【English Sub】萌妃驾到 34丨Mengfei Comes Across 34(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

【English Sub】萌妃驾到 34丨Mengfei Comes Across 34(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

“To a stranger.” That means it’s for me. “When you are under the sunny sky, can you understand my raining emotions?” This person is crazy. Why would I need to understand that? “Can a messenger pigeon carry my loneliness into the unknown future? My heart is like a drifting bottle filled with loneliness. I don’t know if I will receive an answer from a dearie who is listening to Loneliness sing.” I understand. This person wants to be friends. I need to hurry and answer it. [Love Letters]
[Episode 34] Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) Enough! Look what you did to my handkerchief. Have a cracker. I can’t! What happened? What’s going on? Tell me about it. Don’t hesitate. I can cure all kinds of upsetting situations. Go away. Don’t mess around. Can’t you see that Wanwan is expressing her emotions? I’m not messing around! Wanwan, tell me about it. I wrote a love letter to His Majesty. Then? Did you deliver it? She did. His Majesty even answered. Why else would she cry? He answered? What did he say? “Read.” – Alright, alright.
– Such a short response. His Majesty didn’t even send me a smiley face. He must be very annoyed with me. The table is expensive. Your love letter must have been written poorly. It wasn’t able to attract his attention. But there’s hope. There’s hope? How? You have me! Helping your love rival write a love letter to your lover? Is your brain broken? Don’t say that. It’s just a love letter. As long as Wanwan is happy, and His Majesty can respond to it, it’ll make everyone happy. It’s good! Ah Meng, can you really do it? Of course. In the past, I was called the “expert love director”. The love letters I wrote can wrap around the world 3 times. And that’s even a conservative estimate. Thus, it’s my duty to help you. Sister Meng, I didn’t know you’re that experienced with love. No. When I was young, I was a ghostwriter. However, my writing now is much more mature than before. You can’t tell at all that I’m ghostwriting. Wanwan, you must understand that in terms of love experience, in the entire harem, other than Ah Meng, everyone else is just bluff. What is she, then? “Big” bluff! Right. Don’t listen to her. You must be careful, Wanwan. Fine. I won’t listen to you! You memorized those lines for nothing! Hey, Fu Xi! Greetings, Your Highness. Why are you so downcast? What unhappy thing happened? Tell me about it to make me happier. Thanks for your care. I’m doing well. Stop pretending. My eyes have been cultivated before. I can tell with just one look if you’re happy or not. Tell me. Recently, I got possessed by the god of bad luck. My luck has been horrible! Even when I eat, I drop my bowl. I can’t focus my energy towards anything. I always make mistakes. My master always yells at me. That’s all? Stop being stubborn. Just tell me about it. In the past, I was the expert of resolving crises. What does that mean? In the long river of human life, you’ll eventually come across things that are sudden, make you question your morals, make you feel defeated, and make you change your pants multiple times a day. Why change my pants? If you pee your pants in fear, you’ll have to change them! That was just an example. If there’s anything upsetting you, tell me. I’ll save you. I promise to solve it! And afterwards, don’t forget to give me a five-star rating. Really? Then I’ll tell you in detail. Actually, this is how everything got started. A little while ago, I made a pen pal. After writing back and forth once, twice, thrice… 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times, our relationship was pretty close. But for some reason, she suddenly sent a letter saying that she wants to break off communication with me. It was out of the blue? Yes. Suddenly, it was like she became a different person. That’s why I’m sad and can’t focus on doing anything. You must have not used the correct words when responding. Did you insult her? Of course not! I really admire her. I didn’t dare to use any harsh words. Then, she must be terminally ill,
and she’s scared to hold you back. These plots are very ordinary. No way. How is that ordinary? A terminal illness is too crazy. That’s strange, then. Right. I thought about it many times, but I still don’t know. I know. Once you’re done with work,
send all of the letters to Fang Hua Palace. I’ll use my talent and intelligence to help you analyze it and see if it can be saved. Great! Thank you, Consort Meng. Thank you! You’re welcome. “Dear Fu, I’m not feeling well.” That’s all? So short. What kind of letter is this? Pigeon letters. Short letters, but long love. – It’s trendy right now.
– What’s a pigeon letter? Letters sent by pigeon. Isn’t it progressing pretty well? She’s even trying to act cute. How did you respond? I told her to drink more water. “Xiao Fu, I twisted my ankle today. It hurts so much!” “Drink more water and rest.” “Fu Fu, my hands are dry… From working so hard, they have b… Blisters.” “Drink more water.” I know. Whenever this girl is sick, she doesn’t take medicine. Instead, she just complains about it. Fu Xi, with your answers, at most you can get 4 points. 4 points isn’t too bad. It’s close to full marks! No. Out of 100 points. Your emotional quotient is unbearably low! Why do you keep telling her to drink water? Do you take her for a water jug? What else can I do? I was caring for her. Cold, hungry, upset, sick, and you told her to drink water all those times. If water could cure every illness, physicians would have lost their jobs long ago. What she really needs is care and warmth from your words. This should be the last letter. “Let’s end here.” Right. She suddenly wanted to break up. What else can I do? I know what you should do. Drink more water! I understand now. You have a secret crush on her. I’ll help you write one that will confess your secret crush, and she’ll definitely answer. Great! Thank you, Your Highnesses. I’ll take my leave now. Okay, go now. Once it’s done, I’ll come find you. Okay. Is your brain really broken? Writing a love letter for a eunuch? Tricking another person of her love isn’t good. But… What’s wrong with eunuchs? Eunuchs have emotions, eunuchs have love, too. Eunuchs have it hard. Their lives aren’t complete. What’s wrong with finding platonic love
to complete their life? Writing a love letter to a pen pal. This is a unique situation. Sister Meng, you’re really going to write a love letter for Fu Xi? Of course. I can’t go back on my promise. I don’t think it’s reliable for you to write for him. Even if it’s good, it can’t bring out a smile on her face. You should help write mine first. You are too near-sighted. A smile is indeed touching, but platonic love is even more irresistible. In love, the communication method doesn’t matter, identity and status and body shape don’t matter, either. Gender doesn’t matter, either! Don’t have prejudice. We should give Fu Xi positive encouragement so that his life will become more meaningful. I think that is very logical. Not just logical. It’s the truth! But I still don’t really understand. They’re just talking about love and romance through those pigeon letters. What’s the point? It’s very meaningful. This method can improve a person’s mood. In service jobs like being a eunuch, being in a good mood will benefit their job performance. Don’t look down on this mere love letter. In the long-term, this can boost Fu Xi’s career, light his path to life, and act as his stepping stone to success. Understand? I said all this, but you won’t
remember any of it. Your brain is small. Go to sleep. My brain is small? But my skull is big! This love letter used up 80% of my talent. No matter what kind of girl your pen pal is, she’ll be touched. Then… What if she’s not touched? Then, sorry for your loss. She might be a man. I understand. Your Highness, I’ll never forget your generosity. You’re like Buddha! Stop complimenting me. It’s my virtue to help others. Okay. However, some occasional compliments are still acceptable. Your Highness has both talent and good looks,
and your heart is so kind! With you here, I have hope! The entire palace has hope! It really makes me feel good to hear that. Alright, get to work. I’ll take my leave. He Qiliao, why do you have that black eye? Can’t talk about it. I shouldn’t share my family issues. Your wife beat you up again, right? Although you don’t use your face to make a living, she can’t use this kind of method to prove it. We all know! Your Highness. Please take your plane and go fly outside. It’s bigger outside! Alright, I’ll stop laughing. Tell me. What’s the reason? My wife wanted me to write her a love letter. But… Are you complaining or showing off? Look at the state I’m in. Why would I be showing off our relationship? Am I stupid? Then, did you write something wrong? I thought that it was pretty good. I just wrote that “My love for you is as grand as the ocean.” Isn’t that pretty good? I thought so, too! But she said that she’s illiterate. She said that I wrote that letter
to provoke and humiliate her. Wait. That’s not right. Didn’t she ask you to write it? Right. This is women! Saying one thing, yet meaning another. She doesn’t know what she wants. What exactly does she want me to do? I… I’ve spent half of my life working in the literary field, but I don’t know what to do with her. I know what she wants. Leave this letter to me. I’ll write it for you. I promise it’ll satisfy her! Really? Consort Meng, I knew it. You treat me the best! In the future, I’ll burn thicker incense for you, kowtow even louder to you, and throw even more flowers for you! Consort Meng! Consort Meng, good news. Little Sugar wrote back to me. I’ve brought you the flag of thanks. So embarrassing! It’s possible for you to feel embarrassment? Top flag: “Helping others in need.” Bottom flag: “Kind-hearted, love in this world.” I think it’s missing a horizontal flag. “Bored out of her mind.” Okay. I’ll go fix it right now. Stop! What are you changing? It’s pretty good. Don’t fix it! Okay, then I won’t change it. See that? As long as I take charge, I can make the other party respond. Aren’t I impressive? Do you want to know what I wrote in there? Yes! Sister Meng, what did you write? Also, how were you certain that she would answer? Actually, it’s not that complex. I just wrote that “I have thousands of miles of land, which is missing a female master.” I’m sure it’s also missing a housekeeper. Do you want me to manage your money? Can’t keep your backyard empty, either. I’m healthy and strong. I can taste dishes for poison! What are you saying? This is just all fake. It’s meant to attract the other person. At least you admit that it’s fake. What love letter? These are symptoms of paranoia. Isn’t that lying? Why take it so seriously? Platonic love requires some tricks to obtain. Otherwise, what part of you do you expect her to love? Love your handwriting? Or love your clear logic? Thinking back… Stop thinking back. Are you getting addicted? In short, thank you. Our future letters will all depend on your help. I need to ensure this relationship stays stable. Okay. I’ll help you until the end. I’ll help you write a few more. Once you’ve mastered it,
you’ll have to depend on yourself. Okay. I’ll take my leave now. Go on. Just keep messing around. Wanwan, let’s go. Once trouble arises, you’ll definitely regret this. But… This is positive energy! They don’t understand anything. I’m going to hang this up. But where? Where? Let me look. How did His Majesty respond this time? Wanwan! What are you doing? Don’t commit suicide! Sister Meng, I’ve been severely traumatized. His Majesty circled all your wrong words. He even told me to write each incorrect word 3 times. What is he doing? Grading my homework? Alright, alright. Maybe His Majesty has been teaching
Chang Zhi and Jiu An too much that he couldn’t stop himself and started using it on you. Same with you. Why didn’t you check it before turning it in? Turning it in? Wait… Sending your love letter, I mean. I’ve never been good at this. If His Majesty has time to watch me dance, I can totally impress him! Do you believe it? Yes. Alright, don’t worry. I’ll help you write the letter. Really? Love letters need to be written according to your requests. Tell me. What’s the end result you want? I want to see His Majesty. If His Majesty really is too busy, and I can’t see him, even a self-portrait is good. You’re asking for a self-portrait! Easy. Want an autograph as well? Yes! But I don’t want Wu Weiyong to sign on His Majesty’s behalf. Don’t worry. You’re the best! Okay. – I’ll go get ready.
– Okay. So happy! Have this back. My brain cells are about to boil. The depths of night is perfect for working. No. Yes. In the depths of night is inspiration. The last letter left a good impression on the pen pal. Then, this one should show off his talent. Writing is too mainstream. Then, I’ll draw. Done. She’ll surely ask me why the night looks like this. Then, I can explain to her that I’ve been deeply affected by impressionism. Then, she’ll ask me what impressionism is. With this questioning and answering, Little Sugar will fall for this talent and education. Rich and smart! Every woman would fall for him. And as for Wanwan’s letter to His Majesty… His Majesty is too busy, so no need to waste his time by beating around the bush. If she wants a portrait, just ask for it. Easy. And as for He Qiliao’s wife… For her to do that, she doesn’t want a love letter with words. Just directly give her money. Buy a purse for her! Purses can cure all illnesses. Why am I so smart? Fu Xi! Your Highness. Take it. Why are there two? Your Highness, wouldn’t that appear too eager? It’ll make me appear too excited. You’re mistaken. The one on top is from Concubine Qu to His Majesty. Help me pass it to him. The one on the bottom is yours. I’ll leave now. Okay. Bye. Your Highness, well… I think that it’s not a good idea for you to work in vain. I just received my monthly wage. Don’t. It’s no fun if you bring money into it. Your Highness, you’re like a dazzling Buddha! I know! For you. Done so quickly? Your Highness, in terms of literature, your talent surpasses mine! Enough. No need to mention the truth. Keep a low profile. Your Highness, this is my… This is my gift of thanks. It’s no fun if you bring money into it. Yes, you’re right. But I really need to ask you for money. Otherwise, I’ll suffer a loss. Alright, get back to work. Take care, Your Highness. Fly high! Not high at all. Fly high! Still not high. Playing? Sister Meng, come sit. I’ve asked Fu Xi to deliver your love letter to His Majesty. Really? Thanks, sister! But I didn’t get to see it. No need to look at it! If I’m in charge, victory will come so easily! Never mind a self-portrait and an autograph. I can even get portrait series for you! What’s portrait series? A series of self-portraits in different positions. Impressive, huh? Here, fly up high! Up high! Swing! Turn around, turn around. Give him a self-portrait? He’s too sweet. Sister Bao Qin, your pen pal wrote again? But I don’t think he wants to be my pen pal anymore. What else, then? If a man is showing off his wealth and wants a portrait of you, what do you think that means? What does it mean? It means he wants to marry me. He wants to marry you? Do you know an artist who can draw portraits? Someone really good, very talented, and can make someone look like
she’s gone through plastic surgery. Like plastic surgery? I know one. Really? Okay, I’ll go with him. Help me contact him. Leave it to me. Okay. Your Majesty. This is? Your Majesty, this is from Concubine Qu. What does she mean? I don’t remember her owing me money. Maybe she wants to gain your favor by buying your time. Or, she’s showing off her wealth to you. Showing off her wealth to me? Does she not know what’s going on? Fine, then. Put inside tenfold the money and send this back. Okay. Sister Bao Qin. I’ve brought him here. During his free time, Fu Xi takes on off-duty jobs. He’s very good. Really? Okay, draw now. Draw you? Of course! I’m already posing. Your face is a little large in size. I might have to use a lot of paper. Fu Xi, what are you saying? Can’t you just make my face skinnier? Like this. Okay, then. I’ll give you a discount. I’ll charge you 60 taels. Then, I’ll give you bigger eyes and a taller nose bridge. Make my lips even bigger. It’s the trend these days. Sexy. Okay. Just pose. Like this. Very good. Right? Yes. Fu Xi, am I beautiful? Yes, yes. Eunuch Wu! Hello, Your Highness. Thank you. What does this mean? Is His Majesty trying to use money
to trade for me to stop bothering him? Concubine Qu, well… Why did you think to give money to His Majesty? He doesn’t lack money. It’s better to give it to me, instead. If you want to gain His Majesty’s favor, think of something else. Wait. When did I give money to him? Why isn’t this following the plot? Your Highness! Your Highness. You’ve really ruined me. Why did you get hit again? That shouldn’t be. My wife can’t read or understand art. She said that this is double the provocation and humiliation. This is for Fu Xi’s pen pal! Really sorry. I was too busy with the work that I made a mistake. But… Why didn’t you open it to see? I trust you! I… I was only thinking of giving her an answer
that I didn’t think to open it to check. The letter for your wife should have
been money so that she can go shopping. I thought that this kind of love is the most suitable for her. Turns out… Are you okay? I’m fine. I won’t die from this. But… My spirit and body have received double the damage. I think that I can’t hold on any longer! – Your Highness!
– Get up. I can’t stand up! Legs are broken? I didn’t bring any money. Your Highness. What? Give him one. This isn’t about money. Not about money. Your Highness, help me up. What are you doing? Help me up! It hurts! Your hand. I think that I can hold on a little longer. I’m ruined. There was a mistake in the delivery of the love letters. The letter for He Qiliao’s wife was given to His Majesty. The letter for Fu Xi’s pen pal was given to He Qiliao’s wife. Wait. Then, didn’t Fu Xi’s pen pal receive the one… The one asking for a self-portrait. If he dares to ask for her portrait, it means he’s about to go real. What does it mean to go real? To go from virtual to reality! After Fu Xi and his pen pal exchange portraits, they’ll need to meet face-to-face. This is how modern day couples develop their relationships. But Fu Xi is a eunuch. If he really meets with that girl, it’ll be complete deception! You’ve caused trouble. You’ve finally reached a result. But… How is this related to me? I’m just a ghostwriter. I can’t create any big mistakes. How is it not related to you? If not because you wrote that first love letter to awaken the love inside her, would she continue talking to Fu Xi? What platonic love? Look at the problem that has caused. What if that girl can’t handle the blow and goes to commit suicide? What are you saying? Knock on wood! Knock on wood! Your Highness, is something wrong? Fu Xi, can you write a letter to Little Sugar? Sure. Once she answers mine, I’ll immediately write one. I’m talking about an apology letter. Why apologize? Didn’t you see the letter that was sent out? I didn’t have time. That letter was sent to the wrong person. The letter meant for His Majesty to ask for a self portrait ended up in your pen pal’s hands. After this situation, I thought it through. We can’t continue communicating through lies. It’s easy to lie, but hard to keep a lie. The hurt from deception remains forever in the heart. But… But didn’t Your Highness say that if platonic love uses a few tricks, both parties will be happy, so why not? I was wrong! Think about it. A young woman sent out a letter, hoping to find a man to love, but what’s waiting for her is a person who lied to her. Once she finds out, how sad,
how shocked would she be? Right. She said that she had a hard life, can’t eat enough food, and her body is frail and skinny. If she finds out the truth, her weak little body will not be able to handle it! Right! I really am wrong. It’s okay if you’re wrong.
Be like me and repent of your mistakes. Immediately write an apology letter to her. Then, invite her out to sincerely apologize to her. I got it! Thank you for pulling me back from going down the wrong path. If thank you’s were effective, why would gifts exist? How could our friendship be
measured through material goods? I’ve decided to give you a priceless gift. What is it? A portrait of me. Thanks. Let’s sever our relationship. Your Highness, what did you say
was inside Little Sugar’s letter? A request for a self-portrait. This… Didn’t I draw this? Very well. Turns out Little Sugar is her. Right now, I’m more shocked and more hurt than she is! I need to get revenge! Hurry and go after him! Won’t you go? Why would I go? I just changed into these new clothes.
I don’t want blood all over it. I should have asked someone to slap me to death! Fu Xi! Fu Xi! Why are you here again? I’ve already paid you for your service.
Why did you come to find me? Look at what this is! Weird. Why do you have my portrait? Didn’t I already send it out? It’s you! I’m also very confused. It’s you! Hello. Hello to you, too. It must have been hard for you! Not as hard as it was for you! It’s harder to make up those words you wrote. You should have eaten some walnuts to nourish your brain first. The words you wrote were even more deceptive! It used more brainpower! I really need to learn from you. Learn from me? I’ll teach you how to learn! How do you want to learn? What are you doing? What are you doing? – I’ll help you learn today!
– Don’t fight. Use your words, not fists. Rich man with thousands of miles of land? Nonsense! Skinny and lonely beauty? Nonsense! You bold, stupid eunuch! How dare you lie to me? Nonsense! You’re too much! You made my biggest nightmare come true! Nonsense! I’m too much? You’re too much! Who told you to read my letter? You’re not as good as
you think you are! This is fraud! You… You’re disappointed after seeing me! – Fraud!
– Disappointed after seeing me! Stop fighting! Your Highness, this is between us two! The grudge is between us. You lied to me first. You said that you’re all sorts of beautiful, and lived a hard life. I was so worried about you! I couldn’t stop thinking about you! You lied to me first. A mere eunuch. I want to find a husband. You’re not good enough! You… You’re a lying monster! – You’re not good enough!
– You’re a lying monster! Stop fighting! Both of you are at fault. Whether in friendship or in love, you can’t build it off of lies. If one person lies to another, the other will definitely lie back to you. Such a simple issue. Why didn’t I understand it at the time? No matter what, it was my fault. Just blame me. Your Highness, don’t say that. Your Highness, it was my fault. It was my fault. It was our fault. My fault. Are they okay now? I was thinking that if they start fighting, I can go up there and hit each of them
to make them unconscious. Ah Meng has learned her lesson this time. She has really reexamined herself. I think that in the future,
she won’t try to use tricks again. Wanwan, through this, do you have any thoughts? Yes. I want a portrait of His Majesty so that I will stop missing him. Help me draw it. Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) At it again. Don’t ignore me. You’re ignoring me again! Those are my true thoughts! What’s wrong with it? Are they being serious? Don’t be mad! Wait for me.

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