【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 61 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 61 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 61 The weather’s so nice today. Yes. Today is your birthday, Mistress. A great day. His Majesty had the interior bureau send in silver thread noodle since early morning. His Majesty will surely come to our Yongshuo Palace tonight. His Majesty hasn’t come to the harem in quite some time due to the Dzungar matter. His Majesty will surely remember your birthday.
– He will! Lancui, hang some camellia and scented pouch in the hall. His Majesty loves them. Yes, I shall go now. Wanchan, display all the pottery sent in by pottery department. Yes. If His Majesty comes, he will be so happy. Han women, regarding the very round moon, always have unlimited sentiments. But when I spectate the moon, it reminds me of the prairie. The days drinking cow milk wine and dancing around the fire. You miss home. No. I was thinking why I am favored. It’s because I have the Mongolian Barin tribe behind me. That’s nothing unwell. Consort Ling is wishing to birth a son day after day but I never. They all say Consort Ling is favored. But I feel like she’s the most startled. A woman, with only favor, but no dependency. Like a duckweed with no root. That’s why we are not startled but she is. She lacks foundation. That’s why she’s fighting for favor with her life. Tell me, His Majesty favoring us. Is that the same as favoring her? When His Majesty is with us, he likes to drink milk tea and eat grilled sheep meat. He likes to chat about life on the prairie. Consort Ling. She can sing Kun Opera. What’s wrong, Sister? Nothing, just some dizziness. ♫ The pair of mandarin ducks blinking Great. Your newly learned tune? It’s the Palace of Longevity. Two love ducks blinking in the sleepy silver pond. I love that line the most. What you like is different from others. Your Majesty, if I’m the same as others, then you wouldn’t like me anymore. Your temperament. Soft. And understanding and you are thoughtful in serving me. And you’re very good at singing opera. Whenever you sing Kun Opera, I feel so at ease listening. It’s because you like Kun Opera. When Empress and I first met, it was when we heard the opera “Sitting on Horse Head Above the Wall”. Back then, Empress was sassy and opinionated. He took me to sneak out too. To go and watch the scenery together on the fortress wall. You like Head Above Wall, then I will learn it and sing it to you. That’s not needed for that. Yes. I need to go see Empress. You rest up. Your Majesty. Today is my birthday. You won’t spend more time with me? I already spent time with you. Rest up. Your Highness, His Majesty is here. No need to get up. It’s so late but you came. You drank wine? Get a bowl of sobering tonic. Yes. What are you reading? Dream that comes back like spring water. Leisurely missing my hometown. Ruyi, those soldiers at the frontier. And Hengchuo. Will they be dreaming now as well, missing their homeland? You’re worried again about Dzungar matter and High Princess Duanshu’s safety. You should worry no more. The war against Dzungar is something you prepared for a long time. Everyone in the palace is also praying for the war. The Dzungar battle will be victory for sure. And High Princess Duanshu will surely return safely too. By the way, Your Majesty, today, Concubine Ying’s palace sent words that Concubine Ying is pregnant. Really? It’s Concubine Ying’s blessing but a good omen to the palace too. Yes. Good. Have the royal physician care for Concubine Ying well. I will go see her tomorrow. Ruyi. When I come to you, I can finally feel some peace. Peace is good. Spring started and it’s all good news. The court is having victories in succession against Dzungar. It seems we have hope in controlling the northeast. When you win the hearts, you win the world. You are generous in your treatment of entire Dorbo. Duke of Che Ling is putting his utmost in the battle to conquer Dawachi. And Barin Tribe is also assisting the war efforts. Dawachi declared himself the ruler and disrespected our court. Of course he’s lost the trust of the people and only suffers defeat after defeat. Dzungar has sent report. Dawachi has sent letter seeking peace again. What do you think? To beg for peace now is clearly because he’s pressed and he just wants a relief. It wouldn’t be his true intention. If we fall for that cunning measure and go back to the original place, I fear in the future, he will bite us back instead. But Dawachi is using your aunt in his plea. Asking me to be considerate on the account of us being in-laws. Yongqi, I know you are someone who cherishes personal ties. Royal Father, personal ties that come in time deserve generous response. But Dawachi is only seeking for harmony now that he can clearly see his defeat as a way to pacify. If we are still leaning on personal ties, we are just faltering. Alright. Good. Yongqi, compared to before, you have come to a new wisdom and understand outside of personal ties. I am very consoled. The study hall master told me, you don’t resent Yongcheng. You often teach Yongxuan to study and write. You are an example to all princes. 8th Prince has separated from his mother and studies at the academy. I am his older brother and it’s my duty to care for him. Very good. At Yongxuan’s age, he should be learning archery too. It should be Yongcheng who looks after him. But since he’s not focused lately, if you have time, take Yongxuan often to the southern court to ride the horse and shoot arrows. I follow your order.
Hands tight. Pull hard. One, two, three, shoot. You have to pull hard. Again. Grab it. Pull hard. Your eyes on looking forward. Point sharply. Prepare. One, two, three. Yongcheng. Your royal father finally approved you to greet me at Qixiang Palace. Don’t be so gloomy. Mother. I live in the manor outside the palace alone. If someone tries to harm me. You’re a royal prince. Who can harm you and who would dare? When you’re at the academy, you need to look after Yongxuan well. He’s at Xiefang Palace alone. I don’t know if those nannies look after him well. You’re still worried about Yongxuan? He’s very well. Royal Father has Yongqi teaching him riding and archery. What can go wrong? What did you say? Yongqi is teaching him riding and archery? – But Yongqi can’t hold any good intention towards Yongxuan.
– Would you please care about me first? You asked but Baylor Songtai and Deputy Minister of Works wouldn’t let their daughters marry me. I am so embarrassed. Forget it if they don’t want to marry. If it weren’t for us befalling, I will choose the best daughter from my maiden clan. What lord has a Yu woman as their legitimate wife/ I will go beg your royal father to appoint a marriage for you. I’ll see who dares to look down at us. Yongcheng, rile up your energy. We’re not finished. What can we still do? After the first trimester, the fetus is stable. And you’re young indeed. Being pregnant appears to be nothing to you. Royal Physician’s Court estimates your labor to be in July. To go through post partum in the summer does indeed call for more caution. This is my first pregnancy, and I know nothing. I hope Empress and Sister Yu can give me many pointers. In Spring, it is breezy and sandy in the palace. Careful not to catch the chill. In this time, to be caught the chill and having to take medication wouldn’t be good for the baby. Yes. Empress is right. I just don’t know, if I am pregnant with a prince or a princess. Prince or Princess, it doesn’t matter. The entire clan of Barin is working hard in the Dzungar war. His Majesty favors you so much as well. Consort Yu and I are both so happy for you. Fu’ger. Careful. Don’t let them see you. Greetings to Empress. Greetings to Noble Consort Jia. Same. Look, it’s Concubine Ying. You’re pregnant now and your body looks heavier. You shouldn’t stroll around aimlessly. I don’t know what’s in that belly. If you fall or bump into something, you would be happy for nothing. If you have the spare time, you should manage your son more. So he doesn’t worry His Majesty. You think His Majesty values you Barin tribe because of the war with Dzungar. But our Yu clan has assisted Great Qing for long time. We are much more loyal than you Barin. So loyal but His Majesty still doesn’t seem to care for you or 4th prince. I can see then it’s not the fault of the Yu clan. It’s you and the son’s error. Come, leash him. Noble Consort Jia, I thought you were ill. You should still in Qixiang Palace instead of causing disturbance out here. I know your 5th princess is precious. She got rattled by the dog’s bark and her heart disease appeared. Just that a kid like that is useless to be born. Only to worry her parents for nothing. Whore. You dare to hit me? Mouth full of cursing. I will teach you a lesson on behalf of Empress and Emperor. Noble Consort Jia, you not teaching your own kid is one thing. But you can’t even teach your animal well. And spewing out nonsense all over here. Let’s go see His Majesty now. I’ll see how he treats you when he finds out you cursed 5th Princess. Don’t threaten me with the emperor. Noble Consort Jia must hate this group so much. Hating is useless. Noble Consort Jia and the son lost favor. What can they do? Those who’ve lost favor are most prone to going mad. She’s got that crazy dog and who knows what he will do. Yongqi snatched Yongcheng’s favor. I will watch clearly. Just how long you and the son can enjoy your favor. This slap. I shall remember. You should remember the slap so you can remember the teaching. Are you alright? Concubine Ying, you’re pregnant. You needn’t calculate with Noble Consort Jia. Go rest. I understand. The tiger’s fallen and gets bullied by the dog! His Majesty bullies me. And that Concubine Ying dares to bully me too because she’s pregnant. And that Concubine Ying, what’s the big deal with pregnancy? You birthed the most princes in this palace. It makes me furious. But Yongcheng. Yongcheng’s dejected. And Yongxuan is dumb. Everyone has highs and downs. After things turn around a bit, His Majesty will like 4th prince again. I don’t want to drink it. You have the most royal princes. You needn’t worry. Yes, I don’t fear. I don’t. If Yongcheng won’t fare, I’ve still got Yongxuan, and if that doesn’t fare either, I’ve still got Yongxin. I’ve got nothing to fear. After I get over this bump and catch my breath, watch how I will teach that Concubine Ying. This young horse is a new, you have to raise it well. Yes. Tomorrow His Majesty has ordered all the princes to come and ride and do archery. Everyone be careful now. This young horse is prepared for 8th prince. Make sure you check the horse shoe. You can’t be careless. Yes. Our bodies and hair are inherited from our parents. We don’t dare to damage them. That’s the way of filial piety. Carry your actions devoted to the way. Mother, how do you read this? You’ve learned this passage so many times already. How is it that you still can’t remember? When your 4th prince was your age, he was so much smarter. You only know about playing all day laughing with Yongqi. Careful he might harm you. 5th brother is so good to me. Dumb child. Come. Yongxuan. Remember what I tell you. Now that your 4th brother is living outside the palace, you’re the eldest among my kids. You must study harder than ever. So you can help your 4th prince ascend the crown prince seat in the future. What’s a crown prince? Just know it. Don’t ask. Continue reading.
– To the way. Greetings to Noble Consort Jia and 8th prince. What brings you here? His Majesty has gifted a young horse to 8th prince. He says to run the horse at the southern court right away. Great! I can go learn horseback riding. Remember what I said. Go. Thank you, Mother. Yongxuan. Careful when you ride the horse. Mistress, we should go back too. Yongxuan, sit tight. Keep your legs clamped down by the horse’s belly. Try and let him run slowly. Don’t be afraid. Yes, like that. Sit upright. Try and hold the horse leash and you can ride alone soon. Clamp your legs by the belly of the horse. Hard. Yongxuan. Yongxuan. Yongxuan. 8th prince.
– Brother. Are you alright? Get up, 8th brother. Are you alright? 5th brother, my leg. 8th brother. Hurry. Take him to Xiefang Hall. Hurry. Get the royal physician. Get him to Xiefang Hall. Go report to Royal Father and Royal Mother. Get the physician. Hurry and get the physician. Though spring has started it’s still chilly at night. Yongqi doesn’t seem to be aware of cold or hot. Don’t let him freeze. You’re thorough. You made the clothes for Yongrong before. Sister Chun still talks about it. They are all children. I want to look after them. But Concubine Ying is young and spirited. And she’s from a noble family and she’s pregnant as soon as she is favored. She is unforgiving in her speech. Her temperament, I fear will make her suffer. We should go talk to her when we have time. Empress. Empress. 8th prince is in a bad.
– What happened? 8th prince is learning to ride the horse. But somehow he fell off the horse and passed out from the pain. How are the servants watching him? Who else was there? 5th prince. 5th prince was there too?
– Yes 5th prince. 5th prince was closest to 8th prince and tried to rescue but he didn’t get to in time. That horse acted like it was crazy. No one could stop him.
– Sister. Don’t worry yet. Where’s Yongxuan? He’s back at Xiefang Hall. Right now the royal physicians are treating him urgently. You go ask Noble Consort Jia to go to Xiefang Hall. Let’s go. Yes. My leg.
– Yongxuan. Careful. I know. Yongxuan. Yongxuan. How is Yongxuan? 8th prince’s leg bone is broken. We are treating him now. Please wait. Leg bone is broken? My leg. It’s you. You harmed Yongxuan. Mother Jia, it’s my fault. I failed to protect 8th brother. Yongxuan is still your little brother. How could you? How could you? Noble Consort Jia. Yongqi.
– Noble Consort Jia. It must be you. You told Yongqi to harm Yongxuan. Noble Consort Jia, you can’t speak so ridiculously. If you’ve got business, come to me. Don’t take it out on my son. That’s no win! Mother Jia, this is my fault. It’s not my mother or royal mother’s fault. Noble Consort Jia, you better make yourself clear. I make myself clear? I want to ask clearly. Why was the horse startled of all times, when it was Yongqi teaching Yongxuan how to ride? Why was it Yongqi who was closest to him when Yongxuan got hurt? How is he clear of suspicion? Yongqi was teaching Yongxuan how to ride so naturally he was the closest. What can he actually do with all eyes watching? You’re Yongqi’s foster mother. Of course you take his side. Yongqi is not so noble to teach Yongxuan horseback riding. It must be Yongqi making the horse startled on purpose. Yongqi not only snatched Yongcheng’s favor. He’s come now to harm Yongxuan too. If something happens to Yongxuan, I will never forgive all of you. Noble Consort Jia, if you believe I am biased because I’m Yongqi’s foster mother, you wouldn’t feel appeased that I manage this matter. As for whether Yongqi is involved, I and Consort Yu will not ask about it. We will put it all to His Majesty’s management. Sanbao.
– Present. Go drag the servants today from the horseback riding to the punishment department for interrogation. The results of the interrogations must be reported to His Majesty all without bias. Yes. Greetings to Empress, to Mistresses, to Prince. How is 8th prince? 8th prince’s leg is broken. I fed him medicine and tied a board to him. He shouldn’t be moved easily for the time being. Yongxuan. Yongxuan. Yongxuan. Royal Physician Bao, 8th prince is still young. There’s no allowance for any miss. You must treat him with all diligence. So it doesn’t leave any lasting effect. Yes, I will work with all diligence. Royal Mother. Mother, I did fail to watch 8th brother. But I never intended to harm him. Hurry and get up. I know that naturally that you wouldn’t do such a thing. Yongqi, this matter will be left for your father to investigate. He will find out the truth. You needn’t worry too much. [ Yangxin Hall ] 8th prince’s fall from the horse is being linked to 5th prince and Consort Yu. And it may be linked to Empress as well. His Majesty has instructed you and me to investigate. We must do this diligently. Let me take a look at the paddocks. This, this and this. Everything must be cleaned thoroughly. You must wipe with detail. Who’s in charge Sir Ling, it’s me. Where’s the beast that harmed 8th prince Hes’ chained up in the horse stall. Without order, we don’t dare to make a move. You go look at the horse. Xiao Shunji, take them to the horse stall. Yes. Where’s the saddle and the bridle? I’ve taken off the saddle. It’s right here. Sir Ling, this is the saddle from the horse that harmed 8th prince. You go. Mother, it hurts. It hurts so much. Bear it, my good son. It will be better soon. Mistress, the medicine’s done. Come, son, drink the medicine. This medicine is so bitter. Mother, I don’t want to drink it anymore. Good son, this is medicine to mend our bone. You have to drink this to get better. Greetings to Empress. Get on up. What brings the empress here? I boiled some bone soup to help his bone recover. I hope Yongxuan can heal quickly. Noble Consort Jia, what was that? Nothing. I just don’t want to be harmed again by someone. Don’t frame Empress now. I don’t dare. I and my son want to live longer. Empress is here, but I don’t see Consort Yu. Her son harmed my son but she wants to hide forever? Consort Yu is praying at Anhua Hall for Yongxuan. Is she praying or is she cursing? Only you two know. Noble Consort Jia, I know you ache for your son. So I am being extra merciful with your words and actions. But until the matter is clearly investigated, you are not allowed to defame others again. Empress, whatever you said, I will listen to. But Yongxuan only needs His Majesty to come visit now. You needn’t come again. Come, son, drink up the rest of the medicine. So our injury can heal quickly so the evil ones don’t feel so giddy watching you. That Noble Consort Jia shuns you so much. It’s not like you had 8th prince get on the horse. Noble Consort Jia shuns Yongqi so naturally she shuns me too. But Yongxuan is pitiful too. His leg, for a full recovery, might be hard. Greetings to Empress. Get on up. How the investigation? The punishment bureau used all the tortures they could. But nothing came out. I think it was the servant who failed to protect 8th prince properly. As for the punishment, we need you and Emperor’s direction. You go and find out more and report to His Majesty. Yes. Sir Ling. May I speak to you in private? Yes. Please! Eunuch Li, please go ahead and speak frankly. From your speaking just now, did you discover something in the paddocks? Or you wouldn’t have said such certain words. I won’t keep it from you. In the saddle, I found this. Making a scene in the saddle? Yes. This silver needle was hidden under the leather. When you sit on the horse long, the silver needle will puncture through the leather and puncture the back of the horse. The horse was in pain and threw a tantrum. But you can’t find a wound on him, so this was a very cunning move. 8th prince is the royal prince. Who’d dare? Sir Ling, you suppose — Eunuch Li, you suppose — I can’t guess who. But I was thinking, this matter is linked to 5th prince. 5th prince, if he can’t clear the suspicion, Mistress Yu will be linked as well. And Empress will have dirty water poured on her as well. Yes. Eunuch Li has served His Majesty long. You are thorough. I agree with your estimate. No matter what, we must not let Empress be linked. Also, everyone in life, will have times when they get trampled on. Yes. His Majesty instructed you to investigate thoroughly. Whatever you found is what I found. We are in complete unison. His Majesty’s grace is generous. To cause injury to his royal sentiment. Indeed. Also, Consort Jia’s temperament. No need for us to offend those who are gracious to us over her. The matters of the palace cannot be so clear. The more you investigate the more complex. I think this matter ends here. No one gets hurt. You made so many delicious things. Sit. I won’t spare then. Today’s matter. I’ve added to your trouble. What do you mean? What trouble? I know it’s hard for you to get things out from the palace. But you must tell me, why did you have me come bring a saddle in this late night? This item will just be trouble if it stayed in the palace. Trouble? Don’t regard me a fool. When I sneaked out the saddle, I heard it all. This is the saddle form 8th prince’s horse. Is it related to 8th prince falling off the horse? Quiet. Let me remind you. His Majesty told you to investigate this. Don’t hide anything from him or you might get burned. Forget it. I know it. No. Zhao Jiuxiao. So many years and I finally realize you’re sharp. Hey, even a fool knows. 8th prince fell off the horse and the closet to him was 5th prince so he’s the most suspicious one. Noble Consort Jia’s 4th prince is fighing for favor with Consort Yu’s 5th prince. Then that strife’s been set in years. If 5th prince is suspected, then it means Consort Yu and Empress are both suspicious too. Empress wouldn’t do such a thing ever. I can’t let Empress be engulfed in such suspicion. Even if it’s just rumors or suspicion, they will still hurt her position in the palace. With just that, they can’t even investigate. At any rate, I don’t want to add trouble to Empress. So you want to make this just an accident? Fine. Accident is fine. That Noble Consort Jia is lacking in merit anyway. So many are waiting to laugh at her. Even if I continue to investigate, I am hurting the royal family’s foundation. It’s better not to investigate and quit here. Look at you. I realize you’re getting better at protecting yourself. No wonder you got promoted so fast. You’re quite the popular man by His Majesty. You. Look at me though. I am just loafing around in Kunning Palace all my life. The girl I love won’t even look at me straight once. Stop there. Brother Jiuxiao, you’re still smitten by Maiden Lancui. You’re what’s called, bitten by the horse once and forever scared. Lancui doesn’t like me and it’s fine. I just want to gaze her from afar and it’s fine. Yes, to see her well is appeasing you. I just wish that she will never be hurt. Who? Who are you talking about? Drink wine. Toast. Food is here. It seems Brother Jiuxiao you’ve got someone you like. Which maiden from which family? Should I have a matchmaker go ask? Sister-in-law, don’t joke with me now. I am not as lucky as Brother Ling. Look at this nice thing you brought back. It’s just my work things. Let me put it aside.
– No need. I will take care of it. Brother Jiuxiao and I have more to talk. The food and wine is enough. You can go rest first. Fine. You guys take your time. Sister-in-law, your food is so great. Come again if you want to eat more. Come. Jiuxiao, wait for me in the yard. I will be right out. Yes. Let’s go. What is this? Why aren’t you sleeping yet, Your Majesty? I am worried about Yongxuan’s injury. Such a young child. And his leg is wasted. How pitiful. Yes. At the time, 5th prince was right by 8th prince. He should’ve been more watchful and the guards were even more useless. Ling Yunche and Li Yu went to investigate. This horse was never completely tamed. So it caused Yongxuan to fall off the horse as an accident. I hope it really was an accident. Why do you say that? I heard the servants talk wildly. That 5th prince and 4th prince didn’t get along. So at the paddocks, he didn’t watch 8th prince well. To let him fall and be injured on purpose. This kind of talk, only Noble Consort Jia will heed. I am very well aware of the kind of child Yongqi is. Yongcheng was never kind to him. But Yongqi never resented to me. That child is so peaceful but he’s being suspected. I feel pity. Enough. I already told you it was wild talk by the servants. Your Majesty, don’t take it to heart. Though that Noble Consort Jis thinks a lot. Maybe she orchestrated this. And had 8th prince as her pawn to instigate 5th prince. That way, there’s opportunity for her 4th prince. To injure one son in exchange for the future of another son. Noble Consort Jia isn’t incapable of it. Stop unruly thoughts. Yes. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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