【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 6 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 6 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

♫ The sounds from the sheng and xiao die away in the distance, in the sparse, declining light ♫
(T/N reed instrument made of vertical pipes; end-blown flute) ♫ Memories of my past, my companions in youth. ♫ ♫ Over boundless years, old affairs have become difficult to recall. ♫ ♫ I’ve used a lifetime of truth to put up a pretense. ♫ ♫ Parting without opening these cupped hands full of tears. ♫ ♫ Clears my vision and permits me to resist ♫ ♫ Perhaps when targeted by love it is not wise to separate ♫ ♫ The morning wind can not dispel the aftermath. ♫ ♫ Whose hidden tears made the blooming flowers blush, ♫ ♫ And in the desolate and dreary torrential storms to painfully droop low, ♫ ♫ Unwilling to blossom again alone? ♫ ♫ The coming day belongs to the young. ♫ ♫ As the glimmer of dawn becomes again the setting sun. ♫ ♫ Who is this person who does not sleep soundly in the middle of the night? ♫ ♫Sitting and watching the autumn wind puff out and penetrate the palace curtains. ♫ ♫One strand held in remembrance, shackling sentiment and concern. ♫ ♫ Always submerged in the fragrant incense of fleeting time ♫ Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 6 Miss A’ruo, don’t be angry. Look. This time, all are high-quality products. Very pretty silk fabrics. This color, that color, all are as pretty as you. I will deliver them immediately. These items are indeed more acceptable. Our Mistress is of the Consort position. – Even if the phoenix’s feathers got pecked for a moment, His Majesty cares for her.
– Yes, yes. In an instant, she can fly into the rosy clouds. That’s right. Why don’t you use your brain? – It’s Gugu Sulian. (T/N maid of higher seniority or age)
– What does it mean for His Majesty to only gift our Mistress this signboard? “Cautious, praise, reputable, sound!” This “sound” refers to our Mistress’ marriage with His Majesty. That’s right. Absolutely right. Okay, Elder Sister, we should leave. His Majesty treats our Mistress differently from the rest. Open your eyes. Elder Sister, don’t say anymore. I don’t like this. I insist on letting them know. Don’t look down on us. We definitely wouldn’t dare! Let’s go. Okay then. Gugu Sulian. I will deliver the items later. Is a plaque worth talking about it? So short-sighted. Gugu Sulian, what instructions do you have? – Really?
– Definitely. The attending maid, A’ruo, personally said that. These past days, His Majesty seems to rarely pay attention to Consort Xian. He must be holding out his heart for her. His Majesty hardly goes to Yanxi Palace. Most of time, he’s taking care of the Empress Dowager. Informing Your Highness, the Noble Consort is here.
[ Zhao Yitai ] Let her in. Yes. Your Highness the Noble Consort, Her Highness the Empress will see you. Please. Greetings to Your Highness the Empress. – Rise.
– Thank you, Your Highness. – Sit.
– Yes. It has been snowing and the weather is cold. You are afraid of the cold. You are even wearing wool. I have always have poor qi and blood deficiency. (T/N internal energy; poor circulation) Once it’s winter, I can’t take the cold. – You are young. You should take good care of your health
– Yes. and provide His Majesty with a son. Yes. Lianxin. There is a fox fur in the storeroom which was presented as tribute by General Jilin. Go and get it. Your Highness dotes on me. All of the Imperial physicians have been diligently attending to me too. I can only blame myself for this blessing. His Majesty only has three princes at his knee. How I hope you will give birth to His Majesty’s and my first-born prince after he has ascended to the throne. Even if I risk my life, it will be hard to repay your care and love. I have known you for many years. I regard you as my real younger sister. Lianxin, give this to the Noble Consort. As the old saying goes, “The highest grade is a black fox, second-best a sable, third a marten”. The fur is dark black. There are also brushes of silver on top. It must be very expensive. Whatever I give you, no matter how good it is, it’s only just a gift. How could this be better than the inscribed plaque now hanging in the palace hall of Consort Xian? It’s personally written by His Majesty. What plaque? I heard that His Majesty personally wrote some characters for Consort Xian. She made it into a plaque and even announced to everyone about His Majesty’s interest in her. From what I can see, if His Majesty wants to bestow this calligraphy to be hanged somewhere, he should hang it in Her Highness the Empress and Noble Consort’s palaces first. How could it be with her? Isn’t she just relying on the fact that she almost became the First Wife before? In those days back then, entering the residence, she was exactly the same as I was. How can she be compared to Your Highness the Empress? Technically speaking, it’s also common for His Majesty to bestow his calligraphy. It’s just that this Consort Xian is publicizing it. She’s really annoying. I just don’t believe it. Is it that difficult to get a plaque? Your Highness, I’m taking my leave first. – Go then.
– Yes. The Noble Consort’s temper is still so bad. What Mother said is right. We need to check and maintain the balance among the consorts and concubines too. Noble Consort is here. Be careful, the steps are rather slippery. What is His Majesty doing? He had an afternoon nap. When he woke up, he evaluated the memorials. Currently, His Majesty is inside with those pipa musicians from the South Office. South Office’s pipa musicians? Xiyue, you are here. Greetings to Your Majesty. Rise. Come and sit here. I wanted to listen to the pipa performance with you, but it’s cold out there and I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to take it. I want you to nurse your health. You seem much better today. I’m weak. With Your Majesty’s concern, I’m feeling much better. This hand is still so cold. – Wang Qin.
– Here. Tell them to bring two more braziers here, Yes. Your Majesty is in good health. Won’t Your Majesty feel cold with me sitting next to you? You were over there just now listening to them play the pipa. What do you think of their performance? Is there no one else in Nanfu (the South Office) who can play the pipa now? Choosing them to come here for His Majesty’s appreciation, aren’t they afraid they will foul His Majesty’s ears? We are not skillful enough. May Your Highness the Noble Consort forgive us. – Rise, everyone.
– Thank you, Your Majesty. Xiyue, if we talk about playing pipa, you are at the national level. Because you are not here, I’m listening to their performance to pass the time. Does Nanfu Music Academy now use pipas with ivory inlay like this? My skills are not good enough. I didn’t want to insult His Majesty’s ears, so I chose the best pipa to compensate for it. Moxin. If you don’t have any real talent, even if you played Southern Tang Queen Zhou the Elder’s shaocao pipa, (T/N Zhou Ehuang, virtuoso wife of Li Yu; pipa made from burned fortune paulownia wood) you would only ruin it. Good! In terms of playing pipa, there is indeed no one who can beat you. My hands today are cold and a bit dry. I’m not used to using another person’s instrument, so that tune wasn’t as good as my usual. Your Majesty, please don’t mind it. It’s already very good. – Wang Qin.
– I’m here. I remember that the general from Jilin has given some black fox fur as tribute. I gave one to the Empress. As for the second one, give it to the Noble Consort. Okay. Your Highness the Noble Consort, His Majesty dotes on you the most. What a coincidence. Earlier, Her Highness the Empress also gave me a black fox fur. Looks like good things are fated to end up in my hands. The Empress is virtuous, of course she treats you very well. It’s just that my good intentions are a bit more than hers. Wang Qin, send that black fox fur to Inner Palace and have them make it into a dress before delivering to Xianfu Palace. I will obey. – Thank you, Your Majesty.
– You all can leave now. Yes. Your hands are still so cold. When I’m with you, I’m not afraid of the cold anymore. Say, can you all be a bit smarter? In front of Her Highness the Noble Consort, don’t try to show off. Quickly go back. You think you played so well? After seeing Her Highness the Noble Consort, you got stunned and lost to her, right? What we’re competing about isn’t on that matter. Your Majesty, you indeed favor Consort Xian more, while your doting on me is just fake. Only you say such words. I rarely visit Consort Xian. How then do I not love you? I heard that Your Majesty especially wrote a passage and made it into an inscribed board that you gifted her. It’s probably impossible for me to expect such kind of loving affection from you. It’s because her Yanxi Palace is so simple, that’s why I gifted her an inscribed board. How can it compare to your Xianfu Palace? The signs for ‘Painting Meditation Room’ on the eastern side and the sign ‘Qin (Zither) Virtue’ western side room were personally written by me. Because you love zithers, I gifted you the Song dynasty’s “Singing Phoenix” qin and the Ming dynasty’s “Paradise of Immortal Music” qin to admire and play with. What else do you want? Xianfu Palace indeed has everything already. But it lacks one personally-written inscribed sign from Your Majesty. Your Majesty, since it was just an informal calligraphy, why don’t you gift one to me and Her Highness the Empress too, so that we won’t feel envious? Just with this one thing, you still have to compete? Your Majesty and Consort Xian have mutual affection. With me, don’t you have any? Fine. I’ll gift you and the Empress one too. I am also allowing you two to convert it into an inscribed sign and hang at your main receiving hall. Are you satisfied now? I am. Your Majesty is the most considerate. [ Virtuous, respectful, gentle, and submissive ] Your Majesty, I’ve already escorted Her Highness the Noble Consort back to her palace. Your Majesty is really generous toward the Imperial harem. But Your Majesty, I’m slow-witted. I think that all of your writing looks good. Why must Your Majesty still choose the best among so many writings? That’s your opinion. Li Yu, what is yours? I am slow-witted. I think that Your Majesty’s favor spreads throughout the six harem palaces. Yanxi Palace already has one. These eleven are equal graces for the rest of the six palaces. You are smart. Empress’ Changchun Palace will have ‘Respectfully cultivates the principles of a wife’. Noble Consort’s Xianfu Palace will get ‘Wonderful union of excitement and virtue’. For Yikun Palace, it’s ‘Virtuous, respectful, gentle, and submissive’. Your Majesty once wanted Consort Xian to live in Yikun Palace. This ‘Virtuous, respectful, gentle, and submissive’ pertains to the ‘yi’ word in Consort Xian’s taboo name. Jingren Palace is ‘Praising a virtuous palace chamber’. Jingren Palace also has one? Your Majesty, the Empress once said that the palace should cut down on its expenses. We shouldn’t repair palaces without anyone living in them. Are we then still hanging the inscription board for Jingren Palace? What? Are you that obedient to the Empress? I…dare not. I listen to Your Majesty’s orders. Your Majesty, even thought Her Highness the Empress promotes controlling the flow of money, Her Highness surely won’t disobey Your Majesty’s intentions. You are very quick-witted and eloquent. I’ll hand you the task of converting these eleven phrases into inscription boards. Yes. Leave. – Wang Qin.
– I’m here. What time is it? It’s time for the flipping of the name plate. The eunuch from Jingshi Office is already outside waiting for you. (T/N House of Respectful Affairs) In that pipa troupe being sent by the South Office lately, that lady who carries a phoenix neck pipa… That pipa musician of South Office called Bai Ruiji? Bring her here. Yes. I’ll go do it right away. Sister, are you dong reciting the Buddhist scriptures for Her Highness who once lived in Jingren Palace? You clearly knew that I’m going to recite scriptures to my auntie, yet you didn’t leave. Sister, we’ve been together for so many years. If we can only share the glory but not the humiliations, what does that count? Let’s go. Why is your hand so cold. Your hand warmer is also just slightly warm. Yexin, why didn’t you change the charcoal? The charcoal in our chamber isn’t even enough to make a brazier. How can it be enough for Mistress to use in her hand warmer? Because we’re going out, we were forced to burn one. Hai Lan is a First Class Attendant. She indeed can’t use hongluo charcoal. (T/N “red basket” wood charcoal) But based on the distribution of ten jin of charcoal every day, that should be enough for use. (T/N 5 kg/11 LB) Mistress Xian, allow me to speak. Although Her Highness the Empress’ promoting austerity is out of good intention, after the supply of charcoal was halved, Noble Consort kept complaining that her palace wasn’t warm enough. She then reduced the supply of my mistress for her own use. Even the rooms of her servants are warmer than Mistress’. – Yexin.
– This Noble Consort is too much. It will get colder the next few days. What will you do? Sister, don’t escalate this matter anymore. Noble Consort is currently distressed on having nothing to bully me about. Don’t worry, I will take good care of myself. Once the Inner Palace distributes the charcoal, I will send someone to secretly deliver some to you. Let’s go. [ Yangxin Palace Hall ] Go to the adjacent room to take a bath first. This weather just suddenly turned cold. Her Highness the Empress is currently washing up and fixing herself. May you all wait for a while. Last night, there was cold wind blowing all night. Don’t know if I heard it wrong, but there seems to have been the sound of a Phoenix-Luan Spring Favor Carriage that went by the long road. You didn’t hear it wrong. The sound of that carriage was so loud. Everyone heard it. Last night, His Majesty didn’t flip any name plate. Who then did this Phoenix-Luan Spring Favor Carriage fetch? Your Highness the Noble Consort, did His Majesty miss you so much that he had you fetched? An act like that that’s against palace rules and so secretive, of course it would not be me. When a golden hairpin falls into the well, there naturally will be someone that will hurriedly go to pick it. Let’s just wait and see. Her Highness the Empress is here. Quickly wake Sister up. Mistress. Greetings to Your Highness the Empress. May you be safe and sound. Rise. Sit. Thank you, Your Highness the Empress. Earlier, I heard that you all were chatting so happily. Is there any fun thing? Your Highness the Empress, we were talking about a funny thing earlier. His Majesty didn’t turn any name plate last night, but how come the Phoenix-Luan Spring Favor Carriage was moving along the main street. Don’t know what is the reason behind it. So it’s this matter. This is actually a fortunate event for all of us. We have a new little sister to accompany us. A new little sister? Before you arrived here earlier, His Majesty has already sent the Jingshi Office to promulgate his decree. Lady Bai from the South Office has been conferred as Daying Mei. (T/N Second Class Attendant, 8th rank) He already granted her to live in Yonghe Palace. South Office? Isn’t that… Technically speaking, the Noble Consort has seen her. I heard that she’s a musician who’s good in playing pipa. Yesterday, I indeed met a few musicians. There is one who was the prettiest. She plays the phoenix-neck pipa. But at that time, His Majesty was even complaining how poorly she had played. It’s not important if she played the pipa well or not. It’s enough to win His Majesty’s liking. What kind of low-class a musician is this? Is she qualified to be treated as the same level as we are? Moreover, His Majesty is still in mourning right now. Noble Lady Jia, you should practice propriety in your speech and actions. Yes. I understand. No matter what, Second Class Attendant Mei is the first imperial concubine that His Majesty took in after ascending to the throne. As long as His Majesty likes it, no one should make additional comments. I only have one message. Harmony in the six palaces must be maintained. If anyone dares to be jealous and scheming, I won’t tolerate it. I will strictly remember your teachings. Royal Mother, a fresh cow’s milk tea. Drink it while it’s hot. Fawning on me like this, do you admit your mistake? I took in Second Class Attendant Mei while still in mourning. I was indeed too impatient. Sit. While in the mourning period, one mustn’t have songs, dances, and women. But for an Emperor’s mourning period, the months are converted into days. Being in the royal family, one must put more consideration on having descendants. As Emperor, you only have three sons and one daughter. It is indeed few. Emperor Shengzu had so many children, (T/N=his grandfather, the Kangxi Emperor reigned 61 years…) it’s really such an enviable feat. I got it. You indeed have a small harem. Other than Empress and Chun Pin, all have no children. (T/N Imperial Concubine Chun, Su Lüyun) You can’t blame me for feeling anxious on your behalf. But regarding Second Class Attendant Mei, it won’t sound well if this gets out. Just skip the conferment ceremony. Just reward her more. I will remember every word that you have said. You went to Anhua Palace Hall yesterday? Yes. I heard that you accompanied Consort Xian to go there. Very well. You accompany Consort Xian in doing anything. Did she go to Anhua Palace Hall to pray for a child? No. Your Highness the Noble Consort, Sister Consort Xian just loves to recite Buddhist scriptures. Pretending to be so religious. Don’t know what she really is praying about. While you, you surely have inappropriate thoughts, right? I dare not. You dare not? Okay. Since you have such pure heart and few desires, you love to go to Anhua Palace Hall to pray, why don’t you make some five-colored Buddhist scripture streamers on my behalf and bring them there with you. Yes. May I ask Your Highness the Noble Consort when do you need it done? Tomorrow morning. To show your sincerity, go to the courtyard now and start making it. Have to trouble you then. Yes. I’ll take my leave. Mistress, be careful. Your Highness the Noble Consort. First Class Attendant Hai, do it faster. Or else, if you don’t finish it by tomorrow morning and cause a delay in our mistress’ future, I fear that you can’t bear the consequences. Your Highness the Noble Consort, it’s already nighttime and the weather has grown colder. The hands of my mistress are shaking so much. Can you add another stove by the side? Making a Buddhist scripture streamer is a sacred thing. How can you lose focus just because you’re greedy for some warmth? Moreover, a brazier may easily burn the scripture streamer. It’s not right to put it beside you. What Your Highness the Noble Consort said is indeed right. Xingxuan, stay behind and attend to First Class Attendant Hai well. Yes. Come, Mistress. Good thing you’re done making the scripture streamer. [ Xiangyun ] Xiangyun, go get some ginger soup. Yes. It’s still cold. Wufu! Yes. Go and make up some more braziers. [ Wufu ]
Mistress, Her Highness Noble Consort didn’t supply us any coal. Those from Her Highness the Consort Xian aren’t enough anymore. What’s going on? Before, it was just reducing. Now, she’s not giving us anything anymore. How come it’s like this? Mistress, how about I go tell Her Highness the Consort Xian about this? Don’t go. If Sister learns about this, she will get worried again. You all mustn’t go. But Mistress, how are we going to survive our future days? Mistress, drink some ginger soup. Her Highness the Empress has made the order. The charcoal supply of the six harem palaces is reduced to half. Then that’s six hundred jin of black charcoal, and one hundred fifty jin of hongluo charcoal. (T/N 1 jin=.5 kg=1.1 lb) Correct. – How about it? Is it complete?
– It’s complete. Mistress, I’m done verifying the charcoal numbers from the Inner Palace. They are outside.
[ Sanbao ] Like before, secretly deliver some to First Class Attendant Hai. – Remember that it must be black charcoal.
– Yes. First Class Attendant Hai’s status forbids her from using any hongluo charcoal. Hongluo charcoal’s smoke is white and people can immediately identify it. There is indeed not much with black charcoal. I understand. I will deliver them during the time that the Noble Consort goes out to pay her respects and do it every several days, so as not to attract attention. Also take her a few good winter clothes from those new clothes sent by the Inner Palace too. Yes. Mistress, you are really caring towards First Class Attendant Hai, always worrying about her. Hai Lan and I can really get along. Taking care of each other is just proper. Oh right, how did the sending of gifts to Yonghe Palace go? Following your order, I delivered two rolls of flower-designed fabric to there. Who knew that Yonghe Palace is quite lively right now? Noble Lady Jia and Noble Lady Yi have both given her gifts. Even Noble Consort Hui has sent a lot of gifts. The clothes that Second Class Attendant Mei was wearing were even more luxurious than Noble Lady Yi. Mistress. I already followed your instructions and delivered some gifts to Second Class Attendant Mei. It’s good that she has received the gifts. How do you find her appearance? [ Qian Shuangxi ] His Majesty was the one who picked her, so she surely can’t be bad. Say it again. No…I didn’t dare to lift my head up to look at her. She looks ordinary. I reckon that His Majesty just had a moment of interest and it will be gone soon. – Get up.
– Yes. You’ve improved a lot. I was fortunate to be taught by Your Majesty. I just find it a bit strange. Her Highness the Noble Consort has unrivaled skills in playing the pipa. I am far inferior from her. How come Your Majesty likes to listen to me playing instead? Your pipa can’t be considered exquisite and unrivaled, but after my advice, you improved a lot. I also get to have a sense of being a good teacher. So Your Majesty likes to train people. But with you around, I don’t need Noble Consort to frequently come here and play her pipa. So Your Majesty doesn’t like Noble Consort frequently being by your side. Look at how light your mouth and thin your tongue is. (T/N hasty and rude) You dare to criticize the Noble Consort? Come over here. After getting conferred as Second Class Attendant, you haven’t visited the Empress. Once the snow has stopped falling, go to the Empress’ palace and pay your respects. No need to wait for the snow to stop. If you want me to go, I’ll go tomorrow. Be careful of the slippery roads. Second Class Attendant Mei is here! I, Second Attendant Lady of the Bai Clan from Yonghe Palace, greet Your Highness the Empress. Empress, may you always be worry-free. Get up. Sit. Thank you, Your Highness the Empress. I thought it’s some unrivaled beauty. She’s just ordinary. In terms of beauty here in the harem, you’re number one. Who dares compete with you? I should have come earlier to visit Your Highness the Empress. But it has been snowing hard these past days, hence, I was only able to come today. It’s enough that you had the intention. From now on, we all are going to see each other every day. You will learn that everyone is easy to get along with. Second Class Attendant Mei, that one is Her Highness the Noble Consort Hui. This one is Her Highness the Consort Xian. Her Highness Imperial Concubine Chun. Noble Lady Jia. Noble Lady Yi. First Class Attendant Hai. Second Class Attendant Wan. I greet all Elder Sisters and wish you good health. Not only are we easy to get along with, His Majesty really dotes on you. The one you’re wearing is made from the warm satin sent as tribute from Jiangning, right? Noble Lady Jia, you have got good eyesight. It’s not that my eyesight is good. It’s just that you seem to be dressed too thinly. I was afraid that you’d feel cold. But this warm fabric dress is very rare. Even Her Highness the Empress doesn’t have any. Really? His Majesty only rewarded me clothes. Whether he gave them to other people also, how would I know that? Her Highness the Empress advocates that the Imperial harem should live simply. You’re just a lously Second Class Attendant. Isn’t wearing such clothes too luxurious for you? But His Majesty likes that I dress like this. Your Highness the Noble Consort, should I listen to His Majesty or to Her Highness the Empress? In everything, His Majesty’s desire takes priority. With her personality, I fear that she’s not easy to get along with. If she’s not easy to get along with, let’s not bother getting along with her then. The snow outside has stopped. The weather is cold and the roads slippery. You all be careful on your way back. Yes. I will take my leave. – Let’s go to the Imperial Garden to take a stroll.
– Okay. Let’s look at the snow scenery. Your Highness the Consort Xian, please wait. Your Highness the Consort Xian has such a refined and elegant attitude. I also planned on going to the Imperial Garden to observe the snow scenery. Don’t know if I can go with you? It’s our first time meeting and we’re going to admire the snow scenery already. I fear that we might have different interpretations of what we see and be unable to converse well. Whether we can converse well, we can only know if we try. Just let me go with you, okay? Okay. Your Highness the Consort Xian loves plum flowers? The plum flower landscape here in the palace is grand. Too bad it’s inferior to the green plum I have seen when I was little in Suzhou. How did the Second Class Attendant know that our Mistress loves green plum? You have been to Suzhou? I trained in Suzhou when I was little. Because I’m good in playing the yueqin, I got brought by the South Office from Suzhou. (T/N “moon zither”, but not a zither, it is a round-bodied cousin of the pipa, a lute) I thought your instrument is a pipa? I initially was good in playing in the yueqin, but the trainer in South Office said that the late Emperor liked pipa. I then changed the instrument I was training in. What one likes or takes a fancy in is dictated by others. Second Class Attendant is currently greatly-favored by His Majesty. But hearing the tone of what you said, are you experiencing some grievances or dissatisfaction? I dare not have any grievances. It’s just that even if I’m highly-favored by His Majesty now, I still have this feeling of being like a floating duckweed. (T/N an uneasy feeling) I can’t compare to Your Highness the Consort Xian in being treasured like gold and jade. Even the flower you like is the unique and rare green plum. Compared to you, I’m just a catkin floating with the wind. I have the fate of a cattail and willow that withers in early autumn. A green plum is indeed rare. But everything that’s novel and strange can never last a long time. Isn’t it, Consort Xian? Greetings to Your Highness the Noble Consort. After separating for just three days, you’ve changed my impression of you. So this passage was talking about you, Second Class Attendant Mei. Upon meeting again, Your Highness the Noble Consort is still attractive, looks luxurious, and has such graceful bearing like last time. You can really talk. Why didn’t the South Office have you take part in operas and instead choose you to play pipa? I haven’t asked about your name. My surname is Bai. My name Ruiji. Bai Ruiji? Ruiji… Your name is pleasant to the ears. It’s like offering a person to be admired for fun. A fated meeting. Being able to offer His Majesty a moment of pleasure is my unending blessing. You think because His Majesty conferred you as Second Class Attendant Mei, you can already fly up the branch? With those pipa skills of yours, His Majesty is just treating it as hearing a joke during his idle time. You really think that you’re some phoenix crying? I admit that my pipa skills are inferior to Your Highness’. More so in terms of beauty. But Your Highness the Noble Consort, have you thought about why His Majesty chose to not listen to your great pipa skills and only likes these measly, lousy skills of mine? Isn’t it because you seduced him, using all kinds of lowly tricks? What tricks can I have to seduce His Majesty? I’m just a bit younger. Time passes by so fleetingly and is unforgiving, right? – How dare you!
– Second Class Attendant Mei, in front of me and Her Highness the Noble Consort, you mustn’t be disrespectful. Your Highness the Consort Xian, don’t overthink. How can time bear to be unkind to you? Who is that person that I’m talking about, that person knows it very well. Mistress. – Shuangxi, what are you still standing there for? Go and slap that woman’s mouth!
– Yes. Your Highness Noble Consort, Lady Bai just got conferred as Second Class Attendant and didn’t know about the rules. If you punish her now and His Majesty learns about this, he might not be happy. She is a Second Class Attendant that His Majesty personally conferred, while I’m a Noble Consort that His Majesty also personally conferred! A difference between a cloud and a puddle of mud. Moreover, she dared to offend me. Shuangxi, why are you still standing there? Hit her! Yes. – May the Noble Consort calm down.
– Noble Consort! You are also from a baoyi status! Because of serving His Majesty, you got the honor of raising your family’s status. How are you different from me! You actually are this reckless? – Shuangxi, hit her!
– Yes! Stop hitting! Your Highness the Noble Consort, just let it go. Her Highness the Empress is here! Greetings to Your Highness the Empress. I was about to visit Xiefang Palace Hall when I passed by here and heard you all shouting loudly. So scandalous! This is the Imperial Garden of the palace and not your private punishment chamber. Your Highness the Empress, please calm your anger. There’s something that you don’t know. Second Class Attendant Mei spoke so arrogantly. Not only did he mock me for being of baoyi status, she even said…that I’m old and fading. Your Highness the Empress, please investigate it wisely. I indeed said that Her Highness the Noble Consort is of baoyi origin. But it was exactly because of that, she attained her current favored status. I didn’t say anything wrong. I never said the words “old and faded”. I just lamented that time is passing swiftly. If Your Highness the Empress doesn’t believe me, you can ask Consort Xian. You all get up first. Consort Xian, you say it. Second Class Attendant Mei indeed was disrespectful in her words, but she indeed didn’t say the words “aging and faded”. Although she didn’t say those words, that clearly was her point. It’s also possible to misunderstand other people’s words. Second Class Attendant didn’t know the proper etiquette. It’s also right for the Noble Consort to discipline other imperial concubines. Since you’ve already slapped her, just drop it then. Yes. Your Highness the Empress, I indeed was tactless, but Noble Consort Hui shouldn’t be asking people to slap others just because she got angry. I haven’t served His Majesty that long and already got my face damaged. If His Majesty asks about this, I can only honestly answer. Two people arguing means that both parties are at fault. The Noble Consort indeed was too harsh in her punishment, but you offended someone more senior to you with your words and indeed should be punished! If you create trouble again, I also won’t forgive you. Consort Xian, you weren’t involved in this matter. You be the one to accompany Second Class Attendant Mei back to her chambers. Try to advise her too. Yes. I will take my leave. Second Class Attendant, you’re leaving without bowing. That’s against proper etiquette. ♫Intoxicated by the falling flower petals in the plum garden♫ ♫ as if this life were our first time we have met. ♫ ♫ Black silken hair reflecting the frosty moonlight, ♫ ♫ Hands joined together, for our innumerable mortal lives. ♫ ♫ The burden of concern on my mind has paled rose-kissed cheeks, ♫ ♫ Yearning now turns into confusion. ♫ ♫ Glistening teardrops cover the pledge, ♫ ♫ joining hands for a lifetime, when in the past did he change it? ♫ ♫ Flowers start out blossoming in splendor, but are easily destroyed ♫ ♫ Who is that plucking on qin (zither) strings? ♫ ♫ When love becomes deep, people are prone to separate. ♫ ♫ Alone, I sing the sad song of parting. ♫ ♫ Twilight is tardy, spring is late. ♫ ♫ With graceful reasoning, like it had been empty dream, with sighs. ♫ ♫ Let it flow away with the river of time. ♫ ♫ Vast years apart, with no clear date of return or hope, ♫ ♫ Regretfully not admitting the care held deep within my heart. ♫ ♫ Moonlight flows like water, washing away the pretentiousness of the past affairs. ♫ ♫ Sincerity now is the only thing left to depend upon. ♫ ♫ In the endless night, I cannot put down the gray hairs to pursue youth. ♫ ♫ Nor dare to look at you quietly from afar. ♫ ♫ If we can have another lifetime together, may we both be commoners. ♫ ♫ Reunited, and again pledging faithfully to stand by each other. ♫

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