【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 51 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 51 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 51 Mistress, hurry up. His Majesty is already waiting at the sleeping palace for you. Okay, I know. Mistress, I’m going to get your clothes. Her Lady will be done with her bath soon. Stack up these clothes now. Yes. Where’s the apron undergarment? Your Highness, Xiao Ruizi is here. Let him in. Greetings, Your Highness. – Rise.
– Thank you, Your Highness. How is it? To answer Your Highness, Imperial Physician Jiang rushed his way back to the capital But when he passed by Shandong, don’t know if it was because of exhaustion or due to improper intake, he developed diarrhea. He got delayed for a few days. Now, he is better and rushing to return to the capital. He’s sick? Then, what about Yongqi and Consort Shut? All are fine. Fifth Prince condition has improved. For Consort Shu, other than being weak, there is no other problems. I am at ease then. Leave and have your rest. Thank you. Yes. Your Highness Empress… Something bad happened to Lord Ling. What is it? Tonight, it was supposed to be Noble Consort Jia attending to His Majesty in his chambers. Who knew that when House Momo was preparing the clothes of Noble Consort Jia, she noticed that Noble Consort Jia lingerie is missing. Li Yu led some men to investigate. In the end, they found it in the wardrobe of Lord Ling. Ling Yunche? Li Yu found it? Yes. So many people saw it. His Majesty got so mad. Noble Consort Jia kept asking His Majesty to execute Lord Ling. Lord Ling has been tortured. Eunuch Li relayed a message asking for your suggestion. Let’s go to His Majesty. I didn’t! So, did I falsely accuse you? Stop! Her Highness Empress is here! Stop making it bloody. I…didn’t… Your Majesty, this is a great insult. It’s better that I just die. Your Majesty, I don’t want to live anymore. You won’t die. Greetings, Your Majesty. Empress, you’re also here this late? For the imperial harem to be not peaceful, it’s a negligence in my duty. It’s not your fault. It’s the hands of the people around me that was dirty. Doing such a shameless act. Li Yu! Your Majesty. They said that the lingerie of Noble Consort Jia disappeared and was found in the bedroom of the guards, is that right? Yes. The Momo’s noticed that Noble Consort Jia’s lingerie was missing. I dare sent people to quietly look for it. In the end… In the end, among the clothes of Guard Ling, we found this. Noble Consort Jia, is that your lingerie? Of course, it’s mine. His Majesty said that color suits me. His Majesty likes it. Isn’t it, Your Majesty. Let’s not talk about those now. Your Majesty… Your Majesty… Your Majesty, for something like that to happen around you, you indeed should give strict punishment. But after hearing it, I felt that this matter might seem so seamlessly obvious, you have evidences to backed it, however, there seems to be something that’s off. Your Highness Empress already said that it is seamless and you have evidences to backed it, what else would be strange then? Noble Consort Jia, if someone really stole this delicate clothing of yours, he should be hiding it close to him. Why would he placed it in a side room where there are a lot of people? Is he deliberately waiting for other people to find it? Greetings, Mistress Ling. Your Majesty, Guard Ling has loyally serve you ever since. If this matter is a scheme to frame him, if you kill him out of a moment of anger, you will have one less loyal servant by your side. The grievances of Noble Consort Jia will also be in vain. Your Highness Empress, are you asking for leniency for that shameless person? I am thinking for the sake of His Majesty. This is the first southern patrol of His Majesty since he ascended to the throne. He aims to imitate the sacred journey of Shengzhu in understanding the true situations of citizens and to promote his imperial graces. If because of your matter, we kill a guard, and this matter gets out, it might spread as some scandal and destroy the reputation of His Majesty. I want to see His Majesty. Yes. Greetings, Your Majesty and Your Highness Empress. Why are you here? I heard that something bad happened in your chamber. I was afraid that you’ll be so mad and hurt your health, so I rushed towards here. Who knows if you’re really worried about His Majesty or is here to laugh at me. Enough! Lessen your words. Yes. But Your Majesty, I heard what Her Highness Empress said while at the door earlier. I think that what she said is very reasonable. Actually, mistakenly killing a Guard Ling is not some big deal, but tainting your reputation is a major matter. Why don’t Your Majesty just let an eyesore not stay by your side? Just drive him far away, since as long as you don’t see it, it won’t affect you. Consort Ling’s suggestion is a good compromise. Your Majesty, you heard it! After suffering such great insult, Her Highness Empress and Consort Ling are even begging for leniency for that lowly guard. Noble Consort Jia, Consort Ling and I are doing this for the reputation of the imperial family. Why must you publicize this? Can’t you think for His Majesty’s sake? Fine. Li Yu, give my order to send Ling Yunche to the Mulan Hunting Grounds as a sweeper. He is not allowed to return to the capital anymore. Yes. With such a huge thing like this happening, Your Majesty, you must be tired today. Rest early. Noble Consort Jia might also be unable to attend to you well tonight. I’ll send someone to escort her back. – Consort Ling, stay.
– Yes. Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Ling Yunche is heavily injured this time. He needs to recuperate a little before setting out. Your Highness, don’t worry. I will arrange for a safe place for him, so he can recuperate, before sending him to Lanmu Hunting Grounds. I’ll leave everything to you then. Yes. In Your Highness’ opinion, who schemed against Lord Ling tonight? Could it be Noble Consort Jia set him up herself? Noble Consort Jia has no grudges with Guard Ling. Moreover, why will she destroy her own reputation? Who could it be that will want the life of Guard Ling? Your Highness, could it be she is targeting you? Maybe. But why is Consort Ling being good to Guard Ling? She even came to beg leniency for him. Tomorrow, deliver some medicines to Guard Ling. Yes. At the last moment, Mistress, why did you hesitate? Now that Ling Yunche didn’t die, all of the efforts of Eunuch Jinzhong was in vain. He surely will not easily let this go. He’s just an eunuch. You think I’ll be afraid of him? Mistress. Greetings, Mistress Ling. I came to tell you that you must be extra careful in attending His Majesty. Don’t let His Majesty notice that even if you are by his side, your heart is with Ling Yunche. So what if I don’t want Ling Yunche to die? So what? You tell me. You told me to eliminate Ling Yunche. I did it, but you went to beg for leniency. What do you mean by that? I do want to get rid of Ling Yunche. But I don’t wish him dead. Since he’s been kicked out now, it’s the same. It was me who owed him back then and now it’s paying back. But Jin Zhong, if you’re someone who can be content, we can ask for wealthy and glory together. But if this incident becomes an issue, Empress will want to preserve her savior Ling Yunche. And she will give me a break here or there. But you, if Noble Consort Jia finds out? You had her shamed. She will have you killed first thing. Yanwan. Your wings have hardened. So you’re really unafraid that His Majesty will find out you and him were a thing in the past? You dare to threaten me? Then let’s go our separate ways. You can go ahead and tell His Majesty. How did I beg you back then in order to climb up? How did I agree to you? I will watch and see if His Majesty will loathe you or loathe me more. Great. Very great. You forgot the suffering you had at Noble Consort Jia’s then. If it weren’t for me, would you have the pampering of today? Eunuch Jin Zhong, look how you’re speaking. That’s unfair of you to say that to my mistress. My mistress is only devoted to serving HIs Majesty. And she also remembers you and her partnership. If it weren’t for her fear that if Emperor, Empress and Noble Consort kept going last night, you might become exposed. So my mistress wouldn’t have chased Ling Yunche out. To finish this issue. Mistress Ling. I also cherish you. Your pampering didn’t come easily so you ought to treasure it. Jin Zhong, don’t forget now. You and I are roped together. Don’t be brash now. Don’t let Empress and Li Yu find out you did this. Yes, your servant is aware. Then your servant has chores left, hence must leave first. Mistress, keep your anger at bay. Empress knows you were wronged unfairly. But this incident is linked to the honor of the harem. And due to His Majesty’s reputation, we can’t investigate outright. So Empress told me to bring no-worry-berries (soapberries) to you. Empress. She wishes for me to be worry free? No worry and no trouble is something no one can achieve. But Empress said soapberries are tolerant to cold and heat, as well as chill-resistant. She wants you to be, no matter where you are, to be able to endure a temporary bitterness for future prospect. She also said, you did not leave proudly. If you want to come back, you must do so proudly and properly. Empress wishes for me to return? Naturally. Did you think she wanted you to keep you at Mulan Paddock, and cut off all things and be defeated? The grace of Empress I have no way to repay. Much gratitude to Empress. And also Consort Ling who made a plea on my behalf. Take care of yourself. Thank you, Madam Rong Pei. Her Highness is here. Greetings, Your Highness. You don’t need to stand up. You only got back to the capital last night and you rushed to Chuxiu Palace today? I was worried. Hence, I’m here to take a look at you. Just that I’m in this state now. I feel ashamed to face you and Emperor. His Majesty is still busy at Yangxin Palace. I came to see you first. We are all women. We needn’t be mindful of these. These days, Sister Shu would only see me too. Actually you and the child are the priority. All else can be healed. I hope so. Mistress, Imperial Physician Jiang is here to take your pulse. Tell him to come in now. No need to greet me. Hurry and tell me how Consort Shu is. Consort Shu is just suffering from a weak kidney and having pregnancy spots. Everything else is nothing of issue. Pregnancy spots, once you put on some powder, you can’t really seem them easily. Sister Shu’s beauty has always been outstanding among the wives. So she must treasure it especially and it’s that much harder. It’s a common thing to have weak kidney in pregnancy. Once your child is born and you take your time to heal, it will all be alright in time. How is the baby? All is well. I will go now and prescribe a few more fetus stabilizing medicines. Fine. Fortunately, the baby is fine. Yes. The child is fine and that’s all that matters. As for the rest, it’s not that important. Yes. This is me and His Majesty’s child. So great. Emperor, Consort Shu should be close to her due date? Soon. Consort Shu has a weak kidney in pregnancy. And it’s her first child so she can’t manage all alone. But she is too anxious to send the baby to Xiefang Hall. I am idle. Once the child is born, how about we bring it here to be raised here? Royal Mother, this isn’t your first time being a grandmother. You still love babies so much? Consort Shu was someone I recommended to you. So it pangs me more. What do you think, Emperor? I fear Consort Shu couldn’t spare it. Consort Shu can’t spare then we can just have her come to Cining Palace often. This child is still in the womb. And Consort Shu is already sickly. What if you and the child has a faint fate? And you block each other. It’s better to just let me raise it. You’re right, Royal Mother. With your careful nurturing, it’s Consort Shu and her baby’s blessing. Lower the sedan. Greetings, Your Majesty. Rise. Li Yu, while in Hangzhou, Empress and I, as well as Consort Ling and Astronomy Bureau discussed star signs. We discussed Consort Shu’s child but we didn’t make it a public news. You go find out who brought the words to Royal Mother. Yes, I shall go and summon the astrologist soon. Your Majesty, if it weren’t by your order, no one dares to make the issue public. Just that, when I was at the temporary palace that day and on my way out after hearing the astrologist, I saw Concubine Mei waiting outside saying she wanted to see you. But I remembered she didn’t come to see you that day. Maybe Concubine Mei heard something and got caught by Concubine Ling. About this… Sister Mei, you’re here to see His Majesty? I know you’re favored. But I can’t come see him too? I will help you to tell him then. No need. Summon Concubine Mei for me. His Majesty, Sir Fu Heng has been waiting for quite some time to see you. Then send Fu Heng in first. Li Yu, have Concubine Mei come in after evening. The rest, leave. Yes. I’m taking my leave. Greetings to Concubine Mei. I was just going to go to Yonghe Palace but I ran into you here. What’s it for? His Majesty asks you to go to Yangxin Hall after dark to talk. His Majesty wants to see me? After dark? It’s not over tag flipping for bed service. His Majesty’s royal order. You just go along then. I got it. Mistress, it’s bad. What’s happened? His Majesty summoned Madam Bai Ruiji to Yangxin Hall. Last time at Hangzhou palace, Empress Dowager made such a mention and I still didn’t see His Majesty pay attention to Bai Ruiji. Why is he suddenly wanting to speak to her and so serious. His Majesty must have something to ask her. I heard it and knew right away it was strange to came to tell you. Very good. Last time, Noble Consort Chun spoke too much. And she mentioned Empress Xiaoxian falling in water incident before Empress and Bai Ruiji was acting strange. Maybe Empress said something to cause Emperor to be suspicious. To ask Bai Ruiji about it? If she gets me involved, then it’s not good. Mistress, we must think of a way quickly. It’s my fault for faltering and leaving such a seed for trouble. I won’t be soft ever again. Mistress, what is this? I brought this from my home. Take it and add some to Bai Ruiji’s food. You must do this cautiously. Then I shall go first. [ Yonghe Palace ] Enough. Qixiang Palace ones are tested. Take them in. Yes. Wait. Let me see the Yonghe Palace ones so I can test them too. You are so nice, Lixin. Yonghe Palace isn’t favored but you still help them. My mistress once lost pampering too. We pity those who aren’t favored, so I want to help. Qixiang Palace personnel could be so kind-hearted? To even test Yonghe Palace food for them? Attention uncalled for must have suspicion to it. Thanks to you too, and wipe some sweat now. Thank you, Sister Lixin. Alright. Go. Mistress, the junior eunuch who delivered dinner said, Qixiang Palace was testing poison for food and did ours too. Do we still test again? If you want to test it, go get the silver needle. If not, never mind. Qixiang Palace can’t be wanting to poison me to death? Yes. Qixiang Palace bothers to make effort to test for you. You don’t find it meddlesome? I think, though you don’t frequent around the palace after your illness, you still trust Qixiang Palace. Greetings to Empress. Greetings to Consort Yu. What leisure mindset brings you two here to Yonghe Palace today? Please sit. You all leave. Empress and I were just passing by Qixiang Palace. We saw Lixin testing for poison for you and found it suspicious to we came around here to see. Consort Yu, I don’t have much business with Qixiang Palace. But her well-intentions, I needn’t be suspicious of. If this is the reason that causes you suspicion, then I can use my silver needle to test for you. The silver needle hasn’t changed in color. Consort Yu, you are being petty here. Good if it’s nothing. Just that what kind of person Noble Consort Jia of Qixiang Palace really is. You and I both have some ideas. She shows sudden great concern for you. Consort Yu and I came just to remind you to be careful. Thank you for your concern. I know right and wrong. Noble Consort Jia shouldn’t have defamed your honor in order to fight for position. But the incident has passed and the punishment done. Why bother bringing up such things with me again. If you’re so worried, I’ll have my parrot eat it. I feel bloated from the medication and can’t eat anyway. I heard you were feeling ill lately. Is the medicine helping? It’s not much. I just don’t like walking around. After I take medicine, I just want quiet rest. Empress, I took some medicine not long ago and I would like to rest alone now. Fine then. You rest up. Sending Empress off with honor. Empress! This parrot. It was just fine. I will send your dinner to Jiang Yubin to check if anything wrong. Concubine Mei. You don’t think now Qixiang Palace is trying to poison your parrot to death, right? Mistress, His Majesty summoned you to go to Yangxin Palace. It’s time now. Empress. I need to go serve His Majesty. You and Consort Yu’s well-intention. I misunderstood you. Let me bid you my apology. You hurry and go to Yangxin Hall now. If any news from Jiang Yubin, I will let you know. Yes. So scary. Someone almost died just now. This palace, someone dies is such an easy matter. We can only live in fright. This is suffocating me to death. Concubine Mei was favored but she lost her son and the favor. She only had that little joyful period of her life and the rest is darkness. What Concubine Mei cared about the most in life was the incident of losing her son. If it weren’t for that child-losing, she wouldn’t have lost her health and her favor. She’s pitiful indeed. But I don’t see her and Noble Consort Jia spending much time together either. Noble Consort Jia wanting her death like this. There must be a reason we aren’t aware of. At Hangzhou temporary palace, you and Concubine Qing performed together. I didn’t bother attending to you on the account of Concubine Qing. Do you know why? I know I’ve been sick for a long time. And my appearance is less than before. I can’t easily arouse your interest. I have no words of resentment. All your life, you lived for others. You never really lived for yourself. You really don’t resent it? There are so many things for me to resent. I just don’t know which to resent then. I know you resent the most about our child being harmed. But I want to ask you. Who brought you to this place? To let you be wrapped in resentment but with nothing in the end? – Your Majesty.
– Royal Mother hid you so well. On the surface, it was Concubine Qing and Consort Shu that she sent to me. But in the dark, she had already placed you long ago. If it weren’t for you being a suspicion this time. Then I wouldn’t have had someone look into your background. Your Majesty knew it all. I know your health is weak. You can get up and talk. What did you say? Concubine Mei went to Yangxin Hall to see His Majesty? Then she didn’t get a chance to eat dinner? It must be the case. Or else she wouldn’t be alive to see him. But seeing how it’s quiet in the palace, His Majesty only just conversed with her and nothing else. I still don’t feel at ease. I need to find an opportunity to get rid of her soon. [ Royal Physician’s Court ] Greetings to Concubine Mei. Where’s my medicine? You needn’t come. When the medicine is done, it will be delivered to you. No. I want to see for myself. Yes. This way, please. This way. [ Concubine Mei ] [ Noble Consort Jia ] [ Concubine Qing ] Your Highness, be careful. I need to add medicine. This is for me? Yes. Wait. You smell this yourself. What is this smell? It’s already damp and you still boil it? No wonder it’s useless. This. Can’t be. You want to fool me? No. Hurry and change to better. Yes. Greetings to Empress. Get on up. How’s the investigation with Concubine Mei’s food? There’s nothing wrong with the food. But in the rice, someone mixed in some powder. It’s not a common poison. I used silver needle to test it and the needle didn’t change color. I then fed it to the cat in the royal physician’s court. The cat had convulsion and heart palpitation and died. The death was similar to that parrot’s. This must not have come from the royal kitchen. It’s likely done by Qixiang Palace. Concubine Mei is a sensible person. She will think through it. And she will tell you why Noble Consort Jia wants to harm her. I have another matter to report to you. Go ahead. When His Majesty was out on patrol, Consort Shu had edema from pregnancy. I looked at the prescription done by the royal physician’s court. There were two medicines in there that shouldn’t fare. One of them is Akebia and the other is Euphorbia. These two herbs are great medicines that hydrate. It’s no trouble for ordinary people to use. But if used upon someone who suffers from kidney weakness, it will be harmful to the kidney. Consort Shu took conception medicine for a long time. Is that harmful to the kidney? Consort Shu did indeed have her kidney harmed from years of drinking conception medicine. Someone who is pregnant usually suffers from kidney ailment. But she only developed the spots due to the medicine. Then does the physician that treats Concubine Shu know this? I can’t be sure. Physician Qi is already dead. Some things he may not have told his peers. Unless the physician who prescribed that medicine had already seen Consort Shu’s conception prescription from before. But still insist putting these two medicines in. Tell me, do you think Consort Shu’s kidney ailment can affect the fetus? This is something I have not dare to tell Consort Shu. I don’t want her to be upset. Pregnant mother’s kidney ailment will go to the fetus. She not only did not see improvements, she’s suffered more loss. So the fetus could not have gotten stronger. And I suddenly contracted an illness while in Shandong. It was diarrhea that appeared in an unlikely time. It barred me from treating Consort Shu in the golden time. You also find your illness at Shandong unusual? Yes. But I have no evidence. We can only worry about the baby in Consort Shu’s womb now. I understand. Mistress, I got the restoration tonic. You should drink it while it’s warm. This medicine is so bitter. I hope after I drink it, I can be pregnant with a royal heir sooner. You will. You surely will. Mistress. You playing such a tune chills me upon hearing it. I was playing it for that parrot. To have him go to the netherworld with some ease. It’s just a parrot. Don’t get too sad over it. I’m not sad. He went to wait for me. Mistress, what are you talking about? Nothing. This whole life of mine, I made wedding dresses for others. Mistress. The deadline looms. Nothing matters now. Everyone wants my life. Come and get it then. What’s happened? Sister. What’s wrong with her? Last night, she already took medicine to stop blood collapse. But I don’t know why her stomach’s been hurting till now. Where’s the royal physician? Physician Bao came by to see already. He went to test the medicine residue. How is it? It hurts. Greetings to mistresses. Hurry and get up. What’s happened to her? Thank you, Your Highness. Concubine Qing’s blood restoration medicine.
[ Royal Physician Bao ] Someone put Achyranthes and Aconite in it. These last few days, she’s been having menstrual. She already suffers from uterine bleeding. How could she handle this? This medicine was boiled in the royal physician’s court. Go and have a look there. I’ll send someone there right away. – Yexin.
– Yes. No need to investigate. I did it. You? You? You and I got along though. I don’t want to get along anymore. I don’t want to see you favored. That’s it. This Concubine Mei, has she gone nuts? What does she gain from harming Concubine Qing? I don’t know either. The incident happened and she confessed right away. It’s asking to die. Concubine Mei knows Concubine Qing is from me. But she dares to touch her. There’s got to be a story to it. Empress Dowager, we can’t find out anymore. His Majesty wants to grand death to Concubine Mei. Then what about Concubine Qing? Did they save her? Her life is preserved but her health foundation is harmed. She won’t ever get to be pregnant again. That poisonous woman. She lost her own kid. But she wants Concubine Qing to be infertile too. She didn’t confess about me, right? She didn’t. Concubine Mei only confessed her own crime and nothing else. Emperor wants to have her dead and that’s fine too. It spares me from worrying. Empress, it’s His Majesty’s command. May you witness Concubine Mei be granted death personally. Don’t let it be known. I got it. Mistress, Aunt Suoxin is here. Mistress. Greetings to Empress. Get on up. Eunuch Li.
– Suoxin is here. Then, I’ll take my leave. Did it go well? All well. I prepared the sacrificial offering and the joss sticks overnight. I chose an auspicious site with good fengshui. I put Concubine Mei and her son’s birth pillars and characters. And I arranged for a Buddhist memorial service before the hour of Rat. I hope the two mother and son pair can reunite in the ground. That’s good then. You can say this is to grant a wish of Concubine Mei’s. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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