【English Sub】萌妃驾到 29丨Mengfei Comes Across 29(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

【English Sub】萌妃驾到 29丨Mengfei Comes Across 29(主演:金晨/Gina 汪东城/Jiro Wang)

Greetings, Empress Dowager. Rise. I asked you to come today because I want to discuss something with you. Please don’t say that. If Your Highness needs something, just say it. No need to discuss with me. Lou’er likes you, so recently, I’ve been thinking that your Fang Hua Palace has too few maids. Makes it look like I don’t value you enough. So today, I picked out two servants. Come greet your master. Greetings, Consort Meng. They are siblings. One is outgoing and good with words, good at telling stories to help pass the time. The other is diligent and works quickly. He’s famous in the palace for it. Just take whichever one you like better. Your Highness, these are your people. How could I take them from you? Since you don’t want to pick, I’ll have the two of them decide. I have been treated generously by you, Empress Dowager. Even if I die, I must stay behind and serve you. How dare you? How could a servant rebel against the Empress Dowager’s orders? Your Highness, the intention is most important. Don’t break the heart of a loyal servant. If I must pick one, I’ll pick the other one. Alright. Peichi, starting today, go work for Fang Hua Palace. Yes, Empress Dowager. Thank you, Your Highness. [A New Addition to Fang Hua Palace]
[Episode 29] Are you the one who likes to tell stories or the one who works quickly? Whichever style Your Highness likes, that’ll be me. I see. Times are changing. In this day and age, even servants can customize themselves. Great. Let’s go! Your Highness, there is ash on your shoes. Where? I don’t see any. Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com) Your Highness, please. No need for this. Of course there’s a need, if you don’t want
to touch 4 million bacteria. Okay. Let’s go. Your Highness, didn’t you know that on
every article of clothing, there are millions of bacteria? There’s E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, salmonella, and Streptococcus pneumoniae. They’re all celebrating such close contact with humans. Your Highness is so delicate. I would never allow such a thing to happen to Your Highness. You’re so thoughtful. Your Highness, careful. Da Huang, what’s going on? You don’t like the organic silk rope
that my master bought for you? It’s so expensive! You two. – Master.
– Your Highness. He’s new. Introduce yourselves. In the future, take care of each other. I’ll go in now. By the way, don’t bully the newcomer. Okay. Yes, master. Didn’t Empress Dowager give us a new eunuch? Where is he? You’re so updated on everything. Of course. Although I’m physically in the inner palace,
I have 8000 spies to inform me of all the gossip. My gossip reaches all countries and lands. Is this even a proper yard? Looks just like a pig pen. You’re really not treating yourself as a stranger. Such hurtful words. You’re not polite at all. It’s hard for me to imagine how you
can live in such a dirty environment. Don’t you feel uncomfortable? Overexaggerating. Aren’t we cleaning right now? Your skin is so good! Looks so soft. How did you maintain it? – Let me try touching it.
– Stop! Did you just play with the dog? Yes. Do you know how many bacteria is on a dog? I don’t. It’s countless! I can’t believe you would touch yourself after touching a dog. You’re so dirty. So nasty! What are you waiting for? Go wash your hands and face! Remember to use rice water. Why? Because rice water contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and minerals. It can cleanse below your skin. Not only can it maintain moisture, it can control
pigmentation and keep your skin beautiful. Understand? Really? Okay, then I’ll go right now. Remember to wash multiple times! – Newcomer, get to work.
– Stop. Look at you. Your have mud on your nails. You’re so dirty. I’ll sweep. You should go wash the dog. If everyone’s clean, that’ll be more comfortable. This newcomer is good-looking, but he’s so picky. Virgo. Handsome? Yes. Pure handsomeness! I can’t believe how calm you are. I’m not the famous boy-craze Qu Wanwan. Empress Dowager has finally played her ace card. Sending somebody like him here to monitor us. We can’t even defend against him! Your heart is so dark. How do you know that he’s here to monitor us? This is the intuition a woman
from the inner palace must have, okay? Can’t you be more optimistic? Seriously. Greetings, Your Highnesses. This… Hurry and get up! Is this still Fang Hua Palace? Do my eyes mistake me? So clean! Now, I finally understand that in the past, we were all living in a pig pen! Where did the pear that I was eating last night go? I threw it away. Pears sitting overnight can’t be eaten. Its vitamins and organic matter
have been broken down by fungi. If Your Highness wants to eat some,
I’ll go peel a fresh one for you. No need. This… Your cleaned all of this? Yes. Since young, I’ve liked to be clean. I can’t bear to see my surroundings dirty. Even a speck of dust makes my heart
feel like it’s being attacked by millions of insects. It makes me very uncomfortable. Even that screen is too dirty. I washed it and hung it up to dry. Didn’t you say that he’s normal? Yes. Yan’er, Chun Ping, are you two seeing this? Learn from him. Yes. What’s your name? Your Highness, my name is Huang Peichi. Just call me Xiao Huang. No way. Our dog’s name is Da (big) Huang. If we call you Xiao (small) Huang, that’ll mess up the seniority. Why don’t we call him Peichi? Thank you, Your Highness. Peichi, you… You worked all night? I was too absorbed. In the blink of an eye, it was morning. But I took an incense bath. My clothes are also new, so they’re not dirty. Please don’t find me dirty. That’s not the problem. We just think that you’re new here, but you’re already
working without eating or sleeping. It’s too hard for you! Right. Are you hungry? Chun Ping, hurry and make food for him. Okay. Chun Ping, remember to wash your hands. Peichi, you made all of this? Your Highness, I didn’t make them. I just organized the plate. Any problems? No problems. It’s just… Looks a little different than what we usually eat. Looks too pretty. It’s basically art! I must eat lots today. I’ll get mad at whoever tries to stop me. Do you have OCD? I don’t even know where to start. Me too. I’m scared to ruin the beauty of this organization. Your Highnesses, don’t worry. These are towels that have been disinfected by high-temperature water. Wipe your hands first. If Your Highnesses don’t know
where to start, I have a suggestion. What is it? You can begin eating based on the size of the food. Or, you can follow the color order:
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Good idea! Peichi, you’re so great! Thanks for the compliment. Your Highnesses, enjoy. Come on, let’s eat. That heartless Virgo. He’s showing off again! It’s obvious he has won Her Highnesses over. It’s like we don’t exist anymore! So annoying. No! We can’t let this continue. What do you plan to do? We need to teach him a lesson and torment him. We must let him know his limits and why the peach blossoms are this color. Let’s go! Hurry, come in! Coming. Hurry, come in. Hurry. Got it. Almost done. Wait! Can you do it? I’m done, wait. I’m so nervous! Hurry! Wait. Okay, okay. Done. He’ll definitely fall on his butt! Let’s go! What’s going on? Fall over! Why isn’t he falling? It’s okay. This… Is this stool not broken? No way. What’s going on? Let me try. – My tailbone!
– Are you okay? Don’t scream. Are you okay? Hurry, help me up. Hurts so much! Chun Ping, is your tailbone okay? I’m fine, just a minor injury. It’s not enough to dissipate my dedication to torment him. Later, make sure you aim the water. Don’t worry. Later, I’ll also innocently say: “I didn’t see anything!” Smart! Very good. Add some ashes in there, too. Okay. Right. Add more. Stupid eunuch! – Is that enough, Chun Ping?
– That’s about right. Hurry! Mix it! I’ll torment you to death! Aim well. Don’t worry, Chun Ping. Leave it to me. So stinky. Yan’er, I came to tell you that Consort Meng is looking for you. But by the looks of it, you won’t be able to go anytime soon. I’ll go tell Her Highness. This… Chun Ping! How did this happen? Don’t cry. It’s okay. Yan’er, go wash up. Go wash up. – I have another method.
– Another method. Hurry, go! Chun Ping, why don’t we both act as ghosts? Maybe that’ll double the damage and scare him even more. No, no. This stupid eunuch has a brain. If we both appear, he’ll guess it. Later, just stand by and watch the show. I’ll scare him until he pees his pants! How do you know that he’d come here to fetch water? Every night, he needs to wash his stinky feet. Earlier, I poured out all the water in the water tank. He’ll definitely come to this water well later. He’s coming! Put on more. Hurry! Open your mouth. Okay, go now. Okay. I’m going. Be careful, Chun Ping! Huang Peichi. Ghost? Are there ghosts here? Our body, hair and skin are given by our parents. How dare you come be a palace eunuch? I must choke you to death for your parents! Wait. It’s okay if you want to choke me, but did you wash your hands? Wash my hands? What hands? Have you seen a ghost wash her hands before? No! If you want to choke me to death, you must wash! Here, I’ll help you! Choke me after you wash. Miss Ghost, really sorry. I’m here to fetch cold water to mix it with the hot water in my pot so that I can soak my feet. With you here, I forgot about it. But now, your hands are disinfected with hot water. Now, you can come choke me! What are you doing? Let go. If you don’t let go, I’m going to yell. Choke me! – Let go!
– Didn’t you want to choke me? Help! Where’s the ghost? Careful. My god. I can’t believe how evil that stupid eunuch is. He put my hands in boiling water. We couldn’t torment him all of today. Instead, he tormented us. How are we going to survive? Looks like we need to make a long-term plan. No, we must watch him carefully. Don’t rush it. We’ll surely find a loophole. Careful. Okay, I’ll be careful. Your Highnesses, I just cut these fruits. Peichi, come back. Leave the job of cutting fruits to the maids. Your cutting is too neat. Eating it is like damaging art. Right, Peichi. You… You don’t need to pursue perfection in everything. Be more casual. Don’t worry about what I think. Right. Don’t treat us like Yama. Empress Dowager once told me that whether your master is like a fairy or Yama all depends on your actions. If you’ve done everything well, and your master can’t find any faults with you,
this place will be heaven on earth. But if you’re lazy and ignorant, this would be hell. Empress Dowager was exaggerating! Fang Hua Palace has always been a paradise of love. Right? Right! Just treat this place like paradise. Right. Paradise. Paradise. Hurry and eat. The younger generation replaces the old. The young men remove the older. It’s not that we’re not improving. Our enemies are just too strong. Why did he come out from there? Her Highnesses aren’t here. There’s no way they would summon him inside. So strange. He’s acting so sneakily. Forget it. Don’t worry about him. Seeing him makes me angry. – Let’s continue with our business.
– Let’s go. Where are my earrings? Sister Meng, I think I lost something. My favorite agate earrings are gone. His Majesty rewarded that to me! Typically, I can’t even bear to wear it. Do you think someone stole it? No way. Until now, our Fang Hua Palace has never been targeted by thieves. Sister Meng, I don’t care. You have to help me find it. That’s my favorite! I usually can’t even bear to wear it. If I can’t find it, I won’t sleep! I don’t care! Enough! Stop yelling! I’ll help you find it. You’re the best. Where did I put it? It can’t be with the melon seeds. Go. Let go of me. Behave. Kneel down. Report honestly! Your Highness, I’m sure he stole it. Peichi, don’t be nervous. All humans make mistakes. As long as you’re honest and correct your ways, we can still accept you. Say something. Confess. Huang Peichi! Enough. Stop interrogating him. Found the earrings. When Wanwan was sleeping, she left it by her pillow. Huang Peichi! Such a good name! Chun Ping, do you agree? Yes! It just rolls off your tongue. No wonder his fortune is so good. Enough! You two, immediately disappear from my sight. Okay. Let’s go. It’s over? Then, I’m going back to sleep. I’m also leaving. Get up. Peichi, sorry about that. I didn’t instruct them well enough. Sorry to make you suffer. Your Highness, thank you for those words. I didn’t suffer. I’m glad you found the item. Alright, go rest now. You go. You go! You go. Go. Peichi. We wronged you last night. You’re not angry, right? It’s mainly because you were acting suspiciously. You can’t blame us for suspecting you. We sincerely apologize to you! Alright. I’ll accept your apology. In the future, don’t wrong me again. For sure! But Huang Peichi, if you want to be our friend, you have to be more careful with your chores from now on. Stop making yourself appear diligent
and hardworking, while making us look lazy. Otherwise, we really can’t be friends. I already talked to you about this before. Don’t force others to accommodate if you’re moving slow because accommodation is an act of disrespect. We’re all serving in Fang Hua Palace, so we must… My gold bracelet disappeared! Go! – What are you doing?
– Go! You just said you won’t suspect me. Let go! Stop talking. Hurry! Behave! Behave. Hurry! Hurry! Go over there! Go. Kneel down. Kneel. Confess. Your Highness, he must have stolen it. Definitely him. Before he came to Fang Hua palace, we never lost things. He looks just like a thief. Stop falsely accusing him if you don’t have evidence. You two, go help Concubine Qu look for it. Don’t make a mess like you did last night. Okay. They’ve become addicted to trying to catch the thief. It’s obviously because of carelessness, but they keep giving false alarms. Alright, Peichi. Get up. You can leave now. Get back to whatever you were doing. Don’t take it to heart. Thank you, Noble Lady Xiao. I won’t take it to heart. You’ve already wet five handkerchiefs with your tears. Can you stop? But that’s my favorite gold bracelet! It’s very expensive! I barely even wore it, and now it’s lost! I’m going to suffocate. Did you look on your bed? Yes, everywhere. I looked everywhere. It’s not there! It must have been stolen. Look in the yard again later. You can’t suspect there’s a mole every time you lose something. Meng, don’t you think that Huang Peichi is a very strange person? Strange? I think he’s strange because his thinking is so complicated to the point that I can’t understand how his brain works. Is it complicated? If ordinary people are falsely accused, what do they do? Claim they’re innocent. And after their name’s been cleared? Blame the people who falsely accused him. But he? First, he stayed silent. Then, he was thankful. See the difference? He was about to drown in the accusations of the people, but he still used his eyes as clear as the eyes of Bambi to look at them. Is that possible? An ordinary eunuch has a consciousness as clear as Gautama Buddha. Is that possible? After hearing you say this, he does seem abnormal. Where did it go? Peichi. Looking for something? Yes, yes. What are you looking for? I’ll help you. No need, Consort Yan. I just lost a handkerchief. I’ll look for it myself. I don’t dare to bother you. Is it this gold handkerchief? No. Is it this silver one? Also no. Could it be this one? Yes, that one! Now, I hereby announce that they’re all yours. There’s a saying: People who haven’t experienced temptation don’t have the right to say they can resist temptation. People who haven’t faced decisions don’t have the right to say their willpower is strong. You are very honest. That’s why these are all yours. Actually, I just wanted to find the handkerchief. I won’t use it again. I just didn’t know where it went. I can’t let it ruin the places I’ve cleaned. Well done. You passed the test. I’m sorry, Peichi. I apologize for suspecting you. Your character is so good. I must have lost the gold bracelet on my own. First, I would like to thank Empress Dowager
for this opportunity to service in Fang Hua Palace. Secondly, I would like to thank the judges for your approval of me. I have many merits. I know that. Thus, I approve of the judges’ approval of me. Lastly, I must thank the people who do the lighting, makeup, music, choreography, watch the cars outside, turn on the lights in the morning, and lock the doors at night. I thank them all. I will continue working hard. I will continue developing morally and artistically. Thank you all! I love you all! Great! I also love you all! Wonderful! Great! Why did you come here? Did you find your bracelet? Is it this one? Right! This one! Don’t stretch it! Concubine Qu, can’t you be gentler? Where did you find it? It was found outside the palace. The pawnshop owner didn’t see the face of the seller, but it looked like a woman. Woman? Alright, I’ve brought it back,
so I won’t disrupt your playtime anymore. Continue partying. I’ll leave now. Oh, my god! Having so much fun with a eunuch. There’s a reason for failure. See that? This is an example of failure! I got this gold handkerchief as a reward. All for you. In the future, stop coming to me. What’s wrong? This is all you got,
and you want to wash your hands of this? I don’t want to steal anymore! What are you scared of? Didn’t you pass their test, and they don’t suspect you anymore? But I feel guilty. I’ve betrayed Her Highnesses’ trust in me. How valuable is trust? Trust is very valuable. Her Highnesses are so good to me, but because of your threats, I have to steal. I’m not human! Don’t hit yourself. If you’re hurt, how will I get money in the future? Who are you glaring at? Do you want me to tell Consort Meng that you’re a fake eunuch? Fake eunuch? How is that possible? Master, what do we do now? Why did Empress Dowager give us an uncastrated eunuch? Who is not castrated? Who else in Fang Hua Palace can even be castrated? Keep it down. Don’t let others know. Does Empress Dowager think that
since Fang Hua Palace doesn’t have any flaws, she sent us a fake eunuch so that she can blackmail us in the future? Blackmail us? For example, in this current situation, she can go to His Majesty anytime to ruin our reputation. I don’t think so. First, Empress Dowager isn’t that kind of person. Second, we all have countless flaws. She can make a fuss about any of them. What’s the point of doing this? You’re too naive. Your Highnesses, these are fruits I just cut. Please enjoy. Peichi, we’re so good to you. Is there something you want to confess? Tell the truth, and we’ll have mercy on you. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being harsh. Huang Peichi, we know your secret. Will you confess it yourself or will you confess it after we sent you to His Majesty? Actually, I’m… What? What are you? I’m a real man. I’m here today because the people
of Jianghu are hunting me down. Why? Because I’m handsome. The women they love all want to marry me. Thus, they want to remove me for the sake of the people. As the saying goes, the handsomer you are, the sooner you die. It’s all true! Continue. While I was trying to escape, I happened to run into Bichi in the outskirts trying to hide a corpse. After I asked her, turns out, she and her brother finally received the grant to enter the palace. Because they wanted to save money, her brother tried to castrate himself. He didn’t do it well enough, and unfortunately died. She also didn’t have money to bury her brother, so she could only throw his body away. That’s so tragic! I helped her dig a hole to bury her brother. And then, in for a penny, in for a pound, so I took her brother’s identity and entered the palace. Security is this lax? Nobody noticed? I’m lucky, so nobody noticed. I also wanted to leave the palace once this has died down. Your Highnesses, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault! I shouldn’t have lied to you. I lost your trust in me. I also stole that gold bracelet. Bichi pawned it. You really did it? You’re so muddle-minded! Bichi has always been threatening me with this, so I had no choice. If you want to kill me, go ahead. I don’t want to keep lying. Does anyone else know about this? Other than Bichi, nobody does. She’s using this to blackmail, so she wouldn’t tell anyone else anytime soon. Turns out, even Empress Dowager doesn’t know that you’re a fake eunuch. I knew it. Empress Dowager doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Empress Dowager… Empress Dowager asked me to
come here to monitor Consort Meng and Your Highnesses’ every move. I need to report it all back to her. Is there something abnormal about me that you need to monitor? Empress Dowager wants to know why you don’t sleep with His Majesty and when you can have a child with His Majesty. Don’t talk about that right now! Old Xiao. Getting bold now. You dare to voluntarily come see me? Say it. Are you going to give me items or money? Nothing. You. Aren’t you scared I’ll tell everyone your secret? I think you’re the bold one. Your Highness, spare me! How dare you threaten other people to steal for you? Your Highness, he’s a fake eunuch! He asked me to lie for him. I just wanted some compensation. After all, lying makes me feel guilty. You idiot. Right now, you two are like ants on the same string. If one is found guilty, the other can’t escape, either. Your Highness. Moreover, you’re the one who helped him hide his identity. If he’s the main culprit, you’re the accomplice. You can tell as many people as you’d like. Then, you two can report to hell together. This… Hurry and leave! – Are you waiting for me to walk you out?
– I’ll leave. She won’t tell anyone else. Also, nobody will pursue this matter. As a man, it’s inconvenient for you to stay in the royal palace. Pack your things and leave. Consort Yan will help disguise you. Starting now, no woman will ever insist on marrying you, and no man will ever hunt you down. Thank you, Your Highness. So pretty. I heard that You guys sent a eunuch out of the palace. Consort Yan also helped to change his appearance. Did that really happen? Yes. Because too many palace ladies would come by to steal looks at him. Fang Hua Palace had become a zoo! Fangirls are too numerous these days. Sending him out of the palace makes it easier on us, and changing his appearance will make his life easier. Why did they steal looks at him? Is he very good-looking? As an idol who leads the fashion trend, I need to know the correct
aesthetic standards of the ladies in the palace. Women who take you as an idol like you because you’re handsome. But… In terms of looks, who can beat you? Are you jealous? No such thing. Subtitles brought to you by CdramaBase (visit cdramabase.com)

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