【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 56 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 56 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 56 Slower, Your Highness. Fireworks fall from the sky and silk tubes drunk in Spring. This Yuanming Garden. It’s truly more airy than Forbidden City by much. Yes. Your Majesty loves the beautiful scenery and we are admit an era of prosperity. So we could link this Jiangnan beauty with Northern swallow songs into one garden. I love this place too. Have you settled all the residences for the wives? Especially Royal Mother who likes quiet. Empress Dowager likes Evergreen Celestial Hall. And Your Majesty will live in Nine Province Clear Hall. And I will live in the eastern Heaven and Land One Spring Hall. Consort Shu chose Spring Rain Harmony Hall. Consort Ling is living in Spring Bound Hall. Concubine Ke is at the western Fragrant Dew Hall. Other wives each chose what’s familiar to them. Empress, you are thoughtful and thorough indeed. Now with your labor due around July, a very hot time. So I plan to live in this Yuanming Garden for the time. This place is cooler than the palace. After the child is 100 days old, we will go back then. Thank you, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, Your Majesty, 10th Prince is ill again and Duke of Xianqin is in a panic. They are asking for extra royal physicians to treat him together. How did this happen? The child is weak and it’s common that illness returns. Hurry and send some seasoned physicians to go. Yes. I had thought my body was strong and 10th Prince would be healthy too. To be able to evade the omen from the astrology. I really didn’t think we still can’t escape it. Am I and 10th Prince truly so thin-fated? Your Majesty, be generous minded. Maybe the royal physicians, after their treatment, 10th Prince will be better. I hope so. This Yuanming Garden song troupe isn’t worse than the ones in Southern Manor. I hear His Majesty loves Kun Opera. Your Kun Opera is great too. What’s the use of mentioning that? There aren’t many chances to perform in the palace. But if you learn a bit more, I’m sure His Majesty would love to hear it. Dear Buddha above. May you guard my child to grow safely. I beg you. Mistress. If this can’t hold, how about you go beg His Majesty to let you leave the palace to see 10th Prince? I went once in the winter. Now if I go again, I’d be defying palace rules. There are so many kids in the palace. Why must they send your 10th Prince out? His Majesty has 10th Prince’s best interest in mind. His Majesty means well. Yue Zhongqi put down rebellion by Sha Luoben. And he put down the rebellion by Chief Cangwang of Za Valley. Now we just have a Dzungar left. Dzungar rebelled repeatedly since the era of Late Emperor. They are a heavy trouble to us. The court, in order to appease Dzungar, sent Empress Dowager’s daughter, High Princess Duanshu, to marry Dorza. But that Dorza indulges in debauchery. He’s violent and unpopular with the people. Now with Dzugar’s Xingui Dawachi in an internal tribal dispute, with all things hanging loose. Report. Your Majesty, Dzugar internal strife. Today during the performance, His Majesty never came. I heard he never came out from the state court after entering. The high ministers are all rushing there too. Emperor summoning ministers is a common thing. You’ve already sent someone to find out, right? The news should come soon. Did you find out anything? Reporting to Empress Dowager, Dzugar’s Dawachi killed the khan, Dorza. And he proclaimed himself the new khan and the entire court is in chaos. What? My son-in-law is dead? Yes. High Princess Duanshu’s letter is here. You all read it too. What do you say? Your Majesty, High Princess wrote the letter personally. Asking the court to dispatch army to put down the internal strife. She writes with urgency. Dorza got killed this time due to Dawachi setting up an assassination. Then he took over control and proclaimed himself the ruler. This man’s acts are insidious. He’s not easily dealt with. Your Majesty, Dawachi knows he does not have a stable reign yet. He’s written to the court to declare obedience. He’s sensible enough. If he’s obedient that’s fine. But did you look clearly what was written in the letter? Dawachi is asking to marry High Princess Duanshu as his legitimate wife. This matter, I fear needs discussion with Empress Dowager. How do you propose I bring this up to Royal Mother? Dawachi is shameless! Your Majesty, you are more understanding than Dawachi. But we can’t fight him now. If we could marry the daughter to exchange for Dzugar’s calm, it’s a good thing. High Princess Duanshu, even if she were to remarry, she can’t marry Dawachi, her enemy who killed her husband. Your Majesty. This matter, if not settled well, I fear will hurt Empress Dowager’s feelings. And defy filial devotion. But Dawachi has always been close to all the tribes around the borders. If we dispatch army now Dawachi will align with the border tribes. And our frontier will be too long and difficult to respond. In order to control flooding disasters, our national treasury, has pretty gone empty and we can’t last even six months of war. Plus this time we’ve had corrupt men working on river work. Jiangnan flooding is raging. We have disaster relief and restoration waiting. Everything needs more money. Your Majesty, from my opinion, if we can avoid fighting, it’s best not to fight. Your Majesty, Aunt Fujia is here. She says Empress Dowager is asking you to make a trip to Evergreen Celestial Hall. Tell her I can’t leave due to urgent matter. I will go when I have spare time. Yes. ♫ Do you know what my life’s love is nature. ♫ Just three springs and the benefits are unseen. ♫ I was not guarded. Mistress. Mistress, slower. Royal Physician said 10th Prince won’t last. I must leave the palace. Consort Shu, His Majesty is discussing state affair. He can’t see you. Your Majesty.
– Consort Shu. Our 10th Prince is about to be done.
– It’s not that he doesn’t want to see you. May you please allow me to leave the palace. Even Empress Dowager cant’ see His Majesty. The national issue is the priority. Empress Dowager. I still have Empress Dowager. Empress Dowager. I will go to her. I wanted to raise your 10th Prince at the time. But Emperor wouldn’t. Now the child is sick and it’s so hard for you to leave the palace. Even if I approve, it’s only for you to go and come back within the day. I can’t let you stay there to care for 10th Prince all the time. Royal Physician said. That 10th Prince’s illness will get better once the weather breaks for warm. But now we’re already in the summer. But 10th Prince, not only isn’t better but he’s worse. I am the mother and how do I not ache? You ache for your child. But I ache for my daughter too. If someone can persuade the emperor to bring Hengchuo back. I will agree to everything. Empress Dowager. I know you never wanted to. Speak for my sake. Hengti’s marriage was like that and same as Narqin’s death. But this time isn’t the same. This time it’s Hengchuo in danger. I understand you were enchanted. And I let you stay by the emperor. But you can’t understand me? Understand my yearning for my daughter? I greet Your Majesty. Get on up. Your Majesty. 10th Prince is gravely ill. Will you let me bring him back? 10th prince is sick. He’s been raised at Duke of Xianqin’s. Moving him suddenly back would be hard to adjust. The child is ill. I’m the mother. I can’t take care of him personally. I really don’t deserve to be mother. Your Majesty. Please be merciful. This 10th prince is my son. How do I not ache too? Consort Shu, I am weary with state affair. Please don’t bring this up to me for now. Your Majesty. I never begged you. But today, I worry about 10th Prince. Empress Dowager is worried about High Princess Duanshu. I beg you. Let the children return to their mothers’ sides. You never spoke on royal mother’s account but now you can’t bear it. I was sent into the palace by Empress Dowager. I knew I had to be careful of suspicions. So all these years, I never over spoke even one word. I never did anything to put you on the spot either. But this is different. This time it’s the plea of two mothers. They want to see their children so badly. Your Majesty. How do you stand letting the mothers and children part? Alright. I know it. Go back for now. I still need to discuss state affairs with the high ministers. Why. Why? Mother, don’t be too upset. I greet Royal Mother. Greetings to royal sister-in-law. Greetings, High Princess Yongshu. Sit. Thank you. Royal Mother, it’s hot out. I prepared you some frozen bird’s nest pear ice. May you try it. You are thoughtful. But I am burning in my heart. I can’t eat anything no matter how great. Royal Mother is worried about High Princess Duanshu. His Majesty and I are the same. His Majesty has been discussing matters at Qinzheng Hall. He’s discussing the Dzungar matter. Dzungar matter doesn’t need more discussion. Dawachi used military power to proclaim himself and kill my son-in-law. That’s a criminal who rebelled. Why doesn’t Emperor dispatch army to put down that rebellion? I am in the harem so I don’t dare to ask about court matters. Harem isn’t allowed to be involved in politics. Alright. You are the mother of the nation. The empress. I won’t discuss state politics with you. Then let’s talk family affair. How’s that? I am happy to listen. Hengchuo is my eldest daughter. She was married off to Mongolia for state affair reason. I couldn’t spare her but I couldn’t stop it. Now Hengchuo has lost her husband. I just want to bring back my very sorrowful daughter to the palace to console her. This little heart of mine as her mother. Empress. You do understand it. I do understand. I am also a mother. I understand how you feel. Royal Mother just wants to talk to my brother as mother and son. But this wish, may you relay it to my royal brother. Royal Mother’s words, I understand. Your Majesty, you’ve not eaten all day. How about some sweet soup to make do? I feel bitterness in my mouth. I can’t eat it. The circles ones are Dzungar and Han Tribes? Han Tribe is close with Dawachi. If he didn’t have Han Tribe secretly supporting him, Dawachi could not have seized control and power so quickly. If I attack Dzungar and Han Tribe comes to help them, then it will be out of control. Then will you fight this? Jiangnan all over suffers from flooding. Money is required for reconstruction and relief. We can’t withstand a war. We can’t handle two battles against both Dzungar and Han. High Princess Duanshu’s remarriage. You worry and Royal Mother as well. Instead of two of you being apart and just guessing, why not speak clearly and directly? Royal Mother went to you? I feel uneasy and I don’t wish to see Royal Mother. Feeling uneasy is because you’ve already made up your mind. What you can discuss with the court ministers. You can also be honest with Royal Mother. If Royal Mother finds out after the court ministers, then it will be against your intention of being devoted to her. But if I tell her something that’s not pleasant to hear? Just as long as you are true. Your Majesty, Consort Shu came to beg me. To bring 10th prince back to the palace. Consort Shu begged you too? Consort Shu is true to you. So she cares about this child especially. I fear me and this child clash each other. I will harm him. Your Majesty do care about 10th prince. That’s why you are so worried. Actually, the words of the astrologist will have holes. It might not be all true. But you and your son are connected and that’s true. I beg Your Majesty to allow Consort Shu. I am a father. Though I do care about the omen. I do wish my child to be safe. Alright. You let Consort Shu bring back 10th prince to care for him. Thank you. Stop flustering. The horse carriage is set. It will take you straight to Duke of Xianqin’s. Empress has already ordered the royal physician. To be on standby outside Spring Rain Hall. Jinbao will go with you. Don’t worry. Once 10th prince comes back to your side, he will recover quickly. Thank you, Sister, for arranging. I will get 10th prince back. Go now. Jade Spring tea that just got brewed. Emperor, have some tea first. Royal Mother. I came due to Dawachi, asking to marry Sister Hengchuo. Emperor, since you’re being frank and direct. Let me ask. This matter. How do you plan? Sister Hengchuo is still young. I feel she shouldn’t grow old alone. Dawachi is brave and accomplished in battle. He’s also a good strategist. He’s a good candidate. Emperor. Royal Mother. If the treasury was full. I would put everything on the line to fight Dzungar. But now we’re having floodings in succession and the corrupt officials rampant. We really aren’t in an era to dispatch army. Sister Hengchuo is in danger and I feel bitter too. In order to settle for security of the nation, I had to let go, and marry off Hengchuo afar. But now her husband is dead. And you’re her brother but not only will you not bring her back from danger, you are telling her to marry again. To the one who killed her husband no less. Where do you put our imperial reputation? Since she’s a princess, marrying for national security is duty. And our Manchu culture has the custom of remarriage. At the year, it was Consort Donggo’s remarriage to Shunzhi Emperor that allowed her to be Imperial Noble Consort. But that’s during the first settling of Qing dynasty. Now the Great Qing has 100 years of history. Must we still learn the uncultured ways of the borders exteriors? Let the commoners laugh at us that we are still uncultured? We are sleeping in the capital. But we are still carrying along the boorish ways of Manchu? I want to bring my sister back too. But today, Dawachi has won the hearts of Dzungar people. He’s got the support of the nobles. He’s also secretly allied with the border tribes. If we suddenly attack, and pressure them we will just court disaster to us. Hence you will exchange a woman for your state security. The state is important but your sister can be ignored? You are a great emperor indeed. Great emperor. Royal Mother’s scolding. I have nothing to say. But think about it. Sister Hengchuo. She’s confined inside Dzungar. If we just suddenly use army recklessly, and irate Dawachi. He might rape Sister Hengchuo or even kill her. Then what do we do then? You are the emperor. You can push Dawachi down. You can use diplomacy and appease them for now. No matter what, I must have Hengchuo come back safely immediately. I can’t let her stay in that danger. Dawachi won’t allow it. Hengchuo is an important chess piece in his hands. He won’t let her go easily. In order to settle him, we must agree to his request. Then dispatch soldiers to get rid of that trouble. And grab Hengchuo back. That’s impossible, Royal Mother. If we start war, and we win, Dawachi will take his anger out on Sister Hengchuo. If we lose, he will use Sister Hengchuo to threaten us. Until we lose money and land to him, he won’t stop. So you’re still scared of Dawachi. That he’s using Hengchuo to threaten you. To ask you to cough up other things. Now you can get Dzungar’s peace without sparing a penny or a soldier. Of course you’re willing. This pitiful thing. Palace women, even if they are a princess, they can’t escape their fate of being a pawn. Royal Mother, Empress Xiaoxian was my legal wife. At the year, when Mongols asked to marry Princess Heqing, she also agreed. Emperor, you had such a great wife. How lucky for you. I am incompetent. I only had two princesses. I can’t help you settle your reign much. Now Empress is pregnant again. How nice if she has a girl. Then later on you can marry her off far. And get yourself peace on land, more than all your fierce troops can. Royal Mother. Royal Mother, please dissipate your anger. I just wish you will understand. You are the empress dowager of great Qing. You must put the nation as priority. That’s the great son I chose. Great emperor. Bidding farewell to Your Majesty. Greetings to Your Majesty. Get on up. How are you here? You went to see Royal Mother and I was worried. I want to talk to you. Hengchuo is my younger sister. We were playmates when we were young and we were very close. Now these warriors on the battlefields. How are they also not someone’s beloved son and brother? Aren’t they also using their lives to exchange for national security? I have no other way. If I can sacrifice a princess’s marriage, to spare less of our Great Qing’s boys to die in battle, and fewer meaningless sacrifices, then I must do this. Your Majesty, you have your troubles. But Royal Mother won’t forgive me. You can make amend a little by being filial elsewhere. It’ll be hard. I am always all alone. But you’ve still got me. Royal Physician said your labor is around late July. Last pregnancy, your belly was pointy but this one’s round. I think it’s a princess. When I was pregnant with Yongji, I had to be cautious. I clearly liked sour but had to say I loved spicy. Now I really do like eating spicy. Maybe it’s a princess indeed. Princess is nice. Princess is sweet. Yes. Just that a princess is usually fated to marry afar. Being born into the imperial family has unspoken bounds. Has the remarriage of High Princess Duanshu settle? His Majesty already sent decree to grant marriage to Dawachi with High Princess Duanshu. The rites and interior bureaus are working on dowry. No matter how they prepare, it has to be done quietly. We’ve not had a case of remarriage of a princess since the founding of Great Qing. Yes. So His Majesty already sent secret decree to the princess to put nation as priority. To not regard herself in despair. Princess is out and it’s a weary for Empress Dowager. Empress Dowager is here and it’s weary for Princess. They yearn for each other and it breaks His Majesty’s intention. Empress. Empress, Consort Yu. Consort Shu is back at palace. Is 10th Prince back? 10th Prince is unfortunate. He already passed away last night. Where’s Consort Shu? When did it happen? Last night. A cold can take away 10th prince’s life? Jinbao reports, according to the royal physician, 10th prince is weak since childhood. The cold dragged on too long and he couldn’t bear it. Then is it truly me, that cursed my own son? Or is it — Your Majesty. Astrological omens are out of our control. And you’ve already sent 10th Prince out for safety. Regrettably, we still couldn’t preserve 10th prince. I haven’t even named him. I haven’t even pampered him once. But he’s left already. I — I don’t even remember what he looks like. What a father am I? Your Majesty.
– You go out first. Don’t let anyone in. Yes. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your majesty. Consort Shu, His Majesty is working. I need to tell him. That our 10th prince is gone. Our child is gone. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Your Majesty. Our child is gone. I owe you. I couldn’t preserve our 10th prince. I am a useless mother. Consort Shu. You must console yourself. You still have me. Qianlong 18th year in reign. 10th Royal Prince dies. How’s Consort Shu? Still unwilling to let go of 10th Prince? Empress, His Majesty came by. But Consort Shu wouldn’t talk much. If she’s not heeding to decorum, please don’t mind. It doesn’t matter. Yihuan. Empress. That’s a pillow. My mistress is overly sad and she’s just consoling herself. Mistress. Empress is here to see you. Mistress. Empress. You know your child left. Your heart has left along with him. But still remember us. Your father and His Majesty too. His Majesty? His Majesty sent decree to allow 10th prince to be buried at the royal burial. He will be held a funeral as a prince. His Majesty is worried you don’t have a place to secure your mind. So he’s set up a memorial tablet at Yuanming Garden’s Buddhist shrine. With you allowed to visit anytime. Thank you for the care. I owe His Majesty. It’s this mother that is incompetent. My body is weak. I barely got 10th prince but caused him to be so sickly. It’s this mother of his that killed him. Yihuan, don’t think so much. I made red date porridge for you. Have a sip. You can’t wear yourself out like this. Come. I had thought. Having a kid, it will help me repay His Majesty’s grace to me. If I had known that all my aspirations will just lead to naught. Then I shouldn’t have let him come to the world. Just to suffer in vain. Have another sip. Mistress, how are you up? Empress sent red ginseng and chicken soup. Would you like some? I don’t want to. Where are my royal poems? They are all there. Why do you think of this suddenly? Bring to me. I’m not done transcribing them. But it’s already dark and you haven’t had dinner. Why bother doing such exhausting work? Bring to me. Yes. Strolling through the imperial garden to scatter my worries. The soul is risen aloft unprovoked. But every scenery is just a yearning. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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