【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 48 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 48 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 48 Your Majesty, the dragon horn lift. It’s time to lift the veil. Sit to receive blessings. Drink the nuptial wine. Your Majesty, Your Highness, please drink the nuptial wine. [Wife of Prince Shen] [Wife of Prince Cheng]
– Wishing Emperor and Empress to be harmonious for a hundred years. and have many children and grandchildren. May Your Majesty and Your Highness have many children. It is raw? That is exactly what we want. Thousands of gold will not be able to compare with those words from you.
[‘sheng’ means raw and also to give birth] If Empress say that it is raw, then it is raw. The ceremony is over. Congratulations, Your Majesty and Your Highness on your happy occasion. If I had known earlier, I would have relaxed. Your Majesty, I’m exhausted from today. That’s right. My face is stiff from smiling. I know you are exhausted from the etiquette for today’s ceremony. My back is going to break soon. Is that so? Let me knead it for you. How do you feel? Is my strength okay? Yes. Your Majesty, you have great strength. Ruyi. Do you know? My heart is really at peace now. Not only have you become the Empress, you can finally be with me now. I know that you have suffered a lot. But you are my legal wife now. We can be emotionally connected and be together forever. Your Majesty, I hope that we can be together forever. Not deceiving or disappointing each other. Okay, let’s grow old together Not deceiving or disappointing each other. My words are to be taken seriously. I’m not only the Emperor of the kingdom, I’m also your pillow. Why don’t we go to bed then? I can’t open my eyes anymore. Look at how tired you are. Okay then. Attendants, change our clothes. The conferment ceremony was very beautiful. His Majesty treats Her Highness very well. Her Highness is very beautiful. What are you talking about? His Majesty is resting and you are still talking. Go and pack up now. Yes. Master Ling, you have worked hard. Eunuch Li, this is His Majesty’s happy occasion. I can’t leave you. Today is a happy occasion. I’m still happy no matter how busy I am. That’s right. I’m going to check over there. Eunuch Li, you have worked hard. Mistress, you should change your clothes and go to sleep. This is the first time I witnessed the conferment. It’s really very lively and grand. No wonder, everyone wants to climb to this position. Mistress, you have a long path ahead. In the future, you will have a rapid rise in your position too. Rapid rise in position? I fear that I will never become the Empress in this lifetime. If I can become the Royal Consort, I will be fully contented. This way, my mother will not look down on me again. Mistress, why don’t I help you to go in and rest? You drank a lot and you are still drinking. Aren’t you torturing yourself? I’m really very happy today. Being that His Majesty has married, you want to have a wife too? This is what you said. Don’t stop me. I really have a woman now who makes me keep thinking of her every day. She’s Lancui from Imperial Concubine Ling’s palace. She is that person with Imperial Concubine Ling. Dream on. What’s wrong? Are you worried about Imperial Concubine Ling again? His Majesty has enthroned his Empress. Are you afraid that she will be given the cold shoulder? Who says that whoever sits in the Empress place, she will be happy and full from worries? Buddy, you must not spout nonsense regarding this. I feel that, there may be more pain and heartbreak. Who’s making you worried? Why is your heart feeling bad? You are already an adult. Why don’t you have a family instead of being alone? I don’t know why I’m alone every day too. I also don’t know when she started leaving an impression in my heart and I keep thinking of her. I can only keep a distance and don’t go near her. I can only see her from afar. But I know when she’s happy or sad. I know everything. Now that she’s doing well, naturally, I should be happy. I’m extremely happy. But other than being happy, I’m still worried. I wonder how much pain and tribulations she will go through in the future. Look at you. You are still thinking of Mistress Ling, right? Come, I will drink with you. Qingying. Qingying, you have finally become the empress. You are indeed a woman from the Ula-Nala Clan. [Yikun Palace] Her Highness Empress is here. Greetings, Your Highness Empress! Get up. Thank you, Your Highness Empress. Sit down. Noble Consort Chun, I have here a coral brush rack and one Huzhou brush. Yongrong is currently practicing how to write. Take it back with you later. I am grateful for the care of Your Highness Empress. Imperial Concubine Jia has really dolled yourself up in a very bright and beautiful manner just to celebrate the coronation of Her Highness Empress. In serving Her Highness Empress, no matter how good we all wear, we just want to earn a smile from her. Today, Imperial Concubine Jia is wearing just brightly colored clothes. Could it be just to make Her Highness Empress happy? Imperial Concubine Ling is just focused on making Empress happy, but in my heart, I only remember that His Majesty said that he likes me wearing red. Your Highness Empress will not blame me for that, right? I and His Majesty are of one body and heart. If Imperial Concubine Jia thinks of His Majesty, then you are also thinking of me. Your Highness Empress is a new empress, but this Yikun Palace is your old palace. Yi means to assist. It is a palace that was meant to assist the Middle Palace (Palace of the Empress). Now that you are the head of the Middle Palace, how come you are still living in an assist palace? Although you only are of Imperial Concubine rank, you are so concerned about the six palaces. Empress is empress. She is the official head of the six palaces. No matter where she lives, she is the official wife of His Majesty. Although all are official wives, the succeeding ones are still different from the first married wife. Oh, right, Noble Consort Chun, you are from the Han Banner. You surely remember that there is this saying among the commoners. Is it proper to call it ‘xu xian’ or ‘tian fang’? (both refers to a wife married after the previous one died; xu xian – continue the string, tian fang – filling up the room) Your words are too harsh. Harsh is harsh, but what I said is true. What Imperial Concubine Jia said is true. I am just a second empress. It is just Imperial Concubine Jia, you should understand that whether it is ‘xu xian’ or ‘tian fang’, what is important is who is sitting on the empress throne now. You have never sat on the empress throne, hence, you surely will not fully understand. How about this? Yesterday was my coronation celebration. Today, I am happy too. Since Imperial Concubine Jia put so much importance on status, I will then reinstate you as Noble Consort. It is not the idea of His Majesty? I am the one in-charge of the matters in the imperial harem. Noble Consort Jia, are you still not going to quickly rise and thank the graces of Her Highness Empress? Thank you, Empress. Noble Consort Chun, you are the most experienced among the imperial harem. From now on, you must help me restrain everyone to strictly follow the palace rules. I will remember the teachings of Your Highness Empress. Get up. – Rongpei.
– Here. Go and get me the earrings that I have prepared to be gifted to Noble Consort Chun and Noble Consort Jia. Yes. The left one is for Noble Consort Chun. The right one is for Jin Yuyan. Okay. Her Highness Empress made you stay, so you can watch everything closely. Noble Consort Chun is of higher standing, so I will start with you. This one is Her Highness Empress gift to you. These agate beaded earrings are so precious. Thank you for you graces, Your Highness Empress. This one is a gift of Her Highness Empress to Noble Consort Jia. These are carnelian earrings. What? Noble Consort Jia does not want to accept the gift of Her Highness Empress? I will immediately wear the earrings that Your Highness Empress gave to show my loyalty. Thank you, Your Highness Empress. I will wear it upon returning to my palace. Imperial Concubine Jia, if you are sincere, just wear it now. Do not forget. Your Noble Consort position was given to you by Her Highness Empress. When Empress Xiaoxian was alive, she hates extravagance the most. I really could not dare wear such luxurious earrings. Carnelian is not as precious as agate. That is because Noble Consort Chun is very experienced and has both sons and daughters. It is just proper that her position is above that of Noble Consort Jia. This is also my fault. I thought that everyone in this palace knows about it. Hence, I did not immediately tell Noble Consort Jia the difference of agate and carnelian. It is also just Noble Consort Jia who would think that carnelian is a precious gem, and one can use it to reach the sky in a single bound. Women like us from the Mongolian Man tribe surely know to differentiate between agate and carnelian. Even those from the low classes know about it. I know how to differentiate the two. No need for you to teach me. I understand the purpose of Your Highness Empress. Do you? Do you understand what is right and wrong? Yes and no? Remaining in one’s proper place? I am giving you these carnelian earrings to always remind you not to cause trouble and disappoint my deep meaning. The hook of this earring is twice as wide than usual. My earring holes are too fine. It won’t pierce through. In wearing the earrings, no need to trouble Noble Consort Jia for that. Whether it will get worn or not is my ability, but whether you are willing to let me wear it on you is your decision. Regaining your noble consort status is not easy. Little Sister, do not lose it again. Take note of your claws. Be careful of harming me. Noble Consort Jia, please endure it a little. Just to remember the lesson, one must suffer a bit. It really hurts! What’s wrong with your finger nail covers? Finger nail covers? You first sent this to the Office of Careful Punishment. I didn’t do anything. But aren’t those attendants from there your “claws”? Whether your claws will follow your order, I do not know. But now, I don’t listen to your orders anymore and you insist that I drill your ears. Tell me what I should do? Your Highness, look at how your attendant is bullying her. Imperial Concubine Jia, you are an imperial concubine. As the empress, Her Highness can only teach and not punish. How then are you being bullied and humiliated? Your Highness, Suoxin’s have been ruined., The Office of Careful Punishment has punished her too harshly. His Majesty has also punished me. His Majesty doesn’t fuss about me anymore. Are you still blaming me? His Majesty and I are of the same mind. This is a reward and not a punishment. You are using reward as a personal issue to take revenge. Imperial Concubine Jia, don’t make any more mistakes. – I’m not happy.
– I’m the Empress. I’m sitting on the phoenix seat where you most desired. Thus, I can reward or punish you. Just like how His Majesty punished that Wang person who forced his wife to die. Even though Master Wang committed a mistake, His Majesty has already punished him. It’s not for the women in the harem to discriminate. Her Highness is open minded and generous. As an imperial concubine, you speak without respect. You even wore bright red and clashes with the middle palace. Imperial Concubine Jia, no matter how honorable you are and how far you have come, you are just like us, a concubine. I once heard that the Yu Clan follows Confucian laws. A concubine will always be a servant of the main wife. A concubine’s child will be the servant of the child of the main wife. How could your deceased mother not know this difference? I want to remind you, all your mistakes have already affected your two princes. You should carefully think about this now. Imperial Concubine Jia, stop struggling and moving around. Or else, you will be careless and harm your own ears. Moreover, if you will just behave a little, I will be able to put them on faster and you will suffer less. Does everyone thinks that it looks nice? Yes. I think so too but does it hurt? It’s good that Your Highness knows that it hurts. It’s good that it hurts. If it hurts, you will remember your lesson. Lixin, you should go back and teach your Imperial Concubine Jia well. Don’t be like Uncle Shu who was careless and kicked out. Uncle Shu has his mother to go back to. You don’t have anyone. Yes. Imperial Concubine Jia, your tears are too precious. If you want to cry, don’t cry in front of me. In my eyes, your tears are no different from the dirty water dripping from the eaves. But if you want to show your tears in front of His Majesty, I would clarify this in front of everyone then. Her Highness gave this to you as a reward and I was the one who put it on for you. If I have hurt you, just come at me. I have nothing to say. If you want to pour dirty water on Her Highness, you can just forget about it. Everyone here already saw that you were willing to accept this. You should accept this for what you have done without any conscience. You deserved it. I saw with my eyes and heard with my ears. Your Highness is not responsible for this. Rongpei, go and bring the rewards for everyone. Yes. Mistress, bear with it. I will remove it for you. Stop removing it. Mistress, you have suffered a lot today. Everyone was laughing at you. Let me help you to remove them. The winner is the king and the loser is derogated. Be done with it if she humiliated me. She actually had to mention about Duke out of nowhere. Is she qualified to mention him?! This won’t do. I’m going to wear these to see His Majesty. I will not allow her saying bad things about Duke in front of His Majesty. Mistress, Her Highness merely guided you today. Rongpei was the one who took actions. If His Majesty wants to blame anyone, he won’t blame it on Her Highness. I can’t swallow this. Mistress. Your Highness, you didn’t need to punish Imperial Concubine Jia for me in front of her. Ever since you came out from the Office of Careful Punishments covered in blood, I told you that I will not let you suffer in vain. It’s just that no matter how I punish Imperial Concubine Jia, you won’t be able to replace your legs. I have been doing well. It’s true. You don’t need to worry about me. It wasn’t easy for you to be in this position. I only hope that you will be safe and well. Not be in any trouble just because of me. It wasn’t easy for Older Sister to slowly get to where she is now. She also needs to be strict and harsh to check and balance. Today, Older Sister appeased Imperial Concubine Chun and also applied pressure on Imperial Concubine Jia. She wanted them to differentiate between rewards and punishments, rights and wrongs. Also, Sister now is the Empress. Towards the imperial wives, as long as there is enough evidence, it is not excessive to teach them a lesson. Even if Imperial Concubine Jia reports to His Majesty, he wouldn’t say anything too. Hence, Suoxin, you don’t need to be worried. I know when to be harsh and strict. Greetings to Your Majesty. Ruyi, you came just in time. I was about to go see you. Come, sit. Then you and I had a heart connection. Of course. Your Highness, you came just in time. His Majesty listened so long to Noble Consort Jia and he’s tired. Luckily I made some lily porridge for you to try. Lily is great. Lily signifies harmony for a hundred years. A good omen. You try some too. Is it good? Flavor is good. Ruyi, earlier Noble Consort Jia came to Yangxin Hall to see me. She was teary and said you injured her earlobe. Since you know it, I won’t need to speak much. Noble Consort Jia has never been humble to you. Now you’ve just become the empress, and if you don’t put more pressure on her, I fear she will be hard to manage later on. Your Majesty, I not only wish to remind Noble Consort Jia, what I want to do is manage the custom of relying on one’s maiden clan in the harem. Because of the Yu clan, you have always been merciful with Noble Consort Jia. She not only shows gratitude for your grace, she also tries to rely on her maiden clan to do as she pleases. That Noble Consort Jia cares more about the Yu clan than me. Before it was also because she lamented in full sob over the matter of the Yu clan king, that she ended up having trouble in labor and the 9th prince died. Now, she is speaking out in disrespect. I already punished her to go to Fengxian Hall to repent before the ancestors. Your Majesty is sage. Forget it. Let’s not talk about that. Ruyi, come. In a few days, it will be my birthday celebration. I thought of preparing a gift for you. It’s your birthday celebration so I should prepare a congratulatory gift for you. Why are you doing the reverse? Ruyi. You stayed in the cold palace for so many years and the toil you suffered is unspeakable. And in the cold palace, most of them are abandoned concubines of the late emperor. I’ve already sent my decree, to relocate them to Rehe Palace to live out their old age in wellness. Let them not to suffer such bitter days anymore. You mean — I mean from now on there’s no more cold palace. The wives and the king of the palace are one. There’s no such thing as abandonment upon end of fondness. Your Majesty is a man of devotion and love. The six palaces are in your grace. Ruyi. Not only for the six palaces. But more so for you. Today you are the empress. I will promote your late father Narbu as first class Duke of Chengen. And your mother as Duchess of Chengen. In a few days, I will arrange for your mother to enter the palace to visit you. You two mother and daughter should catch up. I thank Your Majesty for thinking thoroughly for me. Ruyi, you are finally my empress. We can finally be in the same portrait. I already told Lang Shining to prepare. We can be in the same portrait and we can rely on each other until old age. After some time, I want to take you to burn incense at Mount Wutai, and to the ancestral mausoleum. I want to go and report to the ancestors and report to the world. We have so many places to go together. Your Majesty. The mist dragging the good air from the mountain ridges and the sun coughs out from the clouds the purple smoke. Ruyi, it’s just the two of us between the heaven and sky. It’s like we are free and roam as clouds do. Such leisure. Your Majesty, you only brought me out alone and that seems to be against the rules. I only want to be alone with you for some time. It’s not biased favoring then. This is the world’s emperor and you are my proper empress. I bring you out to see some pretty scenery. What’s not right? Come. Promise me. That you will accompany and walk like this forever. Mistress. Since you were shamed by Empress with earring, His Majesty not only did not find justice for you, he even has you coming to Fengxian Hall to kneel as punishment daily. To pray for 9th Prince’s transferring to next world. Now he went to the ancestral mausoleum and His Majesty didn’t even take you with him. Emperor and Empress are having their newlywed period. If a third person goes that will just make an extra. I don’t need to bother with that trouble. This Fengxian Hall is pretty nice. I can see the images of the ancestors and it seems hopeful. What do you mean? The portraits hung here are all the Qing emperors. I hope one day my son can be like them too. To become a reigning king of Great Qing. Duchess Chengen, his Majesty gave us special instruction Since you’re elderly in age, you will always enter the palace in a carriage. Thanks to His Majesty for his care. We are almost at Yikun Palace. Empress must be so anxious. Mother. Please accept my bow. Empress, please get on up. I can’t accept it. Please take my bow as your daughter and then treat me as empress. Empress. Let me carry out my national bow. I greet Empress ten thousand peace. Hurry and get up, Mother. Hurry. Empress. His Majesty treats you well? You accompanied His Majesty to the mausoleum and traveled to high mountain and low river. Has it been difficult on you? I am with His Majesty so it’s not difficult. As long as you live well, I am at ease. Come, sit, Mother. Sit here. You sit too. Madam, Her Highness has been instructing us since early morning. These are all the snacks you love to eat. Good. Good. Empress is sincere and filial. Since you became Empress, the House of Ula-Nara has reclaimed the glory of the old days. Your father and aunt, in the next world, can finally rest in peace. How difficult this road has for you. I saw and I ached. Being Empress has its share of difficulty. Thinking of the final years of your aunt, I am really so fearful. Mother. I will be cautious. His Majesty will treat me well. His Majesty treasures you and that’s the most important. You became Empress and those who come to our home seeking marriage with your sister. They are about to break the door frame. All are of nobility and high power. Mother. A woman is best if she can marry someone who treasures her. It doesn’t need to be a great and mighty family. You are very right. I also consent to it. So we can evade getting tainted by richness or power. And His Majesty might find us greedy. I’m glad you understand where I come from. My brother as well. Just a nobility title is enough. Do not let him get a court title. I will do as you say. Mother have some snacks. Your hand is cold? No. Your Majesty, you and Empress holding hands is very nice posture. Alright, then you paint it. Watch us hold hands and look at each other without tiring. Yes. Your Majesty, this is against the rules. It is against the rules. But it agrees with how I feel. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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