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Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 63 – Stop the sedan now.
– Stop. Us siblings haven’t seen each other in so long. You needn’t carry out a grand gesture. No, before we are siblings, we are king and subject. Hengchuo wouldn’t dare to act improper. These years, I’ve yearned for you all along. Do you still remember what this is? I don’t. How could you not remember this? You gifted this to me before you married off. Gold threaded silk cage. You love to play with this when you were young. When one lives in a cage, why would they want to play with an insect cage? Your Majesty, I really don’t remember. It’s getting late. Hengchuo shall return to the manor first. You should hurry and move to reside in Cining Palace long term. Royal Mother worries you the most. After I birth this child, I will go accompany Royal Mother. The filial piety I owe her. I will make up with the rest of my life. May Your Majesty as well. My little sister. He will never forgive me. How long will His Majesty confine me? Mistress, you should wait. Maybe His Majesty will release you very soon. Letting me go. When will he let my children go? I miss Yongcheng so much. Yongxuan and Yongxin. Yu clan donated grains to His Majesty. And assisted our Great Qing in conquering Dzungar. His Majesty will be mindful of the Yu clan and you as well. I heard the king of Barin sent you a letter. What did he say? What else could he say? He consoled me for my pain of losing my daughter. And told me to rile up my energy. His Lordship is looking at the big picture. Dzungar war has just been resolved. His Majesty rewarded the entire Barin clan handsomely. It’s paying respect to you. Enough. I know you’re aching that 6th princess is gone. But His Majesty, as long as he continues to favor you, in another year or half, you’ll have another child. I already ordered the map to be redrawn. To measure out the Dzungar location in detail and convey it to Imperial land. You completed your ancestor’s dream. We ought to celebrate with the whole nation and report to the ancestors. After suppressing Dzungar, the border lands have not be willing to subjugate to my Han tribe. Han tribe and Dzungar have always been close. You suppressed Dzungar already so suppressing Han is just a matter of time. I also think that way. Ruyi, I have something which I would like to discuss with you. After suppressing Dzungar, all the nations came to congratulate. This war, Jin’s maiden Yu clan contributed hugely. They’ve contributed to both the court and the harem. I was thinking, in this type of celebration, if the house of Jin of the maiden Yu clan doesn’t attend, I fear Yu clan would hold dissent. Your Majesty means to? After Jin was put on house confinement, she’s been treated as a second class attendant. And taking on whips daily. I am thinking, on the account of the Yu clan’s pride, I would like to stop her whipping and restore her as Noble Consort. In the future, if she should meet her Yu clansmen, she wouldn’t say we mistreated her or wronged her. The state affair is the priority. you can make the decision. Ruyi, I have no choice either. I’ve compromised you. Noble Consort Jia is really something. As soon as she’s out, she’s transformed. And putting on the air of a noble consort again. I hear His Majesty is allowing 4th prince to frequent Qixing Palace to pay his greetings. Greetings to Mother. Son. It’s so great. So good. So good. Mother is able to see you often again. Mother, you’ve suffered. Do you have any instructions for me? Come. I went to Xiefang Hall just now and saw your brothers Yongxuan and Yongxin. On account of His Majesty’s grace, I even met the Yu envoy a few days ago. There are two important things I need to discuss with you. Sit. Mother, what chaos are you trying to create this time? Don’t forget you only got restored to your title and released just a few days ago. Don’t be holding these crooked thoughts again. What crooked thoughts? I did it all for you, so you can be the crown prince. But why are you giving up first? I don’t dare. You go ahead. The matter is about your marriage. I’ve been keeping an eye on any good family for you. His Majesty already consented to me. That as long as I am fond of them, His Majesty will appoint the marriage for you. – Really?
– The emperor’s words wouldn’t be false. Then which noble lady have you come to be fond of? When Late Emperor was still alive, he was closest to his brother Prince Heyi. Prince Heyi’s second daughter married Fu Senge. The two have a daughter. She’s smart and kind and graceful. She’s perfectly suited to marry you as your main wife. But would they be willing? Husband and wife are one no matter who is richer or poorer. Of course they are willing. Why would His Majesty treasure Empress Xiaoxian? It’s because of her family background and their power. As long as you can marry Fu Senge’s daughter, they will be great back lean for us. The second matter then? The second matter is even more important. Someone’s already put in words for you. A few days ago, Yu clan came to congratulate us. The envoy tried to ask me if I have the intention to set the crown prince. He mentioned how Empress Xiaoxian’s two sons died early. And I seem to love Yongcheng, so Yongcheng should be named as Empress Xiaoxian’s foster son. So someone can pray and make tribute before Empress Xiaoxian. Fu Heng, you are Empress Xiaoxian’s younger brother. You tell me. Empress Xiaoxian adored 4th prince while she was alive. She took him to Changchun Palace often. That’s the truth. However, Empress Xiaoxian never mentioned about wanting to raise 4th prince. I presume Empress Xiaoxian was only regarding 4th prince as one should regard as the main mother of the central palace. Just the kind of care for all royal princes. Mother, is that suitable? Not suitable. Mother. This isn’t suitable. What? Why not? Yongcheng. As long as I have one last breath left, I will fight till the end for you. Your lacking is that you came to be born through me instead of through the empress. When Empress Xiaoxian was alive, I mentioned it to her before. To have her raise you and take you as her foster son. Mother. Royal Mother has her own biological son, 12th prince too. Yes, let’s say I am adopted by Empress Xiaoxian and become her foster son. What then there? What use? The current central palace is only the step empress. Empress Xiaoxian is the main empress. At her rate? She can’t compare to Empress Xiaoxian. Even her son can’t be compared to Empress Xiaoxian’s sons. Or else, why is it that when 2nd and 7th prince were still young. His Majesty already wanted to set them as crown prince. Now 12th prince is already how old? But His Majesty never mentioned. Then — let’s be prudent on this. Be a devoted son to me. I don’t know what’s wrong with this year. The weather is hot indeed but I always feel so chilly. Maybe my body has truly gone haggard. The years rush people to age. Who wouldn’t want to hold the time and freeze it? Who doesn’t have a day when they get old? Just that I hear Noble Consort Jia has to put on makeup for hours before you’re willing to leave the door. Even in the late night, you have to soak your hands and feet in ginseng and rose water. I heard it and I felt tired already. A woman, if she doesn’t even care about her appearance, and doesn’t know how to dress herself, then how is she a woman? Noble Consort Jia is so generous in mind. 8th prince’s leg is dumb and 4th prince isn’t as favored anymore. You can still think about dolling yourself up daily. We really can’t learn from you. Yongcheng got harmed by a petty man and even Yongxuan fell off the horse. But they are His Majesty’s sons regardless of what. Even if one has a bad leg and one isn’t favored now, that still makes them precious royal heirs. Among the concubines and consorts, Noble Consort Jia has the most sons. And that’s admirable. But then again, Yongzhang is courteous and stable. Yongqi is even more so the right hand assistant to His Majesty. A royal prince should be like them to be called filial descendants. When I think about Emperor Kangxi’s 8th and 9th sons, fighting over the throne, they were stripped of their titles and banished by the late emperor. One became called Acina. And the other Seshe. Such shame. No sign of a royal heir whatsoever. You are comparing Emperor Kangxi’s 8th prince to my 4th prince? Noble Consort Jia is overly mindful. Are you saying His Majesty would have such a son? His Majesty’s son would naturally be not like so. Especially since they are mine. The 4th and the 8th. Both lucky numbers. The founding emperor was an 8th prince and Late Emperor was the 4th son who ascended. His Majesty was also the 4th prince. Even if my sons aren’t so great, they have inherited their ancestor’s luck. I don’t suppose they can go too bad. The royal princes will be protected by the ancestors indeed. Just that, Noble Consort Jia, you lack prudence. I know. Fine then. Let’s scatter now. You all return. Your Highness. Your Highness, what’s wrong? Empress. Your Highness. We didn’t get to go to the garden place to escape the heat, so it’s been too hot for you. I already instructed the ice bureau. The provision to you will be ample. It’s fine not to go to the garden too. It’s such a bother on the carriages and horses too. And being in Forbidden City, it’s more convenient for Hengti and Hengchuo to visit me. Yes. Royal Mother’s hand transcribed sutra. I’ve already had them distributed. It’s a good deed. And I feel at peace transcribing it as well. Royal Mother, please enjoy your retirement with peace. I will be devoted to you. Your Majesty, Empress fainted suddenly. How? Emperor, don’t ask, just go and take a look. I take my leave. Let’s go. You scared me. I didn’t know it was such a good news. Your Highness, His Majesty is here. Greetings to Your Majesty.
– Get on up. Your Majesty. How is Empress? Replying to Your Majesty, the empress has a pregnancy pulse. About two months. Really?
– It’s certain. Just that it’s been hot. Empress is pregnant and her body is weak. Plus she was emotional and thus she fainted. These days she must rest quietly to stabilize. Great. Jiang Yubin, you must help Empress nurture. So see that Empress and the royal fetus are well. Yes. I shall go prepare now. Your Majesty, do you think it’s Jingsi? She’s worried we are lonely without her so she’s reincarnated to come back to us. Yes. It must be Jingsi missing us and coming back. Great that you’re well. If you or the fetus gets harmed, then Noble Consort Jia couldn’t make up for it even if she died ten thousand times. What? When I was coming in, I saw them outside. Did Noble Consort Jia offend Empress again? Noble Consort Jia spoke out of line. And offended the ancestors and Your Majesty. So Sister was speaking for Your Majesty’s and ancestor’s sake to remind Noble Consort Jia. And she became upset. What did she say? Just what Noble Consort Jia said . . . it’s linked to princes. I am a mother and should not speak more. You may say it. His Majesty went in for so long. He’s still not coming out. Empress wouldn’t really be in trouble, right? Empress is blessed by the heavens. She will be fine. It’s so hot. How long are we supposed to wait here? We are all worried about Empress’s health. So we are all content to wait for the news. Noble Consort Jia, if you are flustered, you can just go back first. Since His Majesty is inside anyway. Later, we will let him know. Empress is just too weak anyway. She was just dizzy. She didn’t faint and collapse. Why bother with the big drama? Everyone waited long. Empress is fine now. His Majesty is asking everyone to go inside. I summoned you in to tell you a good news. Empress is pregnant. Congratulations, Your Majesty. Congratulations, Empress. Everyone get up and sit. Thank you. Your Majesty, how is Empress’s health? We are waiting to congratulate her. Empress is fine now. Royal Physician told Empress to stay in bed and rest. She’s already resting. Then we will wait until she’s better to come and congratulate her. We just hope that she’s healthy and can have another legitimate son. I hope so too. Now the central palace is pregnant again. Now the most important matter in the palace is the wellbeing of Empress and the royal heir. Yes. Noble Consort Jia. Your Majesty. Empress is pregnant and I want to add blessing to blessing. You mentioned before the marriage of Yongcheng. I think Yongcheng is not young anymore. He should marry. You are Yongcheng’s mother. Do you have anyone in mind? You can tell me. Thank you for making plans for Yongcheng. I do have someone suitable. It’s Prince Heyi’s second daughter and Minister Fu Senges daughter. The lady has imperial blood. Child of phoenix and dragon. She’s most suitable to Yongcheng. Child of phoenix and dragon? You really know how to calculate for Yongcheng. You like to climb up in all things. Not putting to shame Yongcheng’s blessing with lucky number four and guardianship from the ancestors. Your Majesty, I misspoke. But I didn’t mean it like that. I just always tell Yongcheng, that with great examples of Your Majesty and Late Emperor, he must work diligently for you. Not to disappoint you. Is that so? Then a few days ago, when Yu envoy came to congratulate me, he mentioned putting Yongcheng as Empress Xiaoxian’s foster son. And was it to work diligently for me too and not disappoint me? Your Majesty, my maiden clan is devoted to you without motive. Just that Empress Xiaoxian only has Princess Hejing left alive. And without a prince to continue her legacy. And Empress Xiaoxian adored Yongcheng especially in her life. She held him to her side day and night. So I said so. Your Majesty, I just don’t understand. 4th prince as Empress Xiaoxian’s foster son? Isn’t that giving 4th prince a legitimacy? Yu clan is begging for that for what? Concubine Ying, what are you instigating? Your Majesty, my maiden clan is devoted and loyal to Great Qing. They hold no ulterior motive. Since Yu clan brought up this plea, the court has not been in peace. Some with motives are trying to decipher what I want. Mentioning the matter of setting a crown prince soon. Your Majesty is in your prime. Why is there a need to set a crown prince so soon? Furthermore, since the time of the late emperor, even if there’s a great choice for king, it’s done so after putting a proper and honest plaque, and only after managing the world on the dragon’s behalf, can the matter commence. In order to prevent the pitiful sight of nine princes fighting for legitimacy during the era of Kangxi. The one who speaks of that is akin to cursing Your Majesty. That person deserves death. Your Majesty, my maiden clan and I never had that intention. Not that intention? Then what did you mean when you wanted Yongcheng to be Empress Xiaoxian’s foster son? What’s the meaning of lucky 4 and lucky 8 too? You want Yongcheng to be Empress Xiaoxian’s foster son. But you should ask Empress Xiaoxian in the next world if she will consent to it. Your Majesty. Since the days of Mulan Hunting Ground, I’ve thought it. Yongcheng wouldn’t commit such a crime of harming the emperor. But today, I see that with you as his mother, Yongcheng committing such a deed isn’t so surprising. Your Majesty. Mulan Grounds. Yongcheng came to your rescue with loyalty. You can’t listen to the rumors of the petty ones. And wrongly accuse me and accuse Yongcheng. I wrongly accuse you? You are calculating with my life on the line! So what if he’s a prince? You create frantic chaos in my harem over and over. What is your intention? I don’t dare to create chaos. It’s Empress. It’s them. They harmed my child. Your Majesty. Yongcheng lost favor. I won’t dare to resent. But Yongxuan is still young. How can they do that? Consort Yu. Yongqi is jealous of Yongcheng’s favor. So he made Yongcheng lose favor and went and harmed Yongxuan too. You dare to say you didn’t do it? You can swear you didn’t? Heaven above, I, Keliyete Hailan, if I harbored intention to harm Noble Consort Jia’s child, I deserve death. And fall to hell after death never to resurrect. Noble Consort Jia, you always say others harmed your sons. Then how about you? Can you swear? Can you swear that you didn’t kill Empress Xiaoxian and her sons. And you didn’t harm Empress, and 5th princess and 6th princess, and Yongqi and I? Can you swear on all that? And Imperial Noble Consort Huixian. Concubine Mei. Concubine Yi. A’Rou. If you never harmed any one of them, you can swear now with your child’s life and the glory of your maiden clan. I … I swear. Your Majesty, Noble Consort Jia doesn’t dare to swear. It seems she did indeed harm them all. Swear. Your Majesty. If I’ve committed a wrong, I shall yield retribution. What retribution? Say it clear. You can’t swear to vouch. How about this then? You tell me. If I, Jin Yuyan, have harmed them, Yu clan will suffer annihilation.
– You whore. I, Jin Yuyan and my children will die wretchedly. You dare to curse my maiden clan? You whore. Pompous.
– Whore. You whore! May your anger be dissipated, Your Majesty. What are you? You dare to harm my heirs and make my harem a chaos. Your Majesty. I make it clear. Don’t you ever think Yongcheng will inherit the reign. Did you hear? Your Highness, His Majesty is so furious. Should we go and dissuade him? His Majesty has been long suspicious of Jin Yuyan and her son, especially the incident at Mulan Grounds. It’s caused havoc to His Majesty’s sound sleep and eating. Now he’s finally venting it out and I don’t think he can be stopped. Li Yi.
– Present. Send my decree. Promote Yongcheng as a Duke. To marry Prince Heyi’s son-in-law Fu Senge’s daughter as his main wife. Your Majesty, why go along with her wish anyway? Starting today, Yongcheng is to be excluded from the royal heirdom and titled as Duke of Lu. Starting today, I no longer ever have such an ingrate son. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. You can’t. Your Majesty, you can’t. Yongcheng is your son. Drag her back to Qixiang Palace and depose her to be a commoner. Confine until death. I no longer wish to see her ever. You can’t depose Yongcheng. You can abandon me but you can’t abandon Yongcheng. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, may your anger be dissipated. Jin Yuyan and her son’s path end here. Your Majesty. Mother. Mother. What happened? 4th prince. His Majesty’s command. Noble Consort Jia is under house arrest and deposed to be a commoner. Starting today, she cannot leave half a step from Qixiang Palace.
– Yongcheng. Come. Bring 4th prince out. No. No, mother. I don’t want to be crown prince. I just want you. Mother. Yongcheng. Yongcheng. Yongcheng. 4th prince, may you hold your dignity. Go. Mother. Mother. Your Majesty. You can abandon me but you can’t abandon your son. Yongcheng. Mother, don’t cry. I’m here. Yongcheng. Yongcheng. Listen to me. I can’t be confined here. I told His Lordship. I’ve told His Lordship that I would make you the crown prince. I can’t disappoint His Lordship. I can’t disappoint His Lordship, Yongcheng. His Lordship? Which Lordship? When is this that you still mention him? All your life, you lived for that man. What about me? What am I to you? Huh? What about me? No. Son. No. Son. Son, come back. Yongcheng. Son. No. Son. Your Lordship. Your Majesty. Yongqi, why are you here? Mother. Today I heard Royal Mother fainted. So I rushed to Yikun Palace but instead heard Royal Father’s fury. He commanded 4th prince to be ousted from royal heirdom. You found out about that too? Then, before the night, your 4th prince went to Duke of Lu’s manor. Did you send him off? I didn’t dare. I heard 4th brother went alone. I heard also that 4th brother is getting married too. This marriage is not a joyful event. They brought upon themselves their retributions. Yongqi, your 3rd brother is not favored and your 4th brother is cast off the royal heirdom. Your royal father cherishes you and you’re also your royal mother’s foster son. Do you know how many eyes are watching you now? Then how should I carry myself? Mother. I hear Royal Mother is pregnant again? Yes. Is it a girl or a boy? Why do you ask that? Does it matter if it’s a girl or a boy? No matter what, the central palace already has a legitimate heir. It’s Yongji. Yongqi, do you know that your eldest brother, your 3rd and 4th brothers. Why they court the fury of your royal father? Because they all coveted the crown seat position? Yongqi, if you want to preserve you and my peace. You must not do as your 4th brother and his mother did. Then, no matter if it’s in treating your father or Yongji, you must be a proper subject. Do not covet. Mother and Royal Mother nurtured me with diligence. It was only for me to be a subject? Yongqi, I wanted you to excel and to be dazzling. It’s because you are your royal father’s extinguished child. But I want you to be appeased and to be content as a subject. It’s to preserve your life and safety. To be loyal to your royal mother. Only if you understand this, that you and I can be preserved. Your teaching, I will heed to heart. It’s nice to be in the autumn. The air is crisp. The best season in the capital is only a few days and no more. It is time to come out to the garden to stroll around. Empress, your fetus if on its 5th month, right? How is your body? Thank you for your concern. I am all well. Jingsi left early. Empress became pregnant right away with this. I sometimes discuss with Empress and we both feel as though Jingsi has returned again. Jingsi is a princess. But Empress seems to have a pointy belly. And she doesn’t seem fatter either. It looks more to be a boy. What does the royal physician say? The royal physician’s court is prudent. Of course they won’t be willing to make an estimate. But I feel that no matter what this fetus is, a girl or a boy, as long as it’s healthy it’s fine. Your Majesty, the astrology office begs your attendance. Astrology office? They are full of sweet talk. Let’s hear what great things they can say. Send him in. Greetings to Your Majesty, to Empress Dowager, to Empress. Speak. What is it? Reporting to Your Majesty, I’ve spectated the night sky. I saw the purple star (emperor’s star) emitting purple light. It’s an auspicious omen. Just in time, Empress is five months pregnant. I calculate that this fetus of Empress, shall be an auspicious heir that upholds the will of the heaven from above and securing the clan’s welfare under him. Noble beyond measure. How sweet to hear. Emperor, the astrology office is usually very accurate too. I hope Empress’s fetus can bring us a blissful omen too. To send the sorrow of the palace to its riddance. If it’s really as you say, I shall reward you handsomely. Thank you, Your Majesty. I take my leave. Emperor, Yongcheng getting married. I hear it’s haphazard. Not many went to attend the wedding. Now, 4th prince and the new main wife are coming to the palace to pay their respect today. You should at least meet them. Royal Mother. I have state affairs to tend to. Empress is pregnant so it’s inconvenient for her as well. He is your real son after all. No matter how many wrongs he committed, you should still preserve some pride of his. Yongcheng is cast out from the royal heirdom. He is not the Duke of Lu. He’s no longer my son. If he should like to come to the palace with his wife to pay respect, he can just go to you and that’s it. Your Majesty, I will send wedding gifts to Yongcheng and the wife. Forget it. Then I won’t see them either. Fujia. Get a set of lucky jade pillows, as token of my care. Yes. [ Jiashe Gate ] Duke, are you heading to see your mother? I won’t go in. How am I supposed to greet the commoner of Yu clan? I can’t go and greet a commoner when I’m a duchess. [ Jiashe Gate ] You were a fine prince with unlimited future.
[ Yongcheng’s wife, Irgen Gioro Clan ] You got instigated by your mother. I can’t call her mother. You are my mother’s daughter-in-law. How can you say that? Today, if it weren’t for greeting His Majesty and Empress Dowager, I wouldn’t have come to the palace and be a laughing stock. [ Jiashe Gate ] It’s true. Without His Majesty’s approval, I can’t go in either. Even if I can go in, I don’t know what to say to mother either. Let’s go. Mistress, drink some medicine. I won’t drink it. I am not worthy to drink medicine from the palace. Mistress. If you don’t drink medicine, your illness may not get better. Where’s Yongcheng? Didn’t he already get married? Why haven’t I seen him bringing his new wife to see me? His Majesty said no one is allowed in Qixiang Palace. Now I just want to see my sons. But His Majesty won’t allow it either. The duchess comes from nobility. I fear she won’t be willing to come see you either. The princes can’t come either. Fine then. A mother like me. It’s their shame. Not seeing me is good too. So I don’t cause trouble to them. Now with my plight. His Lordship isn’t even sending a letter. Your Majesty.
– What is it? Your Majesty, Yu clan’s lord has sent portraits of many women. How did we deal with them before? You don’t know? Yes. Before, we followed your order. And granted them to the various dukes. Not one was kept in the palace. But Your Majesty, Yu clan has already sent portraits for the 4th time. If you are mindful of the Yu clan, but you’ve offended their offer over and over and it seems unfitting as well. Yes, Your Majesty, the Yu clan envoy said, the beauties in the portraits, were all handpicked by the lord of Yu. There’s one among them from Song clan whose beauty is world startling. Your Majesty, please look. Fine then. Keep Song as a noble lady. Send her to live in Yuanming Garden. Not in the palace. Yes. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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