【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 47 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

【English Sub】Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace – EP 47 如懿传 | Qing Dynasty Greatest Love Story

Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Episode 47 Since I ascended to the throne, I have been personally governing and loving my citizens, worshiping the Heaven. But how come my children are dying before me one by one, leaving me with grief? What mistakes have I done? I know that Yonghuang died of a mental illness. After Empress Xiaoxian died, I know that he developed intentions of obtaining the Crown Prince position. As a father, watching your son grow up is a happy thing. But if they grow up incompetent, it makes you worry. If they have wild ambitions, it makes you scared. Since time immemorial, princes fighting for power is the most feared matter of an emperor. Your Majesty, you are at the prime of your life, like the sun in high noon. After noontime, it will be sunset already. Just to guard against my own children being unfilial, hence, I guarded against Yonghuang and berated him. But I do love him. After all, among all my children, he is the one who was with me the longest. If Yonghuang knows about Your Majesty’s thoughts, he will be resting in peace in the netherworld. Before leaving, Yonghuang kept calling for Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin. He was deeply sad that he was not able to be filial to her. Yonghuang also told me that it was Imperial Concubine Jia who told him that it was Empress Xiaoxian who caused the deaths of Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin and Second Princess. Hence, he bore a grudge against Empress Xiaoxian. That’s why, he was disrespectful to her during her funeral, causing you to publicly lecture him. If not because Imperial Concubine Jia instigated him, he would not have lost your favor and died in depression. Before Empress Xiaoxian died, I did ask her about the death of Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin. She made an oath and refused to admit the crime. But after Imperial Consort Zhemin died, there was indeed such a rumor in the palace. If Imperial Concubine Jia indeed told Yonghuang such words, she most likely just believed the rumors. At the bottom of it all, other than Yonghuang having the desire to be the Crown Prince, my doubts also pushed Yonghuang to his death. Ruyi, I am above millions watching over them. But being above millions mean you are alone at the summit. I always felt alone. Come stay by my side. I want to be with you. Aren’t I always by your side? Ruyi, from the start, you are the one that I have chosen to be my legitimate wife. After Empress Xiaoxian left, I have always wanted to give you the empress position. Your Majesty, I feel frightened for the empress position. Frightened? Why? Is it because of your aunt? Ruyi, you are different from your aunt. What makes us different? We both are the daughters of the Ula-Nara clan. The man we loved is the emperor. So what if you are from the Ula-Nara clan? For the past situations, I was left with no choice. But all those are in the past. I now get to decide who I want to be my empress. Listen. I am the emperor, and also a husband. The one by my side is my empress, and also my wife. Your Majesty, I have never wanted to be an empress. But before aunt died, she asked me one question. I hesitated. What question? Aunt asked me, “Do you want to share the same blanket while alive and be buried in the same tomb upon death with Hongli?” I do want to… but the only person who can share the same blanket and be buried in the same tomb with the emperor is the empress Which means that we are destined to be together. Ruyi, in this no man summit, I feel so lonely. I want you to be by my side. I also only want you to be by my side. Okay? Okay. Good. Good. Since His Majesty made an announcement expressing his desires to make you the empress, I can see how all the people in this palace are being so respectful to the future leader of the harem. Enough. Stop beaming with joy, so as to not invite gossips. Yes. Xiangdai, go to the courtyard adjacent the garden. Baijuan, go to the side room. Hurry up. From where did those maidservants come from? Mistress, these maidservants have no more family, hence, they decided to stay in the palace and continue serving. They are all new servants that the Internal Affairs Department got from Yuanming Garden. I heard that they are very experienced and after training, they will be distributed to the different palaces. Eunuch Zhao! How come those that paid you bribes got distributed to the six palaces? We who have no money to give you got sent to the Clothes Washing Division. That is so unreasonable!
[Rongpei] Let me tell you that in this world, money is the highest. You still dared to complain?! Sanbao. Stop the carriage. – Go.
– I’ll teach you a lesson! Zhao Quancai! Imperial Noble Consort is here and you dare to be unruly?! Greetings, Imperial Noble Consort. Imperial Noble Consort gave instructions that Zhao Quancai was despotic. Go to the Office of Careful Punishment and get your 50 canning punishment. Starting today, you do not need to report for work in the Internal Affairs Department. Your Highness Imperial Noble Consort, please forgive me… Sanbao, bring that palace maid here. Yes. Come over for a while. Yes. Sanbao, inform the Internal Affairs Department to be more fair in their actions. Or else, Zhao Quancai will be the example. Yes. Thank you, Imperial Noble Consort for giving me justice. You are a straightforward person and are quite bold. But are you not afraid of being treated unfairly after saying all those words? It is fine for me to suffer, but I cannot let my sisters who has no money suffer too. You have your own stand. I like you. Come work at Yikun Palace then. Thank you, Imperial Noble Consort. – Let us go.
– Yes. Go back to the palace. In the end, it’s still her turn. Mother, what did you say? Previously, His Majesty chose her as the main wife. It’s just that the late Emperor and Empress Dowager pulled her down. Currently, will the seat of the Empress be given to her? Mother, don’t worry. Even if she becomes the Empress, you still have me and Yongxuan. She doesn’t has anyone else. Son. I can’t count on the post of the Empress anymore but you must be the Crown Prince. Although the ceremony for the conferment of the empress have past examples to follow, the Department of Rites and House of Internal Affairs has the authority, no need for Sister to ask about the ritualistic formalities, I will still be by the side helping out. It’s just like when I married His Majesty before his enthronement. I only needed to put on a wedding dress. That’s right, Older Sister. The quantity of the gift has already been confirmed. The phoenix crown has already been made. Although there are still precedents to support, and His Majesty still feels awkward, they still need to be elaborately done. Mistress, Mistress Yu, please have some snacks. You even rushed from outside the palace. You are very considerate. The succession of Mistress as the Empress is a major event in the kingdom. I so want to be serving by your side every day and showing you my care. By the way, Older Sister, how’s Rongpei? I saw that she didn’t smile or talk. Rongpei is brave and resolute. She’s agile in doing tasks. She is also cautious. She’s not bad. What about the specific details? Did you investigate thoroughly? Sanbao has already investigated the specific details. She’s an orphan and has no one to rely on. Her background is clean. Be careful with the details. These are for Qiankun Palace. Is the Royal Consort here? You are here. Our Mistress is in. Come in now. Head Supervising Eunuch Qin Li from the House of Internal Affairs is here to deliver the satin from Shanggong. Send these back. Royal Consort will never like such bright colored satin. You are… I’m the new maid, Rongpei, from Qiankun Palace. So, you are new here. I’m afraid that you don’t know what the Royal Consort likes and the rules of the palace. These satin are to be worn before the conferment. These are naturally bright. If you don’t use these, should plain satin be used then? Plain satin is better. You really don’t understand the importance of taboos. Come, deliver these items inside and let the Royal Consort take a look. These dazzling items are not allowed to be brought into Qiankun Palace. – Who do you think you are?
– Eunuch Qin. Are you fit… Greetings, Royal Consort. My Lady, it was I who didn’t allow these to enter the palace. Eldest Prince has just died and it has not been 100 days yet. Mistress is still grieving about it. How could we accept these colorful fabrics from Internal Affairs Department? Will that be against the benevolent maternal heart of Mistress? For this reason, I clashed with Eunuch Qin. I’m preparing these for the pre-conferment. His Majesty also said that these satin are tributes. But these are to be worn before the conferment. The best tapestry will be delivered after the conferment. Royal Consort, please accept this for the time being. Yonghuang just passed away. I don’t want to accept this for the time being. Just replace these with those in plain colors. Yes. I’m taking my leave then. Come in with me, Rongpei. Yes. My Lady, please forgive me. If you want to punish me for rebutting Qin Li, I have nothing else to say. But I feel that I didn’t do anything wrong. Do you know who Qin Li is? He’s the Head Supervising Eunuch of the House of Internal Affairs. Why did you still rebut him then? He brought those red and bright satin and said those flattering words But Your Highness, if you wear those newly tailored clothes, people might criticize you. They will say that you are not sad over the First Prince. Your conferment is a happy occasion. You will also be dragged into the whirlpool. I didn’t wanted you to be gossiped about by others. Rongpei, you can discern things very well. The staff of House of Internal Affairs does things out of old habits. You could see these details and think on behalf of Older Sister. You are not neither servile or overbearing. You are a reliable person. With Mistress having someone like you, I’m relieved. Rongpei. When you were working at Yuan Mingyuan, you were looked upon with contempt. Hence, when someone argues with you, you won’t accept and when you are being stepped on, you are not afraid. I like you being with me. Thank you very much for your compliment. You saved me from humiliations. Thus, other than you, I won’t listen to or acknowledge others. Suoxin, take Rongpei and show her to everyone in the palaces. Let everyone know that Rongpei will be replacing you as the Aunt who will handle the matters at Qiankun Palace. Yes. Thank you, My Lady. Yongzhang. When you were studying in Shangshufang , I checked your work. Among the four of you, you are the laziest in studying. You have the most shallow knowledge. Tell me. How will you able to guide your younger brothers? Your Majesty, when I was waiting to study at Shangshufang, Fourth Brother was the most diligent and Third Brother was the wisest. Third Brother knows that Sixth Brother and I are very intelligent. We only studied hard. Hence, Third Brother would always stopped and explained to us. Isn’t that so? That’s right. Thus, please don’t blame him anymore. As the younger brother, you even dare to plead for him. It’s clear that his academic result is not up to par and he’s still teaching you and Yongrong? Your Majesty. It’s because Third Brother always guided me and Sixth Brother. That’s why he fell back in his lessons. But in my heart, Third Brother is the kindest. Yongzhang, you love to protect your younger brothers. You are considerate. Be done with it. I won’t tell you to progress. Go back and read up on filial piety. It’s better for you to understand filial piety. Noble Consort Chun, what are you doing here? Greetings, Royal Consort. – Rise.
– Thank you. Older Sister. His Majesty called Yongzhang here to ask about his studies. I was afraid that His Majesty would reprimand Yongzhang but fortunately, Fifth Prince spoke on his behalf. I’m afraid His Majesty will still ask about their homework. Let’s go back first. Thinking about before His Majesty became the Emperor and Yongzhang was just born, he was just a chubby baby. You also became a mother and I would often visit you. Yes, time really flies. I heard that you are reading the Buddhist scriptures and are eating vegetarian food now. Ever since the death of Empress Xiaoxian, I didn’t know what mistakes I made to cause His Majesty to be unhappy with me. It’s because you were eager to learn. That’s why you were instigated by others. We have known each others for many years. How could I not know that you have a good disposition? I didn’t expect that you would be the only one to comfort me at this moment. No wonder you will become the future Empress. I failed in family life and also succeeded in family life. Not only I wasn’t wise, I wasn’t filial to Empress Xiaoxian too. Perhaps, because of this, His Majesty chose me to be the Empress. Frankly, all these years, I didn’t had any requests to seek from him. I only hope that my son can grow up in peace. But those who are pressuring me are already gone. I was born with wishful thinking and also listened to Imperial Concubine Jia’s sweet talks. I thought that I had the substance to fight for the post of the Empress to give my son an identity. I was really very clueless., But I hope you can understand and forgive me. Get up. I understand. I’m not blaming you. I don’t have a child from the Emperor. Thus, I won’t be biased towards any sons of the Emperor. I won’t argue with you over old matters too. Really? I won’t do this. It’s because we brought up Yonghuang together and also because we were close friends before His Majesty ascended the throne. If this is what you mean, please protect me and my son. [ Cining Palace ] Greetings to Empress Dowager. Get on up. Sit. You all leave. Yes. Tomorrow, by the first daylight, upon your greeting, you shall be calling me Royal Mother then. I am most displeased by you becoming Empress. But in the end it is you who’s walked to this position. I have today all depending on you. I wouldn’t dare to accept this dependence of yours. It’s the emperor who insisted on selecting you. At the time back then, I’ve said this to you. I only wanted you to weigh it carefully. And not be like your aunt and bury yourself in your own cocoon. I remember. I remember back then I said to you that I had no intention for the empress seat. Yes. Afterwards Emperor set you as Imperial Noble Consort. Now you are about to be Empress. How do you explain this now? I still dare to say I never begged for the empress seat. You should be pleased with yourself. Your empress position wasn’t something you fought for. It was given to you on a platter by the emperor. His Majesty’s love and generosity, I am deeply grateful. I don’t dare to be so pleased. I only cherish it. Empress Dowager, I want to ask you one thing. Did Late Emperor ever shed a tear in your attendance? When Yonghuang passed away, His Majesty fought back his tears before me. He said he didn’t dare to face Yonghuang’s death. His Majesty said he is joyed by the growth of the princes. But he also fears the growth of princes. He said he’s above everyone but at the same time above no one. He’s alone with no company. At the time, I only wanted to tell His Majesty. What he always said to me. With me here, you don’t worry. Then the emperor said for you to accompany him. And become his empress? Yes. Then that’s perfectly suitable to what you want. I do want to be shoulder to shoulder holding hands with whom I love. But as for the empress position, I was honest with His Majesty. Facing the seat of empress, I feel frightened. Because of your aunt? My aunt’s aspiration for me, you are well aware. This aspiration, after all these years, I never understood. Until His Majesty mentioned the empress seat. I have kept evading it in my heart. But it was what His Majesty said that suddenly woke me. All these years, it might have been the aspiration of my aunt, that I became confined to the position of the central palace, the empress. Just that none of these is what I want or desire. What I really want and care about is only His Majesty’s love. His Majesty’s words. What were they? His Majesty said he is the emperor but also a father. He wants someone by him who is the empress but also his wife. Empress Dowager, my heart does not point to the empress seat. Rather it points to being His Majesty’s wife. I had thought you were more progressed than your aunt. But you saying that makes you not much stronger than her. The emperor is the king of sky, above all. No one is higher than him. They will never truly become one woman’s husband. Even the empress is their subject and their servant. Empress Dowager, did you never think, that you wanted to be Late Emperor’s proper wife? I never was the empress. Of course it’s impossible that I never thought to be empress. But I never really cared about being empress. Even more, I never obsessed about the king’s heart. Because the king’s heart always the hardest to grasp and understand in this world. Also the one you can least trust. Alright. Today you came and said so much. I understand your intention and your desire of love. You are the empress handpicked by the emperor. I have nothing else to add. Just that I warn you once again. Being the step empress of the emperor. It’s not an easy task. Since the founding of Great Qing. Your Ula-Nara clan’s empress, that much less easy. Perhaps I can’t see the empress seat clearly or the path before me clearly. And I can’t see His Majesty clearly enough. But I see my heart clearly. I don’t want to be in the high position alone and cold. But His Majesty suffers loneliness and I only want to go and be by his side. Go then. Emperor’s waiting for you. Step by step. Walk to his side. I thank Empress Dowager. It’s been two years. Langhua, I’ve decided to set a step empress. I picked Ruyi. I came to tell you especially. I hope you can understand my decision from the under world. Royal Father. Jingse, you’re back. I greet Royal Father. Hurry and get up. Come. Let me take a good look at you. Royal Father’s promoting the new empress and you wanted me to come and watch. Hence I am happy to rush back. It’s been two years since we parted. Are you living well in the border land? Everything’s well with me. Good. Sit. Royal Father, I heard the empress my mother recommended before her death, wasn’t actually Mother Xian. Perhaps to your mother, Ruyi isn’t the best choice. But to me it is. I heard from Royal Mother that Mother Xian was someone you were fond of early on. But Mother Xian has no family power and no children. I fear other mothers wouldn’t feel it’s right. It’s precisely because she doesn’t have family influence or children that she won’t have to be like your mother. For her clan and for children, to exhaust herself. Royal Father’s made up the mind. I can’t say much more. Just that I heard you let Uncle be the envoy for the coronation. Yes. Your uncle’s presence can add to Ruyi’s glory. But Uncle is my mother’s real younger brother. How can he be the envoy of the coronation of step empress? He’s my subject and this is his duty. What is can and what is cannot. Your uncle is well aware. It’s your decision. Then that’s good. You stay and talk to your royal mother a bit. I will return to my palace first. Sending off Royal Mother with respect. Royal Mother. You left. Royal Father is finally going to make Ula-Nara the step empress. But don’t be sad. If there’s favor, there’s loss of favor. You have son and daughter and family influence. But you still had sorrow. I will bear it. Wait it out. Until Ula-Nara has her day of despair and sorrow. Sister. You’ve finally walked upon this day. You dressed in Empress court attire is truly beautiful. Sister. I really want to accompany you like this forever. Regrettably Suoxin and I still need to go make ceremony preparations. We can’t walk you out of the door. You all go prepare. Don’t worry. I will walk step by step well until I reach His Majesty’s side. [ Fuheng ] Worship. Kneel. Proclamation. My central palace has been suspending for a long time. Imperial Noble Consort of Ula-Nara clan. Graced with nobility and blessed with virtues. Since her entrance to the Prince’s Manor, she’s shown expertise in house-managing. With mercy of blessing from Empress Dowager, By the gold books, set as Empress. Signed personally by Emperor. Receive your book. Proclamation of treasure. The treasure of Empress. I bowfully thank Your Majesty’s royal grace. Carry out the six rituals of three bows and three kneels. His Majesty personally set the second of August as the day of you are Empress. This is a good day. When I joined the prince manor, it was also the second of August. May Empress proceed to Taihe Hall. I, Ula-Nara, by Emperor’s royal grace, ascend as Central Palace. I vow to uphold my highest to manage the harem. I bow to thank Your Majesty’s royal grace. Congratulations to Your Majesty and Your Highnesss.
[ Prince He ] Upon the soaring of the phoenix and cry of bells, the bliss of heaven and eternal harmony of hearts. Kneel. Long live Your Majesty ten thousand years. Long live Empress a thousand years. First bow. Second bow. Third bow. Emperor and Empress join and all things flourish. ♫ Being your favorite and being forgotten both are argued in my heart, at a loss to arrive at an explanation. ♫ ♫ You bear witness to constant changes in my well-being, my sorrows and my joys, the path of my dreams forever cut off. ♫ ♫ You draw my hand to embroider all alone in my loneliness, silken clothes pile up under the moonlight. ♫ ♫ Telling myself they might be used for warmth, but who would dare? ♫ ♫ Whose life after life is filled with paired images of love and resentment? ♫ ♫ One side is beautiful, the other expressionless and silent. ♫ ♫ From a distance, visits come around without word of your approach, ♫ ♫ filling time between acts perhaps? ♫ ♫ Feelings fracture, forgive and wistfully anticipate, forgetting they’re part of the paired image, ♫ ♫ One day in cold indifference, the next in warm recollection. ♫ ♫ If only we might perpetually walk in the brilliant sunlight ♫ ♫ This lifetime has been so dismally overcast. ♫ ♫ From now on, this lifetime will be… ♫ ♫ without clouds. ♫

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