✅ Build Business Credit Fast | How To Get Business Credit | $150,000 Approved quickly

✅ Build Business Credit Fast |  How To Get Business Credit | $150,000 Approved quickly

Hello everyone, and thank you for joining us today. I want to introduce you to the business credit builders We are the most comprehensive system in the world for securing money and building business credit for business owners and entrepreneurs through our business finance suite you can get money for your business build your business credit scores and Establish your business credit profile You’ll have a certified business credit building coach for one year and your own certified Funding coach for five years you’ll hear success stories from our customers about our system you’ll see how easy our cloud-based system is to use to get you funding we guarantee a $50,000 minimum and business credit for your business established businesses can receive a lot more You’ll feel the success of our system and profit greatly from it I’ll see you a [little] later now sit back and enjoy our presentation now Let’s Introduce you to [our] business finance suite You will see just how easy it is to build business credit using our program our Advisors will guide you through the right steps to ensure that you optimize your opportunity for funding and You will know what lenders are looking for even before you apply The business finance suite is the most comprehensive business credit building system available today Through the finance suite you can build credit for your business [that’s] linked to your ein number not your social security number this business credit doesn’t require a personal credit check or Personal Guarantee for approval even [if] you are just starting your company and even if you have no [Collateral] or Cash flow the business Finance suite Demystifies the business credit building process by providing you [6] simple steps to build your business credit to obtain high-limit revolving store and cash credit cards quickly First we help ensure your business is setup credibly to meet credit issuers approval standards before you even apply when building business credit the company name phone number address Website and all other information you enter on [your] business application must meet credit issuers standards to get approved by knowing What credit issuers are looking for you can easily insure you meet that Criteria to have the best chance of approval? Once we help your business pass the credibility test the finance suite Then shows you exactly how your business credit reports and scores Really work by understanding your experian and equifax Commercial credit as well as your done in Bradstreet reports you’ll know how your business credit Data is aggregated and Learn how to easily build and control your business credit scores Through the finance suite you’ll even be able to set [up] your free duns number from Dun & Bradstreet and get access to free experience Smart business Data to monitor your business credit building in real time and You’ll get discounts on your full business credit reports with the three major business reporting agencies if you want even more details about your business credit profiles You can even fix credit inaccuracies right through the finance suite helping ensure You keep a good business credit profile even if you have blemishes reporting now The business Finance suite provides you with an easy to follow streamline way to build your business credit you can get approved with vendor accounts right away who will issue your initial credit and sources that report your credit to the business credit reporting Agencies not the consumer agencies these sources will approve you even with no prior business credit established And even if you are a brand new [start] [up] business the Finance suite also provides you with access to a large supply of Startup vendors to set up your initial business credit profile and score And you’ll even be able to see which reporting agencies each account reports to and the credit issuers actual underwriting guidelines So you’ll know you can be approved before you even apply Your business credit profile and score can [be] established in 30 to 90 days Then you are able to use your newly established profile to get approved for real revolving accounts at major stores all without personal credit check or Guarantee required Get approved for credit at places Like Walmart [Best] [Buy] Amazon [Dell] and Apple Chevron and Bp Lowe’s and Office Depot [and] Staples Sam’s Club in Costco, and many more as you Start to get approved for revolving store credit you’ll also be able to obtain actual cash credit with sources including Visa Mastercard and American Express approval limits on business credit accounts are typically 10 to 100 times higher than that with consumer credit so it’s common to receive approvals of 5,000 10,000 or even higher very quickly and with the business finance suite you get access to the most cutting-edge technology available for business Credit building plus you’ll receive Concierge coaching from our certified business Advisor team who helps you each step [of] the way The business Finance suite is the most comprehensive business credit building solution available in the World today Contact us to get your own financial suite for your business so you can obtain business credit that’s linked to your ein number not your social security number and Credit that requires. No personal credit [check] or guarantee for approval now We are going to show you actual testimonials from our clients you will hear in their own words How they have greatly benefited from the newly updated most comprehensive system in the world today to receive business credit We’re going to go ahead and get started here today So I want to introduce two [very] special guests that I got a chance [to] Actually spend some time with and meet at the credit bootcamp and at the credit bootcamp on always doing a presentation They started talking about some of the results that they actually had they actually were able to whip out some Or a lot of the business credit cards that they’d actually secured from using the Finance suite so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to bring them on have them talk more [about] their experience and Building business credit and give you an idea of what happens when you actually? Build business credit and do the things you should do and building business credit through this week, not just for yourself But also for your clients, so without any further ado, I want to go ahead and introduce [two] people Theophilus and thelma, Sample can you – uh can you hear me? Okay? Absolutely, how did I do on your name? Being great. I think that I got it right like I thought I was going to completely mess that up So I’m glad that that worked well, because it’s tough to pronounce and usually those I always mess up [now] you need one. So how did you enjoy the credit bit cap? [oh] it was awesome. It was [awesome] We got the [opportunity] to meet a lot of great people [I] learned a lot of information that we [can] apply to [our] business as well as to [our] own personal life So it was very informative, and it was great. That’s good. That’s awesome. Well I want to dive in so you know tell us before we go too far You know tell us a little bit [about] yourselves and a little bit about your business, okay? I’ll uh I’ll start my wife had to step away real [quick], but I’m the awfulest sample currently. I mean me and my wife [thelma] sample we started a business about five years ago in the Tax relief space and We started actually and I tell this story all the time Because it’s it’s amazing. How far we’ve [come] but we were we worked at a former company Saw that there was an opportunity for us to be able to step out and to do this ourselves and so we had about Twelve Hundred dollars that we actually started with I had an old 83 chevy pickup that I sold for 800 bucks I had a 55 inch flat-screen TV. I sold for $400 and with $1,200 um We actually started five years ago, and We hadn’t looked back since [ever] since we’ve been in [business] every year from that from September 8th 2010 Every year after that we’ve been able to do a little bit more than a million dollars in [business] every year since so it’s been Phenomenal that is that’s amazing now were you so you’ve been an entrepreneur [then] for about five years Before that, what did you do before that well? I’ve been in different business ventures before that some I’ve made some money some I have and I’ve been in sales for the last 20 years 20 plus years [but] there are some other businesses that I was a part of and had the opportunity to Actually starts on some we were six Weren’t so successful Some we made a little bit of money some. We did is actually when we started initially with with the with the software services and Just following that particular system [and] doing everything that that the system suggested We were [able] to obtain Business credit and my wife just joined us as [will] [ty] so tell me if you want [to] come in to tell hey [thelma] How you doing? I’m doing great. How are you doing? I’m doing good. I’m doing good welcome Thank you so much glad to be a part of the call so we were just talking [a] little bit about about your past history and Um alright perfect. So you know you got started you got started initially to build business credit for yourself? So had you ever did you know about business credit when you found us had you ever tried to build business credit on your own? Before you came [to] us No As a matter of fact uh we we didn’t even know where to go honestly. [I] mean we were um We were looking in I would say all the wrong places. [you] know we went to the bank Turned down at the bank and then from there. I [just] My wife actually she’s very resourceful, and you just kind of want to tell her how you came about the way I thought [it] was on Craigslist actually I was just looking around Craigslist And it was exactly what I was looking for it was actually for funding and loans and I stumble upon the business credit Card and paste the link and then it took me to the website, but yeah That’s how I found it was good actually craigslist. Well that’s interesting because we’ve done very limited advertising on on Craigslist So that’s interesting to know that that well That’s a good lesson for everybody there because that’s something new that We’re testing out to see how it works So then you hadn’t really thought about building business credit a lot Before you found us and then you ran into us thought well this sounds interesting a way to get credit financing And then that’s how you originally came to us absolutely yes, it was accidental How we discovered discover it now when you so when you got started. You know a lot of people the first thing They do is try to go to their bank They try to see it if their bank will get him some [money] So in the beginning part of this before you came to [us] or shortly thereafter Had you tried to walk in your bank and and see if they would do anything for you yeah, we [didn’t] [I] we went into the bank and because we had Revenue actually going through the account. We thought we were pretty good candidates Only to find out after submitting our application and coming back denied that We didn’t qualify didn’t get any answers as to why or anything like that and [then] what’s so amazing about the day. We were turned down we had already started this process of establishing business credit so what I did was like left the bank came back to the office and You know don’t believe that anything happens in this world by mistake. I actually went online and I applied for The American Express business platinum card well actually I just [pried]. I applied for the American Express card and they Approved us and gave us a platinum color Right out of the gate typically you’ll start with one of the lower cards But because we had already had some business credit [established] very first American Express card that it was with the [platinum] So that’s great great results so you came to You came your interesting business credit [financing] came to us got started got started building your business credit going through the steps that are outlined in the finance we Started to have success built your business [credit] profile score We’re able to then come in and get the amex card right after your bank it turned you down so phenomenal result now I don’t want to get to the results prematurely, but you know [ah] about how much have you obtained so far Using the steps of building business credit about how much credit have you obtained total overall since you started this process Total overall it’s more than one hundred and fifty dollars so over a hundred fifty grand now How much of that is credit that didn’t require at all a personal guarantee for approval [uh]? about Assume, I would send me five Seventy-five, or Eighty thousand probably about half okay so about half of it you went forward with offered the social offered the personal guarantee you’re okay with that because Whatever. It was still based on your business credit and then the other half you obtained without a personal guarantee right, okay perfect, so now Initially you know what steps did you take initially? To set up the business credibly so you know the very first step we go through is credibility So when you got to that step what kind of things did you need to do? To actually make sure that your business was credibly that credible that you hadn’t done already well first thing that we [needed] to do we [need] to make [sure] that everything matched in terms of the Address we would set up everything make sure that the business bank accounts the name on the business bank accounts matched We had to set up a corporation. We had to make sure you know that we had all the approved licenses [make] sure we’ll register with the four one one Go, you know the twenty point check checklist that that you did the software teaches us. You know would being Establishing a done and brad a duns number with dun and Bradstreet as well as [would] [business] experian and business, Equifax [so] those are some of the steps that we took to to start out with Station business credit so there’s a lot of the stuff you just didn’t know I mean at that point You didn’t have any knowledge you didn’t know these things needed to be done your bank hadn’t told you [so] did you find that first step? Helpful where we really mapped out step by step this is what you need to do be credible and [where] there things in that step That surprised you that you never even thought of or never would have thought to Address before you would have went out and started to apply for money Absolutely [without] the steps in detail right [now]. We would have been lost We would likely be like handing us a golden egg and not knowing what to do with it [so] absolutely the steps are helpful and let you know what to apply for when to apply for them what the underwriting guidelines? Were I mean that was like one of the best parts about it. We’re so grateful for steps So when someone when you talk to your bank, what kind of feedback did you get? I mean they turned you down when you went to apply for financing Did they give you any feedback of what could have worked what you should have done? [why] they didn’t approve you what could have been changed where they would have proved you did you get any? Feedback from them at all with that absolutely [no], and I will tell you this here’s what was so hurtful. [I’ll] merchan was set up through our bank So you see all the money you’re talking Almost triple digits running through there throughout the year, so to say we didn’t get [approved] for anything Without explanation yeah that’s really hurtful because you see all the revenue that’s coming through there And we [built] a personal relationship with the people at the bank so they know us by first name They know so well, we don’t know throw an idea I’m going to cash a check [our] relationship that we had yeah you know you touched on an iMportant point and and it I like literally stuff like this makes me like my hair stand up on my arms because I’m the same way right like when I walk in my bank everybody says hate I hate I [don’t] [even] go in there that often but they just [know] [who] [I] am so the problem is is that You go in to get money you do your business with them. They love and appreciate your business That’s why they know you and then you’re applying for something They can’t help you with and the result of that is you walk away feeling her and you tell me I mean did that damage kind of your Relationship with the bank did that damage [how] you kind of looked at them and viewed them in really did time because now? the one of the actual president of the [bank] [she’s] [she’s] really really friendly. She’s always very cordial when we walk in but it’s just when I See her now [I] just view her [as] someone that you know I’d like to go into the bank knowing that the Bay Actually has my best interest in mind, and I feel that now that I know With our being turned down and with no explanation [at] all as to why she lovely Just to clarify these are all cards that you currently have right now That your real credit cards that you have going through the process [that] are all revolving business credit cards that Most of them or all [of] them do they require a personal guarantee no personal guarantees you provide a social or no social to get? up on time, you [know] what [Ii] I Can’t we were trying to figure that out the other day, and I cannot recall Not on one card that we have when we actually put a pg on it okay so from your experience Everything we’re talking about so far all these vendor accounts all those revolving store credit that you talking about the fleet the Walmart the office Depot the dell none [of] this stuff from your knowledge [even] looking back had any kind of personal guarantee We know there is no person about the Walmart okay, so we got a food at Walmart for [2500] right we think we got a few a month before we even knew or approved because they don’t always tell you if you’re proven Now you just get the card in the mail. Hey you approved and you talked about that So we got the walk hall one one said well, man, we put an application in she said you’ve been approved a month ago I said where’s the car it took a little while to get the card who already approved you do is call I think I made one phone [call] where any improvement like [D]. [dis] is crazy [the] gas price came in same way, she’ll came with a forty five hundred Dollar Limit Yo came with a forty five hundred dollar limit gas card No personal guarantee required no listen it gets even better Ty if I want to go buy tires won’t get my oil change if my car is not running It’s not just it’s not just gas. It’s also services on there as well. It’s [a] mode It’s also because we’re mobile you and it’s also the things on there Go of your you know if you let’s [say] [you] [have] a trucking business and the truck breaks down Well [Shell] has not just a gas part of it. Just like [Ex] hun Don’t have a part where you need services for the car You [can] also get that set up just by applying for that gaspar You can have those additional service, and you can [want] my snacks if [your] hungry you want it for unitas business It’s right all you want is snacks as well. There’s a liminal never dancing This is the second time you specifically reference using business credit to buy [snacks] what what’s going on? [A] Little petite woman no say it. I’ve seen you of you [hitting] a lot of stacks here I don’t know me were you using credit to buy [Snacks]. That’s all I’m talking to get hungry on the Road All right, so name out some of the limits here I mean when you talked about 4500 on the shell what other kind of limits did you get on these Walmart the dell? I mean any of them that you know off the top of your head kind of shout out some of the limits that you got On these cards Bill was 10,000 wall more [2500] Office Depot is 2500 right Maples is 2000 Staples is 2000. Oh noes hello. This is Mm. No PJ was old um Let me see what else you see exxon is 2500 Exxon 2500 we see a Shield was 4500 Global Fleet is 2500 well, I’m here in some of the background. Are you looking at these cards are you like? Okay, you’re like. I have too many to remember these I’m just gonna actually hear. I hear the plastic clicking around it is too many to ammo and see you owe you 500 see you Know PG Okay, so you got to prove pretty quickly there after 30 days to start building the credibility 30 days to build the vendor accounts You’re 60 days in 60 90 days in [you’re] getting all these limits to just recite. It sounds like you know anywhere between [2500] [5] Grand on average with dell was being the high of you know 10 grand you got all revolving without the personal guarantee So what and [loes] you named off a lot of them what about denials? Did you struggle to get any that you tried to apply for that you weren’t approved for yeah? We and this is one [of] the material yeah This is one of the ones that you see it’s fairly an easy one to get Which is Amazon wow really did you have you gotta prove with Amazon [cents]? No, we’ll actually what we found. Yeah, what we found out That’s when we found out a lot on this issue that there was an address mitch [maps], but then here’s something I run it Amazon uses the same bank that that some of the other vendors use and They approve this and that we don’t know how [that] they approved us with the address Mismatch and the only thing it’s not actually the address [is] Magnet It was it it was the name success tax relief LlC and success DBa success tax relief that was the difference everything has to match Okay, now victor you asked how [long] did it take to get the first accounts report? they’d already said that they said that it took him about 30 days to build the credit bill actually about two weeks to build the Credibility stuff after that as they spent two weeks actually applying and getting approved and it took another month or 45 days for those two all report so from once they applied and [got] the credit approved it took and they used it it took Him about a month to 45 days [to] report I always tell people could take up to 90 days But that was their answers it took them about 30 to 45 [days] um any other ones that you got denied for outside of Amazon Yes Staples. We prematurely opera staples too soon, right [a] stable stable has Criteria you have to meet and make sure the [application] is still [doubt] correctly and you do need a call and [verify] this one thing We did do to titus help this we call next time [which] our relationship with everybody We apply for it doesn’t it and they pick up the phone and fairly quickly because it’s business So we accept as a relationship with everybody [I] think that made a difference [to] ya [know] just to clarify with everybody on the call. That’s not necessary, right? [I] mean [Ii] [work] Well, you know, but I I admire [that] respect that and I suggest that that’s a great idea because you know you’re building relationships Here you’re not Just walking through a process like a robot so I don’t want anybody to [think] that has to be done It definitely [doesn’t] these kind of results come if you do or don’t but it’s a great idea [them] I mean you definitely want to build the kind of relationship if you can it only makes sense to Write on the record for the record time. We do have a statement car. Yeah, we Because in my experience staples and home Depot are pretty tough. I mean they require some established credit to get now Amazon I was surprised by but [that] sounded like a simple issue So those are the main ones you’ll really have you got a ton of credit approved [Amazon] was tough address issue You figured out staples was tough But you got some other credit winning back in and gotta prove with them, right? And that won’t work hard to tie doubles in the Sam’s [cart] Well that [Walmart] huckabee use either or just so people know we get to one McCArty can also be used as sam’s, okay perfect So now how long did those accounts take to report? the the revolving accounts You win in you got them you got approved about how long did you see before using those before those started the report? Yeah 30 to 45 days [30] four five, so vendor store Credit Everything let’s say even cash credit across the board you found 30 to 45 days for these types of accounts to get reported Yes, okay? and when you did you then you then move in at that point start getting the ViSa the Mastercard the cash credit which I know you mentioned the amex so you then move forward to the final step of started getting real cash Credit cards is that right? Yes, okay? So do [you] have any idea by at that point in time? How many? Trade lines you had reported before you started to apply and get approved for the cash credit. Do you remember that? um we had to have More than at least team at least and we had at least two you [at] [least] [an] okay. So you [four] which is what we suggest and then you moved in to start getting store credit and What what you know that the [timeframe] up to this point? So we spent about a month to start getting a vendor credit or a month to start getting vendor account or two weeks to get? Vendor credit a month to get it reported then you started to get store credit Up to [that] point [right] yes? Okay, and what what kind of limits? Did you find on those type of cash credit accounts? well uh Let’s see this is [2500] I started and then [I] You know I always refer [to] this card as the granddaddy of them all with the American Express business platinum And there’s a way you can go in there and check to see how much you know you can you can actually get so Periodically out go in and type in fifty thousand a hundred thousand just to see and it’s always approved so um I don’t really know what the limit is on this card American Express. [that’s] a good problem to have That’s a great problem to have is what you’re like. I [don’t] even know but no matter what I put [on] there they accept it Exactly so yeah, we haven’t women turned down. Okay. You [got] multiple cash credit cards [tWenty-Five] [hundred] Dollar limits to ones like Amex that you don’t know what the limits are did you get you have [you] applied or got? Any other cash credit beyond those few that you mentioned you know the cash credit no f. I believe you know and it’s one time Once I got the American express. I just kind of shut down you kind of said that you got you got what you needed out of the process And [you] know the rest is there if you need [it] you just decided not to keep applying for more Right and I will take one interject to the shell the shell has a mastercard program that we can get into and be in Excellent has the same thing, so that’s the purpose of building our relationship like when new things come up They call us so excellent has a program now. We can actually get a Visa card We just haven’t gone to the steps But we’ve been approved for it and also shell has one attachment [is] [a] mastic right you use it anywhere, okay? So they’re now reaching out to you. They’re now coming to us and we’ve got these programs out We got a Visa we got a mastercard Do you want it so I mean that’s that’s what this is now translated into is They’re now coming to you and saying do you want this money? Absalom as a matter of fact they called was yesterday yesterday they called for American Express call To see if we wanted to apply for another American Express Another business card so [your] to that level now which a lot of us, you know can recognize that on the consumer side Right you start getting these applications for the subprime credit you build your credit up? And then you start getting city credit cards [in] Wells Fargo I mean, I’m get [I] [get] like three a day now and you’re doing the same thing you’re having the same experience but with no PG business credit where they’re reaching out trying to give you more and more credit right that’s [absolutely], that’s a big problem, and it’s a good problem. All right, so we’re gonna wrap this up So let me ask you a few questions in to finalize here. I mean knowing what you know [now] What do you think what do you think about this business credit building [Proxima]? You didn’t even know about it. You found it on Craigslist now. You’re here So what do you think now that you’ve gone [through] this well? You know I share this story a lot if it hadn’t been for the fact that we had built a business credit [I] can’t tell you that we would even still be in business now because a couple of years ago actually last December, we went through a little bit of a financial crunch this past, December and and we had to rely on the business cash credit to sustain us [through] the holidays until It is exciting to hear in our clients own words about the awesome result. They are getting from our program YouTube can and will benefit from it now let us show you what you will receive and tell you about our cost Savings that we are passing on to you for a very limited time Welcome back as you can see the business credit builders business finance in funding suite is the most comprehensive system available for securing money and building business credit for your corporation without a personal guarantee and regardless of your personal credit we guarantee a $50,000 minimum in business credit for your company our Experts have helped thousands of Clients obtain business credit for over 10 years It doesn’t matter if you’re in the napkin stage or if you’re an established company going for a five million dollar Sba loan our Certified Advisors will help you along during the entire process Let’s talk about the benefits so that you can make the right decision and buy with confidence, how would $50,000 $100,000 or [even] more change the way you manage your business Could you take advantage of a suppliers discount buy out [a] competitor or just expand into a new facility? How profitable could you be in six months one year or even five years from now if you had the capital you need We’re offering fifteen hundred dollars off our complete program That’s 40% off click on [the] link now to get started [on] your success. Build Business Credit

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