【秦時麗人明月心】The King’s Woman 01 Eng Sub(超清無刪減版正片) 迪麗熱巴/張彬彬

Subtitles by the King’s Beloved Volunteer Team @ Viki, modified by HLBN . [The King’s Woman] [Episode 1] Your food is here Your dishes are here. Yes, thank you Okay, thank you. Enjoy your meal Enjoy your meal Shifu (Master), Master, there is something I do not understand. There’s something I don’t understand Hero GaiNie is a Qin
Warrior, Warrior Ge Nie is a man of Qin State, so why is he leaving?
[Jing Ke of Wey State]but why did he leave? [Jing Ke] [Gongsun Yu, Commander-in-Chief of Wey State] Today’s Qin The current Qin State is like a crazy beast. has become a wild aggressive beast. Since Su Qin’s failure at Vertical Integration of the Six States ten years ago, a grudge between the states was left behind. Since Su Qin’s failure at Vertical Integration of the Six States ten years ago, a grudge between the states was left behind. when the covenant between Su Qin’s 6 country was broken it forged a hatred. As of today, the strong Qin treats all other states with hostility. And Lü Buwei, a political leader of Qin, is a crafty man. He helped King Zhuang of Qin sow discord between Lord Xinling and King Anxi. His intention was to weaken State of Wei. Then, he made King Zhuang crown Consort Zhao’s son, Ying Zheng, as the crown prince. He used this to win over the ministers of court. so that he can expand his own political power. I think Warrior Ge was unwilling to live in the same state as a man like him, so he was willing to leave the State of Qin. Grandfather, you once said that our State of Wey, in order to oppose the Vertical Integration system, joined forced with State of Qin. To everyone’s surprised, Wei conquered and subjected us. After that, King of Qin moved His Majesty to live in Yewang. Our history is overwhelmed with grief. Lü Buwei’s current goal is to unify the land. The war between states is never-ending. The lives of civilians and imperial subjects are hanging by a thread. If the Six States do not unify, I am afraid it will end in destruction. Junior, you are not inferior to any men. Your knowledge of the court is extraordinary. Of course. If I were not a woman, I would follow in your footsteps, grandfather, and work in the imperial court. Hurry and eat. We need to continue traveling tomorrow. Okay. Here. [Hunting ground in the Western Mountains of State of Qin] Your Majesty. Take it away! – Men! Wait. [Ying Zheng, King of Qin] Your Majesty, please do not. His Majesty does not like to be disturbed when doing hunting games.
[Chamberlain, Li Zhong] What do you want? There is a law in the Western Mountains’ hunting ground. [Lao Ai’s trusted subordinate, Zuo Yi] No matter who catches game here, it must be turned over to Marquis of Changxin. Absurd! His Majesty personally caught this deer. Does Marquis of Changxin possibly rank higher than His Majesty? A mere Zuo Yi dares to offend His Majesty? Hurry and ask for forgiveness! I am only following the law. I have no intentions of offending His Majesty. The hunting ground’s law is the under decree of the Queen Dowager. Your Majesty may make the final decision. My hobby is to hunt game, but it is not the source of my happiness. Since there is a law among the Western Mountains, I will gift this deer to Marquis of Changxin. – Li Zhong!
– Yes, Your Majesty. Return to the palace. Mother! Mother! Wait. Ge Nie. Mother, I am scared. Are you waiting for me to take your lives? Hurry and leave! You must be Warrior Ge Nie. I am Gongsun Li. My grandfather, Gongsun Yu, is the commander-in-chief of Wey State’s Puyang. He led me and my senior cross hundreds of miles to meet you, noble warrior. Noble warrior, I saw in Wei Residence the letter you wrote, and learned of your departure from Qin. Thus, I rushed here in order to personally express my hope that you will help the Six States. That is too high a praise, Mister Gongsun. I am nothing out of the ordinary. How could I help the Six States? There is no big or small, when it comes to the Six States. When Qin attacks a city, there is no difference between states. We all know that you, Warrior Ge Nie, are a man of Qin State, but you do not agree with Qin’s political ideals. You are well-versed in martial arts. You are the best swordsman in the land. Warrior Ge Nie, if you join us in our opposition of Qin, you can greatly arouse the morale of the people. Number one swordsman of the land? That is merely a rumor among the Jianghu realm. It is not worth a mention. Mister Gongsun, since we have the honor to meet here at Yuanyong City, if you can stop me from leaving the city, I am willing to listen to you. If not, please leave. Come. Greetings, Mother. I, Chengjiao, greet Queen Dowager. Servants, why did you not announce His Majesty’s coming? I did not allow them to come announce it. I have a headache today. Just now I’ve asked Lao Ai to help me message my pressure point. That’s right, Your Majesty. Is there something that brings you here, Your Majesty? Mother, everything for the crowning ceremony has been prepared. I will be heading to Yong City today. Chengjiao will be going with me. That’s fantastic. Your Majesty has awaited this adulthood crowning ceremony for a long time. I’m really happy for you. Such a joyous occasion. With your brother there to witness it, the former king will feel gratified. Seeing Marquis of Changxin, reminds me of something. Earlier I was at Western Mountains hunting and I shot a deer; only then did I learn, not only with the palace chariots, horses, even the hunting ground are all managed by Marquis of Changxin. Marquis of Changxin is proper and careful. Your Majesty is normally busy with State affairs. I assigned him these small things to help you reduce your burden of work. If Your Majesty likes that deer, I’ll have someone return it. There’s no need. The deer is beautiful. Mother, you’re usually not here in the Changyang Palace. It’s rare that you’ve returned. I’ll gift this deer to you, Mother, to show my sincerity. Thank you, Your Majesty, for the gift. – Master.
– Grandfather. – Master.
– Grandfather. Master. That deserves to be called the world’s best swordsman. I, Gongsun Yu, have accepted defeat today. I never involve myself with court politics; but since I’ve met you today, there’s something I must inform you. When I left Qin, I saw General Meng Wu lead troops outside the city. State of Wey has been subjected to Great Wei for a long time. If State of Qin forcibly expands into the east, the King of Wei, in order to protect himself, might give out Puyang as a trade. Hope we meet again in the future. Puyang is in danger. No self-control. Absolutely shameless! I cannot think of any more degrading words to describe those two. Brother! Why be angry at a lowly official? Lao Ai is a vulgar and unrefined man of the southern city. Because he gained unexpected favor, he has become haughty and arrogant. People say that Lao Ai is a fake, and that he is not truly an official. They said that mother favored his handsome appearance and is sleeping with him. Do you believe it? If that’s true, then so what? If we punish Lao Ai and word spreads, it will only hurt Queen Dowager’s reputation more. When has Mother cared about her reputation? Brother, your most important task now is to fight against the chancellor. Do not worry about the harem. Chancellor and Mother are restraining each other. If one wants to weaken the king, one must start with the harem. Greetings, Your Majesty. Your Majesty, I have dealt with the Western Mountains’ deer as you had commanded. Good. Master. Juniors. I have waited here for a long time for you three. [Han Shen of Wey State] At first, I was worried that you had met the Qin military. Senior, how is the situation in Puyang? Come. Let us talk inside. Guests, please enjoy. From what I know, the Qin military has set up camp about ten miles outside of Puyang City. They might deploy their troops at night. The Qin military has not fought against Wei in a decade. Now that they are here, they must have come prepared. They want to take down Puyang City with one fight, and I will lead the troops to protect and try to defend the city. Shen’er, Jing’er, you two protect the eastern and western city gates. You must help the civilians leave safely. Do not let the war hurt the innocent. – Yes. – Yes. Grandfather, what will I do? Jing’er, the city will be chaotic tomorrow. Take good care of Li’er. I will obey. That is not fair, Grandfather. Why do you all have jobs, but I have to stand idle? Grandfather, although I am a girl, I also have the heart and compassion to protect my home. Eldest Senior and Senior Jing can help the civilians leave the city. I can do the same. Li’er, I do not doubt your determination to help the poor and weak; but currently, the Qin military is advancing. The danger in Puyang City is no joke. You are the only descendant of the Gongsun family. I am afraid you will only worry about others and neglect your own safety. In the past, my parents sacrificed their lives to protect me. Now, you will sacrifice yourself the same way. Is this the only method for the Gongsun family to maintain their sole remaining descendant? Our state is in danger. I am to protect my home. Is it really so important to be a noble warrior? Even if the Gongsun family is filled with heroes and achieves greatness, what will be the point if I am the only surviving one? Junior, do not say anymore. Marquis of Changxin has an official call to arms from Queen Dowager. At dawn, Yong City will be hosting the crowning ceremony to coronate His Majesty. Then, I received word that His Majesty has been assassinated. Currently, the one in Yong City is a traitor. He is a fake king! Troops, listen to my command! I have the Great Qin’s royal army mobilization token. It is definitely real. It is Queen Dowager’s decree that the troops follow me to Yong City to assassinate the fake king and take revenge for His Majesty! Charge! Respect to ancestor has been paid. Proceed with the crowning ceremony. In the year 241 B.C. General Meng Wu of Qin led troops to attack Puyang. Greetings, Your Majesty. Greetings, Your Majesty! – Rise! Thank you, Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty, General Meng Wu has broken through Puyang. He is using it as his gift for your crowning ceremony. Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain! Master, it’s the Qin State’s four great martial arts masters. Shen’er, I’ll be responsible in blocking Wind, Forest, Fire, and Mountain. You protect the citizens and immediately withdraw from here. – Master, but… Stop hesitating. Hurry and retreat! Protect the civilians to safety! Go! Nobody can remain. Charge! Oh, no! Your Majesty, I have something to report. Your Majesty, this soldier came from out side the city to relay a message. I already verified it. Tell me. Marquis of Changxin claims that the king at Yong City is a fake king, and that Queen Dowager has established another crown prince at Xianyang. He already led an army to attack Yong City, aiming to kill the fake king, and correct the blood line. How dare you! His Majesty is here! How dare he make slanderous remarks to mislead the public? What is the current location of the traitorous military? Before sunrise, they have already reached Mei City. He even holds Queen Dowager’s army mobilization token in his hand. Preposterous! Queen Dowager is never involved with the military. How come she has an army mobilization token in her hand? Guards! Ling Qi, go and get Queen Dowager’s imperial jade seal. Give it to me! No! You cannot, Lao Ai. Lao Ai, you cannot treat me this way. Zheng’er is my son. How could you oppose him? If I do not kill him, he will kill me. Before, Queen Dowager has lived at Yong City for a long time. The terrain of the old capital was mainly wilderness. To ensure Queen Dowager’s safety, I temporarily entrusted to her the token. I didn’t foresee that it will be used by a crafty scoundrel today. Scoundrel? Were you not the one who offered him to Queen Dowager? Li Zhong. Here. Prepare the horses! Yes. I, Chengjiao, will follow Your Majesty in pursuiting of our enemies. I must kill Lao Ai with my own hands. Death is not to be regretted! Victory to Your Majesty! Victory to Your Majesty! Go. Hurry, let us go. Hurry. Keep up! Charge! Senior, Did Grandfather tell us to meet up with him here? I wonder how Grandfather is now. Has he safely left the city yet? In the battle at Puyang, if the city remains, I remain. If the city dies, I die. Senior, answer me. Master… He will not be coming. What did you say? Master said that he will protect Puyang City until the last second. He did not want you to die along with him, so he told me to take you away. Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me along with Grandfather? Junior, no. Move aside. Move aside! Grandfather. Grandfather! Master! Master. Grandfather. Master. Grandfather. Master. Li’er, why are you still here? Grandfather. I am an unfilial disciple. I was not able to help you. Jing’er, if you can protect Li’er, it will be enough. Grandfather, hang on. I will help you find a physician. No need. I am done for. Li’er, you can see that in the current world, people are willing to fight to the death for power. Remember my words. Do not live for the masses. Live for yourself! Grandfather. Master. Protect Li’er. Grandfather! Grandfather! Master. Grandfather! Master! Master. Do not leave me behind, Grandfather. Master. Ying Zheng and Chengjiao personally led the troops and set up an ambush beforehand. They defeated the traitorous military of Lao Ai. Lao Ai luckily escaped. Lao Ai’s traitorous military has been exterminated! The one who hands over Lao Ai will be spared from death! Charge! Charge! Pass on my orders: Full pursuit of Lao Ai. Mother. Zheng’er, I was also deceived by Marquis of Changxin. I never thought of giving him the army mobilization token. You must trust me. You handed title, power, and your body to him. As the king of the State of Qin, I was led by the nose by an insignificant official. I was the laughingstock of the people. Was this all Lao Ai’s deception? Zheng’er, you do not understand. I am only a woman. I really do not care about politics and war. Are you allowed to do nonsense just because you do not care? You do not understand how much I am suffering inside. You do not understand how lonely I am. Your Majesty! Buwei. Buwei. Your Majesty, Queen Dowager indeed is at fault for falling for Marquis of Changxin’s deceptions, but she is still your mother, who was pregnant with you for 10 months. Even if she deceived you, her parental love for you remains. Please punish her lightly. Chancellor Lü! I refer to you as my uncle. That treacherous Lao Ai also calls you my foster father. In addition to the previous king, when it comes to parental love, I have quite a large number of fathers. Zheng’er, you cannot kill Chancellor. He… He is your Shut up! Queen Dowager commanded the troops to connive with the rebel. She cannot be the state’s mother. She is to be exiled immediately to the Yong lands to be guarded by soldiers. Zheng’er, do not treat me like this. Zheng’er. Buwei, save me. Living in this world is so lonely. The wars of this world will never end. What can a weak woman like me, with no talents or skills, do for the people of this world? Hurry! Hurry and pull me up! Okay Senior, pull harder Hurry and pull me up! Don’t loosen your grip. Pull harder! Pull harder! Aiya, you’re hurt. [Young Gongsun Li] [Young Ying Zheng] We three have the fate today to gather under the blue moon together. I hope we can be safe, healthy, and stay friends forever. I wish for peace in the world and have no more wars. Hope I can soon be enlightened in martial arts and my sword skills reaching perfection [Young Jing Ke]so that I can practice chivalrous acts like my Master and relieve the citizens of evil people. I hope to become somebody feared by the people. This way, I can protect the people I want to protect! Your Majesty, all the ministers have already entered the court. May Your Majesty enter the court now. Go! The tyrannical Qin is on a rampage. Is it not good to have peace between the Six States? Why must we fight, installing panic in people’s hearts? Young Sir Zhao, now is the best time for the Six States to work together to fight against the tyrannical Qin. Let’s not talk about this. It’s rare to be able to meet two brothers with minds like mine. Tonight, we will drink until we drop. Let us drink until we drop. I have finally caught you. You cannot take a single step away from me. Even one day less is not allowed. Why are you here? You… I also wanted to ask you why you were here. This is my room. This is your room? Yes. Looks like I (gua ren) was too drunk yesterday and walked into the wrong room.Gua ren? (A personal pronoun used by kings) I, Lü Buwei, greet Your Majesty. Thank you, Chancellor. You made this trip all the way from Xianyang. But today’s show was too exciting. I have enjoyed it thoroughly. ♫ Although we are poles apart with the whole galaxy between us, ♫ ♫ I wait a thousand years just for this once. ♫ ♫ Across numerous mountains and streams, I gaze at your beauty, ♫ ♫ with the stars and moon as our intermediator. ♫ ♫ The distant sky and sea converge. ♫ ♫ The dark night falls. ♫ ♫ My love is locked outside this city’s gates. ♫ ♫ I painfully await my lover’s return. ♫ ♫ I waited until time and space have shattered, mountains and rivers have turned to ash, ♫ ♫ and my face has withered. ♫ ♫ I leave love behind, and continue to reincarnate into this world. ♫ ♫ I fully understand the innumerable twists and turns of joy and sadness. ♫ ♫ I will follow you through life and death. ♫ ♫ We will travel across the vast heavens and earth. I will freely fly with you. ♫ ♫ Yearning for you is better than lonely seclusion. ♫ ♫ You are my only weakness. ♫ ♫ I gaze with eager expectation. My tears fall like meteors. ♫ ♫ I use a mirror to fix the makeup on my eyebrows. ♫ ♫ If I can peacefully rest in your heart, ♫ ♫ I will not fear rain nor wind. ♫ ♫ The troubles of the secular world will become as still as water. ♫ ♫ Even if my body shatters, or if my soul becomes ashes, ♫ ♫ I will never regret true love. ♫ ♫ I have known the love of the evening mist and morning clouds, but I only want your embrace. ♫ ♫ I fully understand the innumerable twists and turns of joy and sadness. ♫ ♫ I will follow you through life and death. ♫ ♫ We will travel across the vast heavens and earth, and freely fly with you. ♫

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