【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 52 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 52 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 52 [ Read and Hear Poetry Art ] Empress, you’re here. Have a seat please. This phoenix lute was granted to me by His Majesty long ago. I love it the most. I remember when I first met him. It was as though he would notice any fine error in tune. Now with the many years gone by, in the end I just played a wrong tune. You were fine but why did you do that to Concubine Qing? Empress, you must not know. I and Concubine Qing and Consort Shu, We are all from Empress Dowager. This Empress Dowager, the highest seat of all women, still has to secretly plant her own people around the emperor. To eavesdrop. To put in good words. To seduce. Isn’t it so laughable? There’s reason for everything. Since you are both from the same origin, why did you harm her? You guess. Who taught me to do this? To let Empress Dowager suffer a loss yet she can’t complain. She can only resent herself for choosing a wrong person to be by the emperor. This kind of plotting. Tell me, isn’t our emperor so scary? Emperor hates people calculating him. But it was us who did it knowing it and we end up like this. Just that, my whole life. The only thing I cared. My only regret. It’s my ill-fated child. I finally avenge for him. But this mother of his, I never even got to see him. I don’t even know what he looked like. You said it avenged for your child. How? It wasn’t only you who’s seen Moxin. She couldn’t have you but she had me. That’s how I found out the truth behind my child’s death. I knew who my enemy was and how to avenge. How do you know for sure it was Empress Xiaoxian who harmed your child? If it wasn’t her, who else could it be? Moxin confessed in death. Would she have framed her? I know you pain for your child. But this incident doesn’t add up. That year, Empress Xiaoxian wielded control of central palace and her legitimate heir was there already. You and Consort Yi’s child. How would they threaten her? You said you made Empress Xiaoxian and 7th Prince die. It was your own doing but I don’t believe it. Jiang Yubin already found out someone poisoned your rice. And not a common poison at all. Noble Consort Jia. Why does she want to kill you? She wants me dead. I don’t care anymore. I know for sure Empress Xiaoxian wasn’t innocent. If it wasn’t just Empress Xiaoxian that killed your child, or even, it wasn’t Empress Xiaoxian. If someone seemed like they are helping you, but in reality they are using you to gain another. After they use you they will kill you to shut the truth? Em — Empress. You let me believe. I hated the wrong person. I avenged wrong. Empress. Can you understand it? Each day I live. I long for my child. My bitter-fated child. Just that, after I go to the underworld, how do I reunite with him? I fear. I fear I won’t get to meet him and I fear more that I won’t recognize him. I already settled a place for you two. When you are gone, I will hold a ceremony for you. I hope you two can reunite well in the underworld. Thank you, Empress. For doing these for me and my son. Empress. Tell me. How does His Majesty plan to grant me death? I want to go and meet my child properly and proudly. I don’t want to scare him. Sanbao. I’m here. Empress. My attire. Do I look pretty? Pretty. My child. Your mother’s coming. I don’t care how others see you. Your mother cherishes you. Your mother loves you. You are always the best child to me. Concubine Mei has left? She’s finally able to reunite with her own child. So pitiful too. She just wanted to avenge for her child. But the avenge was taken unclear and not thoroughly. Just who exactly harmed her child. She may not know. You are still suspicious it was Jin Yuyan’s doing? Jin Yuyan poisoning Concubine Mei is alarming indeed. Just that Jin Yuyan is a complex person. Even if we tell His Majesty after having Physician Jiang finding proof, she will still have something to say to get out of it for sure. Jin Yuyan is a noble woman from Yu clan. Unless it has to be done, His Majesty won’t punish her severely. But we need to find out whether she really was the mastermind behind Concubine Mei. So many things, whether she did those or not. Even if we can’t punish her now, we will find some way somehow. Yonghe Palace news. Concubine Mei contracted dry cholera and died suddenly. His Majesty spared her reputation after all. No title conferred. No funeral ceremony. And no burial in the consort mausoleum either. Just a white cloth over her and she was taken to cremation. We needn’t miss those who are gone. I just hope now that Consort Shu’s child can come to my side sooner. Your Highness, please endure it. Push, Your Highness. Come, push. Endure it. Come, bring it. Your Majesty. Your Majesty, congratulations, and congratulations, Empress. Consort Shu birthed a prince. A prince? Li Yu, go by the rules and send the rewards. And tell Concubine Shu to nourish well. I will go visit her with Empress in our spare time. Yes. It’s a prince indeed. Your Majesty. You’re worried about the words of astrology office. That the father and son clash? Consort Shu has yearned for this child for so many years. But I really don’t know whether to be happy or not. Empress Dowager, have a look. 10th Prince is so handsome. Look at how red his little mouth is. Sister Shu is pretty and 10th Prince is handsome too. He just looks blessed. He does look handsome. Consort Shu, this child of yours. You’ve suffered. Gratefully you and child are both safe. I am so happy for you. As you said, as long as the child is well. I see that your body is weak after labor and needs a good restoration. Fujia. This thousand year purple ginseng is hard to find. I gift to you. Empress Dowager, I am young. I won’t need such a precious thing. Consort Shu, you birthed a royal prince and that’s a joy. I will cherish you. I cherish the little royal grandson more. Fujia, reward those midwives well. Yes. Who is Aunt Tian that helped deliver the prince? I’m here. Last night Consort Shu met danger in labor. Thanks to your experience, Aunt Tian, you allowed Consort Shu to be spared of tragedy. Empress Dowager said to reward the birth tending aunts and the royal physicians each 30 silvers taels. Aunt Tian, 100 taels. Thank you, Empress Dowager for the royal grace. This Consort Shu is truly a beauty. Though she had spots during pregnancy, after putting on makeup after labor you can’t see anything. She can’t put on thick makeup for bed service. She won’t be afraid that His Majesty sees it and gets tired of it? Consort Shu will lose favor sooner than later. Mistress, Aunt Tian is here. Greetings to Mistress Ling. Sit and talk. Thank you. Mistress, your frozen bean drink is ready. Please have some. Give some for Aunt Tian too. It’s hot lately. It’s nice to drink some cooling and refreshing things. Aunt Tian. This —
– [ Aunt Tian ] Drink it. Don’t feel tethered. Thank you, Mistress Ling. How did it go? Replying to Mistress Ling, if I couldn’t get it done well, how would I dare to come see you? How would dare to take your silvers? Jin Zhong found you because he knows you’re lacking silvers. I also know you’re desperate for medical help. But I also know silver is a small thing. What you lack is the skill to continue a life. You have a daughter in the countryside being raised by others. Even your deceased husband didn’t know, right? I did indeed marry someone before. I did birth a daughter. I have a bitter life. I first husband’s family all contracted a strange disease. They all look healthy and strong. But they all don’t live past age 30. Such a pity. This prescription, I got through Physician Bao. You should trust a royal physician’s skill. Of course I trust. My daughter’s life all depends on your pity. Since Jin Zhong and I know of your difficulty. We will help you get rid of your trouble for sure. Of course, my trouble is for you to rid of. Please be assured. What I did this time, not even a ghost or saint can tell. – Really?
– Yes. A woman birthing a child. It’s like making a round by the death gate. They can’t tell when their body is harmed. But Consort Shu is still lucky. This 10th Prince is still birthed safe and sound. Mistress Shu, when she was pregnant she already had kidney problems. If she had given birth to a princess, it’s better. But a prince, that’s hard to raise till adulthood. Really? Ten thousand sure. I helped with so many deliveries so this I know. Say what you need to say. 10th Prince is having night sweats nightly, losing vital energy. He will start to get hot around dusk. This is all symptoms of qi and blood loss. Since 10th Prince is full-month now, the symptoms are clearer. I’ve seen 10th Prince. He looks good. How is this so? This is an ailment from fetal state. Consort Shu has weak kidney symptom. The pregnancy exhausted her more and so 10th Prince. Such a small child and so pitiful. Astrology office said 10th prince and I have father and son clash. Then am I truly the one that is cursing him? Your Majesty, the astrologist’s words can’t all be trusted. 10th Prince does have sickness. But the royal physician’s are devoted to his treatment and he will be alright. Your Majesty, are you suffering from headache again? Teacher. His Majesty has been in fatigue often lately. He’s had a hard time falling asleep. It’s quite peculiar. He’s never had this before. His Majesty is busy and weary over state affairs and tired. Yes. – Jiang Yubin.
– Here. You must help His Majesty recover and preserve his royal health. Yes. I shall take His Majesty’s pulse now. – Greetings to Your Majesty.
– What are you doing here so late.? I heard you were feeling ill so I came to see you. It’s nothing. I’m on my way to see Consort Shu and 10th Prince. You ache for 10th Prince. But I remember the astrologist’s words and I keep feeling uneasy. Uneasy how? He’s still my son so I should take a look. If she had birthed a princess, it’s fine but she birthed a prince. I am really scared. Maybe — Maybe what? Empress Dowager’s high princess Ruo Shu was raised at Duke Xianqing’s house before, right? I also heard Empress Dowager wants to raise Sister Shu’s child. If the child’s raised by the Empress Dowager and accustomed to obeying Empress Dowager. It would be a testimony to prove astrologist’s words and you and the son have no fate. Emperor, you want to send 10th Prince to Duke Xianqing’s manor to be raised? Yes. Your Majesty, you can’t. 10th Prince is only a month old and very weak. I can’t spare it. It’s because he’s weak and he needs full care. That I can’t let you watch him daily and worry. Empress Dowager. Emperor. 10th Prince is weak. I can put in extra care. If you raise him, and you toil, it’s one thing. But if the child is suffering from headache and fever. Consort Shu will worry and you will be upset. If we have Consort Shu raise him, I fear you will be anxious day and night. You won’t even recover properly yourself. I bid your understanding. But if we send out a royal heir to be raised, it’s still not proper. There was a prior example in the previous reign. A royal heir was weak. He was sent out to be raised in hopes of becoming healthier. Duke and Duchess Xianqing are virtuous and reputable. They raised Sister Hengti for Royal Mother before too, so I don’t worry about them at all. But Your Majesty. Consort Shu. 10th Prince is yours and mine. How do I not worry about him? Just that, the astrology office stated 10th Prince and I are not fated. I worry it’s because of this that he’s weak. If I can send him farther out, it might be better. Let’s do this. I’ll let Duke Xianqing, take 10th Prince as his foster child and name him Nafu. When he’s older, bring him back. To lessen the astrological omen. Since Emperor made such arrangement for 10th Prince, then let’s send him out. Yes. What’s wrong, Emperor? I’m fine. I just stood up too fast. I felt dizzy but I just need a bit of rest. Consort Shu, hurry and help the emperor go rest. Yes. – I take my leave.
– Your son takes his leave. Empress Dowager, the emperor trusts the words of the astrology. He seems unwilling to keep 10th Prince here. I never thought 10th Prince was so weak. If I keep him by me, what if something happens? Consort Shu will resent me forever. Your Majesty, it’s autumn and dry. Consort Shu especially boiled snow pear soup for you. Your Majesty, since July until now, you’ve not rested well. You are reading the rolls day and night. You must be cautious of your royal health. The 13 forts of Henan. Yellow River breaching. The river water ruined countless good farm fields. You go deliver my word. Have Gao Bin be restored. Go and settle the Yellow River and Helong matters. Yes. Since it’s been over 100 days since I delivered, I should be able to attend to bed. Why won’t His Majesty see me? Is he weary that my spots haven’t disappeared? Or some other reason, that has him shunning me? You’ve been alone too long and you can easily over think. The yellow river breached and ruined good fields. His Majesty is busy trying to keep water under control. Yes. 10th Prince has been sent out the palace for two months too. I am going mad missing him. Empress. Can you arrange it? To let me see 10th Prince once? His Majesty ordered that only on holidays, that Duchess of Xianqing is allowed to bring 10th Prince in palace. I am not at position to defy the royal order. Then I — can only spend my days reading His Majesty’s poetry? Consort Shu is so devoted to His Majesty. But why isn’t His Majesty summoning her? His Majesty knows 10th Prince is weak due to congenital ailment. But Consort Shu is weak. Because of all the conception potions. His Majesty feels guilty and add to that the words of astrology office. It’s better not to see her for him. This is karma. You’re having a nightmare again? I saw Royal Father. I saw him sitting by the table, signing the scrolls nice and fine. Suddenly he passed out. I wanted to raise him but I couldn’t. The late emperor did die suddenly and it was hard for you. It’s alright. I just feel suffocating in the chest. Ruyi. Tell me, one day, will I also? Your Majesty, you’re too exhausted. Since July and until now, you’ve not slept one night well. Before, no matter how busy I was, I never felt this exhausted. Is it because — Is it because of the words of the astrologist of me and 10th Prince clashing? So 10th Prince is so weak at birth. And I feel tired without reason and unwell. Your Majesty, the 10th Prince has already been sent out. And being raised at Duke Xianqing’s manor. You shouldn’t over think. You’re adding to your fatigue. Ruyi. Have I gotten old? Your Majesty, everyone will get old. You will get old. I will get old too. Then will you be with me forever? I will. I will accompany you all along. Sleep. Don’t over think. You’re most familiar with His Majesty’s daily life. How’s His Majesty’s health lately? His Majesty gets his pulse checked by royal physician daily and all is well. And His Majesty will do a round of Five Animal Stroke (martial arts) daily to loosen the tendons and bones. What about this eating? He eats a bowl of tremella porridge daily for breakfast and usually a cup of citrus black bean tea after nap. After the evening, he will chew on ginseng slices for restoration. Before he sleeps, he drinks bird’s nest for calm. Sometimes he will drink some wine but not much. At most some pine wine brewed together by imperial kitchen and imperial medical house. By the way, His Majesty has an affinity for venison lately and there’s nothing else. Venison restores yang energy. Yes. His Majesty is tired and weak lately. So he had the imperial kitchen prepare venison. Your Highness, let’s go back to the palace. The mistresses should be arriving to seek your wellness. Continue to serve him well. I send off Empress with honor. What’s wrong, Your Highness? Nothing. Ten thousand peace to Empress. Get on up. Thank you, Empress. In a few days, it will be the lunar new year. We will be praying at Anhua Hall. Don’t miss the auspicious time. We will honor your order. Sit. I heard His Majesty’s been tired lately. We need to pray diligently for His Majesty’s royal health. His Majesty is unstable health-wise and 10th Prince is also unstable. This time we do need to pray properly. After Concubine Mei died, we did not have a proper funeral. I want to have a ritual for her too so let’s do it at the same time. But that cunning woman. Why does she need to transfer to the next world? Concubine Qing, when she was alive, she owed you indeed. But what she did may not have been her true intention. And she was also punished. So now she’s done and the fire is out. To let her go in ease. It’s a token of our attachment together as people who serve His Majesty together in the palace. Empress, your words. Concubine Mei ruined Concubine Qing so she can’t have kids. Everyone in the palace knows. She also acknowledged it. How is it that you’re saying it’s not her intention now? I heard when she died, it was you who sent her off. I wonder if she said something to you, Empress. To cause you to have a tenderness for her. Concubine Mei did say many truths to me. I do feel she was pitiful indeed. Such a venomous person. What truth is there? What true words is there to speak of? Concubine Mei said she did ruin Concubine Qing and it was her truth. She also told me it was due to her pain of losing a child that she lost her sense of awareness. That’s a truth. Concubine Mei also said the kids in the palace are pitiful. From her child to Concubine Yi’s child, to Empress Xiaoxian’s 7th Prince. We don’t know who put a hand in it to have them die unfairly. That’s the bigger truth. Concubine Mei and Concubine Yi’s children were foul play involved. But 7th Prince was born weak so he contracted the pox. Yes. 7th Prince had his nurse maid develop pox. So he contracted it and died early. The whole palace knows it. What’s unjust about that? I was thinking that it was true that the pox was going around in the palace. But Changchun Palace was undisturbed. 7th Prince was weak since birth. Everyone who served him was always cautious. The nursemaid never left Changchun Palace either. How is it that she of all people got the pox? Getting the pox isn’t something anyone can predict. It’s true. Concubine Mei told me before her death, that she once met Imperial Noble Consort Huixian’s maid, Moxin. Later Moxin got the pox and died and Concubine Mei was fine. But instead it was the nursemaid and 7th Prince that got the pox. This is indeed unpredictable. What’s there to speak of? Can’t be that Moxin went to see the nursemaid and got her pox. Pox, if you must blame, we can only blame on her being unlucky. Noble Consort Jia, you mean, it was 7th prince who deserved to die? If it wasn’t for 7th Prince dying early, Empress Xiaoxian would not have died out of sorrow. You mean, 7th prince and Empress Xiaoxian, are just unlucky? I never meant that. Why must you rile on, Consort Ling? Noble Consort Jia, you yourself said that. Who riled you? Noble Consort Jia, what you said earlier. They were very contemptful towards Empress Xiaoxian and 7th prince. You’re targeting me on purpose now? A person should despise himself before others. Can you blame others, Noble Consort Jia? Empress, Noble Consort Jia speaks so disrespectfully. I deem it a matter that cannot be ignored. We ask Empress cast disciplinary action on Noble Consort Jia. To right the palace rules. Get on up. Noble Consort Jia, you spoke improperly. And dishonored Empress Xiaoxian and 7th Prince to the glare of the six palaces. I will punish you to paint one hundred sutra flags for Empress Xiaoxian and 7th Prince and deliver them to Shenshui Imperial Burial to repent. Before that, you are banned from exiting Qixiang Palace. Empress, you pick on me on purpose. I will go plead my case with His Majesty. The harem matter is in Empress’s control. Noble Consort Jia, you committed a wrong and you want to bother His Majesty? Noble Consort Jia, Empress is already being very generous with you. Noble Consort Jia, don’t worry. I will brief your action today to His Majesty. And I’ll see how His Majesty will handle it. Noble Consort Jia, this way, please. Noble Consort Jia is so pompous. She should have been punished long ago. You all go back to your own palace. Bidding farewell. Ruyi, Noble Consort Jia spoke improperly. You disciplined her and it’s only natural. To have her pay tribute to Empress Xiaoxian and Yongcong is understandable too. But Noble Consort Jia and Empress Xiaoxian were close. It was after Empress Xiaoxian passed away that Noble Consort Jia started to harbor greed for harem power. But it doesn’t mean she brought harm to Empress Xiaoxian and her son. You still believe Empress Xiaoxian’s death and 7th Prince’s early death, Noble Consort Jia was innocent from those? According to your words, the words of Concubine Mei before her death, actually she only confessed she did it. She didn’t say it was Noble Consort Jia and you didn’t tell me until a few days later too. I fear you had some reservation too. Even so, before Yonghuang died, he mentioned Noble Consort Jia. Concubine Mei’s parrot was poisoned to death by Noble Consort Jia too. I can’t help but be suspicious. Ruyi, only suspicion but no evidence. I can’t touch her with that. It’s because of the Yu clan? You can’t talk to me like that. I knew you’d say that to me. Your Majesty, if one day Noble Consort Jia is truly proven to have committed such heinous crimes, you won’t still indulge her, right? If that day truly comes, I have my measure. After she paints the sutra streamers, I will have her pray with blood pokes too. To show her repent and earnestness. Yes. Mistress, you must endure it. Since Empress said we should remember Empress Xiaoxian. We should just remember. Don’t anger your health away. This time, she — She was easily calculated by me when she was alive. She’s useless in death too. Let’s see, Empress. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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