【English Sub】萌妃驾到 31丨Mengfei Comes Across 31(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

【English Sub】萌妃驾到 31丨Mengfei Comes Across 31(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

[Mengfei Comes Across] Go on. I love you! I love you too. Are you going to talk? Aside from my burning love what else do you want me to talk about? Tell me about your criminal motives and plan. Tell me why you helped that assassin escape. He was poisoned and couldn’t even lift a blade. He was no threat to you. Besides, he is… He is what? I can’t say. Why not? It would affect someone’s happiness. Whose happiness? I love you! [Life Is But A Dream]
[Episode 31] Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) Don’t worry. She’s drinking water. How do you know? I have a sharp nose. I can sniff out which chef cooked what delicacies. I can even tell if recycled oil was used. Alcohol is no challenge. There’s no scent of alcohol. Don’t worry. But why is she sitting
on the rooftop alone, drinking water? She’s probably staring at the moon
and wallowing in her sorrows. Isn’t that what academic women do? There are no alcohol fumes but the
fumes of resentment surrounding her are just about to snuff out
the nearby thriving saplings. We should maintain a safe distance away from her. The thing called love is certainly not for the average person. She is usually so perceptive and unaffected. Look at how depressed she’s become. Every foolish woman thinks her love obsession is true love. Getting so brokenhearted over an imbecile isn’t worth our sympathy. You say some of the worst things. I’m just being honest. We’re talking so loudly behind her back. How come she doesn’t seem to hear us? She may be here physically but her spirit isn’t. Sincerity is a swindler’s best weapon. It is invincible. Xiao has such poor judgment. We all fell for that jerk’s evil schemes. Not only did we safely escort the assassin
who wanted to kill His Majesty out of the palace Xiao also gave him her heart and soul. Wasn’t she drinking plain water? How come it’s gotten to her head? She’s so frightening when she’s in a rage! I don’t get it! If she feels resentful or discontent
why won’t she just whine about it to us? Why does she keep it all in? Perhaps she wants to stuff it all in
and inflate her chest? Meng, calm her down! If she keeps rampaging about,
we won’t have any flowers left to view next year! Okay, okay! Wen Ren, it’s my fault for having such a terrible plan causing you to end up so hurt! Stop tormenting yourself. We’re all worried about you. Look! Say something. Say something! We feel such agony for you. Extreme agony! Consort Yan as everybody knows your medical skill is a wonder in the history of human medicine. I believe even Imperial Physician Liu is no match for you. Look. You had just healed Noble Lady Xiao’s foot injury yesterday and today her ferocity has been restored to such great magnitude! Incredible. Of course. I’m a person of many abilities. I can heal all physical wounds. Now here’s the question.
What about wounds to the soul? Alcohol is the cure for wounds to the soul. Alcohol is the omnipotent remedy. Alcohol is great. I’m not sad. Great! Drink. Drink wine! Let’s drink! Come! Here. Let me say this first. To all love on earth that eventually fades away. Yes! Let me make a toast too. To our youth that eventually fades away. To… I hate all those fancy sayings that sound the same. I’m going to break the mold. To friendship! Yes, to friendship! To friendship! Here! Come on. Here. Cheers! Xiao, don’t be so sad. I’ve also been heartbroken before. My heart was broken as soon as I entered the palace. My heart was shattered
and these two helped me pick up the pieces. How can you compare yourself to Xiao? Yours was just an amateur heartbreak. Goodness. Is this the legendary drunk-after-one-cup warrioress? If it was going to be this easy we should’ve just made her drink in the first place. I had to think up of so many phrases. My brain cells are all dead. So what do we do with her now? Drag her away. Oh no, My Lady! Terrible news! Bao Qu says the empress just decreed a thorough search of the palace! Bao, what’s going on? Captain of the Guard, Bao Qu has come under orders from the empress dowager. Please forgive me, My Ladies. Bao. Don’t try that with me. Bao how can you do this? We have been friends for such a long time. Do you have to search Fang Hua Palace? Don’t speak about our friendship
and don’t try to reminisce with me. You usually don’t reminisce but once you do, disaster is bound to befall me. Security has been lacking in the palace lately allowing an assassin to escape. After the empress found out I was scolded for
the time it takes to burn a joss stick. It took me six hours of staring blankly at a wall before I felt in a better mood. If I were the empress, I would scold you too! Instead of going after the assassin you’re going around looking for
a thief who stole some clothes. If you have so much free time why don’t you go play mahjong? I’m not just looking for that thief. Fang Hua Palace is in such a mess. It gives off a subtle feeling that
something fishy is going on. Of course I merely have your best interests in mind. Therefore… Bao, you’re mistaken. Those broken roof tiles and branches are messes we made ourselves. The purpose was to improve the fengshui here. Really? Do you refuse to let me search because you’re afraid something unspeakable will be found? Are you kidding me? We have nothing to hide! However, we will not stand for this humiliation. In any case you can’t search! Consort Meng, what else do you have to say? Could it be about Concubine Qu
sneaking food from the kitchen and my failure to report it? Who asked about that? Get back to the topic. Your Majesty, how about a hint? Consort Meng, the audacity you have. You harbor an assassin and glibly refuse to confess. Do you think that with my son present I can’t do anything to you? There is no proof. How could I have harbored an assassin? I once helped His Majesty catch an assassin! You aren’t? Then why won’t you allow a search of your palace? Is that the only reason why I must be helping the assassin? The truth is actually very simple. We didn’t allow the search because… I had a surprise gift prepared for His Majesty. It wasn’t time to reveal it. If news leaked about it then I wouldn’t get the desired effect. Your Majesty? Yes, Mother. It’s as Consort Meng said. I’ve received the gift and it was a great surprise. Using a modern phrase “Surprise!” It turned out really well. Stop speaking up for her. Consort Meng yes, I cannot punish you for this crime but did you think I have no other methods? Xi Ren. Palace Rule Number 368. Recite it. Yes. Concubines who get drunk and create disturbances vandalize palace property infrastructure, or the gardens act as bad influences,
and tarnish the image of the harem regardless of cause or intent are punished to forfeit salary for a year,
kneel at the ancestral hall for a night and make 100 copies of the Heart Sutra. What the heck is that? That rule must have been made up just now! Fang Hua Palace is a sacred place. You led others to drink and wrecked the palace. The palace rules don’t allow for that. Even if they did did you think I would look on and let you sully the place? I am not trying to give you a hard time. You are the mistress of Fang Hua Palace. Do you know every brick and tile of Fang Hua Palace has survived several dynasties? Do you know what a historical relic is? When the imperial concubine of the
late emperor resided there, she was so cheerful, but… Of course, she was later banished to the Cold Palace. But even to her death, she yearned to go back. The concubine before her began living there and her luck soared. And the concubine before her– Mother, that’s enough. Need I provide more examples? I know I have done wrong. Then you must accept your punishment. Now disappear from my sight. Yes. I really must praise your ability to lie without blinking an eye. Preparing a surprise gift for me? What mental will you must have in order not to blush when saying that before her. Your Majesty still completed the lie for me. You’re arrogant because I spoil you. Were you sent from heaven to test my limits? What is your limit? It’s that when it comes to you I have no limits as long as you are happy. So you would rather Mother suspect you and be punished than disclose the truth? Do you trust me? I trust you. Come. This is how the story goes. A man and a woman had just began a romance when the man suddenly disappeared. The woman was married off. However, it was merely a marriage in name only. The woman continued to wait. The man suddenly appeared but now their identities make for an awkward situation. Your Majesty, as you know I’m a meddler. When I see a pair clearly in love with each other but something is in their way my compassion and sense of justice
is liable to erupt. When did I become an obstacle? I didn’t say you were. If Noble Lady Xiao wishes to leave the palace,
she need just tell me so. Back then, she entered the palace
because she had lost the will to live. I stayed by her side because I was afraid
she would do something drastic. Wait. How did you know I was talking about Noble Lady Xiao? I do have brains. I just had to piece things together to understand. But how did her man become an assassin? He didn’t explain and she didn’t ask. She just wanted to run away with him
but it didn’t work out and the man ran off. Poor judgment, poor taste. How could she fancy a man like that
and wait so long for him? Your Majesty you’re not going to blame her, are you? She is pitiful enough. I won’t kick her while she’s down. I will help keep this from my mother. You’re so nice! I fell in love with the right man. But, you’ve displeased my mother so badly. What will you do? Yes, what should I do? Your Majesty, you must help me. All right, I’ll think of a way to throw a banquet for her and cheer her up. You have the best ideas! You’re so naughty. You have so many clever ideas. Be careful. Greetings, Your Majesties. All rise. Thank you, Your Majesties. Today’s feast is thrown by Consort Meng
for the empress dowager’s pleasure. Be at ease. Feel free to enjoy the delicious food
and admire the dancing. Consider it an early end-of-year celebration. Take your seats. Thank you, Your Majesty. His Majesty is looking here! His Majesty is smiling at me! I’m tipsy. Sister. What kind of dance is that? It looks quite mysterious. Goodness! Again? Guards! Guards! Protect His Majesty! Guards, in position! Goodness! What is she doing, butting in like that? Escort the empress dowager to safety! Protect Her Majesty! Who is this assassin? Xiao is so on edge! Don’t tell me it’s… Aren’t you a powerful fighter? You must be out of your mind! How dare you behave so atrociously on my guard? You’re quite handsome. Must be because you’re too good-looking! Take him away! Yes! Punish him severely. This assassin is too bold. He must be punished severely! Don’t worry, Your Majesty. I have transmitted the order. The assassin will not be let off lightly. Noble Lady Xiao is quite brave though. She came to our defense at a critical moment. I still feel something is strange. By the way she looked at the assassin,
she clearly knew him. Send someone to the dungeon to investigate. Yes. Wait. Nobody is allowed to visit the prisoner in case of collusion. Yes. Will you talk now? Who sent you? How did you escape last time? Why did you return today? Where is your partner? Still won’t talk? What is your relationship to Noble Lady Xiao? You’ve already been caught. Confess everything! You should know what’s best for you, or else you’ll be tortured with every device we have. Did you hear? Shen Shang was tortured all night but didn’t say a thing. There’s even still poison in his system. He sure can take a beating. That Shen Shang. He was supposed to come fetch Noble Lady Xiao. How come he came to assassinate His Majesty instead? I also heard the empress dowager wants to sentence him to death but he still won’t talk. Do you think he’s waiting? Why don’t we go visit him? No! The empress dowager forbids visitors. I’m not going. My Lady. Thank you. You’re so nice to us. Of course my kindness comes with strings. What strings? Strings? Don’t tell me you want to break someone out of jail. What an imagination! I’m just craving your Henan roast chicken. That’s why instead of eating the
pheasant that Cai gave me, I’m giving it to you. How’s that for sincerity? Remember to bring some back for me
when you’re there for new year’s. Sure, sure! Enjoy the food! Dig in. Careful. Xiao, help me! Jump! You’re so heavy. My hand! Are you sure we’re just here to visit and not breaking him out? Of course we’re just visiting. Sometimes, the road to visiting a prisoner
is just as rugged. Bear with it. We won’t be caught, right? No. Wan Wan is outside treating the guards to dinner. We should be okay. Let’s go. No! Follow her. No! No, wait! Shen Shang? Shen Shang? Shen Shang? Shen Shang? Shen Shang? Xia Xia. Shen Shang? Xia Xia? You came. Explain. I know you’ll demand an explanation from me. When we lost the war back then I was captured by the enemy. That is actually just half the truth. That war was actually one that we were bound to lose. The ones in power treat us as chess pieces. Tactics? Sacrifice for the greater good? That’s all bullshit. I came to assassinate him because I can’t stand it. Do you understand now? What about us? Sorry. It was never real. Forget me. How can you be like that? How can you say that before getting all the facts straight? His Majesty isn’t like that. He wouldn’t sacrifice anyone. You don’t know him at all! Exactly! Xiao nearly lost her life for you. His Majesty saved her and gave her the courage to continue living. His Majesty’s character is very trustworthy! Stop. Let’s go. Your Majesty. Consort Meng is such an enigma. Who knows what bad ideas she’ll have next? Your Majesty, what is to be done now? The empress dowager ordered that
nobody is allowed to visit the prisoner. I say. Then go fetch them. Cover it up. Make sure Mother doesn’t hear about it. Go. As you wish. Go. Guards. Guards! What? Give me paper and brush. Are you finally going to plead guilty? All right. Just wait. He killed himself. There was a suicide note in his belongings but he had torn it to pieces already. I brought the pieces here. Do with it what you wish. Oh, right. His body will be taken to the unmarked graves
outside the palace. Thank you, Bao. W… What do we do now? Throw it. Don’t you want to know what he wrote? Then you can look. Sorry, Xia Xia for letting you see me like this. After I was taken captive, they poisoned me and I was to return to assassinate the emperor before I would be given the antidote. I should’ve died long ago. But I suffered the pain and disgrace
and agreed to their demands so I could stay alive and have enough time to come look for you. What a twist of fate that I would find you in the palace. You are already the emperor’s concubine. The first time helping you escape was a failure. I suddenly remember the life of seclusion after leaving that can only exist in my dreams. Poison runs through my body. If I don’t assassinate the emperor they will never give me the antidote. But if I die I would miss you. That’s why I planned on trying once again. I know you will curse me for being a coward
and not knowing right from wrong and only having my eyes fixed on my love. But… Sacrificing my life for a woman and giving up my limitless future is so glorious. I’ve found you. But I’ve missed my chance with you. I hope in the next life there won’t be so many twists and turns
before we find each other. Little rascal Shen Shang. So he didn’t say this when we were at the jail because he was afraid you would
try to save him and be implicated. He tore up the letter and didn’t tell you the truth so you would forget him. How can it be like this? Why is it a tragic ending? This isn’t how I wanted it to turn out! Hey. Our shift is about to end. Why would we do such a risky thing with you? Has your 30-plus years of humanity been eaten by pigs? How can you not be touched by such a moving story? You have no conscience. I’m only 27 years old! You’re 27? You look quite anxious. You’re clearly 58, but call yourself 27. Don’t you feel guilty? Who’s 5– Fine, I’ll tell the truth. I’m 38. I’m still not 58! I have to be very clear about my age with you. Fine. We’ll pay you. Exactly. That’s outrageous. Am I the greedy type? You might be mistaken about me. But I have principles. I don’t take just any job! Only the high-paying ones. How much can you pay? Are we really going to the burial site to steal a corpse? I’m scared. My Ladies it’ll be a rocky journey. Just bear with it. Who is it? It’s me, Cai. Chef Cai? Transporting slop out of the palace again? You know me. It’s a dirty and tiring job. My apprentices won’t do it so I have to do it myself. Your apprentices have your best interests in mind and want you to lose some weight. – All right.
– See you later. Go on. Wait! Cai? Bao. Where are you going tonight? I… I’m transporting slop out. Transporting slop? The deceased comes first. We merely want to bury him. If you won’t give way then we’ll definitely dig out your family’s ancestral tomb. What’s that stench? It stinks like hell! My gosh. Disgusting. All right, let them go. Bao, you know I also have to transport vegetables in tomorrow. What do you guys want to eat? It’ll be my treat. The stingy Cai is treating us to a meal? The lazy Cai is transporting slop and food himself? Is the sun rising from the west? There’s no sun. It’s the moon’s fault. The moon must be too beautiful and gentle scrambling Cai’s head. Fatty is right. The moon tonight is so pretty. What moon? Couldn’t I just have a sudden impulse. Hilarious! Bye now. Bye. See you later. Xiao! Xiao! – Xiao, don’t run!
– Don’t push me. We need to stick with them. Cai. We need to lift him up, dig a grave, and bury him later. Help us out. After all we’re physically-weak women. This is a losing deal for me. What bad luck. I’m already unlucky enough. This is the pits. We’ll pay more. Hey. Am I the type who worships money like it’s my life? How much are you adding? Shen Shang. Shen Shang! She found him. Take off your clothes. What? Hurry up. Strip. Now. What are you doing? My designer– Don’t! What are you doing? My designer– Don’t tear it! Strip quickly. Shoes. Now. These are my limited-edition Adivon– Shut up! Shen Shang take this money for the road. If there’s not enough just tell Xiao and I’ll send you more. Find a good family in your next life. [Rascal Shen Shang] Many people say true affection doesn’t exist in the harem. Concubines only strive for favor and are armed with evil schemes
and false friendship. People also say true affection rarely exists between a man and woman. The fun ends when you turn around and leave. But I know they’re all wrong. There will always be someone who would live for you and someone who would die for you. That is the truth. Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com)

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