【English Sub】萌妃驾到 35丨Mengfei Comes Across 35(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

【English Sub】萌妃驾到 35丨Mengfei Comes Across 35(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

Chun Ping. Why didn’t you wake up? I called you. I’m almost done with your chores. Then keep doing them. Why? My head hurts. You’re rubbing your stomach. I wasn’t done talking. My head and stomach both hurt. My head feels like over 100 bees went inside and stung it more than 100 times. My stomach feels like it has a big tornado inside. It’s churning and rumbling. Chun Ping, are you okay? Are you having diarrhea? I’m constipated. My limbs are also weak and feel numb. Standing here and talking to you is already a miracle. Chun Ping, let me help you find a physician. No need. I just want to lay down a little. Yan’er, I just feel bad, so I wanted to come out and tell you about it. It’s okay. If you don’t feel well, go back and rest. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of the chores here. Thank you! Remember to call me for lunch. No need. I’ll bring it inside and feed you. My good sister! You’ll live a good life. I’ll keep my gratefulness in my heart. It hurts. Hurry and go rest. I’m so smart! I can get back to sleep. Feels so nice! Sleep now. [Truth and Lies]
[Episode 35] Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) This one is brighter. But it might be too gaudy. This one… This one looks more pure. It’s a little too basic. This one. Wanwan, can you stop it? It’s so early. Sorry, sorry. What’s that smell? So stinky. It wasn’t me. Hurry and close the window. It’s closed. What fart is this? So stinky, Sister Meng. Who was it? Did they poop? Old Yan, what are you doing? Why are you here? Why are the bags under your eyes so big? Don’t worry about that.
This is the new perfume I invented. It’s my heart and blood! My representative work. My pride. I brewed it all night, without eating or drinking. What do you think? Smells good? Well… Does it smell good? Yes. This is only half done. Once I add more things inside, it’ll smell even richer. Wait. Didn’t you just say it stinks? She used all night to make it.
It’s an A for effort! It’s not good to hurt her now. Then, is it good to lie? What if a hurtful truth is too big of a blow for her? At times like this, you must tell a kind lie. What are you whispering about? Old Xiao, Wanwan, I haven’t heard your opinions yet. Come here. We were saying that once you
smell it carefully, it does smell good. Too good! What materials did you put inside? So good that I’m going to drool! Wanwan, you’re smart. It originated from a vegetable and a fruit. Doesn’t it smell mouth-watering? What are they? I used the smells of areca fruits and coriander. Smells good, right? Once you open the bottle, it’s like you can see the areca fruits
and corianders holding hands, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing! You can keep dancing. I’ll leave now. Chun Ping is sick. Come visit her with me. Wanwan, you don’t look well, either. Are you also sick? No, no. This morning, I broke my favorite necklace. I… I need to go get a hold of myself. I’ll go. Go, then. Come visit Chun Ping with me! Wait. So little. I know! I can add some other things on it. It’ll make the necklace even prettier. Chun Ping looks rather healthy, but she’s quite weak. She’s sick now. Have a look. – Chun Ping!
– Master. Lay down. Don’t get up. Master, I’m so useless. My body is weak and my head is dizzy. It’s nothing major, but it’s major enough that I can’t get up and work. I feel very guilty that I can’t take care of you. I should just die! Enough. Knock on wood. Knock on wood. That’s right. Just rest up. Once you’re better, immediately make up for the work you’ve missed, okay? Master, how much do I get paid for sick leave? Is that a thing? I think so. Yes, I think so. There weren’t any in the past, but starting now, there must be. Chun Ping, don’t worry. Although you’re lying here right now, you’re still active in our hearts. Walking back and forth. We won’t neglect you. Consort Meng! If you want anything to eat, tell Yan’er. Don’t hold back. Thank you. Alright. rest up now. Tuck yourself in. Master, take good care of yourself. Okay. Goodbye. Get to rest. You’ll recover soon. Rest up. While Chun Ping is sick, we must give her lots of care and love. – Make her some nourishment medicine.
– Got it. Look! Is my necklace pretty? What nonsense is this? Look! This is my first time doing crafts. It took me so long. My hands even have blisters! But after seeing the result, I think it’s all worth it. What do you think? A treasure. What treasure is this? I’ve never seen this before. Pretty. This is unparalleled beauty. It’s perfection! It leaves no room for any other necklaces. Sister Meng, I knew it! Only you can see its soul. Thank you! I’m going to go show off. Ah Meng, are you blind? Do you need to compliment her that way?
You’re exaggerating so much. So flashy. The colors are so strange. But… Wanwan worked so hard to make that necklace. She even has blisters on her hands! If you say that it looks bad, it’ll hurt her. It’s a white lie! You all don’t understand anything. Meng, did you think about it? If Wanwan walks outside, and other people tell her it looks bad, what will we do? Will they? We’re close to her, so we don’t want to tell her the truth,
but others might not do the same. Right. If someone suddenly says it’s ugly, she wouldn’t be prepared for it. That’s quite a blow. As if you are walking down the street and you, by chance, run into the kidney you lost. Or, it’s like the overlord seeing Consort Yu after crossing Jiangdong. Ordinary people can’t tolerate this kind of blow. It’ll definitely be one of the biggest blows in her life. You are all exaggerating. Alright then. If it happens, we’ll blame you. Let’s see what you’ll do. These are all white lies. There’s nothing to blame. Even if people say her necklace is ugly, I can push the blame to different aesthetic values. Don’t worry. Alright, then. Let’s just say I was overthinking it. But if I was Wanwan, it would upset me more to hear white lies. Of course I would choose white lies. You might not know, but after work, if I ever get held up by something, I tell my wife that it’s because I was working overtime. You could just say the truth in those situations. I can’t! You don’t understand my wife. My wife’s imagination is crazy. Even if I was really held up
by helping an old grandma cross the road or helping to bring a lost child home, she still thinks that I was cheating, thinking I was messing around outside. Without a second word, she’d beat me up the second I get home to the point that my mom can’t even recognize me. That’s domestic abuse. This won’t do! Of course, she doesn’t hit me every time. During holidays, she would do something different. For example… Ignore me for a month, not cook for me, or put on a face that looks like her husband just died. Emotional abuse is even worse. That’s why that… White lies can bring amicability into the family. It benefits relationships between people. It benefits the unity of the universe! Truthfully, you might not know, but to tell the truth sometimes, you might get killed. Look. Even history needs to beautify the ruling class. That’s why… Don’t record this section. Don’t report it. Okay. But the Son of Heaven can’t control the historian’s pen. Right. The Son of Heaven can’t control the historian’s pen, but he can control other parts of the historian. For example, for people in my field,
there was a senior with the surname Sima. You know? Sima Qian. I know. Because he was too frank and didn’t care about anything, his writing made people uncomfortable, so his own body ended up
feeling uncomfortable, too. Right? Everytime I think about this, I feel that a certain special area on my body is in pain. Thus, white lies are necessary. It can maintain peace in the world. Thank you. Thank you. Welcome. Now, draw this half. Sir. You scared me. Are you willing to hear hurtful truths or white lies? Please answer honestly. When I’m willing to hear the truth, then the truth. This question is very hard to answer. It’ll pierce my weak, little heart. Truths hurt people, but lies hurt the heart. If not because I’m thick-skinned, Who reported this? Don’t go off topic. Answer the question! White lies are like timely rainfall, soaking my entire body. It’s comfortable! So you’d chose white lies? I agree with Your Highness’s thoughts. No matter what you think, I’ll support you! Don’t have your own opinions. Come here. Come. Everyone, look. This is the opinion of the public. I didn’t add anything to it. I also didn’t try to misguide them, and I got this conclusion. Everyone thinks that white lies are better than hurtful truths. But the truth is not in the hands of the majority. – What does that mean?
– Can’t you tell? In the end, lies are still lies. When you’re lying, no matter how much you decorate it, it’s still a lie. I’m not sure about Wanwan, but if somebody wants to lie to me, I’ll force 18 bottles of the truth medicine that I invented down her throat. From inside out, from the body to the soul, I’ll wash that person. That many? It is a little much. It’s not too many. If the other person is still not honest, I have lots more. Even 80 bottles is no problem. What’s wrong? Nothing. Are you cold? Ask Yan’er to get another layer for you. I’m not cold. I just felt a gush of cold wind. It’s a little humid and unsettling. I can’t describe it. Did you hear? Thoughts And Small Kicks on a Quiet Night made another purse! Really? So pretty! What are you all talking about? What are you wearing? Is Fang Hua Palace really this poor? How much is this necklace worth? Even if it costs more than 1 tael,
it’d still be too expensive. But… Did His Majesty not give you any jewelry? Why are you wearing this? That’s what you don’t understand! I didn’t buy this. I made this myself! The jewelry granted by His Majesty are too grandiose. It would appear old-fashioned and conservative. I made this one myself. I even added some elements that showcase liveliness. Liveliness? It’s obvious you’re just wearing junk. I’m not! You guys just don’t understand beauty. Sister Meng and the others all said it’s pretty! They’re purposefully trying to embarrass you. Why are you defending them? Should I call you dumb or dumb? Nonsense! We’re friends who’ve been through
thick and thin together. You can’t break us apart. Do I need to do that? It’s true that it’s ugly! They lied to you, but you still treat them as good sisters. Is your brain broken? Stop it! Stop it! By the way, mother, I remember that once when I gave you that… The thing I gave you… Give it to me! Your ugly thing! Throw it away! – There’s an assassin!
– Mother, are you okay? Empress Dowager, I think they’re fighting. What are you all doing? Stop it! Greetings, Queen Dowager. What are you all doing? Empress Dowager, are you okay? Okay? Look at what you all look like right now! You’ve caused such a ruckus in the harem. Empress Dowager, this is all Concubine Qu’s fault. She was wearing an ugly necklace, but she didn’t let us criticize it and started hitting us. That’s not true! This necklace is yours? Yes. But… But that necklace… Concubine Zu threw it first! I’m innocent. Stop talking. Lou’er has always taken good care of your Fang Hua Palace, but you don’t know your limits. If something had happened to me, you… You’d be in big trouble! Concubine Qu, for my sake, Empress Dowager will not look into this.
But there’s one condition: pick up all the pearls that were thrown onto the bridge so that it can’t hurt anyone else. Since Lou’er has said it, I won’t hold this against you. Concubine Wang, Concubine Zu, watch her pick up every pearl on the ground. Yes. – Lou’er, let’s go stroll somewhere else.
– Okay. Why are you just standing there?
Hurry and pick them up. Hurry! What happened? Who bullied you? You all… Wanwan, why are you crying? Enough! Stop crying! You’re about to cry until nightfall.
When will you stop? Doesn’t your throat hurt? It hurts. Then drink some water. Lies are demons! Why are you yelling? We’re all sisters here. Are you trying to eat us or something? Right. Just say what’s going on. It’s all your fault! All of you. If you hadn’t joined together to trick me, telling me that that necklace is pretty, I wouldn’t have gone out and embarrassed myself. If you hadn’t just blown me off, and not told me the truth, would I be in this state? You all share the same rotten tastes. Your stink reeks the sky. Notorious, foul reputation. Stinky fish. Wanwan has learned idioms? Should we celebrate with some alcohol? Annoying. Actually, Ah Meng said that white lies are better than being honest. That’s why we lied to you. I won’t talk to you again! She didn’t have bad intentions. She just didn’t want to ruin your good spirits. Why do you need to be that angry? If you knew that she said your perfume smells good but said that it’s incomparably disgusting behind your back, would you think the same? Bu Meng! I need to use the restroom. Was she telling the truth? I need to pee. Don’t pee! Hold it in. Is it really that big of a deal? I also didn’t think that a white lie could create all this trouble. Liar. All liars. Why did you lie to me? I thought you were my friends. Now, His Majesty’s impression of me will be bad. It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! So annoying. Why did you lie to me? Is she trying to kill us? I just renovated those tiles last month. Old Xiao, go up there and make her unconscious and get her down. I can’t. My martial arts isn’t meant for hurting my own kind. I didn’t ask you to hurt her! Even more so when it comes to hitting my sister! Meng, go up there and talk to her about it. Talk about what? I can’t explain it. Just let her vent it out. I’m going back to sleep. How could you sleep in this situation? What else do we do, then? I still don’t understand how I was wrong. The public’s opinion is the same as mine. White lies have kind intentions. If there’s a bad result, then it’s only coincidental. Coincidental? I’m not acting out towards you right now because I’m logical. It doesn’t mean you did something right. Between sisters, you can be frank. Do we really need to hear the truth from outsiders? That’s not what I meant. Then what did you mean? Stop arguing. I’ll go back to my room to think about it. Get her down first. I think it’s safer for you to go from there. I… Should I say it? I… If I said it, they might not forgive me. But if I don’t, I feel guilty. Chun Ping! Yan’er. Are you feeling better? I’m much better. I brought you meat porridge. Don’t move. You still look pale. I’ll feed you. Here. How is it? Noble Lady Xiao, out for a run? Wait. What? Can you bring a message to Consort Meng? Tell her yourself. I’m not a messenger. I’m scared that if I change my answer in front of her, she’ll think that I’m indecisive and hit me. Thus, help me pass on this message to her. Does it look like I won’t hit you? No. I was joking. Say it. Scared me. Here’s the thing. When she asked me if I prefer a hurtful truth or a white lie, I chose the lie. But after I thought about it, I realized that there’s a problem with what I chose. It’s because I didn’t think about the person
most important to me when I made that decision. Who’s the most important person to you? That assassin? Su Su! Of course it’s Su Su. If it’s Su Su, I’d rather hear a hurtful truth. Even if it pierces me, I don’t care as long as she’s telling the truth. I can’t accept any lies from her towards me. Whether it be out of kindness or politeness. None. Okay, I’ll help you pass it on. Really? Yes! Noble Lady Xiao! – Noble Lady Xiao!
– What are you doing? Why do you have this attitude? Who would want to see the physician? I’m not sick. Yes, you’re not sick, but I am. Is it contagious? It’s a mental sickness, not contagious. Here’s the thing. Well… Yesterday, Consort Meng asked me if I’d prefer hurtful truths or white lies. At the time, I told her that I’ll choose whatever she chose. Then, she said that I don’t have a mind. That’s a very accurate insult. Why are you complaining? I’m not complaining. I went back and thought further about it. Not telling the truth just to please her is not right. Then what’s your choice? The truth! The truth is always better than a white lie. A lie will eventually be exposed. – Short term pain is better than long term pain.
– Okay, I got it. But… Thanks! Help me pass on the message! Next time, I’ll give you a free check up! Women in the harem all have medical insurance.
They’re free to begin with. Contagious? Does she want a fight? Noble Lady Xiao. Are you also trying to change your answer? You’re a historian but you’re so fickle. How will you prove that you’re trustworthy? If you’re not trustworthy, how can we trust what you write? I didn’t even get to say anything yet! Sorry, I was overthinking. Noble Lady Xiao, please wait. I was trying to say, you stole my lines! You still want to change your answer? It’s true I need to change my answer,
but that doesn’t mean I’m fickle. Earlier, I was just joking around with Consort Meng. But she took it for real. With your humor, why do you write history? You should go write comedy. Why would I do that? Noble Lady Xiao, don’t just criticize me. Right after I made the joke, I regretted it. If Consort Meng takes it for real, and it creates trouble, what will I do? Did she really get into trouble? She’s already halfway in. Hurry and pull her out! Help me tell Consort Meng that as humans,
we need to tell the truth. Even if the truth is hurtful,
as long as you had good intentions, it’s better than lies. A historian like me need to learn from my senior Sima. Be upright and never stoop to flattery. You sure know a lot. I’m a scholar, so… Noble Lady Xiao! Noble Lady Xiao, good morning. Can you let me run in peace? Have you eaten? – If you haven’t, go inside and eat.
– No thanks. How could you skip breakfast? If you do, it’s easy to get low blood sugar. It could also lead to cholecystitis. But of course, I don’t know about that. It was Consort Yan who told me about it. Get to the point. Stop beating around the bush. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I really have something for you. Can you help me pass a message to Consort Meng? What a surprise! What did I ever do? All I did was wake up for a morning job,
but I ended up becoming a messenger pigeon. No, it’s just a short message. It’s not that troublesome. Well… If you help me, I’ll treat you to 2 large chives and eggs baozi. Beef and onion is fine, too. No thanks. I’ll give you 3 seconds. Speak. Three… I thought about it last night, and I feel that it’s better to choose hurtful truths. I’d rather have others hurt me than for others to lie to me and keep me in the dark. If it drags on, I would lose myself within the lie. Two… If a person can courageously face the cruel reality, then what can defeat him? Don’t you agree? Noble Lady Xiao, although I’m not educated, this might be the most reasonable sentence I’ve ever said. Please help me pass it on. One. Goodbye. Meng, that’s what they said. I’ve done what they asked and passed it onto you. The rest is up to you. I know that I was wrong. If I had known this would happen, I would have told the truth. That way, I wouldn’t be called a hypocrite. What should I do now? How can I make up for it? Starting now, tell the truth. That’s the best way to make up for your mistakes. I can’t believe you. To Wanwan and to me, you don’t even say what you’re really thinking. How else will we communicate with you in the future? How would we be able to tell if you’re being two-faced? Yan, I’ve already apologized 8 times. Even 80 times is not enough! Definitely! I was wrong. The voting results are out. A hurtful truth is better than a white lie. Does anyone disagree? No. Don’t you dare have one! In the future, we must tell the truth. Chun Ping! Chun Ping, how are you? Why are you all here? We heard that you’re sick, so we especially came to visit you. Chun Ping, look! I especially asked someone to bring
these eggs from the countryside for you. They’re very nutritious. I even peeled it for you. Try it. It’s even peeled? Right. Yan’er said that you’re sick, so you have
no energy, so I peeled it for you. I washed my hands. They’re clean. Open up. Are you choking on the egg? Yan’er, pour some water for her. Water. Chun Ping, hurry and drink this. It’s not hot. I’m sorry! I lied! I’m not sick. I lied to you all. I just wanted to be lazy, so I lied. But when the masters came to visit me,
I had to continue lying. Then, the lie continued to grow. When I saw how well you’re all treating me, I felt very despicable. Not just despicable. This is extremely evil! Do you know how much I love eggs? But I saved it all for you. You’re so good at acting. Right. How could you do this? Let’s go. Yan’er. Chun Ping. I was really worried about you, but you were lying to me. This is too much. Yan’er, I was wrong. Forgive me. If you can gain forgiveness so easily, who would pay for my wasted kindness? I’ll do it. Who will compensate for the care I’ve given out? I’ll compensate for all of it! I know that I was wrong. I shouldn’t have lied just to be lazy. Another liar. Why are you looking at me? I’m not wrong. Wanwan, everyone makes mistakes. You need to give people like us
a chance to change ourselves. Chun Ping, I’m so disappointed in you. How could you use our care for you
with such a peace of mind? We took so much care of you. You must have enjoyed it so much! Master, I really know my mistake. In the future, I’ll always tell the truth. I’ll never lie again. Alright, stop yelling at her. Yan’er didn’t do anything today. Chun Ping did all the chores. That’s my way of compensating. Since you know you were wrong, you’ve knelt for long enough, and you’ve done your best to make compensations, let me say a few words. Let’s end this situation here. Alright, Chun Ping. Get up. My neck hurts from yelling at you. Master, I’ll massage it for you. Harder! You’ve been resting for so many days.
Where’s all your energy? Meng Meng! Your Majesty. What is this smell? It smells so good. It’s perfume made from areca fruits and corianders. When Consort Yan heard that I’m coming to visit you, she sprayed it on my body like crazy. She said that you like this smell. Don’t listen to her nonsense. No matter what you smell like, I like it. What’s wrong? You can’t handle this small of a compliment? Looks like I don’t usually compliment you enough, so your immunity is too low. Let me compliment you more
so that you can get used to it. You’re so cute. Enough. Come sit. Have this tea. This is tea that I made just for you. I know that you’ve been upset recently.
Drink it and let it calm you. Does it taste good? It tastes… so bad! It’s so sour. It’s enough to kill me! Are you trying to grant death to me? I personally went to the kitchen to brew this tea for you. Hearing you say that makes me upset. Your Majesty, don’t be upset. These past days, because of truths and lies, I’m about to go crazy. If it were you, which would you choose? The truth, of course. Although hearing the truth makes me uncomfortable, it’s never wrong to be sincere. Such deep insight! Thus, don’t blame me for being frank. Okay, I won’t blame you. Let me ask you something. If you had a chance to start over, would you rather try to gain my favor or avoid it? Avoid it, of course! Why would I need to start over? Even if I start over 100 times,
I’d still choose to avoid your favor. Why? Everyone knows that the emperor isn’t loyal. If you’re favored one day, you might lose the favor the very next day. It’s so dangerous! Who would try to fight for it? Alright, get back to your afternoon nap. Try to avoid my favor. I’m scared that I’ll accidentally show favor to you again. Didn’t you say you wouldn’t blame me for being honest? I’m not blaming you. Really? You’re telling the truth, so why should I? Go back to your nap. Heavens! Which one should I choose? Lies aren’t okay, truths aren’t okay. Why don’t you just turn me into a mute? You can’t be a mute. If you turn into a mute, who would gossip with me? Consort Yan. Okay, okay. I’ve already thought about this for you. Between a hurtful truth and a white lie,
which should you choose? Choose neither. Because these aren’t the only 2 choices. There’s a third option. Euphemistic truths. Euphemistic truths? Yes, euphemistic truths. Step by step, and allow the other person to
accept reality and understand oneself. It’s not hurtful nor pretentious. For example, I ask you, “how is my perfume?” You can say, “Some people might like it, but I can’t accept the smell.” Another example, if Wanwan asks you, “How’s my necklace?” You can say that doing crafts is worthy of praise, but what she made might not appeal
to people’s current aesthetics, and then suggest for her to wear a better one. So for the question that His Majesty asked me, I should say “If I had to restart, and I didn’t know you, and didn’t know that you’re a man who is deeply loyal, I would still choose to avoid your favor.” Right. You understand this concept quite well. Why didn’t I say that earlier? Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com)

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