Детина 220кг вырубил Сатаниста. Big Fellow 485lbs slaps out Satanist.

Детина 220кг вырубил Сатаниста. Big Fellow 485lbs slaps out Satanist.

Can’t sleep. So many thoughts. It seems everything is excellent. The New Show is successful. But I still sleep alone I wish somebody was near me Amiran! Shut up! Think to yourself! What the hell are you doing here? Wow, Amiran! You’re not paying me, my wife kicked me out. What should I do? I don’t care! Get the fuck out of my bed! People of the Caucasus are watching this, what will they think, two men in one bed? Shut up you both, let me sleep! I’ll slap your face and that’ll be it! Why the fuck are you here? Where and what should I do? I’m from Sochi Sergo, darling, is it not your house? Mine, of course, don’t listen to him, he is half asleep and talks nonsense Go to sleep, my love. She smells so hella nice. Moscow. Get the hell out of my bed! I see your faces everyday already. I need personal life, do you understand that? Amiran, I’m your friend, I’ll help you with personal life. Come here… Bil, the fuck, enough, stop it. Ew, fuck. Lera, my girl. Thank God it’s you. Damn. I can’t take it anymore. It’s time to find a bride. Hey! Stay in the line! You’re not alone living here. What the fuck? What are you… Hey, Hachapuri! Are you going to the shower too? You’re so black that you will never clean up! Bitch And don’t you dare to have your leg here again! I’m tired of sowing seeds. Old machines are always breaks down, that’s why Two turbines broke. Both the old and the new. New one worked only 3-4 days. This work is a long term. Starts in April, ends in November. The harvest eve brings all the money. This summer I seeded a little. 700 hectares this time 4 harvesters work here. Only 2 of them are functional. As soon as they come out in the fields – something breaks, just like the fallen Boiengs. No one makes parts for them anymore. There’s a leisure center created out of the factory. It’s gonna do better. All the time I pray for the harvester to not break. They are old already. I wish I had a new russian harvester like Rosselmash’s Vector or Acros It starts from 6 million rubles But one could replace 3 of my old Enisey harvesters Before all this warehouse was being filled with seeds.
Now – only half of it 100 tons of oat went for seeds/ 400 ha. / 2,5 sows Here it is oats I do this for the third year, I really like «grey breads» like oat, barley, etc. It’s low priced now and grows better, from time to time The field is 64ha. We have been sowing it for 4 days. There is a Wi-Fi access point. Wow, 4G! I watched him compete in the previous slap championship, didn’t get scared for him But his second opponent played foul a little Bent all the time, neck hidden, it’s not fair He had to stand upright Of course I was mad at him and at all of this Ha! Heard and at once escaped I’ve got slap fight planned for June, unfortunately I don’t know who my opponents will be. When I participated for the first time Teryoshin was against me – what the hell was that? You need to know your opponents. And I don’t. All of them know exactly where they go and whom they are going to come up against. But I don’t know – that’s not fair.=Here we are together again. Our Russian Knight is again with us. And I have a request. As we already made a lot good things with your help Vasya have a big dream. It’s big for him, but together we can do this He wants a new harvester Vector, Russian production. How much does it cost? About 6,5 million rubles It is manufactured by Rosselmash company If Rosselmash gives us good a discount we will be very grateful. You will be good fellas. Let’s donate to Vasya for this harvester And his mom will be happy that her son is being slapped in the face not for nothing Here’s Pelmen’s card number, let’s help him make his dream come true And now we will choose a really worthy opponent for him Who’s ready to confront Pelmen? Who’s the man? Let’s choose the most serious Hey, Friday come here. I understand that you have many loans and you want to forget about it,
that’s the right decision, take off your glasses. Give him ammonia to smell right away. May I ask you a question? Ooo-key Why did you agree to compete? I need to record a song,
so I need a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer… You will not need them in the hospital New acquaintances… You will have it there for sure I have the good shit material, I only don’t have musicians. Do you want us ti stick you number 8 to your leg. How do you like it to become bald? I’ve got a lot of bald people in my family,
so I’ve got my hair long as far as I can Let’s applaud to the guy.
He’s really brave. Show us how you’re gonna slap That’s your way? Very interesting technique Heads or tails? Nevermind Throw the coin Tails. Here is your landmark- beard God forbid you hit the jaw Oh, God. So can I do this way? Oh the fuck no Is the stretching? Have you stretched up? Look straight. Oh! That’s all. That’s all. He is joking. So you think this is it? I got it. It’s just a try Get it bitch! Ok, I’ll slap better next time! Wow, that was hard! Is it? You hit the neck! You got angry! Do not act like this! How? I almost fell Are you ready to continue? I think that’s enough, look at him, his eye ticking Let’s can your mom and ask. Don’t get further, you’re shaking You were doing great For you to understand, Pelmen did it at 0,2% of his power Well dear friends, you all saw how Friday got back to his island So we’re waiting for the next competitor, who’s ready to… And the next one is Edward Bil… Enough, fuck. Stop it, I don’t need a harvester, he needs a harvester. You can not, you have a headache. I’ve got some instrumentation there, can fix something. I don’t the fuck need your vibrator. What’s your name? Homemade Muscleman This is 100 000 rubles of Pelmen, you can win them You can win them But you won’t, hahaha Honestly, when watch the video crap your pants.
And now I stand in front of him, and I crap my pants. We’ve got an agreement , no fouling here… Let’s just try me slapping him once. You fall immediately. You are a pervert. He is a kid. Heads Heads. Pelmen starts. Good boy. Mass matters. Not muscles.And the spirit. Friends, here we have the Homemade muscleman, who has shitted his pants. I’m not gonna deny. Why the fuck have you participated? I wanted to try but at the very last moment I realized that I will shit my pants Let’s choose another one You, young one, come here Are you ready to die? Take off your hat. Have you tried even once? No How old are you? 22 What’s your name? Yasha You are a real man? Yep I would have rooted for you, if not for Pelmen Ready? Tails Good! That was a good slap! Well done! Will you continue? Yes, I will Final battle. If there will be draw – money will divide 50/50. You’re the best! 165 kilos vs 65. And he was standing. He survived all 5 slaps without even one foul And earned 10k rubles I’m sorry, 50k rubles Hello, Homemade Muscleman Hi, how are you doing? Well! Let’s work? Yeah, let’s go My name is Sergei, I’m 21 y.o. I am actor, a blogger and an athlete. Kiril Sarychev’s manager contacted me and asked if I want to compete in slap championship I said yes, because there is never enough of hype. When Sarychev was training me, he saw a satan’s sign on my arm That’s why they called me Satanist, but I’m not one. My nickname is Hulk From Moscow, cause I want to be like him – to be the biggest and the strongest My life – my rules. That’s my credo. If anybody tells me I’m wrong – I say that’s my decision. When my father watched the first show he was shocked He said that I could have be killed there I’ve got two older sisters and they have shown disrespect to me. My family becomes strangers, and my friends becomes family. I competed in slapping with Sergei and his slap was not too hard I believe there are stronger guys with strong palms Sergei’s palm is soft, that’s his weakness He’s got his own specials, like the face he strains it’s more like the tyrant is in front of you If I saw someone like that on the street I would probably shit my pants and ran away But he’s a good guy. We are peers, both are 21 y.o. But he’s a child inside. If not for sport, if not for hype, then I don’t know what would I live for. I would have been a regular mortal man, working 24/7, barely finding myself a time to sleep And competing here brings glory, success and you become the most popular in the world, three things that define success for me He needs to come up with something else but hype needs to have his own personality, to have a “thing”. So people could be interested, and follow him online So that he is not just “oh you got slapped-you won-cool-good for you” This kind of hype will be gone in less than 6 months. Our hero from the previous show – Satanist! An evil man! Blogger! The man, who wants to be famous! He already won 50k. Welcome! I’m not satanist, who named me so? It’s Kirill I’m Hulk From Moscow, how many times I need to repeat it to you? When did you tell me that? Did you see my Instagram, it’s written there! The sign on the ring means nothing. You even did not tell the name, I’m Sergei Poshtak Do you want to quarrel with me now? You are a fool? When we were on friendly terms? What? I brought you here. Are you crazy? And add more money. This time I’m not ready to compete for 100 000 prize, give me 200 000 rub. Wait, I’ll search in my pocket Why are you doing this? I want more money, because I became famous now Are you crazy? What do you mean? What’s your name again? Sergei You were invited to compete once by invintation of Amiran, it was a favor for you, not from you There are no irreplaceable people, do you understand? At least you could told us before, not on camera Bloggers doesn’t act like that You incite people against yourself You came here with your foolish claims I just asked why you called me Satanist? You could have asked properly You use ME for hype! I, personally directed your link to fellas, and told them «Guy wants to participate» Ok, but why can’t you quit calling me Satanist? Cause you have attributes of a Satanist. Its just for fun. Why do you think Vasya is «Dumpling»
does he look like dumpling? No, he just likes them. I didn’t even know it was Satanistic Why you act so serious? Because I want to be a serious blogger, not someone to make a laugh of. Like Edward Bil for example, a joker Dude, look everybody has his own «thing» you are at the show where its funny. You could have gone for another show if you want to be serious Long story short, will you participate for 100K rubles?Or we cut you out? You are not ready for 200K already? We never intended to bet 200K, here are the terms! You think you’re better then everybody else? Look, this guy is ready to replace you Do you participate for 100K? Ok, lets go! WTF?!Here is the great example of how people start to believe in themselves and start posing Stand here Why you twitch?! Dont grab me, like Im a child I told you 20 times where to stand I know where to stand and speak with me respectfully You are already pissing everybody off! Whats your full name? Sergey Vasilyevic Alright Sergey Vasilyevic, with all the respect, thanks for coming Today we have an unusual character, who has already participated…Is a «character» sounds good to you? Unusual character who was named «The Rock» like in Hollywood…Is «The Rock» alright? Better say «Hulk from Moscow» that’s my name, cause I want to be the biggest and the strongest in the world Ok, alright! Hulk from Moscow!!! Today we have an unusual character, who calls himself «Hulk from Moscow» lets applaud! Who is ready to battle for 100K against Hulk from Moscow? No, now its training slap, not for money Ok, training battle, to compare strength Come on, faster, I’m already sleeping here, wake me up! What is your name? -Denis Denis how much do you weight? Around 480lbs 480?! How old are you? -31 Remember we don’t hit ears, neck, temple, eye Don’t move your head, don’t lift your shoulders You move your head – you get slapped once again Two fouls – you get disqualified Heads or tails?-Heads Denis to hit first. Wtf? You want to eat me alive or what? Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! This is incredible, guys He is ready to go again Wait, let him sit! Let’s applaud to him! This is Papa! Now you’ve seen with your own eyes what happens when a popular man comes and asks for more money, and here comes Papa. Here you are…You’re good! You don’t participate anymore, its was just out of respect Did he slapped me out? Yeah, he knocked you out, don’t you remember? -No Really? Check him out, please! Major question: did you expect that you would be knocked out from one blow? No, I don’t want to expect such things… Would you come up against Papa one more time? – I will! One more suicide squad participant appeared. What is your name? My name is Misha, I’m a swimmer, a professional sportsman, and today I’m here! Head or Tails? – Tails You are not a blogger I hope? -No A swimmer, cool guy, no showing-off Head Penalty hit. He moved his head! Good boy! Special for Amiran! Fight for Hype! You hit the ear. That’s it. Do I come to the next round? Yes, of course. We need a break. Show this fist. Fuck, Amiran. It’s even funny. I am shaking Papa’s hand. He slapped out the one who said he was a professional and wanted more money. Denis came and said nothing, just slapped out him in the first round. Did you want to teach a good lesson him? No, I didn’t want to knock him out, I just wanted to win. Haha, it came that you knocked him out. Well it was kind of side-effect. What was your training? Powerlifting, power extreme, rugby… Thank you for competing. You’re welcomed for the next time! It’s Michael, he has Masters of Sports in swimming But I thought it’s just another kamikaze came here to be kicked There was so little left for Papa to fall down Did you expect that result? No. No at all. Maybe. No. Did you believe in yourself? Of course, it’s important to believe in yourself Unfortunately these great men haven’t got their prizes cause everything went to the hospital bill of the popular blogger. You’re big man, congrats! Hey! It’s pumping time, Kirill Sarychev instagram competition. He has 600k subscribers now and his goal is 1M subscribers. Kirill offers us a competition. There’s 3 prize-winning places I will slap somebody with the phone right now Again, there’s 3 prize-winning places For the 3rd place Kirill gives you all of his merchandise, he’s got own clothing brand Painkiller 2nd place gives you an invitation to every show that we do in our New Show series 1st place gives you 100 000 rubles All is honest, it’s not his story. To take part in it you need to be subsribed to @sarychevkirill in Instagram The competition will begin when Kirill hits 1M subscribers.
You’ll see us in the post with results. I’ll gift clothing to every winner. *untranslatable russian bloopers*

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  2. Да блин у меня бомбит он который ПАПА он по уху ударил вы на что смотрите ?

  3. Да конечно нет, как же нет, нет конечно, но может быть но нет


  4. В 1 раунде пелмень должен был дать штрафной удар ведь тот яувак голову убрал

  5. Сергей Васильевчи молодец, московское быдло культуре и уважению учит, а то всё ржут и ржут.

  6. Brain damage as sport and entertainment? Yeah, so is boxing, but there's weight classes, defense, others ways to win… this is just absurd.

  7. Пацан красава не за боялся вышел а пельмень пацан хорош просто монстр

  8. Кто мне в канале поставить мне лайки на видео , в ответ я тоже поставлю лайки на все видео в егом канале .спасибо !!!

  9. Смотрел как Пельмень бъет пощечины, но в первом выступлении – выше всех похвал, честный добряк и просто хороший человек..
    Развлечение странное, но Пельменю Уважение! Мужчина!
    Чтоб каждый боец так относился к своему сопернику!
    Привет из Украины

  10. Много комментариев на русском and English, but I break the rules.

    Yo comento en Español 🙃

  11. Научите этого в белой футболке нормально разговаривать…строит из себя непонятно кого…аш противно

  12. 11:55 Сарычев прям предсказал выход Била против пельменя 😂😂

  13. пошли вы все нахуй. мы с Виталиком вас всех разъебем с одной пиздюли. ваши артисты с клоунады пусть идут на хуй.

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  15. Охуели сатаниста пиздить? Он ветеран войны в сирии, он там американцкий флаг захватил и порвал! И друга выручил! Отдайте ему деньги просто так!

  16. Лайк, кто с ноября.
    P.S. заходи на канал, смотри последний видос про руки-базуки:D

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  18. Амиран ты далбаёб… человек ударить человека и получает денег… у тебя голова не работает блят… кого Бог даст возможность, кого нет… этого надо правильно использовать брат… ещё сам знаешь

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