【English Sub】萌妃驾到 33丨Mengfei Comes Across 33(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

【English Sub】萌妃驾到 33丨Mengfei Comes Across 33(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

[Mengfei Comes Across] Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) Miss, where are you headed? The unmarked graves. Miss? I’m so sorry. The road is too narrow up ahead
for me to turn around. Why don’t you go on your own? We’re very close already. It’s very close. What’s the fee? Forget it. I won’t take your money. The white-clad woman stood in front of him with her face covered in blood. She opened her mouth to speak. Sir next time, can you not stop next to a ditch? Look, you made me fall! Look at how timid you are! That’s not a funny ghost story at all. Consort Meng, you’re terrible! That’s mean! From a materialism standpoint ghosts don’t exist. I give you a negative score. It’s not scary at all. Hey. What are you all doing? You… Let’s go to bed. Take me with you. I’m sleeping with you guys tonight. Don’t go. I still have a lot of ghost stories. This time, it’s a true ghost story. What’s going on? Consort Yan tell me more about this materialism philosophy. I’m scared. You’re all no fun. [Screams in the Night]
[Episode 33] That Wan Wan. It was just a ghost story. She got scared out of her wits. I must be seeing things. She fainted before I even had
a chance to say my lines. Are we taking this too far? She’s the one who went too far. She told such a lame ghost story and called us timid. Now it seems she’s not too brave herself. All right. Let’s carry her back to bed. She’s already out. Right. Wan Wan. Stay and look after her. No! What if she wakes up? She’ll take it out on me first. I’m bedding with you two tonight. Scaredy-cat. Let’s go. Thinking of scaring me? Not good enough for that yet. When I was young I listened to ghost stories like they were fairy tales. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Okay, okay. Stop. Stop screaming. I merely made an appearance to make myself known. Did you see clearly? Yes. Do you really get a good look? Otherwise, I’ll have to do it again. Madam Ghost! My vision on my left eye is 5.1
and on my right eye is 5.0! How could I not see clearly? Please leave already. I’ll burn some incense for you later! No, thanks. The melon seeds on your table look tasty. I’ll burn some for you later! Not later. Bring them to me now. Okay. Cream flavored? We predecessors usually eat original flavor. What other flavors do you have? Plum flavor. Crab flavor. Is there braised tofu flavor? No. All right. Bring me all the other flavors. Okay. Here. This is my precious stash. They’re all yours. You’re a smart girl. Keep it up. Um… Madam Ghost. May I ask you a question? What did you come here for? You didn’t come just to eat melon seeds, right? What’s the hurry? Young people are so impatient. These melon seeds aren’t dry enough. I’ve given you all the melon seeds. What do you actually want? What’s the hurry? No, well… I mean you came so suddenly. I wasn’t prepared. I’m afraid of treating you poorly. If you don’t have any urgent business why don’t you go back to where you came from? From now on I’ll burn paper money for you
on every Tomb Sweeping Day. Or you can give me a list of what you want. You don’t have to make a personal visit! I want my body. I’ll burn it for you! What? My body is buried under that big tree. Dig it out. Dig? Wait. Be careful where you shovel. If there is even a single crack on my bones I will haunt you forever. You’ll never be rid of me. Okay. I’ll try my best to be careful. To be honest, Madam Ghost this sort of thing really isn’t my forte. Why don’t you find someone who is
good at doing that kind of labor? Like who? Noble Lady Xiao is pretty good. She’s very strong. Consort Yan would do as well. Perhaps she’s already invented an advanced excavating tool that can be used in the rain. Maybe excavated bones could even
be laminated or inlaid with diamonds. I only want you. Why? Who did I piss off? I came on account of your reputation. You have quite a good reputation in the underworld. That’s a thing? Of course. Old Wang, the court eunuch who hung himself last month Xiao Li, the palace maid who jumped into a well this month and Nanny Chen who choked to death while eating just yesterday all had nothing but praises for you. They said Consort Meng is a busybody and meddles most thoroughly. That’s why I came to you. Oh. They flatter me. Actually, I’m not as competent as they say. Cut the nonsense. Are you going to dig or not? If you don’t, I’ll get angry. Don’t! I’ll dig! I’ll dig! I’ll do it, all right? Don’t. Wake up, Meng Meng. Wake up. Wake up. What are you doing? You sleep day in and day out. Are you waiting to be slaughtered at the end of the year? Consort Meng did we scare the living daylights out of you last night? Of course! As soon as she saw me, she screamed and fainted. That was hilarious! I knew it was you guys. I was just playing along. What? What happened? I don’t know. Consort Meng? Consort Meng? Meng Meng? Meng? Melon seeds. The melon seeds are gone! Ghosts! She fainted again? Wake up. Those melon seeds of yours? It’s a fine day today. Yan’er took them out to dry in the sun. What’s the big fuss? Because the melon seeds are missing she says she saw a ghost? Can anybody explain the logic to me? There’s no logic. But isn’t it kind of bad for us to be eating her stash? What’s bad about it? We’re not eating them. We’re helping her taste how dry the seeds are and if they’re still wet. They’re passable. What flavor is yours? Garlic. Yours? I don’t know. It’s sweet and salty. Xiao, what about yours? I can’t tell. Hello. Miss Piao, did you come with kimchi again? Take it away. I’ve already eaten kimchi for two consecutive weeks. I’ve had enough! This isn’t kimchi. This is a fruit salad I made. Look. When I traveled to France I learned to make this from the locals. I wanted to make some for Consort Meng to whet her appetite. Delicious! What sauce did you add? I’ve never tasted that before. This is French condensed milk. It’s made out of concentrated cow’s milk. If you like it do have more. Save some for Meng. No need to save fruit salad for me. Just save the melon seeds for me. Consort Meng, are you all right? Nothing terribly bad. I just didn’t see the melon seeds when I woke up and had a false alarm. They’re just melon seeds. Don’t get so upset. Stop eating. I painstakingly saved up several different flavors
and you all mixed them together. Calm down, Consort Meng. Perhaps mixing them together will bring a surprise. When I was traveling I heard a phrase. It’s along the lines of life is like this tray of melon seeds. You never know what flavor
the next seed you eat will be. That’s very philosophical. Piao Liji, you don’t understand. I’m so anxious… Because I had a nightmare last night. What did you dream about? That you had nothing to eat? My nightmare isn’t your nightmare. It was a late night. The temperature was in the low digits. A chill breeze blew through the room. Suddenly… there was a female ghost
with blood leaking from her orifices. It was so real. She likes to eat melon seeds. So, I offered her my entire stash. I had no choice. She had scared me with threats of tearing off
my limbs or twisting off my head. It was so frightening. Goodness. Oh my! What a scare! Keep on weaving that tale. And then when I woke up and saw all my seeds were gone I thought that realistic dream wasn’t really a dream and had actually happened! Real dream? You wouldn’t understand. Anyway I was nearly scared to death. I later learned my seeds were still here and finally relaxed knowing it was just a dream. It’s all your fault last night for telling us ghost stories. So, it’s not strange that you dreamt of ghosts. Don’t be scared. When I traveled to Siam I came across many frightening situations. The people there raise little demons. They’re with the little demons, day and night. That’s not as horrific as my situation. I’ve never dreamed such a terrifying dream. Not only did the ghost steal my melon seeds the ghost even ordered me to dig up a corpse. Go on. Keep making things up. I’m not making it up. She told me to dig under the big tree in our courtyard. She even told me to be careful. If I damage her remains she’ll haunt me forever! But why is her skeleton buried there? Is the fengshui good there? Are you an idiot? I told you so many details. It’s clear that this female ghost had an unjust death. These persecuted ghosts are the most scary. That’s why I was so frightened in my dream. Miss Piao, don’t trust what she says. Come, we’ll teach you to play mahjong. We happen to be missing a player. Let’s play. Don’t pay her any attention. But you have four players. In Meng’s current state if we let her play she’ll just lose money. We’re not playing with her. Come. I’ll get the tiles. All right! Clean up the table. Take your lid. You guys can play. I’ll go for a stroll. Clean up the shells. Who ate so many? Bao. Why do you look constipated? My Lady, you have no idea. I’m in such grief. Nanny Chen who is the nicest and gives everybody a big smile is dead. How did she suddenly die? There was no warning. As she was eating two days ago she suddenly choked to death on her food. How can that be? I also found it hard to believe in the beginning. Such a death is so hard to accept. But according to a report every year, the number of people
who die by choking on food is at least 500. At least 700 die by choking on water. Alas, she was so unlucky. Nanny Chen is a statistic. How come… I feel as if I’ve heard this already? People have been dropping left and right in the palace. There’s no peace. Last month Xiao Li from Yuquan Palace
had a fight with her partner and jumped into a well. This month Eunuch Wang, the only son in his family unexpectedly hung himself. The night before that I had just had a drink with him. Why does this all sound so familiar? Old Wang, the court eunuch who hung himself last month Xiao Li, the palace maid who jumped
into a well this month, and Nanny Chen who choked to death while eating just yesterday
all had nothing but praises for you. They said Consort Meng is a busybody and meddles most thoroughly. That’s why I came to you. By the way, I have a question. Have you heard of… anybody dying before in Fang Hua Palace? Anybody dying? Who? That’s what I’m asking you. Think hard. If it was a long time ago could it have been possible? How can that be possible? No way. Fang Hua Palace is so far out. No concubine would be willing to reside there. Before you moved in the weeds at Fang Hua Palace grew over a meter tall. Sheep could’ve grazed there. It was empty inside. Horses could’ve raced around inside. It was that desolate? Then could it have been possible
that some murderer killed someone and then buried the body there? Not possible. Why not? Who am I? I would never allow something like that to happen in the palace. My information network would
never overlook any bit of information. From the death of a cat to the death of a mouse I am in the know. What about any missing persons? Now there’s plenty of that. They’re all listed on the missing persons register. If you’re interested you can take a look. But why are you so interested in this? No reason. I’m just curious. I’ll let you get back to work. That’s strange. How come the missing persons register is missing as well? Have any of you found it yet? No. Get on it. Don’t slack off. Yes, sir! Found it. I found it! My Lady, you found it? Where are you taking it? I know a bit. Hurry up. Meng, what are you doing? Let’s go. What’s Meng doing? What’s happening? Meng? What are you doing? No time to explain. Hurry, pack your things. We’re moving out today. Moving out? To where? Anywhere will do. We’ll find some residential palace to stay in. If necessary, we can make do in the Cold Palace. If not the Cold Palace then I’ll submit a petition for us
to join a tour group and go on vacation. Vacation where? Anywhere will do! Miss Piao haven’t you been to many places? Show us your travel log for our reference. Anyway, we have to leave today! Quickly. Hey. What are you all waiting for? Get moving! Yan, you can leave all of your silly inventions. They’re useless. Wan Wan, don’t bring so many clothes. We can have new ones made. Xiao, bring more weapons. For protection. Hurry, hurry! What happened? Why are you like this? Liji, head on back. When we’ve found a place to settle down we’ll invite you over. What are you standing around for? Hurry! I’ll explain when we leave! Or else, I’m afraid… The walls have ears. Meng, explain yourself or we won’t leave. Yes, Meng. Tell us and we’ll think of a solution. Exactly. Running away isn’t a solution. My gosh. Did I just speak a word of wisdom? I’ve become smart! Could it be due to the French fruit salad? Miss Piao make more for me, will you? Sure. I can give you the recipe. Actually, you just cut up the fruit and then pour some condensed milk on top and it’s done. That sounds so simple! Enough! Come. Quickly. I’ll tell you. Quick. It’s because this place… isn’t clean. Isn’t clean? It’s quite clean. It was just cleaned. Not that sort of clean. It’s the other kind. Meng, I’ve told you so many times. You had a dream. In this world ghosts don’t exist. The female ghost in my dream told me
she heard recommendations from the palace maid, Xiao Li, two months ago and from Eunuch Wang who had hung himself this month and from Nanny Chen who had just
choked to death while eating yesterday. That’s why she came to me for help. I also ran into Bao just now. That’s when I learned Nanny Chen, Xiao Li, and Wang all died during those times. If I hadn’t known beforehand how could I have dreamt it? Oh my! My goodness! This is so alarming! There’s much worse. I found this just now. It’s her. Look, you all. Face your conscience. Are there any differences between these portraits? All of these portraits have an oval face, big eyes high nose, and thick lips. They all look the same. If all are put together. you wouldn’t find any differences. It’s “put side to side”. I think since they were all drawn by the same doctor it must’ve been a physician here. If portraits like these can be considered valid then Meng you’re too silly and naive. But– No buts. I have a way to help you dispel your fear and misgivings. How? Didn’t you say the ghost asked you to dig up a corpse? Then we’ll dig around at the designated place. If there isn’t anything then it was your imagination. You’re scaring yourself. It’s decided. I’ll go dig right now. Let’s go. This must be the place she said. Here? Dig. Is there anything or not? Let’s all bear witness to this miraculous moment. Wait! What? Be gentler. Don’t break any bones. Wait! What now? Please proceed with the utmost caution. There mustn’t be even a scratch on the bones. You dig, then. Xiao, you should dig. All she’s good at is talking. Besides there’s 99.99 percent chance that there’s nothing. If you dig something out I’ll set her broken bones and add a facial mask for free. Dig. I’m starting. The 0.01 percent chance! No! It must be a rock. Keep digging. We’re missing a person! Don’t scare yourself. Miss Piao was too scared and ran off! I told you there’s a ghost! You didn’t believe me! Let’s pack up and leave! What do we do, Consort Meng? Is it too late to leave now? Do you see that? In just the blink of an eye there’s lightning and rain. Do you know what that means? What? It means the imperial astronomer will be fired
for making an inaccurate weather forecast? No! This means a mystical force among the spirits doesn’t want us to leave! I didn’t even use special effects with my appearance. How come you’re already screaming? You’ll disturb the neighbors and affect their sleep. That’s very rude. S… Sorry! That was wrong of me. Have you dug out the bones yet? If my remains have been dug out I can tell you the miserable story of why I was buried here. Hold on. Even though I normally like to meddle I’m really not experienced at helping ghosts get justice. Why don’t I transfer you to someone else? Go into someone else’s dreams. I don’t need you to get justice for me. Then… I just want to vent my innermost frustrations. You just have to listen. Melon seeds. Back in the day I entered the palace with the cousin
to be picked for the harem. So many rounds, so many people. In the end, we were able to stay in the palace. Even though we didn’t have high ranks the two of us relied on each other
and took care of each other. But, I never imagined my cousin would treat me that way. All right. My Ladies, it’s just a joke. Don’t be mad. Despicable! Don’t make such a joke! You’re being disrespectful to the dead. All right. This… My Ladies… This isn’t a human bone. This is a pig bone. Not just this one. This whole pile is pig bones. No way. Did you take a good look? Please trust my professional judgment. Be at ease. You all are just scaring yourselves. You’re giving yourselves mental suggestions
and thinking of normal situations in a fearful light. That’s not healthy. Oh, yes. Your top priority now is to think about how you’ll apologize to Da Huang. It took so long for Da Huang to bury so many bones to chew on. Not only did you dig them all out,
you even took them away! This is no different from searching and confiscating. Yan’er have you noticed Da Huang doesn’t look as energetic as before? These past two days have cost me my beauty sleep. My skin is dehydrated and dull. I’ll need half a month of masks
to get my skin back in shape. How can you be in the mood? Think about Da Huang! All day for three meals and midnight snack he hasn’t eaten a bite or taken a sip of water. Goodness. Is Da Huang dieting? He’s taking it too hard. We only dug up his bones. Xiao already gave them back to him. The ground was filled back up not a speck of difference. It looked as if nothing had happened at all. We can only say Da Huang has a bad temper. We gave him back the bones, but he’s still mad at us. When he sees me now he doesn’t even wag his tail. That’s good for you. He rolls his eyes at me. What should we do? Let’s think of a way to cheer him up. Da Huang, look at what this is. This is your new house. Meng, hurry up! It’s up to you to placate Da Huang’s young heart. Coming! Don’t say that. It’s a lot of pressure. How is there pressure? For you writing a self-criticism report is as simple as blinking an eye. You’re seriously mistaken about my expertise. Consort Meng, say something already. Then we can cut the ribbon
on the dog house and get to eating. – All right, here I go.
– It’s the dog who eats. It’s almost time for us to eat too. Dear Da Huang with the utmost guilt and utmost remorse we write this self-criticism report to you. My thousand-year antique vase. Who broke it? Me. It’s okay. One of these days, I’ll give you a tricolor porcelain vase. We have plenty in the underworld. It’s her! This is the ghost that scared me! Don’t be afraid. We’re having a dream. Yes. We should know what to do by now. It’s all in my mind. This is all fake. All fake, all fake. Um… Madam Ghost. I know you’re imaginary. We’re not scared. You eat seeds every time you come. We’ll cover all your material needs in the dream. Just tell us your demands. I’ll lend you all my clothes. Don’t keep wearing white. It’s inauspicious. Right. Feel free to use my makeup and jewelry. I’m very generous. Stay in whichever room you like. I’ll be your bodyguard. I can shield you from the sun or rain so you won’t be burnt to ash. How very touching. So, do you still want to eat melon seeds? I have 30 catty prepared. No, thanks. I heard you all often enjoy hotpot and drinking. I’m so envious. No need to be. We’ll let you experience it tonight. Yes. Add more food. Here. Add in some meat. I like to eat meat. Add more. This meat is very fresh. It smells delicious. I can’t wait. It smells so good. Let’s sing the birthday song for Madam Ghost. Okay! Sure. Ready, start! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Madam Ghost. happy birthday to you! Well done! Here! Cheers! She’s finally gone. I have to wake up quickly and tell you about my dream. I was very brave this time. I performed exceptionally well. How come it became your dream? Isn’t this my dream? No. I’m the one dreaming and dreaming of you guys. Isn’t this my dream? Hello. I’m back again. Come eat. I had a nightmare. Me too. Why don’t we all say what we dreamed? Female ghost. Hotpot. Gossip. Singing. Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com)

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  7. why the sub-titles disappear half way through this episode? Please kindly sub it for me because it looks very interesting with the ghost and everything.

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