, who cares about fate or luck? The teller said this. Empress is running out of luck. If you can give it a strong push, you can drag her down. The palace shuns these things the most. How dare you. We’re all trusted people here. It’s enough. I won’t say anymore. Madam, it’s getting late. It’s dinner time. How about Wanchan and I take these for you. Yes.
– Good. Good. Take them all and be careful. Yanwan, I’m going over first. Mistress, Old Madam’s temper isn’t anything new. You shouldn’t get angry. No need. She’s got no filter. And her mind is unruly. To drag down the empress? What is it gets out and Empress will ask for my life. Madam is only thinking of you and your child. Do you think my mother is truly thinking for my baby? She’s thinking it can bring her wealth and honor. To have this kind of family. I have no one I can lean on. Mistress, just be at ease. What you can depend on is in your belly. Linked to you by blood. By the way, mistress. Earlier, Eunuch Jin Zhong said Consort Yu won’t confess at al. Zhaqi got tortured and can’t hold on much longer. Zhaqi wanted silvers and hates Consort Yu so he worked for us. If he revokes? We’ve got the confession already anyway. Tell Jin Zhong to figure it out. Protect my daughter Yanwan birth a son smoothly. To become empress. Protect my daughter to deliver a son. To become empress. Birth the son. To become empress. Birth the son. To become empress. Birth the son. Become Emprss. Become Empress. What you doing listening? Get away. You saw it clearly? Cursing is a big crime. I don’t dare to hide it. You’re a wise one. If it’s clear she cursed her. You wouldn’t be spared either since you serve her. Eunuch Li, save me. Get on up. You knew to come to me so I know to save you. Not only you, but next year I will find a way to let you leave the place. Thank you. Come, tell me. What did the doll look like? Your Majesty. Words from punishment bureau. Zhaqi couldn’t bear the torture and died. Forgive me for being wordy. Zhaqi died. But the confession never changed. Consort Yu didn’t confess either. We have witness and evidence, both against Consort Yu. Even though Empress trusts Consort Yu, I can’t ignore. There is another matter I don’t dare not to report you. What is it? The disaster of the last dynasty has reappeared. Your Majesty, there is black magic in and out of palace. Mistress, you must be tired. Yes. My belly is large and I can’t seem to walk. Mistress, you’re back. Where’s mother? Aunt Yu Hu said Empress invited consorts and concubines as well as madams who’ve had children to have tea. And talk about labor. There is such a thing? Since I became pregnant, my mouth won’t go idle. Sitting this sedan to look at the forbidden city. It sure looks different from when I walk on the ground and look. I’ve never sat in a sedan so I don’t know how that feels. Sitting on others’ shoulders looking at the red tile roof and the green trims sure are clear. When you walk, you only see the rocks. Forbidden city is a beautiful place. You should look around a lot. Most madams don’t get the grace of sitting on a sedan. Of course. It’s because my Consort Ling is favored by the emperor. You are blessed to birth a great daughter. Sister, help me up. I sat on the sedan all the way and my back is sore standing suddenly. Madam Wei, Aunt Yu Hu is His Majesty’s close attendant. She does not serve others. Oh, sister, I — It’s alright. Consort Ling is filial to you and you are blessed. Madam, may you raise your preciou foot. This is Yikun Palace. Alright. My daughter. She is so devoted to me and she does everything I say. Empress is waiting inside for me. My, so pretty. I thought Consort Ling’s place was the dragon palace. But the empress’s place, it’s an oasis indeed. No wonder everyone wants to be the empress. Madam. Prudence. Empress is waiting inside. Come with me. Come. Hurry. So formal. So grand. Much more grand than Consort Ling’s. My. Madam Wei, this way. Come with me. Greetings to Your Majesty and Empress. To all mistresses.
– The emperor. My precious son-in-law. Ten thousand peace. Ten thousand peace. Madam, pay your greeting. This is the palace not the common house. You must abide by courtesy. Courtesy. I, of Weiyan, greetings to Emperor and Empress. Ten thousand peace to Your Majesty. Ten thousand peace to Empress. Get on up. You’re so passionate. How rare. These two are? This is Concubine Ying. This is Noble Consort Chun. I of Weiyan, greetings to your highnesses. I hear Madam Wei, you’ve set up a house in the capital. And you’re living in the eastgate near Keliyete clan. I imagine you are frequenting each other. I have no dealings with Consort Yu’s family. Why did you take me here? I know nothing. Go. Warden.
– Here. Take this mister go roam around. Yes.
– My sister is the emperor’s consort. What you doing to me? Don’t be scared. These are the 72 punishment weapons we use. Each one is splendid. Come, let me show you. Eunuch Li made a beautiful task outside the palace and we can’t fall behind either. By the way, where’s that Zoulu captured from outside? Sir Ling took him to the punishment bureau for interrogation. Make way. What are you doing here? By the order of His Majesty to search the side houes of Yongshuo Palace. Imprudent. Side house is where my mother lives. You can’t search as you wish. His Majesty isn’t searching your chamber out of special mercy. Where is HIs Majesty’s decree? If you don’t believe me, you can easily go to Yikun Palace and ask His Majesty. His Majesty is in Yikun Palace? Was it Empress’s intention to search here? No matter whose intention it is, Consort Ling, preserve yourself and don’t disturb your fetus. Go. Fine. Search then. I’ll see what you can search. Search thoroughly for me. This item. Have you seen it before? What doll is this? So ugly. I’ve never seen it. Such an ugly doll and someone thought it was most suitable to gift to me. How can that be? The birthdate written on this fabric doll. Year of the dog with the stem of yang, the tenth of the second month, three after rooster. Do you know what that date is? Such an item. I’ve never seen it. How could I know what date that is. You don’t know, then I will tell you what date it is. It’s Empress’s birth pillars. The doll has a boated belly pinned full by silver needles. It’s witch craft performed while Empress was pregnant. This witchery can harm one and also harm one’s child. Thirdly it can cause infertility forever. Harming others to die is already heavy crime. But causing infertility forever is to cut off His Majesty’s heirs. Such poisonous act. I’ve never heard of such. Empress’s birth pillars. How would I know? I don’t know. I really don’t. There are four fabric dolls. Buried in four corners, north, south, east and west of Wei manor. These fabric dolls were found after His Majesty sent men to search your manor. Wei manor? Couldn’t be. These items are supposed to be hidden close to the body. How could it be in the manor — Is that so? Eunuch Jin Zhong, where are you headed? His Majesty has orders to not allow anyone in or out. I understand. I was checking what hour we’re at. So I can bring a snack for His Majesty. His Majesty hasn’t given the word so we should wait. What say you? Yes. Naturally. Naturally. You all listen. Without His Majesty’s order, no one is allowed in or out. Yes. I don’t know how I’ve offended you to be cursed by your as such. My son did not get to see the light of the day. What crime does he have? Madam Wei must kill His Majesty’s heir to find happiness? Madam said you didn’t know Empress’s birthdate. But this year’s birthday celebration for Empress. You sent the gift through Consort Ling and it’s still in the storage. Perhaps the celebration gift is a fake? Your black magic curse is the truth? I am innocent. May your majesty be sage. Zhaqi went to your manor to discuss with you how to frame Consort Yu. He saw you make the fabric doll himself. You put in the silver pins and buried them in the corners of your manor to curse Empress and Prince. Do you mean he wronged you? That despicable Zhaqi. He leeched off of me. But he’s full of nonsense. When did I pin the doll and hide it? I could never be so bold. Your Majesty, this Zhaqi was jealous my daughter was favored. He wanted to seek justice for her aunt, Consort Yu, so he framed me. Madam Wei, before, you said you had no business dealings with Keliyete. But how did Zhaqi go to your manor to leech off of you? Empress only asked if you had dealings with Keliyete. You didn’t even think about it and said you had no dealing with Consort Yu. It shows the Keliyete you know is only the maiden home of Consort Yu. Your words don’t add up and you still insist you don’t know Zhaqi? Your Majesty. That Zhaqi is already dead. But his words are framing me only. What black magic doll? What framing Consort Yu? I don’t know. Zhaqi helped his aunt kill 13th prince through bribery of Nanny Tian. Zhaqi already confessed he discussed it with you. Noble Consort Chun, that Zhaqi is a loser who gambles and drinks so you can’t trust his words. Cursing the imperial family is a grave crime. Your Majesty, I swear to the gods. I’ve never harmed Empress, or Consort Yu, or 13th prince. Your Majesty, the doll came from the manor. No one can frame them. Zhaqi went in and out of Wei manor and there are witnesses. And the golds and jewels found in Wei manor were mostly from the palace. Though Consort Ling is here in the palace in person, she’s keeping close contact with her family. It seems she can’t escape the fact that she’s also involved. Your Majesty, I pity the parents of the world. Madam Wei has no resentment against Empress or Consort Yu. It is all for Consort Ling’s sake. If one can say Consort Ling is clear, I wouldn’t believe it. Search for me. Search in detail. Hurry. Sister, what’s happening? Pour all the things out. Hurry. I don’t know either. Mistress, that’s a cursing doll. It’s a crime punishable by death. Shut your mouth. Your mother dares to perform black magic with cursing doll in the palace. She doesn’t want to live. No. My mother wouldn’t be so foolish. Eunuch Li already found four in the Wei manor. To dare to curse the empress is surely seeking to die. Go. No, I need to go see His Majesty. Go see His Majesty. Go. Your Majesty, I sent Ling Yunche to bring Zoulu to the palace to interrogate. I think the results should be out soon. Zoulu? Your Majesty, Zoulu is young and ignorant. He can’t bear to be startled. He might say nonsense to dirty your ears. Nonsense is still talk. I want to hear what he can say. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, Sir Ling is here. Have him come in. Yes. Your humble servant Ling Yunche greeting Your Majesty, Empress, and Mistresses. Speak with urgency. Yes. Your Majesty, this is Zoulu’s confession. May you read it. Witchery doll … What ridiculous drawing. Your Majesty. Zoulu isn’t a studied man and he doesn’t recognize many words. So he’s lacking in any formal writing skills and could only put together a gist. Ling Yunche. You tortured Zoulu, didn’t you? Ling Yunche, you scum. Madam Wei, you must not be discourteous. Your Majesty, Zoulu, as soon as he saw the torturing device, he became so scared he urinated on himself and confessed all. I asked him a few questions and the incident with the cursing doll is a female genre that he doesn’t know indeed. But he drank and gambled with Zhaqi and heard Zhaqi air out discontent regarding Consort Yu. After they finished drinking, they also said they would kill Tian Jun. All these were told in details. I believe he was truthful. I told Zoulu already about hanging out with Zhaqi. To not befriend such dogs. But that’s not a crime. Madam, Zoulu gave the silver notes from Consort Ling to Zhaqi. And instructed Zhaqi two things. First, for Zhaqi to deposit the notes in the bank to save it there. Second, if anyone asks about the source of the notes, to say it was from Consort Yu. Do you still remember this? So what if I di? Can’t be that Consort Yu is giving her own nephew money. But it needs to go through Consort Ling and you first? The whole thing was all done by you and Consort Ling to frame Consort Yu in the first place. Of course not. You say not, but Zoulu says yes. I suppose Zoulu isn’t trustworthy. Why don’t we use torture on Zoulu. Your Majesty. Zoulu is innocent. He knows nothing. Even if he’s not the mastermind, he’s an accessory. And he also has the crime of hiding the truth. He cannot be forgiven. Your Majesty, Eunuch Jinbao is here. Your Majesty, this came from Madam Wei’s residence. From the side dwelling of Yongshuo Palace, under Buddha shrine. Careful. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Your Majesty, this is the same as the one in Wei manor. So many pins. How much do you hate Empress? Weiyan. What more do you have to say? Your Majesty, the four in my manor wasn’t done by me. Madam Wei. I really didn’t do it. Your Majesty. Hurry. Lower the sedan. Slow. Move aside for me. Move. Move. His Majesty is waiting inside. Jin Zhong.
– Watch your baby. My mother. Where’s my mother? Your madam won’t bear much longer. Your brother already confessed that you and Madam took bank notes to Zhaqi to frame Consort Yu. Then. I knew he wasn’t trustworthy but mother insisted. At least he doesn’t know much. Madam is still inside. She can’t bear the startling. His Majesty and Empress continues to investigate and something will be coughed up. You must clear yourself first. Then. What do I do? Don’t worry about her. Just give up on her and preserve yourself. Preserve myself? But that’s not just someone. That’s my mother and brother. You regard them as relatives but they regard you as a money tree. You go in now. Remember. Insist you’re innnocent. Have His Majesty pity your baby. You don’t want to be ended along with them, right? Alright. Mother. Mother.
– Consort Ling, slow. Watch your fetus. Mother. Consort Ling. Mother. Why did you do such an unsightly thing behind me? Mother. You killed Empress’s child.
– Yanwan, you — Are you senile? If you do that, you instigate me and you ruin Zoulu. Mother. Zoulu is still young. His Majesty and Empress are both here. If you did something, then just confess. Mistress, don’t hurt your fetus. You’ve got the royal heir. Mother. Think of Zoulu, and don’t be delusional anymore. Mother. Your Majesty, I was delusional. I did it. What did you do? This was all my doing. You are sage and I can’t deny it. But this matter is not linked to Zoulu or Consort Ling. Consort Ling is pregnant and she is unaware of all things I did. Zoulu is also innocent. He’s a foolish child. He knows nothing and he only listens to me. I have no hate with you. Why did you do that? If it’s Consort Ling, then she’d be suspicious of fighting for favor. Consort Ling is fighting for favor? With what? She is born lame. Or else she wouldn’t need me to worry for her. We are born humble but don’t let them belittle you. And cheapen you and bully you. You lost favor many times. It must be Empress’s doing. You soft fool. You can bear it but I can’t. Pompous. Consort Ling’s winning or losing of favor has nothing to do with Empress or 13th prince. You are cunning but you are dragging others down? Consort Yu was framed by you too. I don’t believe you have the power to collude with both in and outside the palace. Your Majesty, I will shoulder the blame for my own act. Zhaqi was instructed by me. Consort Yu, I framed her. Empress and her child in the belly, I bribed Nanny Tian to do it. These were all done by me and I am content to pay for it. However, Your Majesty, this has nothing to do with my son Zoulu. And nothing to do with Consort Ling. Your Majesty. Mother. Mother. One who disillusions the palace must be punished severely. Weiyan killed royal heir. Drag her down immediately and grant her wine of poison. Your Majesty, spare her. Your Majesty. Yanwan. Yanwan. Mother. Blood. Your Majesty, blood. Mistress. Your Majesty, Consort Ling’s fetus has been disturbed. She is in labor. Consort Ling is about to give birth. Birth the child first and then continue the investigation. Your Majesty, our son. Consort Ling, if you are feeling guilty and afraid, and can’t give birth to the baby, I won’t spare you. I’m falsely accused. Take Consort Ling away. Mistress, take care. Imperial Physician has gone to fetch the midwife. They will be here soon. Wang Chan, where is Imperial Physician Bao? We have already relayed the message. Go and hasten them now. I’m going. Mistress, be careful. Mistress. Arrange for the sedan now. Mistress. If you give birth to a son, you will be able to turn your opportunity around. Quick, take the sedan back to the palace. Hang in there, Mistress. Quick. Hurry up. Mistress, hang in there. Mistress, hang in there. Your Majesty, I’m going to the Office of Careful Punishment to receive Consort Yu. Consort Yu has suffered endlessly. The Empress should welcome her to stop the rumors. Yes. Mistress. Mistress, hang in there. – Mistress.
– Yanwan.
– Mother. Yanwan. Yanwan. Eunuch Jinzhong, based on our friendship, let me say a few words to her. I’m begging you. Fine but you must be quick. Or else, we will lose our heads. Let her say her farewell. She’s rather pitiful. Okay, let her go. Yanwan. Yanwan. I’m sorry. I couldn’t protect you. For your own sake, you can cast away your own mother. I already knew earlier that I wouldn’t be able to rely on you. Zuo Lv is the only male offspring in our family. You must remember this. No matter what, you must protect Zuo Lv. Protect him just like how you protect the baby in your belly. Mother, I promise you. I won’t let you die in vain but I need to protect myself first. You were stupid. I was stupid. Mother. I can see clearly now. When using tactics, it’s better to focus only on one person. Her Highness? Yes. What’s the big deal of getting rid of her child? She’s still the Empress. Why don’t we destroy her? You must seize her position and make her feel that life is not better than death. Mistress Ling, we can’t delay any further. You should let us keep our heads. Madam, we can’t wait anymore. Yanwan. This is what I can only do for you. Madam. – Mother.
– Yanwan. Remember what I said. – Mistress.
– Yanwan. He’s here. Imperial Physician Bao is here. Mistress, Imperial Physician Bao is here. Quick, get on the sedan. Mistress, you must hang in there. Hurry up. Mistress. Mistress. I’m here. Mistress. Mistress, you can leave now. Her Highness is waiting outside for you. I knew it. I knew it. Older Sister believed me. Let’s go. [ Punishment Room ] [ Office of Careful Punishment ] Just and Clear Older Sister. Let’s go. Older Sister, it must have been difficult for you for the past few days too. Casting out a fishing net to fish is better than being someone else’s fish. I heard from Yexin that it seemed to be about black magic. Yongshuo Palace using black magic is true. But that was only just the primer. They calculated so much against you and me. It’s quite complicated. It makes one despair just thinking of it. It’s just that she drove your son to death. And that’s why she paid her mother’s life. It’s not a fair deal. Hearing the conversation between Consort Ling and her mother, I keep feeling that her mother was not the only one. Consort Ling is definitely not innocent. Consort Ling is very cruel. She really even used her mother’s life. We need to investigate this further or we will feel wronged for Yongqi. Dear Buddha, I’m begging you. Please open your eyes and save Consort Ling. Let her have a safe delivery. I’m begging you. I’m begging you. Eunuch Jingzhong. How is it? She still can’t give birth. Old Madam suddenly died. It’s a big blow to Mistress. It will be difficult for this fetus. It’s tough but it will be fine later. Later? Who still dares to hope about later? If Mistress can give birth to a son, it already considered not bad if she can protect herself. If she can give birth to a son, we can stage a comeback. Go in now. I’m guarding here to provide news to His Majesty. Take good care of Mistress. Consort Ling, you must give birth without any hitches. Buddha, help me. His Majesty ordered that the corpse of Madam Weiyang be delivered to their family. What about Zuo Lv? He was dispatched to the border garrison as a guard. He can only return on future occasion of possible grace. Yexin. Mistress. Has Consort Ling given birth? It’s her firstborn and not going too smoothly. From the sound of it, she hasn’t given birth yet, right? Consort Ling, I’m here to make a report. Consort Ling! Consort Ling! Older Sister Yexin, what are you doing here? – Consort Ling.
– Older Sister Yexin, you can’t go in. You are wrong. This delivery room reeks of blood. I can go in but you can’t. Wait here. No, Older Sister Yexin, you really can’t go in. Consort Ling. Change the water. Use more strength. Quick. Consort Ling, I’m here to greet you. Consort Ling, I’m here to make a report. Madam Wei is already dead. Zuo Lv has been banished to the borders as a guard. It’s really very pitiful. Your dear mother died without being sent off. She’s lying here alone so miserably. Moreover, we still don’t know if Zuo Lv can still live. – What nonsense are you shouting?
– Consort Ling, did you hear that? Get lost now! I’m taking my leave now. Take your time to give birth. Why are you still standing here? Kick her out. Take your time to give birth. Mistress. You are out. Please leave now. Eunuch Jinzhong, you are still waiting here. Take your time to wait. She hasn’t been able to give birth to this firstborn. I’m leaving now. My Lady.
– Consort Ling. Quick. Quick. My Lady, breathe in again. Eunuch Jinzhong, you have waited a long time. Do you want to take a break? You can drink some tea too. – Eunuch Jinzhong.
– Go over there. Hang in there, My Lady. It’s coming up soon. – She has given birth.
– She has given birth? She has given birth. We have hopes for our future now. Midwife, is it a boy? Is it a boy? I’m dead tired. I was busy for the whole day and night. Her Lady bled a lot. In the end, it was still a princess. Princess? A princess is good too. It’s good that she safe and sound. Has Her Lady stopped bleeding? It can be considered too but she harmed her body. How did she do that? Consort Ling bled profusely when she was giving birth. Her womb was damaged. I fear that she must not be pregnant for two years. Or else, the forced delivery will make her baby weak. It will be hard to protect it. Let’s not care about the two years for now. Let’s just deal with now first. Midwife, go in now. It has been tough for you. Take good care of Consort Ling. Princess? A princess is good too. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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